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Teaser Image for Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

This weekend, the first image of what will be Heath Ledger’s last film, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, will be posted on the film’s website. Quick Stop Entertainiment has received a fraction of that image from director Terry Gilliam. A rumor was going around earlier this week that this film would be scrapped or re-shot due to the untimely death of Ledger, but that information was found to be false, and Gilliam will be going forward with the project as planned.

Gilliam, the visionary director behind Twelve Monkeys and The Brothers Grimm (also starring Ledger), is known for the vibrant and haunting images in his film. This image is no exception. I love the attention paid to detail on that stage and what appears to be mannequins in the forefront. What confuses me is that this is only a portion of the image that will be put on the website. That’s kind of crazy. Yes, we live in a world of marketing–The Dark Knight brilliantly utilized Comic Con to show us an image of the joker and a teaser that had already been leaked, I remember hearing multiple descriptions of the Cloverfield trailer before it came out–but a teaser or a teaser image? That’s awesome.

So what could the rest of this image be? My guess is that it will contain Dr. Parnassus himself, portrayed by Christopher Plummer. Most would guess that because they didn’t reveal the whole image it probably contains a shot of Heath as well. Will this be a promotional shot or a still from the movie? Lots of questions…

Either way, we’ll know when www.doctorparnassus.com goes live this weekend.

UPDATE: The whole image is now up!

For the HQ version, go directly to the site.

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