September 11th, 2021

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Kirsten Dunst Reveals Second Son With Jesse Plemons Born Four Months Ago

Kirsten Dunst revealed she welcomed a second baby boy named James Robert four months ago.

“This is the newest guy, the Big Kahuna. He’s an angel, but he’s a hungry angel. And a heavy angel,” Dunst said about her son. “I’m so tired, I haven’t slept through the night in four months. I’ve developed an eye twitch, too. Yeah, I’m in a really special place.”


Celebrities Remember 9/11 Twenty Years Later

Today marks the 20th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks that happened in the United States. Celebrities reflect on the events that happened on that horrific day twenty years ago.

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Where were you on September 11, 2001, ontd? 

Women dominate the Venice Film Festival Winner List

Audrey Diwan's L'Èvènement (Happening) took the Golden Lion for Best Film. The film is based on the 2000 novel of the same name and deals with a 1960s French girl who must deal with an unwanted pregnancy, risking prison in order to get an abortion. The win was a unanimous decision by the jury, lead by Bong Joon-Ho.

Jane Campion took home the Silver Lion for Best Director for The Power of the Dog, while Maggie Gyllenhaal won Best Screenplay for The Lost Daughter. The Grand Jury Prize went to Paolo Sorrentino for The Hand of God.

Acting trophies went to Penelope Cruz for Parallel Mothers  and John Arcilla for On the Job: Missing 8.


Tori Kardashian Spelling is Aware That She Looks Different

Tori Spelling is aware that she looks different. She revealed that she didn’t get any work done recently, it’s all makeup contouring baby!

“First of all, I have an amazing makeup artist now. Her name is Hailey Hoff, and with contour, she does makeup like no one else.”

“I look completely different. I look like I’ve had a nose job. Like, it’s straight now. It’s all contouring.”

“It may be the exosomes, too, because they said my skin looks flawless, so maybe I’m looking younger,” Spelling said, adding, “They said I looked Snooki’s age. She’s 33. I’m like, I’ll take that.”

Tori is also honored by Khloé Kardashian comparisons saying, “she’s gorgeous.”


Live Viewing Post: US Open Women's Singles Finals

19-year-old Canadian teen, Leylah Fernandez (who was ranked 73rd going into this tournament), surprised everyone by making it to the finals of the US Open. She'll be facing British 18-year-old Emma Raducanu who is the first qualifier to make it to the the finals in the Open era!

Match started at 4:00 p.m. EST / 9:00 p.m. BST

Raducanu: 6 6 W
Fernandez: 4 3

Who are you rooting for, ONTD?

Megan Thee Stallion Speaks On "Emotionally Ignorant" Men Who See Her As A Threat

Megan was questioned about what she has learned about men during her time in the spotlight.

"I’m starting to see how much more ignorant men are than I thought. When you’re a woman who’s not a threat, men don’t really bother you. And then as you grow into your own and as you become somebody who doesn’t need a man or somebody who is so independent... Men like that damsel in distress type of role and that’s not me. I feel like that’s what kind of gets under a lot of men’s skin."

"Like, ‘How dare she talk about her vagina? She loves herself and she don’t need me and she’s going to take my money.’ I just feel like I make a lot of them uncomfortable and I feel like that’s my job. I’m not a normal woman, I’m not a normal person, and if my un-normalness offends you, well, I’m obviously doing something right and, baby, look the other way. You can’t stop looking the other way, because you like what you see and you hate that you like what you see. That’s why you hate it, that’s why you go through all these emotions and you’re lashing out on me."

"So I’m not even mad at these men. They’re emotionally ignorant. Once they come to grips with who they are, maybe they’ll grow up."


Jaheim Arrested on Animal Cruelty Charges After Allegedly Starving 15 Dogs

He has been charged with third-degree animal cruelty and failure to provide necessary care to an animal. 
PD were responding to a report of a “puppy in distress,”
They discovered 15 dogs living in grim conditions on the property. 

They recovered 12 mixed-breed pit bull terriers, two American Staffordshire terriers, and one mixed-breed boxer. One dog was found unresponsive in the crate, and had to be euthanized; the other 14 surviving dogs were transported for examination.

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Kate Beckinsale Rushed To Hospital

Kate Beckinsale was rushed to hospital by ambulance on Friday night in Las Vegas after throwing her back out. She's said to still be in the emergency room and her current condition is unknown. Kate is in Vegas shooting the film Prisoner’s Daughter.


I hope she'll be ok.

ONTD Movie Watch Night! Uncorked (on US Netflix) 🍿 🎞 🍷

Synopsis: "A young man (Mamoudou Athie) upsets his father when he pursues his dream of becoming a master sommelier instead of joining the family barbecue business."

Genres: blackity, blackity, blackity black!, wine, wine, Courtney B. Vance, Niecy Nash, cookouts

Ya know the routine
- starting around 9:05 PM ET
- using the Google Chrome extension Teleparty (can only be used on desktops or laptops)


UPDATE: Teleparty is having terrible technical issues that I cannot even make a link for the party, so this may have to be cancelled for tonight. Sorry, guys!

Venice Film Festival - Red Carpet Fashion - The End

Penelope Cruz - Chanel

Who Was Your Best Dressed?

Penelope Cruz
Jodie Comer
Melanie Laurent
Cynthia Erivo
Serena Rossi
Anamaria Vartolomei
Maggie Gyllenhaal
Ruth Wilson
Jamie Lee Curtis
Frida Aasen

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How 9/11 Became Fan Fiction Canon


yes, this is a thing and not as weird as it sounds at first

In the months following the attacks young fanfic writers turned to fanfiction to cope with the trauma

It's also not surprisng that the topic entered the fanfiction realm bc culture was saturated with the topic on every level (the article links to a bizarre video of a young Shia Labeouf reading a patriotic poem on the Disney Channel)

The fanfiction written in the immediate years after 9/11 focuses on the tragedy, after it it got weirder

Like the the war on terror being a popular background for m/m fics

Or extra weird What If fics, like Jedi masters with lightsabers saving United Flight 93

First look at the characters of the new series "Star Trek: Strange New Worlds"

U.S.S. Enterprise is back and with it some old and new members of the crew! Returning are Anson Mount as Christopher Pike, Ethan Peck as Spock and Rebecca Romijn as Number One. Other legacy characters include Nyota Uhura (!!!) played by Celia Rose Gooding, Christine Chapel played by Jess Bush, and Dr. M'Benga played by Babs Olusanmokun. Also someone possibly related to... Khan?

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