January 13th, 2022

Anna Marie Tendler Says She’ll Freeze Her Eggs After Divorce From John Mulaney


Anna Marie Tendler told Harper’s Bazaar she plans to freeze her eggs.

Tendler said she’s been revisiting some of life’s biggest questions in the wake of her divorce

Asked about her stance on having children, she said

“There were things I never even thought about before because that was just a closed door,” “So now that it feels like not as much of a closed door, it’s something that I ruminate on a lot.”

In 2019, Tendler’s then-husband Mulaney famously told Entertainment Weekly he had no interest in having kids as he preferred to focus on his career and relationship.

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Disney's live-action Snow White casts as male lead

Tony winner Andrew Burnap has been cast as the male lead in Disney’s live-action Snow White, opposite Rachel Zegler and Gal Gadot.

He will neither play the Huntsman nor the prince seen in past iterations of the movie, but an entirely new character created for the film and will sing.


Lily James on 'Pam & Tommy' Series - "I Was Really Hopeful That [Pamela] Would be Involved"

  • Lily James spoke to Net-A-Porter about misogny and upcoming Hulu series, 'Pam And Tommy'.

  • “It was exciting, thinking about what it meant to be a young woman at the height of [Pamela Anderson's] fame.” How has celebrity changed since then? She pauses. “When you look back at some of her interviews from the 1990s, the misogyny is so striking. I mean, it’s changed so much, but…” She lowers her voice, and I wonder if she’s thinking of the week in 2020 when a paparazzi photo of her with actor Dominic West led to James’s friends highlighting the media’s ‘slut-shaming’ of her. “I think it’s more hidden now, perhaps? Anyway,” she adds brightly, “There was a lot in it that I found I could relate to.”

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ONTD Original: Chanteuses from around the world!

Here’s another installment of different female singers from around the world, cause we all need more pop music in our lives and we love to support women! (Btw these are new-ish releases)

From S.Korea
Hyolyn - Layin’ Low

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If a location is wrong please let me know! And happy new year 😘
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Tim & Saoirse

Indie Film Release Guide: January 14th [An ONTD Original]

ONTD Indie Release Guide Graphic.png

This weekend, the fifth installment of the Scream franchise will serve as the first serious competition to Spider-Man’s continued box office dominance. It’s been over 25 years since the first installment of Scream, and all the major players have returned to (presumably) fight for their lives once again. If you’re not into horror, or even theaters, there are several other options listed below - read on more for info.

The films listed are from studios other than the “Big Six” - Paramount, Warner Brothers, 20th Century Studios, Universal, Columbia/Sony and Disney. Note that some of the movies listed are in their first week or two of limited release in the USA, so it may take them a few more weeks (or months) to show up in your local arthouse theater or on VOD. Check out the posts from the past few weeks for more movies that may have just opened near you: January 7th, December 31st, and December 24th.


Stars: Kaho Nakamura, Ryô Narita, Kylie McNeill, Manny Jacinto
Writer/Director: Mamoru Hosoda
Genre: Animation, Adventure, Drama
Plot: Suzu is a shy high school student living in a rural village. For years, she has only been a shadow of herself. But when she enters "U", a massive virtual world, she escapes into her online persona as Belle, a globally-beloved singer.
What you should know: It will be available in both dubbed and subtitled versions.
Where to watch: In theaters

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What have you been watching lately, ONTD?

Glenn Beck has COVID... again

Glenn Beck has Covid again (how's that natural immunity working for you?). He said that it's getting to his lungs now, but don't worry, he's taking a horse anti-parasitic, so he's confident everything will be fine.

Lettuce pray


Station Eleven series/finale discussion

Based on the 2014 novel by Canadian writer Emily St. John Mandel, Station Eleven is about what happens after a flu pandemic kills most of the world's population. The main character, Kirsten, is a child when the flu hits. A chance meeting saves her from dying. Twenty years later, we see where she and the other characters are. In what can only be described as creepily coincidental, the series began filming in January 2020 and had to shut down due to COVID. Filming resumed in February 2021.

The cast includes

    Mackenzie Davis (Halt and Catch Fire)
    Himesh Patel (Eastenders, Don't Look Up, Yesterday)
    Daniel Zovatto (Penny Dreadful: City of Angels, but I know him as Gideon on Revenge and Ramon on the terrible Tim Robbins/Holly Hunter series Here and Now)
    David Wilmot (Ripper Street, Black Sails, The Alienist)
    Danielle Deadwyler (Paradise Lost, Watchmen)
    Enrico Colantoni (Just Shoot Me, Veronica Mars, Person of Interest)
    Caitlin FitzGerald (Masters of Sex, Sweetbitter)
    Gael García Bernal (Y tu mamá también, The Motorcycle Diaries, Mozart in the Jungle)
    Lori Petty (who needs no introduction)
    Timothy Simons (Veep)

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The Amazing Race 33x3

33x3: Who Has This One in the Bag?

While racing through Scotland in February 2020, teams receive shocking and unprecedented news – for the first time in the show's history, THE AMAZING RACE suspends production due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

"I do not know why this clutch is not working"


What is the most important skill to have on TAR?

driving a stick
willingness to eat anything
ability to swim
reading a map
not afraid of heights
running with a heavy backpack

Which team will implode first/have the first screaming meltdown of a fight?

Akbar & Sheri - married educators
Anthony & Spencer - childhood friends (train heroes)
Caro & Ray - Love Island
Connie & Sam - married
Kim & Penn - internet personalities
Lulu & Lala - twins
Raquel & Cayla - flight attendants
Ryan & Dusty - best friends (wrongfully convicted)
Taylor & Isaiah - YouTube sensations (wedding dance)

Denzel Washington Sits Down with Tom Power of CBC to Talk Macbeth

Denzel Washington says he never read Macbeth in school and before this project had never really thought about playing the part.

He goes on to say that theatre is "an actor's medium" whereas film is "a director's medium" and spends some time talking about the differences between performing on stage and performing in a film.

He says working with Joel Coen and Frances McDormand was challenging and exciting and invigorating.

"I walked in to Joel Coen's office one day, and he didn't realize I had walked in. He was on his computer. And I walked up to him, and I was standing over him, and he didn't even realize it. He was so concentrated on what he was doing. I said, 'Joel,' and he's like, 'what?' I said, 'I've been standing here for like 2 minutes, you didn't even realize.' That level of concentration, I'm like, if he's into it that much then I gotta make sure I'm ready and I'm going to be into it just like that."

He goes on to call both Joel Coen and Frances McDormand geniuses.

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Denzel looks good!
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Youtuber Jamie French discusses how f'd up TikTok really is

Watch the whole video if you can, this shit is SO messed up and she's right, i don't really see anyone talking about this??

Main points:

- Tiktok has a live option, where you can just sit in front of your phone camera and everyone/anyone can talk to you. They can also chose to join you in a video live or you can join someone elses so you are both on camera.
- Anyone can go live as long as they say they are over 16. There is no protection in place to prove this.
- Kids mainly use the app, so strangers are viewing these children in their bedrooms and talking to them.
- There are streams of grown men (allegedly) in jail video streaming with children.
- Grown men chatting on childrens streams
- A distrubing stream of a grown man crying to a 16 y/o girl about his love life.
- Tiktok can recognize a substance being used and can flag it, but can't recognize a literal child
- She put in a complaint and they basically said no violation is occuring

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Degrassi revival coming to HBO Max

* WarnerMedia Kids & Family has greenlit a new Degrassi series that is set to debut on HBO Max in 2023.

* Lara Azzopardi (The Bold Type, Mary Kills People) and Julia Cohen (Riverdale lol, A Million Little Things) will serve as showrunners and executive producers.


Britney Spears: “Hope Your Book Does Well, Jamie Lynn”

Britney Spears says that she spoke with her younger sister about her upcoming memoir Things I Should Have Said who claims the book was not her idea.

“She never had to work for anything. Everything was always given to her !!!!”

She also writes: “I won't be doing Instagram for a while. The media, this business has always been extremely hateful to me. I've given enough … MORE than enough.”


what’s the truth?

Prince Andrew loses military titles and patronages, and will no longer be called HRH

The Duke of York's military titles and royal patronages have been returned to the Queen, Buckingham Palace has announced.
Prince Andrew will stop using the style His Royal Highness in an official capacity, a royal source said.
The duke's roles will be given to other Royal Family members, the source added.

It comes as he faces a civil case in the US over claims he sexually assaulted a woman when she was 17, which he has consistently denied.

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WOW, I'm honestly shocked
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Avril Lavigne's 'Love Sux' dropping February 25

Avril Lavigne has confirmed a February 25 release date for her seventh studio album, Love Sux, and shared its tracklist today on social media.

Featuring collaborations with blackbear, Machine Gun Kelly and Mark Hoppus, Love Sux arrives three years after Lavigne's 2019 comeback album Head Above Water, which chronicled her experiences after being diagnosed with Lyme disease. Its first single, "Bite Me," was released in November and its second ("Love It When You Hate Me") drops this Friday.

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Are you looking forward to new music by Avril?

Gabriel Gundacker (Viner/musician/alt comic) underage grooming/assault allegations from 20+ women

"Zendaya is Meechee" meme creator, comedian/writer, musician and mildly famous internet personality, Gabriel Gundacker is accused of underage grooming, manipulating, gaslighting and abusing women for his own sexual gratification. Stories began circulating in September of 2021 with eventually over 20 people coming forward with their own similar experiences. He's never publicly acknowledged any of this and instead has gone radio silent on all social media accounts. Roundup of accusations begins below...

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British vogue features emerging African models in fashion on its February issue

Adut, Amar, Majesty, Akon, Maty, Janet, Abény, Nyagua and Anok by Rafael Pavarotti for British Vogue, February Issue 2022.

The issue celebrates the emerging African stars of fashion.

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Viewing Post: Joe Millionaire

It is the live-viewing post for the pile of hot garbage Joe Millionaire on Fox. If enough people join then I will keep doing this, otherwise if I am just talking to myself then I can do much better things with my time, like watch Rock of Love and talk to myself.

Mods, if possible could you try to publish this shortly before 8/7 c? Thanks!


ONTD Original: What We're Watching


ONTD's new breakout series is back! Have you watched Station Eleven's season finale? How bout that last episode of Yellowjackets?! Did you tap into some oldie but goodies that were shared in the last post like Ghost (BBC), Stranger (Kdrama), and the Leftovers? Personally, I've made zero progress on my Succession watch as I had to read a book by yesterday 😅.

Rant, rave, rage away!

Kanye West Under Investigation for Battery After Allegedly Punching Man

Kanye West is accused of punching a man around 3 a.m. Thursday morning. Fox 11 first reported the story and TMZ has video of the alleged aftermath. The case is being investigated as misdemeanor battery.

Just last night Kanye appeared with his new BBL queen Julia Fox.

What will Kris's diversionary tactic be this time? Baby photos from Kylie? A cute video of North?


JCS Criminal Psychology Channel Quits YouTube

JCS Criminal Psychology, the popular YouTube true crime channel with 4.7 million subscribers, says that YouTube has removed several videos for objectionable content, despite thousands of much worse graphic videos existing. The anonymous owner of the channel has decided to exit YouTube for a different platform that has not yet been announced.

JCS has earned millions of views for its informational commentary on criminal interrogations. It also spawned several copycat channels in which amateurs offer their opinions on criminal psychology.

Do you watch JCS? Are you into true crime? What YouTube channels have you been watching lately?

Winona Forever

Billy Bob Thornton’s son still got love for former Stepmother, Angelina Jolie

- Harry Thornton, Billy Bob's son stars in new Reality Show, The Relatively Famous: Ranch Rules. Celebrities offspring have to work on a Farm. I guess, it's trying to be the Simple Life.

- In an interview, he spoke about the Oscar Winning stepmom he actually liked, his siblings and him allegedly hated Laura Dern, and told us that Angelina and him are still in touch to this day and that he gets Christmas gifts from her every year.

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Ontd, Are you still in touch with an ex-stepchild or step-parent?

Source: https://twitter.com/etnow/status/1481497989239787521

Justice U (niversty) in development at CW

-Just when you thought the Arrowverse was dead, it said SURPRISE B*TCH!

-The CW is developing a new Arrowverse show titled Justice U, per the description "After spending years fighting alongside masked heroes, John Diggle embarks on a new mission to recruit five young meta humans to live undercover as freshmen at a prestigious university. There he will oversee their education and train them to become the heroes of tomorrow.”

-Diggle ended Arrow with receiving a Green Lantern ring that apparently he denied (because GL is embargoed on TheCW) so he's spent the last 2 years guest starring across Superman/Lois, Flash, Batwoman to give pep talks to everyone.

-Even though Diggle has lead his own Task Force X in the past...looks like that is also embargoed so what's next when you wont give us Green Arrow and the Canaries? Diggle + a bunch of teenagers with attitude who want to be superheroes!


Kete Share Warm Embrace While Getting Ice Cream at Rite Aid

The two were seen canoodling at Chris Iso's Halloween party Rite Aid while getting ice cream in Los Angeles. And they've been inseparable ever since.

Engagement announcement in 2022-23?

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Eowyn and Faramir; OTP

Mark Ruffalo, Hugh Laurie Join Netflix’s ‘All the Light We Cannot See’ Limited Series

-Mark Ruffalo will be playing Daniel LeBlanc, the father of main character Marie-Laure (played by Aria Mia Loberti)
-Hugh Laurie will be playing Daniel's uncle, Etienne LeBlanc
-the 4-episode limited series is an adaptation of the 2014 Pulitzer Prize-winning novel All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr, which follows two children, Marie-Laure, a blind French girl, and Werner, a German orphan, during World War II.
-the series is written by Steven Knight (“Peaky Blinders”) and directed by Shawn Levy (“Stranger Things,” “Free Guy,” “Shadow and Bone”)

Body language

Kendrick Lamar is making a movie with the creators of South Park

Kendrick Lamar is producing a film with Trey Parker and Matt Stone. The film will "depict the past and present coming to a head when a young Black man who is interning as a slave re-enactor at a living history museum discovers that his white girlfriend's ancestors once owned his”.


Peacemaker premieres on HBO Max

-James Gunn's spin off of The Suicide Squad featuring John Cena as the buffoon Peacemaker has officially premiered on HBO Max

-The show is pure James Gunn

-James is currently working on another DC show for HBO Max (while WWs Patty Jenkins and Aquamans James Wann are paid dust with their hopes to expand the world of WW/Aquaman)

-Show has been certified fresh on RT with a 93%

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Marvel Studios' Eternals is now streaming on Disney+

A little over 2 months after release, Marvel Studios' Eternals is not streaming on Disney+


will you be watching (if you didn't in theaters) or rewatching? Discussion post for people who just watched it?
  • theemii

Too Hot To Handle Season 3 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Too Hot To Handle is back for season 3 and this time, the stakes are even higher!
Our sexy singles are ready for the time of their lives, but staying in the Too Hot villa means sticking to the rules: no kissing, no heavy petting and no sex of any kind, or risk losing out on the $200,000 prize.

Can our wildest ever batch of singles be tamed? Or are they just too hot to handle?

Launches January 19th.