September 6th, 2021

Kristen Stewart at Telluride Film Festival, getting Oscar buzz for ‘Spencer’

Pablo Larrain‘s Spencer had its world premiere at Venice on Friday and North American premiere at Telluride on Saturday. Kristen Stewart is already receiving Oscar buzz.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, “Stewart brings as much to the part of Diana as any actress could. Donning spot-on costumes, hair and makeup, she nails the iconic royal’s accent, delivery, attitude, posture and mannerisms.”

Stewart is relatable to Princess Diana during this time because she too lived through enormous public scrutiny/stardom in her 20’s.

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Phoebe Waller-Bridge Exits Amazon’s ‘Mr. & Mrs. Smith’ Series (Exclusive)

The Hollywood Reporter exclusively reports that Phoebe Waller-Bridge is leaving Amazon’s ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith’ Series.

Sources told THR that Bridge had a different creative vision for the series than co star Donald Glover. The source also said that Bridge and Glover remain friends and the split was amicable.

Glover, who pitched the idea, will remain as co-creator, executive producer and star. The role will be recast and it still set for a 2022 debut.

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Nicole Kidman argues with ‘Expats’ director, filming put on hold

The filming of Nicole Kidman’s series “Expats” was reportedly paused after the actress had a dispute with the director while shooting in Mong Kok.

According to local media, Kidman argued with American director Lulu Wang while filming a scene in a pet shop near Fa Yuen Street last Thursday, the fourth straight day that the cast had been shooting in the area.

During the argument, Kidman reportedly left in a huff and took a break. She then took a car back to her residence at the Peak, leaving the crew to skip over her part and film other scenes instead.


Mongkok is a super, busy packed area of HK and it's super humid and hot rn. Other sources are reporting she left HK in a private jet and that now filming is delayed even tho they were supposed to film from Oct till Dec but I couldn't rly find any legitimate source for that.

Benedict Cumberbatch Says Playing Gay Character ‘Wasn’t Done Without Thought’

Benedict Cumberbatch’s “The Power Of The Dog” has had great reception in Venice but it also has raised questions about straight actors playing LGBTQ roles.

“The Power Of The Dog” is adapted by Jane Campion from Thomas Savage’s novel, about a 1920s crude and cruel cattle rancher named Phil. Phil soon develops unexpected chemistry with Peter (Kodi Smit-McPhee), his step-nephew. Peter is the stepson of Phil’s brother George (Jesse Plemons), after he marries widow Rose (Kirsten Dunst).

Cumberbatch spoke with IndieWire at the Telluride Film Festival:

“I feel very sensitive about representation, diversity, and inclusion,” Cumberbatch said. “One of the appeals of the job was the idea that in this world, with this specific character, there was a lot that was private, hidden from view.”

According to the IndieWire, Phil’s sexuality isn’t obvious but Cumberbatch said he took many things into consideration after portraying Alan Turning.

“It wasn’t done without thought,” he said. “I also feel slightly like, is this a thing where our dance card has to be public? Do we have to explain all our private moments in our sexual history? I don’t think so.”


Brad Pitt and Harvey Weinstein Of Course Dispute Angelina Jolie's Claims

Follow up to this post and this post.

Brad Pitt and Harvey Weinstein of course dispute Angelina Jolie's claims in her latest interview.

While "sources close to Brad Pitt" don't comment on any of the marriage, divorce or abuse allegations, they do say that Brad never "teamed up" with Weinstein for "Inglourious Basterds" -- he was simply part of a movie that Tarantino directed, which happened to get distributed by TWC. No comment about their other movie Killing Them Softly, though, which was done after IB.

Rapist Weinstein commented through his assistant and frankly, the response is so offensive it's going behind a cut.

[Spoiler (click to open)]"It's very clear to me that this is for more sales on Angie's BOOK. THERE WAS NEVER an assault, and NEVER an attempt to assault. It is brazenly untrue and clickbait publicity. You're Angelina Jolie, every male and female in the world, I'm sure, shows interest in you. Is the whole world assaulting you?"

Go fuck yourselves, Pitt and Weinstein.

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Kelly Clarkson on Jimmy Fallon

-When asked if she hears her music when out and about she says "at the Dentist and grocery stores."
-Goes to Loews a lot because she likes gardening.
-Reacts to finding out Tony Hawk's "hype" song is Since U Been Gone.
-Talks about the new season of The Kelly Clarkson show, is having a premiere week in both Los Angeles and New York.
-Kelly and Jimmy bond over driving trucks (🤢)
-Talks about the upcoming season of The Voice with new judge Ariana Grande. Says she loves Ariana and that she is very funny and witty.

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Nicki Minaj shares a photo with Rihanna

Rihanna is trending on Twitter after Nicki Minaj posted a photo of the two of them alongside A$AP Rocky, her son, and her rapist husband.

To make matters worse, it appears Rihanna brought her 7 year old niece along. Nicki posted a video with the child, with Rihanna in the background.

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ONTD Original-Movies to watch this Fall, because they give me fall vibes

We've got a couple more weeks before fall is truly here (depending on where you live of course) but this summer is OVER let's get ready for fall. Critera to be a fall movie to me-vibes man just vibes. Orange leaves help.

When Harry Met Sally (1989)
Basic plot-Girl meets boy and keeps meeting boy over the next decade or so.
Fall vibes-New york, fall leaves, cozy sweaters

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What are your favorite fall movies, ONTD? Are you ready for fall drinks, candles, and just indluging in your basic betty?

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The Shang-Chi effect? Sony moves Venom 2 to October 1st

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Body language

Michael K. Williams passes away

Michael K. Williams was discovered dead in his apartment by law enforcement. The cause of death is unknown but sources have suggested it was a drug overdose.

He was best known for his roles on The Wire and Boardwalk Empire.

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In Formula 1 Silly Season, Valtteri Bottas is Leaving Mercedes-AMG for Alfa Romeo 🏎 🇫🇮

OP is really only making this post because she doesn't care about George Russell's Mercedes move enough to put it in her Monza race post for this weekend, sorry George stans.

In the season's worst kept secret, Mercedes-AMG Petronas's Valtteri Bottas tenure's with the team is coming to an end. The announcement is that Bottas's contract with Alfa Romeo is for 2022 and beyond, so let's hope it's multiple years as opposed to Merc who just gave him one year contracts.

It pretty much is confirmed that George Russell who is currently driving for Williams will be replacing him, the official announcement is expected for tomorrow or at least at Monza this weekend. Sir Lewis Hamilton has extended his 1 (+1) contract, so he's not leaving in 2022.

Bottas joined the team in 2017 after Nico Rosberg's retirement.

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Hey, F1 old heads, if you was around during the Schumacher-Barrichello years of dominance, is Bottas on par with Barrichello or at least is their treatment in the sport comparable?

Alfa Romeo's IG Post
Roscoe gave Lewis permission to use the phone

Jean Paul Belmondo, mythical French actor, dies

The actor died at his Parisian home. Cataloged as the cool rebel of the French cinema, alternating between Nouvelle Vague and action films. He was also known for his handsome, rugged looks. One critic described him as "a bewitchingly ugly man." His cult image grew, carrying his career through several decades.

He had since retreated from the public scene since 2001 due to a brain illness. He was 88 years old.

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My lips were made for streaming and so are the Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem on Peacock

-Lisa Rinna returns to Days of our Lives in this brand new Soap special 'Days of our Lives: Beyond Salem' streaming exclusively on Peacock.

-Spawned from the long-running NBC daytime drama, "Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem" is limited series that brings together past and present characters. Over a long weekend, John and Marlena travel to Europe, Ben and Ciara have a romantic getaway in New Orleans, Chad visits some old friends in Phoenix, and Abe, Paulina, Lani and Eli vacation in Miami. All find themselves embroiled in a mystery involving the Alamainian Peacock's stolen jewels which, in the wrong hands, could cause dire consequences for the people of Salem and the world. In a race against time, ISA agent Billie Reed crosses the globe in search of this missing treasure

-Released today. They got like a 10cent raise for budget, writing still Soapy as ever.

Days Of Our Lives GIFs | Tenor
Should they do more Soap specials on streaming services?

"Harry and Meghan: Escaping the Palace" on Lifetime - VIEWING POST!

Get ready for the Lifetime movie event of the year! Back during the interview (you know the one), I predicted Lifetime would make a third movie about our favorite Royals. And surprise surprise! I was right. Just six months later, here it is.

The movie premieres at 8 pm eastern on Lifetime, so anybody who wishes to join me in watching this shitshow, we can do it right here.

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Venice Film Festival - Red Carpet Fashion Day 6

Kate Hudson - Valentino

Who Was The Best Dressed?

Kate Hudson
Anamaria Vartolomei
Vittoria Puccini
Leonie Hanne
Adria Arjona
Clotilde Courau
Stella Egitto
Greta Ferro
Fancy Alexandersson
Salomé Dewaels

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