September 21st, 2021

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The Myth of Postfeminism - Why the 00's Were So Sexist

As our culture collectively revisits the misogynistic treatment of the Britneys, Parises, and Megans of the 2000s, we have to ask: WHY was this era so deeply toxic for women? A key answer to this question is a thing called "Postfeminism": the belief that misogyny and sexism are over, and therefore “feminism” is no longer necessary.

Surely, many films or shows that can be called “postfeminist” contain some wonderful complexity, honesty and humor, and there are many people who identify with or take empowerment from postfeminism’s emphasis on individualism and freedom. But those values can’t be a replacement for addressing the structural problems that women continue to face.


Carly Rae Jepsen Reflects on the 10 Anniversary of Call Me Maybe

Carly Rae Jepsen's Call Me Maybe aka the song that you couldn't get out of your head and couldn't escape turned 10 years old.

The song debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 in March 2012, where it peaked at No. 1 for nine consecutive weeks; it spent 50 weeks on the chart.

The smash brought Jepsen two Grammy nominations: song of the year and best pop solo performance.

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ontd, in case you needed a reminded that you're old today... this is it <3
Tim &amp; Saoirse

Demi Adejuyigbe Drops His Last 'September 21' Video

For the past six years, comedian and Emmy-nominated writer for The Amber Ruffin Show Demi Adejuyigbe has released a video on September 21st to go along with versions of "September" by Earth, Wind & Fire. Each year, the production value has increased dramatically, to the point where this year's video is a polished short film with special effects and dance sequences. Adejuyigbe uses these videos to fundraise for various charities - this year, the money raised will be going to Imagine Water Works, the West Fund, and the Sunrise Movement.

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ONTD, do you remember?
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Morgan Wallen lied to charities claiming he would donate $500k while canceling meetings w/NAACP

During his redemption tour back in July, Mullet Wallen told ‘GMA’ He would Donate $500,000 to Black Charities. Out of 57 state and national Black-led organizations & charities, only the Black Music Action Coalition (BMAC) told Rolling Stone — who conducted the investigation on Mullet — that they had been contacted by Mullet and received only a $165,000 donation. BMAC said they are "disappointed that Mullet has not used his platform to support any anti-racism endeavors" and described Mullet's promise to donate $500,000 amongst several charities as "exceptionally misleading." Mullet also canceled several meetings with the National Association for the Advancement of Colored Peoples (NAACP).


John Waters: "Bad Taste is Dead"

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Director and connoisseur of filth John Waters has made a shocking claim. He says that bad taste is dead.

“Bad taste. I don’t even think there is such a thing anymore. I think what used to be called bad taste is now American humor... When I started, it was sick jokes: ‘That’s about as funny as an iron lung.’ Now the kind of stuff I had in my early movies is normal. That’s why my movies are now playing on television, which I never thought would happen. Ever.”

He also somehow manages to insult Donald Trump's sense of good taste and bad taste:

“Trump wasn’t in on the joke. Even bad taste wasn’t fun. Those Christmas decorations? He thinks that’s good taste. He ruined bad taste.”

Is bad taste dead?

No. After all, ONTD still exists.

Favorite John Waters film/s?

Pink Flamingos
Female Trouble
Hairspray (1988)
Serial Mom
A Dirty Shame
Hairspray (2007)
Haven't seen any, but I'm voting in bad taste anyways


Trailer for Rebecca Hall's "Passing" starring Ruth Negga and Tessa Thompson

In today's second black and white movie post of the day, the trailer for Passing, starring Ruth Negga and Tessa Thompson, which is Rebecca Hall's directorial debut. It's based on the acclaimed novel by Nella Larsen.

Summary from Netflix: Adapted from the celebrated 1929 novel of the same name by Nella Larsen, PASSING tells the story of two Black women, Irene Redfield (Tessa Thompson) and Clare Kendry (Academy Award nominee Ruth Negga), who can “pass” as white but choose to live on opposite sides of the color line during the height of the Harlem Renaissance in late 1920s New York. After a chance encounter reunites the former childhood friends one summer afternoon, Irene reluctantly allows Clare into her home, where she ingratiates herself to Irene’s husband (André Holland) and family, and soon her larger social circle as well. As their lives become more deeply intertwined, Irene finds her once-steady existence upended by Clare, and PASSING becomes a riveting examination of obsession, repression and the lies people tell themselves and others to protect their carefully constructed realities.

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ONTD, this is my first post! Are you ready for the discourse around this movie? (it got great reviews out of Sundance)
Steve and Robin

Pitch Perfect getting a spin-off series for some reason

• Earlier today NBCUniversal announced that that they would be spinning off Pitch Perfect for a new Peacock series.

• The new show, produced by Elizabeth Banks, would focus on Adam Devine's character, Bumper, and would see the character, "moving to Germany to revive his music career when one of his songs becomes big in Berlin." Apparently Banks, Devine, and everyone involved in the creation of this series forgot that the reason people liked the first movie so much is because it had a very specific college competition focused plot!

• Devine appeared in the first two Pitch Perfect movies (the good one and the sequel that pissed away any and all goodwill people had for this series) as the main antagonist to the Barden Bellas and as Fat Amy's love interest. No word yet on if the series will include roles for any other original cast members.

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New Books Hitting Shelves This Week


The astrobiologist Theo Byrne searches for life throughout the cosmos while single-handedly raising his unusual nine-year-old, Robin, following the death of his wife. Robin is a warm, kind boy who spends hours painting elaborate pictures of endangered animals. He’s also about to be expelled from third grade for smashing his friend in the face. As his son grows more troubled, Theo hopes to keep him off psychoactive drugs. He learns of an experimental neurofeedback treatment to bolster Robin’s emotional control, one that involves training the boy on the recorded patterns of his mother’s brain…

With its soaring descriptions of the natural world, its tantalizing vision of life beyond, and its account of a father and son’s ferocious love, Bewilderment marks Richard Powers’s most intimate and moving novel. At its heart lies the question: How can we tell our children the truth about this beautiful, imperiled planet?

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Kathryn Hahn to play Joan Rivers in new Showtime series

• Kathryn Hahn bounces back after a surprising Emmy loss on Sunday with the announcement of a new Showtime limited series, "The Comeback Girl"

• Hahn will play Joan Rivers and the series will focus on the aftermath of the 1987 cancellation of Rivers' late night talk show and the death of her husband Edgar Rosenberg.

• Hahn will also serve as an executive producer on the show, with Greg Berlanti set to direct.


Shawn Mendes Doesn't Trust Taylor Swift's Boyfriend

So, Shawn Mendes took a lie detector test at his last attempt to stay relevant, I guess. He talked about his friendship with Taylor and when he was asked if he approved of Joe Alwyn, her boyfriend, because apparently his opinion matters or something, he said "yes" at first but the result was 'deceptive' — which means he was lying. And so, he came clean about his true feelings, and this is what he had to say:
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Nicki Minaj can cry enlarged testicles all she wants, Her victim comes forward about Harassment Suit

Nicki Minaj and her husband Kenneth Petty allegedly harassed his rape victim so much, that U.S. Marshalls wanted to put her into the witness protection program. Now Jennifer Hough opens up about the details surrounding her lawsuit against Nicki Minaj and her murderer husband, Kenneth Petty. Hough is suing Nicki Minaj and her husband for emotional distress, sexual assault, sexual harassment emotional distress and witness intimidation. Last week, Nicki Minaj's husband Kenneth Petty pleaded guilty to failure to register as a sex offender after moving from New York to California. During that same time Nicki made outlandish claims to deter from the news of her husband's guilty plea not only ending her career but becoming a far right, anti-vax and MAGA darling.


Cassandra Peterson - aka Elvira - comes out!

In her new memoir, horror queen Elvira, real name Cassandra Peterson reveals that she's been in a relationship wtih a woman for over 19 years!

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Love this for her!!

JoJo Siwa makes history on her debut on "Dancing With The Stars"

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-"Dancing With The Stars" began it's 30th season (16 years on air) with a their first same sex pairing with singer and Youtube personalty JoJo Siwa and dance pro Jenna Johnson.The pair danced to "Are you going to be my girl" by Jet. They got the highest score of the night.

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Daniel Craig: There should "Be better Parts for Women and Actors of Colour"

  • In an interview with Radio Times, when asked whether he supported a more diverse version of Bond, Craig offered his view. Craig explained why he doesn't see the need for a woman to play the iconic character, when filmmakers should be creating new and different female roles that are just as interesting. The actor argued there should simply be "better" parts available to both women and actors of color:

  • “The answer to that is very simple ... There should simply be better parts for women and actors of colour. Why should a woman play James Bond when there should be a part just as good as James Bond, but for a woman?”

  • Though Bond is very much a man for now, the No Time to Die did bring more women on board, both in front of and behind the camera. Lashana Lynch joined the cast as an agent heavily rumoured to be taking on the 007 codename, and Fleabag‘s Phoebe Waller-Bridge came aboard to lend a hand to the scripting process, with Craig revealing she was the perfect fit.

  • “She’s got devilish humour. Her influence permeates a lot of this film. She walked that fantastic line of keeping it as a thriller and being very funny. But Phoebe didn’t come in to change Bond. She came in to spice it up for sure, but she’s a Bond fan – she wasn’t about to take him in a different direction.”

  • No Time To Die stars Daniel Craig, Naomie Harris, Léa Seydoux, Ana de Armas, Rami Malek, Ralph Fiennes - and is out 30th September 2021.

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IATSE Holds Strike Authorization Vote, Celebs Voice Their Support

-IATSE, the union that represents 150k workers in the entertainment industry such as editors, grips, cinematographers, costumers, sound techs, hair stlists, writers' assistants, etc is holding a strike authorization vote after stalled contract negotiations
-A strike authorization vote is a way for unions to allow their members to vote on whether they should go on strike or not. If 75% or more of each local votes to authorize, it does not mean they will automatically go on strike but that it will give the bargaining unit the power to call a strike
-If this happens, the entertainment industry will pretty much shut down
-Celebs that have voiced support include Laci Mosley (on her instagram stories) and Jameela Jamil
-IATSE members have been sharing anonymous stories of their hellish working conditions on the instagram account, ia_stories

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Tom Hopper And Kat Graham To Star in Netflix’s RomCom ‘Love In The Villa’

The Umbrella Academy star Tom Hopper and actress Kat Graham are set to star in Netflix’s upcoming RomCom "Love in the Villa." Mark Steven Johnson will write and direct.

The film follows a young woman who takes a trip to romantic Verona, Italy, after a breakup, only to find that the villa she reserved was double-booked, and she’ll have to share her vacation with a cynical (and very good-looking) British man.

Production will begin this month in Verona and the film will premiere sometime next year (2022) on Netflix.

“Now, more than ever, people need some love and laughter in their lives. Everyone seems so divided these days. But in the end everyone wants the same thing — to love and to be loved,” Johnson said. “That’s what movies like Love in the Villa are about.”

ONTD, what are your favorite RomCom tropes?

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Well, Well Well..... Eric Clapton Breaks Own Vow to Play Venue With Vaccine Mandate

After vowing to not play any venues requiring proof of vaccination for COVID-19, Eric Clapton... played a venue requiring proof of vaccination for COVID-19 over the weekend in New Orleans.


Shang-Chi coming to Disney+ in November

Disney might have announced Shang-Chi would drop on Disney+ after 45 days in theaters but you will have to wait a little bit longer for it to actually do so.

The company announced today the film debuts November 12th, 70 days after release. The company is referring to the date as "Disney+ Day."

Also dropping on Disney+ Day: Jungle Cruise for all subscribers, Home Sweet Home Alone, new shorts starring Frozen's Olaf, Season 2 of The World According to Jeff Goldblum, and Dopesick starring Michael Keaton.

Meanwhile, Disney's other hit, Free Guy, will debut on digital rental services next week. Because of its deal with Fox before the buyout, the film will hit HBO before Disney+. That deal expires early next year.

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ONTVLand: Quincy M.E. (An ONTD original)

Thanks to yeah_banana for the ONTVLand title!

Right after The Odd Couple ended, Jack Klugman took on a dramatic role as a Los Angeles county medical examiner who gets involved in police investigations. Originally 90 minutes long as part of The NBC Sunday Mystery Movie in the Autumn of 1976, alternating with Columbo, McCloud and McMillan (formally McMillan & Wife) the series was then made as 60 minute weekly episodes after NBC canceled the Sunday Mystery Movie in 1977. The series would run until 1983.

Quincy, always referred to by his last name or the nickname Quince, was ethical, proficient & often passionate about his work. He butted heads with his boss, Dr. Asten (John S. Ragin), & LAPD Homicide detective Monahan (Garry Walberg) & Sgt. Bril (Joseph Roman), but with the assistance of lab tech Sam Fujiyama (Robert Ito) always got to the bottom of things.

This is one of the first mystery series to not only show that things like bullet casings & fingerprints were clues, but also got into the forensic evidence that would be the basis of later shows like CSI.

While the early episodes are more of the whodunit or howcatchem type, with Quincy pursuing his own investigation & finding the culprit ahead of the LAPD, later episodes focused on social issues and responsibilities that often related to the case of the week. Topics included flaws in the drunk drive laws, lax airline safety regulation, & Autism.

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Where can you watch it?
Currently Quincy M.E. is not available on streaming. Although there are some seasons on Region 1 & 2 DVD and YouTube has episodes.
Channels like MeTV, RetroTV (Retro Television Network) & Cozi will sometimes run the series, which can be watched with an antenna for the over-the-air signals or some cable lineups will have one or two of these channels.

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HGTV's Christina Haack Announces Engagement

HGTV's Flip or Flop and Christina on the Coast star Christina Haack has announced her engagement to Joshua Hall.

The 38-year-old posted a photo of herself wearing a  diamond ring on her ring finger as the couple enjoyed a romantic vacation in Mexico.
[Quick ❤️ Timeline]

2006: Christina starts dating longtime friend Tarek El Moussa.

April 2009: Christina and Tarek get married.

2010 - 2016: They have a couple kids, get famous on HGTV, and deal with Tarek battling two forms of cancer.

May 2016: Christina and Tarek decide to separate after 11 deputies and a helicopter from the Orange County Sheriff's Department respond to a report that involved a "possibly suicidial male with a gun." No one was harmed and the weapons were surrendered.

October 2017: Christina starts dating English television presenter Ant Anstead.

January 2018: Christina and Tarek's divorced is finalized.

December 2018: Christina and Ant get married during a surprise ceremony at their home.

September 2020: Christina and Ant (who share a child born in 2019) decide to divorce.

July 2021: Christina and Ant's divorce is finalized.

July 2021: Christina announces on social media that she has been busy seeing a spiritual coach, smoking a Bufo toad, and dating Joshua Hall.

August 2021: Christina posts and then deletes an Instagram post featuring a diamond ring on her ring finger.

September 2021: Christina and Joshua announce their engagement.


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Willie Garson, SATC and White Collar actor, dies at 57

Willie Garson, most famous for his role as Stanford Blatch on Sex and the City, has passed away at the age of 57. While a cause of death has not been disclosed, TMZ is reporting that he has been battling cancer the past few years. He was set to reprise his famous role in SATC's new follow-up And Just Like That...

He is survived by his son Nathan, who posted a touching tribute to his father.

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Fracking Magnate Breaks Record for the Most Emmy Wins by a Person of Color

RuPaul Charles just sashayed his way into Emmys history.

The longtime host of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” claimed three awards at Sunday night’s 73rd annual Emmys, bringing his statuette total to 11 since 2016 — the most for any black performer in history and all of which he earned with the competition show.

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John Boyega Joins Viola Davis in Historical Drama ‘The Woman King’

In "Hello, well, let's celebrate that." news, John Boyega (Hey, 'Naked Singularity' came out! Did ya'll know that?) has joined the historical epic The Woman King.

Gina Prince-Bythewood, who most recently directed Netflix’s sci-fi actioner The Old Guard (which the oP has not yet seen, 'OP you have to watch' - yes yes I know), is on board to helm the feature that also has Lashana Lynch (No Time to Die). I swear I read Lupita was also supposed to be in this but I guess not anymore :(

This year he wrapped production on Netflix sci-fi thriller They Cloned Tyrone (Friggin finally haven't heard updates in a while) and indie drama 892.


I await the snide comments from people whose icons are too small or 4pxel jpegs.
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7th Heaven 25 Years Later: 20 Bizarre Moments That Still Make Us Cringe


5/20 Bizarre 7th Heaven Moments

• Mary thought it was totally normal to ask older brother Matt to practice kissing — and he obliged (albeit reluctantly). Fortunately, Eric interrupted before things got weird. Err, more weird.

• Annie’s reaction to Simon sticking up both his middle fingers wouldn’t have seemed so extreme if it weren’t for the multiple jump cuts.

• We couldn’t possibly pick just one moment (or one song) from Season 9’s abysmal Valentine’s Day outing, in which the entire family (and Martin) sang their way through the streets of Glen Oak. It was all rather terrible.

• In the original series finale, Matt, Lucy and Mary (via Carlos) all announced that they were expecting twins. At the same time. #Blessed?

• It was bad enough that the Martin Luther King Jr. Day-inspired episode focused on a hate crime carried out against (white) Martin (who is white). But then the Powers That Be went and titled the episode “Got MLK?”