September 4th, 2021


Naomi Osaka considers taking a break from tennis following U.S. Open loss

Osaka said at her news conference following a 5-7, 7-6 (2), 6-4 loss at Flushing Meadows to Leylah Fernandez, an 18-year-old from Canada who is ranked 73rd and never had been this far in Grand Slam competition.

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ontd original: Watching the long-awaited "Sony's Cinderella"

(laughs) same.
"A modern movie musical with a very, very loose take on the classic fairy tale. Our ambitious heroine has big dreams and with the help of her fab Godmother, she perseveres to make them come true."

Despite starring quite a few Enemies of Entertainment, I didn't go into this wanting to hate it. There's always something good to be found in a movie.

Camila Cabello as Cinderella

Now, unlike most people, I actually like her music. I know ONTD doesn't read, so let me emphasize it - her music. The melodies. The vocals...I'll leave that unfinished to be kind.

There's a part early in this movie where she's harmonizing with herself in that "IIIIIIF IT'S A MILLLLiIiiiiLION TO ONE" song, it's going out of her range, and it's not pleasant. I think that's the only original song she gets in the movie, thank you filmmakers.

Honestly, this isn't "Cinderella". This Ella is supposed to seen as smart and enterprising but the writing is lackluster, and every one else just eats her up on screen. This would have been much better as a standalone random fairytale. You absolutely could have dug in the archives for some lesser known fairy tale heroine and funded it.

I have no idea why I'm getting upset about the sanctity of a story where a girl is abused.

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Besides the main cast just doin' their thang, what else is happening?
'We gotta style you to look and talk like shit my dude.'

This dude is a creep. Sure, nearly every woman in this is playing someone reprehensible, but you don't want to see them leered at. AND THEN[Spoiler (click to open)]THE STEPMOTHER PROMISES ELLA TO THIS WEIRDO. I honestly said 'what the fuck' out loud. It's better stakes than just 'oh the step mother is just a bitch who ruined her mother's dress' so, uh, props.

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And yes, they do end with a dance number of "Let's Get Loud" in the middle of a busy street.

There you go, that's Kamila Kabello's Kinderella. I thought a lot of the music was quite entertaining, and laughed a handful of times, but it's not something I'd choose to watch again. All in all, when it comes to Cinderellas, Camila's is right there after Brandy's Cinderella, Ever After, Ella Enchanted, Happily Ever After's Cinderella, Ever After High, both Disney Cinderellas, and Anna Kendrick's Cinderella. But truthfully, it's far less because of her and more because of....everything else.

source: Sony and Amazon

Brad Pitt is the New Spokesperson for De'Longhi Coffee, Continues to Be Sleazy

Brad Pitt is the new spokesman for De'Longhi, an Italian luxury coffee brand. A court recently ruled that the judge for his family case, who secretly had business ties to Pitt, could be tossed out for conflict of interest and lack of ethics.

Conveniently, Pitt's team announced his deal with De'Longhi shortly after the news of his court failure. He says he drinks three cappuccinos a day.

What's your coffee drink of choice?

Cold brew
Flat white
Just plain fucking coffee

Which food/beverage company should make you its spokesperson?


Angelina Jolie On Brad Pitt, Harvey Weinstein and Activism

Follow up to this post. The entire interview is great and worth the read.

  • Angelina has written her first book with child rights lawyer Geraldine Van Bueren QC and Amnesty International, called Know Your Rights. The book lays out all the rights children have under the UN convention on the rights of the child (the rights to life, dignity, health, equality and non-discrimination, criminal justice, a safe place, freedom of thought and expression, privacy, peaceful protest, play and education, to the right to protections from harm and armed violence).

  • With her custody situation with Brad Pitt, she brought up the rights of the child, only to find out the US hadn’t ratified the rights. "A child in Europe would have a better chance of having a voice in court than a child in California. That said a lot to me about this country."

  • On being an advocate only to have violence and legal issues erupt in her own home: "Often you cannot recognise something in a personal way, especially if your focus is on the greatest global injustices, because everything else seems smaller...I’m not the kind of person who makes decisions like the decisions I had to make lightly. It took a lot for me to be in a position where I felt I had to separate from the father of my children."

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Wonho releases first set of concept pics for upcoming 'Blue Letter' mini album

This comeback marks the first year of Wonho's solo debut! It will also be the first time he has been able to do 'variety/interview' shows outside of his vlogs in Korea. He appeared on Heize's radio talk show
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OMG can we have something that isn't blue themed? I didn't know I needed Tennis Wonho, but now I do!
hold up, beyonce, lemonade

How Breakfast at Tiffany's Turned into a Totally Different Movie

BeKindRewind talks about the adaptive process of turning Breakfast at Tiffanys from Queer and Mildly Racist to Compulsory Het and WILDLY RACIST and how that affected both the casting process and how people think about the film now.


Full Disclosure:  I was definitely a college dorm room fan of Breakfast at Tiffany's without ever seeing the movie.

Have you every been mistaken about the plot or characters of an iconic movie you hadn't seen yet?  What are your favorite and least favorite adaptative changes?

ONTD Movie Night Watch Party: Barb and Star Go To Vista del Mar (on Hulu)

Hey, we're back for a cinematic showcase tonight!

Synopsis: "From BRIDESMAIDS costars and cowriters Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo comes this comedy about two best friends who leave their small town and embark on the adventure of a lifetime."

Genres: Wacky white women on vacation
TW: white men on vacation

As always we will begin the movie at 9:00 PM ET using the Google Chrome Extension Teleparty (only available via laptop and desktop) - not the Hulu Watch party extension. I will be posting a link in this post and the comments to join the party.
Trailer Source Teleparty Instructions

Hiiiehh! Click HERE for the party
Eyebrow Lady

ONTD Original: Monthly Movie Challenge - September

Another 10-task challenge. You obviously don’t need to do all 10 tasks, choose as many as you want, but I figured it gives you some variety and allows you to pick and choose movies that fit your taste but also maybe lead you to watch something you wouldn’t normally seek out. For each task, you can pick whatever movie fits within the guidelines, I've added links to help you out. I tried to add tasks that would allow you to get movies on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and/or Hulu – but there’s also Kanopy and Hoopla (both of which you can get free access through your library or university). Have a different movie for each task – that is, don’t have the same movie for task 2 and task 6.

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ONTD, what do you plan on watching this month? What did you watch during the month of August?

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Willard Scott, longtime weatherman for 'Today,' dies at 87

The Today show said Scott died this week, according to fellow weatherman, Al Roker.
"We lost Willard Scott," Roker wrote on Twitter. "Passed peacefully at 87 surrounded by family, including his daughters Sally and Mary and his lovely wife, Paris. He was truly my second dad and am where I am today because of his generous spirit. Willard was truly a broadcast #icon."

Scott was known for doing a segment wishing Today show viewers who were 100+ years old Happy Birthday. He also created & preformed, from 1963–66, the character of Ronald McDonald.

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Toyko Skate

Tokyo 2020 Paralympics Day 12 FFAO


It's the last day! We're here! After a global pandemic and will-they-won't-they and the Olympics and the Paralympics, we're finally on the last day. Coverage will begin on NBCSN at 9pm EDT, and live events run from approx 9am-1pm JST, 1am-5pm BST, 8pm-12am EDT, and 5pm-9pm PDT. The Closing Ceremony will be at 8pm JST, 12pm noon BST, 7am EDT, and 4am PDT. This is the final FFAO post :( because the Closing Ceremony will not be rerun on NBC.

The Paralympics are set to have record-breaking coverage for Tokyo 2020 thanks to many international broadcast partners. Televised events and individual live streams can be found through the following stations: NBCSN (USA) streaming links/schedule, CBC (Canada) streaming links/schedule, Channel 4 (UK) streaming links/schedule, and/or on the official Paralympics international streaming website

Live events include: Athletics (Track and Field) 🥇, Badminton 🥇, Shooting 🥇, Sitting Volleyball 🥇, Wheelchair Basketball 🥇

A schedule of all events can be found here, and today's page lets you see the events in your local time zone! Here's also a link to a great, detailed guide on different classifications for events.

[Assorted highlights: wheelchair basketball, football 5-a-side, sitting volleyball, para badminton, goalball, athletics]

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this is it! i've had a great time with you all during both the olympics and paralympics. after the amazing opening ceremony, i'm really excited to see how they're going to do the closing.
feel free to discuss today's events, the closing ceremony, and even your favorite moments from this year's games. less than five months until beijing 2022!!


Venice Film Festival - Red Carpet Fashion Day 4

Jessica Chastain - Atelier Versace

Who Was The Best Dressed?

Jessica Chastain
Madisin Rian
Dakota Johnson
Matilde Gioli
Cynthia Erivo
Barbara Palvin
Penelope Cruz
Hailee Steinfeld
Maggie Gyllenhaal
Maude Apatow

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Stanley Tucci Reveals His Cancer Struggle


[CW cancer]
- his first wife died of cancer in 2009

- he was diagnosed with a tumor on the base of his tongue three years ago

- he went through high-dose radiation and chemo and had to use a feeding tube for months

“I’d vowed I’d never do anything like that, because my first wife died of cancer, and to watch her go through those treatments for years was horrible”

“The kids were great, but it was hard for them. I had a feeding tube for six months. I could barely make it to the twins’ high school graduation.”

He has three kids (20,20,19) with his late wife and two (6,3) with wife Felicity Blunt

he says his treatment has been successful