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Funeral for Heath to be held Saturday


A private funeral for Hollywood actor Heath Ledger will be held in Perth today, his family says.

Ledger's father Kim Ledger said the funeral would be limited to 10 people, and would be held today at Penrhos College in Como, south of Perth.

Mr Ledger fronted a large media pack in Perth today and told them the media would be welcome to take photos of people arriving for the funeral at the exclusive girls' school.

"The funeral will be very, very private and there will only be 10 people there, immediate family and nobody else.''

Mr Ledger said the family appreciated the massive outpouring of grief from the public over Ledger's death, and the support they had received from family and friends. 

"It's a pretty sad time and we're finding it difficult to cope by ourselves, let alone cope with everybody around the world. Having said that we do really appreciate the outpouring and the emotional support from all over the world, which, suffice to say, we're luckier than most families, most families that are in our position, our grieving position, don't have that kind of support. So thank you all very much. That's all I've got to say.''

While arrangements have been made to allow the media to photograph those arriving for the service, Mr Ledger asked the media to respect the family's privacy. 


I guess this is it. Rest in peace, Heath :'-( 

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