September 15th, 2021

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Trailer for CW's 4400 reboot

Over the last century at least, four thousand four hundred people who were overlooked, undervalued, or otherwise marginalized vanished without a trace off the face of the planet. Last night, inexplicably, they were all returned in an instant to Detroit, MI, having not aged a day and with no memory of what happened to them. As the government races to understand the phenomenon, analyze the potential threat, and contain the story, an empathetic social worker (Joseph David-Jones, "Arrow") and hardened community corrections officer (Ireon Roach, "Candyman") are among the civil servants called upon to deal with the uncanny refugees. The new partners clash in ideology and approach, but gradually find they have more in common than they thought as they become familiar with those under their care.

A lawyer and resilient young mother from the early aughts (Brittany Adebumola, "Grand Army"), whose unexpected reunion with her estranged husband (Cory Jeacoma, "Jersey Boys") and suddenly teenaged daughter is immediately rocky; a WWI Army surgeon fresh from the Harlem Renaissance (TL Thompson, Broadway's "Straight White Men"); an influential hidden figure from the Mississippi civil rights movement (Jaye Ladymore, "Empire"); a black sheep reverend-scion born to a notable televangelist family in 1990s Chicago (Derrick A. King, "Call Your Mother"); a seemingly shallow but misunderstood D-list reality TV star (newcomer Khailah Johnson) from Miami, circa 2015; and two wildly different unaccompanied teens, a vibrant girl (newcomer Autumn Best) whose bell bottoms give away her 1970s upbringing, and an introspective, prescient boy (Amarr Wooten, "Liv and Maddie") whose origin remains a mystery. These unwilling time travelers, collectively the 4400, must grapple with their impossible new reality, the fact that they've been returned with a few... upgrades, and the increasing likelihood that they were brought back now for a reason they're only beginning to understand.


50th anniversary of Columbo (An ONTD Original)

After two pilot episodes the perpetually rumpled, seemingly absent-minded, cigar smoking homicide detective premiered on Sept 15, 1971 in his self-named TV movie series as part of The NBC Mystery Movie (alternating with McCloud and McMillian & Wife) from 1971-1977. After The NBC Mystery Movie was canceled, Columbo continued until 1978.

Typically mystery TV series are of the whodunit variety, someone is murdered & the main character tries to find out who did it from a group of suspects by following clues. This series is a howcatchem, where the murder & perpetrator is shown in the beginning and the rest of the episode is devoted to showing how the main character figures out who did it & why.
The series was revived on ABC in 1989 & ran until 1990, with specials until 2003.

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Billie Eilish Wore Oscar de la Renta Dress at The Met Gala Only If They Stopped Using Fur

ICYMI: Billie Eilish attended the Met Gala this year in an Oscar de la Renta gown however under one condition that the designer would stop using fur.

"It was an honor to wear this dress knowing that going forward Oscar de la Renta will be completely fur-free!!!!" Eilish, who co-chaired the gala, wrote on Instagram.

The 19-year-old said she is beyond thrilled that creative directors Fernando J. Garcia and Laura Kim, as well as the whole Oscar de la Renta, team heard her on this issue "and have now made a change that makes an impact for the greater good, not only for animals but also for our planet and environment too."

"I'm honored to have been a catalyst and to have been heard on this matter," her post continued. "I urge all designers to do the same."

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Britney to take social media break following engagement, deactivates Instagram

Update: She is taking a social media break to enjoy her engagement


Britney's Instagram account seems to have been deactivated. Her last post was a few hours ago (below) in which she thanks the #FreeBritney movement.

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The 2021 #TIME100 Most Influential People of the Year

TIME has unveiled it's annual list of the 100 most influential people of the year.

Check out the full list and along with each cover below:

Prince Harry and Meghan, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex
Naomi Osaka
Alexei Navalny
Britney Spears
Sherrilyn Ifill
Dolly Parton
Shohei Ohtani
Cathy Park Hong
Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara
Nasrin Sotoudeh
Manjusha P. Kulkarni, Russell Jeung and Cynthia Choi
Muna El-Kurd and Mohammed El-Kurd

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ONTD ORIGINAL: If I Can't Have Love, I Want Power - A Layman's Review for the Halsey-Hesitant

Hello all! If you're like me you know who Halsey is mainly for their shenanigans, teenage melodramatics, avacaddies and/or bananies, and that awful song with the Chainsmokers that you can never escape (but also Nightmare which isn't bad at all). You also know who Nine Inch Nails (NIN) are and have respect for them as musicians, so when this album project If I Can't Have Love, I Want Power was announced you were intrigued. THEN you saw the visuals for it and you're obsessed with medieval/roccoco/elizabethan/gothic/whatever-I'm-not-a-historian aesthetic so your interest was violently peaked. Then you remembered who Halsey was and you were a bit apprehensive. These days I'm in the business of listening to popular artists I normally would ignore, so I figured I'd bite the bullet and listen to it so you don't have to (but can if you want).

Some notes I want to cover before I get into it:

[Disclaimers]-up until this album i've never intentionally listened to a Halsey song unless it came on the radio
-that being said i don't dislike her, i haven't canceled her in my mind or anything, i just associated her music with the most annoying people in my life (the whole manic pixie dream vibe is what i get) and find her music/lyrics to be a little contrived and bordering on cringe but as a person i think they're beautiful and seem pleasant enough
-i am a fan of rock music, i would've been in middle school or highschool when paramore was just starting to hit their stride. however i am definitely one of those fake rock fans where if some dude in a smells like teen spirit shirt were to ask me to name 5 songs i'd just twirl my hair and giggle. i am familiar with NIN but again i'm not a huge fan or anything, i just associate them with what was popular at the time of my gentle emo phase in middle school.
-in between some of my listens, posts would come up with information about the album and intent behind some of the songs. i did skim them out of curiosity but i tried not to get too far into the comments in order to avoid having my opinions influenced. My Opinions Are More Or Less My Own(TM).
-my music expertise extends to taking vocal music and composition all throughout highschool with some production courses here and there, so i have no credentials i'm just bullshitting lmao.
-i'm not trying to be mean about anything here, i'm just trying to be as clear about my feelings so people....understand how i feel i guess lol

-Basically, what I care about here is does the collaboration with NIN elevate Halsey's artistic abilities as a musician without overwhelming what makes her unique as an artist

Alright let's go! First impressions will mostly be my train of thought listening to the song the first time and final thoughts are my complete opinion after listening several times in various settings. Oh yeah and despite me linking the lyric videos here I didn't actually watch any of them so I don't know what the official lyrics are for each song.

[Click for Reviews!]
The Tradition

First Impressions: This song sounds dated rather than nostalgic and Halsey's vocals are a little grating. The lyrics are also quite contrived in a "This Is About Misogyny!!!!!!!" way, but the production is definitely high quality. If NIN's contribution continues to be this sort of level then maybe other songs will be more interesting. 4/10, wouldn't mind listening again but it definitely wouldn't be by choice if I did.

Final Thoughts: So I do remember what this song sounds like, but I would still categorize it as "forgettable". I always want to skip it in my listen-throughs of the album. The layering and harmonies are pretty good though I guess. I still absolutely hate the lyrics lmao. I mean it's not a bad song by any means but I literally have nothing to say about this song because I find it so empty. Dropped to a 3/10 due to the fact that repeat listens have made me dislike the song more.

Bells in Santa Fe

First Impressions: Beautifully haunting instrumental while also being unique. Not sure I understand what the lyrics mean like The Tradition but I would love to figure out, this makes me want to try and find the music video. Her voice sounds pretty good here and gives off kind of mid-naughts vibes somehow. 7/10, the song is lovely but it doesn't really go anywhere then transitions straight into the next song?

Final Thoughts: For whatever reason the lyrics were easier to hear without headphones on, there's a line that goes something like "Jesus needed a 3 day weekend to sort out all his bullshit and figure out the treason" and I just think that goes so hard lol. I also feel that now that I know what I was meant to expect from the song that I can appreciate it a little more so it gets bumped up to an 8/10! The work on her vocals in this really helps the melancholic comfort in the track along with the hook "Everything is temporary".

Easier Than Lying

First Impressions: That transition was really sudden, holy shit lol. Her voice is once again tolerable here, kind of giving Paramore? Production once again goes tf off, lots of really cool guitar moments and vocal layering. And then the post-bridge!!! This shit goes hard. Solid rock song! 7/10, something about the way it's constructed in the beginning makes it feel slow but it does eventually get to where it needs to be.

Final Thoughts: Okay I figured out what was bothering me in the first half of the song, the heavy drumline would be expected to come in right away the way it does in the 2nd chorus but it doesn't start until the repeat of the refrain ("I sleep with one eye open one eye closed" blah blah blah) in the 1st chorus. I suppose that choice was made to focus on the guitar work that's going on but it doesn't build up the song in a way I think is good. Maybe a different person would be less bothered by it though? It bothers me literally every time I listen to this song so I'll keep my score at a 7/10 lol. The screaming/siren at the end is a consistent headbang moment.


First Impressions: Halsey's avacaddies and bananies goat vocals are back and I guess that's a conscious choice that I do not support :/ I can see people liking this but it's not for me. Oh wait nvm the bridge/outro is kinda cool but I'm also glad the song is short. Lyrics are solid, they feel honest and relatable without being overly simple or forced. 5/10 better than the first track mostly because it's shorter and the outro is cool. The production on this feels kinda lazy because nothing really interesting is happening except for the sorta reggae vibe.

Final Thoughts: I like the chill vibe of the song but her vocals really do the song a disservice, they don't match in a way that is disonant and almost unpleasant for me. A tiny desk cover of this by someone else could be fun. The instrumental pulls me in at the beginning and then she starts singing and I hear that Spongebob frown noise in my head lol. And then it's even MORE emphasized because they stop singing like that near the end of the song and it's instantly more enjoyable. Stays 5/10 because it really is wasted potential but I've learned to just tolerate the vocals for the sick instrumental. I'm partial to bass-heavy songs.

Girl is a Gun

First Impressions: Something about this reminds me of a Blackout or Circus-era Britney song...? This is a better use of Halsey's upper register/baby voice than the last song because it matches the sort of digital grrl power vibe of the song. Sometimes you listen to songs and go "oh this would be perfect to listen to while working out" for example, but I can't think of an application for this song. I'd still listen to it again though, wish it was longer so 6/10 for the more enjoyable wasted potential than Lilith.

Final Thoughts: Without headphones or if you had really high quality ones, the frantic drumline is really fun and makes you feel immersed in one of those infinite running games (think Magical Girl Mirrors Edge/Temple run lmao). I don't really like the lyrics because I find them a bit juvenile, but I could see certain people liking them. I find them a bit ~weaponized femininity~ish in an unsubtle way, but I could also just be misunderstanding them. I'll bump it up to a 6.5/10 since I would listen to it again but only in the company of other songs and it probably wouldn't even be the first I'd come back to.

You asked for this

First Impressions: Something about the melancholic melody juxtaposed with the distorted and intense instrumental is really hitting me. There's something of a breakdown in the middle of the song and again I think more could be done with it, but I think that's just my R&B bias coming out. 7/10, there's something missing but it's good!

Final Thoughts: Maybe of all the songs on the album I think this one sounds most like a mid-00s/early 10s song. I could definitely see my 13 year old self listening to this in the dark at 2am being sad. I like the fact that this one sounds good whether you're just emotional and need something to listen to, or just in the background while you're doing other stuff. I can't really comment on the lyrics here because I found them hard to focus on with everything going on in the instrumental and the layering of the vocals. There's a line about spilled milk and crying that wasn't cringey like it could've been though! I'll bump it to an 8/10 since I found myself wanting to repeat it many times during my listen-throughs.


First Impressions: I usually hate songs like this but the lyrics are very sweet and something about her voice here has more weight than some of her litigious contemporaries who inhabit the genre. I think it's the lack of affectation. 6.5/10, its a good song but still couldn't overcome my bias against Mumford and Daughters music.

Final Thoughts: I think this song benefits from not being cloying or self-indulgent like others in this genre typically are. It just feels like a simple song she wrote in a good mood about a specific person in her life. Halsey staying away from overdoing the vocals also really protects it from being ruined. I probably wouldn't listen to it again because I think there are better love songs in this genre AND I have a quota on embarrassing teen love songs I can have in my romantic playlist, but it is a good song. I would recommend it to anyone who likes contemporary acoustic ballads. I would also pull some lyrics for ig captions ;) (eg: "Only you have made me love being alive"). 6.5/10 stays!


First Impressions: What I like most about this song is that it's finally offering what I think is the optimal amount of Halsey edginess and innovation on the nostalgic girl rock vibe compared to the rest of the songs on this album. Vocals are very Evanescence. 8/10, I wanted to replay it before it even ended.

Final Thoughts: The little synth notes really add a cool ambiance to the song. Without them it would be like what other people are doing right now: recreating the most popular nostalgia songs from the 00s unsuccessfully. I would pick this as the most representative song for idea of "Halsey x NIN". I also would say despite the fact that it's a bit more chill, it's not a boring song because there's some really cool bass riffs in the background of the song so the production really comes out here. Stays at an 8/10 because there weren't any new revelations as I repeated it but I continue to enjoy the song!


First Impressions: Oh shit these drums????? Okay I'm SUPER into this! The vocals are excellent, a great use of Halsey's tone and the melody is so catchy. This song has more of the dynamic elements (like the way the focus switches from guitar to drums, dipping out of some instruments, changes in melody and contrast between each section of the song) I expected from some of the earlier tracks, it's a bop! 9/10! I would add a bit more unique elements to the song but I LOVED this.

Final Thoughts: The flow of the lyrics, the vocalization, the production, everything works together to keep my interest and keep me amped while listening. The lyrics could've gone the unsubtle route in a Girl is a Gun way, but I think they just managed to keep it fun, simple, repeatable yet poetic. I'm absolutely obsessed with this song but because I still think they could've done even more with it in the 2nd half to make it fully epic, I'll keep my score at a 9/10. Definitely coming back to this song the most.


First Impressions: Something about this feels more mature and artistic than I would expect from Halsey? It's not really a "song" because the instrumental isn't really there but the lyrics themselves are great for if you're having an angsty moment. I can see myself listening to this again at night, in the dark and in my feelings. 8/10 because of the novelty and the emotionality I love, but I think more could've been done to make it listenable. Probably not for everyone.

Final Thoughts: This song would be fun to sing drunk with my friends when I'm sad lol ("Saaaaaabotage the thiiiiings I love the moooooost!!!"). This song made me respect Halsey more as an artist. It's really more like what the alt-pop gurlies have been doing in the form of an "interlude" but full length, and I do tend to like those if they have some sort of artistic integrity/high level production to them and this song hits that threshold. Keeps the 8/10 because without the headphones you can't hear the instrumental as well however the lyrics become more impactful so it's equality.gif.

I am not a woman, I'm a God

First Impressions: I guess this is what us k-poppies would call a "title track" lol? It's good I guess, I kind of expected more theatrics but the production is interesting and fun. It's more mellow than expected. 6/10, it's a good song but I'm really disappointed with it compared to the earlier songs, it never goes off the way I would want and the lyrics kind of oscillate between fine and cringey edgy stuff I don't like.

Final Thoughts: So I'm still not sure how to feel about this song. I love the synth layers and I think it was a creative place to take this song, at the same time I think this song relies way too hard on Halsey's vocals to build tension, energy, and impact. I just don't think that's something they can or did deliver. The song instead needs a stronger bass or guitar riff to sort of boost the impact without changing the midtempo energy that I guess they were going for. The album order I think also hurts the impact of the song, so maybe I would listen to it again but put it before Girl is a Gun/honey/You asked for this to keep the vibes going. I'll keep it at 6/10 because I see no reason to knock it down but I'm still just really ????? Maybe it's just not for me although I do find myself chanting "I am not a woman I'm a god, I'm not a martyr I'm a problem" sometimes. Nothing if not catchy.

The Lighthouse

First Impressions: Digging the vibe of this one, excellent production and this has more of what I was expecting in earlier songs. It's fuller, every component works together and nothing feels like it's missing (even while writing this up I find it hard to focus because I'm so engaged by the song). There's also less copy and paste between the A parts, more variation in the choruses and just in general you can tell there was a lot of thought put into the track despite it being a chill track. And then we even get the gift of a breakdown??? 10/10, fokkin love it m8.

Final Thoughts: Once again a great use of Halsey's throaty vocals and it's used tactically so it doesn't get grating. This is another song I think could be emblematic of the partnership because the melody, production of the vocals, and lyrics are very Halsey but something in the instrumental feels very NIN? I will drop to 9.5/10 only because without headphones a lot of the details are lost, and that does this song a massive disservice. Also I'm not sure there's repeat listenability to the track but every time I do end up listening to it I find something new to appreciate.


First Impressions: Oh god I'm scared for another ballad but so far this is good? It's definitely sadder and slower and not romantic at all lol. I like the lyrics, exceeds my expectations tbh. Very bittersweet. 8/10, I think it's a good closing track but the missed opportunities in other tracks sort of blunt the closure this track should provide.

Final Thoughts: Halsey sort of sounds like Selena Gomez here??? LOL anyways earlier I said they ~just don't have the range~ to carry a song but I think here it works because of the simplicity of the song. Nothing is lost here because of the way they chose to sing it, and I also think that other people would not be able to sing this. So great for Halsey, and it's quite a nice song! I am curious though what it would sound like sung by a bit stronger of a voice like the Paramore lady. Stays 8/10 since my opinion never changed, just got deeper.

[Summary of my thoughts in case you dont wanna read the whole post :)]General Thoughts: the first few songs in the album feel like buildup for something that never really comes. The only other sort of album-movie I know is Lemonade and imo the organization of that is basically perfect even without the visuals, even though I believe some of the songs on that album are duds. This album almost suffers from not being bold enough. The project is good, and definitely way more than what I was expecting but I feel like Halsey held back or something. There are also some places where I think the NIN fellas had way too heavy a hand in production, almost to the point where I thought "damn Paramore bout to cop another cheque" because the music just sounded SO old. That being said, the album is actually good and nice to listen to which was a shock for me. I think Halsey deserves the success they've seen from this project and maybe even more. I also look forward to future projects from her because of this album. There's a lot of fun things going on here, versatility, and music for every sort of mood you're in. There's probably a song for everyone on here.

First impression average score: 7.03/10
Final average score: 7.11/10

Source: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 + my spotify account and ears

Oof I really meant to have this up earlier but life got to me. This is my first post here I think so I was really nervous too, but I had fun listening to the album as someone with like 0 expectations except skepticism. I wish I could've made this post prettier but all I know how to format now are lab reports haha. I hope this was okay! Let me know what your favourite track on the album was and why? :) A reminder that Halsey's pronouns are she/they which means alternate between the two if possible!

THE PROUD FAMILY premiered 20 years ago today (and More Info on the Reboot)

And guest stars featuring some of the most notable names of the current day.

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The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder, premieres in 2022, with hopefully less colorism and shitty Asian stereotypes.

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Nicki Minaj and the case of the swollen testicles: SHE LIED!

Trinidad & Tobago Health Minister Dr. Terrence Deyalsingh responds to swollen testicle claims made by Mrs. Petty. Deyalsingh said, "there is no such reported case in Trinidad & Tobago".

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Ashton Kutcher’s appearance on GameDay is drowned out by ‘take a shower’ chants

Ashton Kutcher is still getting trolled over his questionable hygiene practices. Kelso made an appearance on ESPN’s College GameDay, where he would weigh in on the matchup between Iowa State and his alma mater, the University of Iowa. But he didn’t receive the warmest welcome. Immediately after landing in the Hawkeye State, Kutcher was hit with “take a shower” chants, presumably from Iowa State fans.

taeyang trauma

'Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha' Episode 7 Preview

Episodes 7 and 8 of tvN's slice-of-life drama series Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha will air this weekend (on September 18 and 19 respectively) and simultaneously be added to Netflix for international fans. Check out the Episode 7 preview above, and revisit the explosive Episode 6 ending below.

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Starring Shin Min-a (Tomorrow, with You) and Kim Seon-ho (Start Up), Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha follows what happens "when a dentist decides to go back to her quiet seaside hometown for a fresh start after things go awry in the city. There, she finds herself at odds with the village go-to handyman who's always up to help and fix what's broken—perhaps even matters of the heart."

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[Sources]Source 1, 2, 3

Anyone else watching? Feel free to discuss, and use spoiler tags where appropriate!

Laika (Finally, officially) announces 'Wildwood' as its 6th Film

The Portland-based studio, run by Travis Knight (You know, Chilly T, the son of the creator of Nike) has not set a release date, but anyone who's been in animation circles for the past 4 years knew this was coming.

It's based off of a book apparently  -
Beyond Portland’s city limits lies Wildwood. You’re not supposed to go there. You’re not even supposed to know it exists.
But Prue McKeel is about to enter this enchanted wonderland.
Her baby brother Mac has been taken by a murder of crows into the forest’s depths, and she – along with her hapless classmate Curtis – is going to get him back.
Prue might think she’s too old for fairytales, but she’s just found herself at the center of one.

No release date yet.


Perfect, can't wait, we stan.

Shaun King Has Launched His Fashion Line, A Real One

shaun king.png

At last! Shaun King, aka Calvin Crime, aka Oscar Pay My Renta, aka Thieves St. Laurent, aka Forever 23 & Me, has launched his fashion line! It is called A Real One. For some reason, Shaun insists that it is a "private" fashion line, even though it has a public Instagram and you can order it through a regular website.

He promised that it would be "a disruptive fashion company designed to completely change the supply chain from the seed to your closet." The line is ~allegedly~ just a fast way for him to raise some cash to move out of his $800,000 beachfront home in New Jersey after a journalist exposed him for living lavishly.

So, what exactly is A Real One?

[Spoiler (click to open)]It's a line of t-shirts and sweatshirts with the logo "A Real One" on them.

The lewks from the website:

a real one.png

And now, here is a tournament of Shaun King's best activist- and fashion-related nicknames from previous posts. Pick your favs and the final two will go head-to-head in the future.

What is your favorite activist/political nickname for Shaun King?

Talcum X
Martin Luther Cream
Chaka Con
Hueless P. Newton
Prince T'Chalka

What is your favorite fashion nickname for Shaun King?

Thieves St. Laurent
Oscar Pay My Renta
Calvin Crime
The White Devil Wears Frauda
Forever 23&Me


Foxes is back with megabop Sister Ray

Foxes, mainly known for her feature on the 2012 worldwide Zedd smash Clarity, is back with her new single Sister Ray... and the song is a major bop. Sounding damn near just like Missing You by Robyn Borrowing heavily from Robyn's wheelhouse, the dance track was written at the peak of the pandemic and longs for the time when we could go out all night and dance our worries away.  Please give the good sis a stream so more music like this will be made.


Octavia Spencer apologizes for Britney Spears/Sam Asghari prenup comment

Octavia Spencer is backtracking on a comment she left on Britney Spears’ Instagram post just minutes after the pop star announced her engagement to Sam Asghari, telling Britney to get a prenup.

Octavia wrote in part on Instagram, "My intention was to make them laugh not cause pain. I’ve reached out to this lovely couple privately to apologize and now want to restore just a smidge of happiness they were robbed of."

Asghari graciously replied in the comments, “You are very kind to clarify but i have no hard feelings whatsoever. Jokes and misconceptions come with the territory. 🙏 💯 ❤️.”

He previously addressed the string of prenup comments under Britney's post on his Instagram Story on Monday, stating “Of course we’re getting [an] iron clad prenup to protect my jeep and shoe collection incase [sic] she dumps me one day.”

Fans speculated online whether comments like Spencer’s about a prenup drove Spears to seek more privacy when she deactivated her Instagram yesterday. Her attorney Mathew Rosengart exclusively confirmed to Page Six on Tuesday that it was Spears’ decision to take a social media break.


ONTD Original: Celebrating Arctic Monkeys' Masterpiece Album AM on its Birthday



Happy birthday to AM, the perfect masterpiece studio album from the British band Arctic Monkeys. The album was released on September 15 9 of 2013. On September 15 of that year, it hit number 1 in the U.K.

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What is your fav track/s from AM?

Do I Wanna Know?
R U Mine?
One for the Road
I Want It All
No. 1 Party Anthem
Mad Sounds
Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High?
Snap Out Of It
Knee Socks
I Wanna Be Yours

original (1).gif

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Nicki Minaj claims Twitter locked her out of her account, Twitter says Not True

Update: Twitter says they didn’t lock her out of her account.

Nicki Minaj went on Instagram to say that Twitter has locked her account due to her tweets about the COVID-19 vaccine.

Later, Nicki went on IG Live to say that she will never use Twitter again.

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The 500(5) Greatest Songs of All Time

Rolling Stone made this list in 2004 and they decided to make a completely new list of the greatest 500 songs of all time. To make this new list they consulted more than 250 artists, musicians and producers. Each of them sent a list of their top 50 songs (ranked) and RS tabulated the results.

Per this site rules I can only post 5 of these choices

415 - Depeche Mode, 'Enjoy the Silence' (1990)

“Enjoy the Silence” was the Top 10 hit that made Depeche Mode into American superstars, propelling their seventh album, Violator, to triple-platinum status. To this day Violator is the most beloved album by critics and fans.

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The rest of the huge list at the Source 1 2

3 4 5 6 7

What do you think of the list?

MONTERO drops tomorrow night! New snippet + teaser for The MONTERO Show

Probably the last MONTERO countdown post before the album is finally out, but who really knows since this king is entertaining us every day and giving us exactly what we want! After posting a snippet for Dead Right Now yesterday, Lil Nas X posted a snippet for Lost in the Citadel. He’s also on the TIME100 list.

It also looks like he’s going to be kicking off his album release by giving birth live on television! Just kidding (maybe?), but The Montero Show premieres tomorrow night at 11 pm EST on YouTube.

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Erika Jayne Shops at TJ Maxx Amid Legal and Financial Troubles

From Prada to Nada-ish.

It's expensive to be me
Looking this good don't come for free

Disgraced Housewives star Erika Jayne was spotted looking for a discount at TJ Maxx in Pasadena, Calif. with her assistant. Celebs, they're just like us after facing multiple multimillion dollar lawsuits and being forced to "downsize"!

Jayne is currently facing multiple lawsuits stemming from allegations that she and her estranged husband and disgraced attorney, Tom Girardi, lived lavishly off of money meant for plane crash victims, orphans and widows.

Girardi’s law firm (Girardi Keese) has been forced into Chapter 7 bankruptcy, and it was reported last month that the company owes $101 million in debt. Jayne was also sued for allegedly spending $25 million of the law firm’s money on glam, PR companies and her Amex bill over the last 12 years under her LLC.

Can't wait for that RHOBH reunion.

ONTD, are you a Fashionista / Maxxinista?

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DC Promo roundup: Stargirl! Supergirl gets promo? Batwoman returns! Titans fight!

-DC's Stargirl 2x07 "Summer School: Chapter Seven" Season 2 Episode 7 Promo - YOLANDA FACES HER PAST — When the guilt over Brainwave’s (guest star Christopher James Baker) death becomes too much to handle, Yolanda (Yvette Monreal) is forced to make a heartbreaking decision. Brec Bassinger, Luke Wilson, Amy Smart, Cameron Gellman, Anjelika Washington, Trae Romano and Hunter Sansone also star. Sheelin Choksey directed the episode written by Robbie Hyne (207). Original airdate 9/21/2021.

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Maxine Shaw Attorney At Law

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air reboot finalizes cast

-The Fresh Prince has revealed its full cast

-Has gotten a 2 season pick up order on Peacock

-Will be a dramatic retelling of the original

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Global Citizen issues an apology for ‘The Activist’, changing format of the CBS show

Global Citizen issues an apology and a new statement about ‘The Activist.’

In a joint statement with CBS and Live Nation, they announced they are changing the format of the show. It will no longer be a five part competition but a documentary.

Each of the six activists will be awarded a cash grant for the organization of their choice. Global Citizen says the cash grant was always in place.


Chrissy Teigen Admits That She Had Buccal Fat Removed From Her Face

Chrissy Teigen posted an Instagram story where she revealed that she had some buccal fat removed from her face. Buccal fat is the rounded pad of fat in the middle of your cheek. Chrissy even shouted out her doctor, Doctor Jason Diamond. (Is that really his real name?)

Would you have buccal fat removed from your face?

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youtubers Jack Edwards reads every book Maeve Wiley recommends in Sex Education

"i'm obsessed with Sex Education and Maeve Wiley is the ultimate bookworm soooo of course I had to read every book she recommends! she really said ✨complex female characters✨ -Jack Edwards"

books he read:
- Othello by William Shakespeare
- The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath
- Silas Marner // Middlemarch by George Eliot
- Lady Susan // Emma by Jane Austen
- Unaccustomed Earth by Jhumpa Lahiri
- We Should All Be Feminists by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
- A Vindication of the Rights of Woman by Mary Wollstonecraft
- A Room of One's Own by Virginia Woolf

Season 3 of Sex Education arrives on Netflix September 17th.


Book Post??

The View: Reese Witherspoon, Tarana Burke, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, Sara

No guest host today

More behind the cut

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Ontd what is your favorite character from The Lion King?

Simba the King
Scar the Uncle
Mufasa the Father
Nala the bff and Wife
Timon the funny meerkat
Pumbaa the farting warthog
Rafiki the baboon
Zazu the hornbill
Sarabi the Mother
Shenzi, Banzai, Ed the three hyenas

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Jada Pinkett Smith’s ‘Nutty Professor’ Wig Were “Rough” Due to Stylist’s Ignorance About Black Hair

Jada Pinkett Smith says an interaction with her hairstylist on the 1996 comedy 'The Nutty Professor' is why the movie was the last time she didn’t have her own hairstylist.

While working on the film, they put her in bad wigs that illustrated how little the film’s stylists knew about Black hair.

The experience was a “rough one” because the woman who made this wig, missed the mark,
Her wigs looked so bad during the film because the stylist straightened most of the hair, but not the roots.

The hairstylist carried out due to her uneducated assumption that Black women don’t have smooth roots when they wear straighter styles.


Ed Sheeran says US award shows are ‘filled with resentment and hatred’

his disdain for US award shows
“The room is filled with resentment and hatred toward everyone else and it’s quite an uncomfortable atmosphere. All the artists are sweet people, but they’re, like, surrounded by entourages that want them to win, too, so it’s one artist surrounded by 10 people and another artist surrounded by 10 people and everyone is kind of giving each other the side-eye. People get the same feeling as me at those award shows. I’ve spoken to people and they’re like, ‘I just felt really depressed afterward.’ The atmosphere is just not nice m… It’s a really, really horrible atmosphere to be in there. I always walk away feeling sad and I don’t like it.”

The VMAs are not uniquely miserable
“It’s nothing to do with MTV or the award show, it’s at all the other awards shows. It’s just lots of people wanting other people to fail and I don’t like that.”

After-parties aren’t much better
“The after-parties, again … it’s not just musicians. It’s musicians, all their entourages, then you got influencers and blah blah blah,”

Brits are much less intense when it comes to handing out top honors
"In England, our award shows are just like everyone gets drunk and no one really cares who wins or loses, it’s just sort of a good night out,” 


Slasher actress Sydney Ozerov-Meyer reveals what it’s like to be mixed race – but white passing

Sydney Ozerov-Meyer is playing her mixed race ethnicity for the first time.
She plays Livina ‘Liv’ Vogel, in the hit horror series Slasher: Flesh and Blood.
Liv is the daughter of Patricia, who is a Black woman, it means Liv is mixed race.

Sydney's dad is Black and from South Africa. He came to Canada
Her mother is from the UK and moved to Canada.

Being a white passing actress with mixed heritage has been conflicting for Sydney, on the one hand, she wants to remain true to her ethnicity but also doesn’t want to take away roles from actresses who are more visibly of colour. 

Sydney doesn’t want to ‘hurt’ other actors by taking these roles but, at the same time, feels frustrated that she doesn’t get to ‘live her culture’. 

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timothee chalamet shoots his shot (and misses) at keke palmer

while being interviewed on the met gala red carpet, timtam interrupted himself mid-interview to remind keke that they'd met several years before as teens during a teenvogue young hollywood shoot. always the professional (and currently not single anyway), keke casually pivoted the interview back on track but #blacktwitter cannot be stopped:

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are you ready for cuffing season, ontd?

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Jessica Chastain calls out online hater

at the TIFF premiere of The Eyes of Tammy Faye Jessica had some words for a special person online who really hates her

gee, i wonder who that is about

(Grace is a youtube film critic, who has has a weird one sided beef with Jessica going on for years now)

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