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The Oprah Store

What's Oprah got in store?
FANS' PARADISE | Star's comfy shop features her passions, gurus

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What would it be like to walk into Oprah Winfrey's consciousness?

You can get close by walking into the new Oprah Store, a mishmash of the star's sayings, passions, gurus and even her closet, right down the street from Harpo Studios on Chicago's Near West Side.

Perhaps you'd need to make a purchase and delve deeper into the experience.

In that case, feel stress-free in an Oprah nightgown and baby-soft socks, writing in your "Passion" journal while sipping hot tea from a mug emblazoned with one of Oprah's favorite quotes. "Live Your Own Dreams" is always a heart-warmer.

It's all about comfort and self-expression -- and lots of attention from hovering salespeople -- at the store at 37 N. Carpenter, set off by large acrylic O's that light up at night on the entry walkway. Inside, bamboo, pastel colors and a brightly lighted loft set the tone.

Oprah fans have had a week to browse the 5,500-square-foot store.

The most popular item? On Thursday morning, 70 shoppers snapped up $13 cosmetics bags decorated with blue, yellow, pink and purple O's.

The setting ranges from subtle messages -- small O's hardly visible on the pockets of workout shirts and pants -- to out-and-out Oprah worship, with photos of Oprah and her favorite causes on the walls, and a TV mounted on a wall rerunning "The Oprah Winfrey Show's" 20th anniversary special.


Trendiest: Glass-bead and telephone-wire bowls and baskets handmade by women in Africa, from $45 to $120.

Prettiest: Handmade beaded key rings in the shapes of a giraffe, crocodile, elephant and giraffe, $8.

Smartest: Books by Maya Angelou, fitness guru Bob Greene, relationship expert Robin Smith and diet doctors Mehmet Oz and Michael Roizen.

Altruistic: Profits from the sale of sweat shirts, T-shirts and other clothing dedicated to Oprah's charitable Angel Network and her African school are returned to those causes.

Coordinated: This one is a tie between attire for small dogs, with a $24 Polo shirt, $12 collar and $15 leash, and a workout outfit for people, with a $30 T-shirt, $40 drawstring pants, $5 socks, $6 water bottle, $46 gym bag and a $16 baseball cap for bad hair days.

Most retro: Velour jogging outfits with an O zipper pull, $100.

Sexiest: A pair of Gianfranco Ferre brown crocodile ankle boots from Oprah's closet, $300.

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The Oprah Store opened on North Carpenter in Chicago on Thursday, February 7, 2007. Here is a look inside the store.
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wtf are these things
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source: http://www.suntimes.com/news/metro/783714,CST-NWS-oprah08.article
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