Timberlake's "Smell my fingers" Routine


"What Justin Timberlake/ Britney Spears story is too vulgar even to make it as a Gatecrasher blind item?" asks gossip Ben Widdicombe in today's New York Daily News.

The nugget, in this week's edition of Rolling Stone, is as foul as advertised: In a 2003 interview with W, Spears finally admitted that she and the former N'Sync star slept together—but only after waiting two years. Not quite. A year into the relationship, says Spears' choreographer Darrin Henson, Timberlake came back to the tour bus after a romp with Spears with a curious request: "Dude, smell my fingers," Henson claims Timberlake asked him. "Just slept with her that night."