September 3rd, 2021


🚨 Spoiler Alert 🚨 SHANG-CHI post credit scenes have leaked online.

As always, spanish media delivering the spoilers… lol


So. What happened? Here’s the rundown for non-spanish speakers.

[Spoiler (click to open)]The movie ends with Katy and Shang-Chi following Wong to the santum sanctorum through the portal.

Scene 1: Wong tells Shang-chi and Katy that they’ve never seen magic like the one used by the rings and as the camera pans out we see Bruce Banner (who is not in professor Hulk form, but keeps wearing the arm sling) and Captain Marvel. They’re in some of those projections used during Avengers Endgame. They also mention that they’ve never seen that kind of tech and they all realize that the rings are sending a message to something in the universe. Once Carol and Bruce leave, Wong welcomes Shang-Chi and Katy to the Avengers.

Scene 2: we see Xialing picking up the posters from her room in the Ten Rings base and RazorFist tells her they’re ready. Xialing takes the seat Wenwu used to have with the ten rings in the back and as the camera pans out we see that she’s turning the compound in her new tournament base. The last shot says ‘The Ten Rings will return’.

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ONTD, what did you think of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings?

Ontd Original: A list of celebrities that helped Dolce and Gabbana recapture the Red carpet

Pedro Pascal; Vanity Fair Party Oscar Party 2020

Source :

-Dolce and Gabbana, who have had controversies over actions like racist earrings in 2012, selling of so called slave sandals in 2013,being gay men against gay adoption, and an ad China deemed insensitive and leaked emails that were deemed racist that lead to a unspoken expulsion from the Hollywood red carpet in 2018, had a fashion show last week.

- Comments on some posts only seemed to zero in on the handful of Black woman there, and comments like how they would be dropped once white people started wearing the brand again abounded. The Problem? A-list White stars never stopped wearing D&G,among other stars.

-Dolce and Gabbana never lost money over the controversies despite being banned in China for a few months. They grew 5% in 2019. Some people point to Lucio De Rosi as being able to get even more stars to come back to the familiar brand as the head of Worldwide celebrities and VIP relations,a position he held at Versace for 15 years and Armani before that.Quote:"Lucio is a beloved figure in the fashion industry. He has really strong connections to Celebrities and stylists".

Ana Taylor Joy "Glass" red carpet 2019

Source :



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Ontd: What should a star be now? Entertainer, Activist, Teacher, all of the above. Do you believe stars can grow. How many chances are to many? Is an apology ever enough? Does it just depend on the person or brand? Is anyone or anything not complicit? Should you only trust what you produce yourself? Have we gone to far in Idol worship? Can we ever go back?

K. Michelle Warns The COVID-19 Vaccine Doesn't "Mix Well" With Silicone

K. Michelle has been vocal about her cosmetic surgery journey.
She has undergone treatments to take out certain enhancements she injected into her body.
These augmentations have reportedly caused near-fatal moments for K. Michelle and have misshapen certain parts of her body, and now she claims that the COVID vaccine does not pair well with silicone.

"Silicone and the vaccine don't mix well together. It makes you extremely sick. So, I have to make a decision about fighting a sickness when I'm just getting healthy again and the chances of what the vaccine might do to me. 'Cause you'll never fully get silicone out of your body. This is something you're stuck with for the rest of your life, which is why I try to talk to women and let them know that the girls you see are sick. It's not hat you think it is. But, yeah. Sixteen surgeries later, four blood transfusions later.


Fran Drescher (aka The Nanny) becomes SAG President. Rival Joely Fisher trashes her.

- Icon and legend Fran Drescher has been elected as the new president of SAG-AFTRA. She defeated Matthew Modine, who ran on the rival Membership First slate, by a tally of 52.5% to 47.5%.
- Meanwhile, Joely Fisher (Til'Death) — who was Modine’s running mate won the race for secretary-treasurer, defeating Drescher’s running mate, Anthony Rapp.
- Fisher trashed Fran during the campaign saying: “Fran Drescher is a shiny object. She’s an accomplished human being. She’s a survivor. She’s talented. She’s a producer. She’s a lot of things. Should she be leading the union? Absolutely not.”
- Meanwhile Fran addressed it with a lot of grace: “What I don’t know, I promise you I will learn very quickly, and what I do know cannot be taught”.

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Efendi performs this year's Eurovision bop "Mata Hari" across Europe

She may have come in 20th at the competition but Efendi's Eastern-inspired bop Mata Hari has become a hit across Europe.

The singer has embarked on a promotional tour performing the song in Poland and also at the Greek Video Music Awards where she collaborated for a special version of the song with Greek popstar Josephine, sung partly in Greek.

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Angelina Jolie Feared for Her Children during Marriage to Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie told The Guardian in this weekend's issue she 'feared for her children’ during her marriage to Brad Pitt. She said her experiences in her relationship with Brad made her realise the importance of children’s rights, which she is supporting with a new book, Know Your Rights.

When asked what had happened that made her fear for her children’s rights, Jolie said she was still in her own legal situation that she “can’t speak about” but confirmed by nodding that she was alluding to her divorce and the allegations of domestic abuse she made against Pitt.

When pressed about whether or not she feared for the safety of her children, she answered: “Yes, for my family. My whole family.”

Angie also said she did not make the decision to divorce Brad lightly. “It took a lot for me to be in a position where I felt I had to separate from the father of my children.”

When asked what the past five years had taken out of her, Angelina answered: “I mean, in some ways it’s been the last decade. There’s a lot I can’t say. How am I? I’m realising that sometimes you can survive things, but not know how to feel and live in the same way. So it’s more about being open. I’m really trying to be open as a human being again.”

Angie added she had been traumatised and “broken” by her recent experiences and she wanted her family to move forward, “all of us, including their dad. I want us to heal and be peaceful. We’ll always be a family.”

Angelina has received thousands of letters of support from mothers through a child safety advocacy group. The organization said they received letters from all around the world standing with Angie through their shared experiences.

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Pussycat Dolls founder Robin Antin sues PCD lead singer Nicole Scherzinger

After years of shady mistreatment of the dolls by Robin Antin, Nicole takes a stand. Scherzinger wants to be a 75 percent owner with final decision-making authority, and she’s refusing to participate in the reunion tour unless she gets what she wants. And now because tour dates can’t be confirmed, Live Nation is said to be demanding $600,000 that it put up.

It is widely known that Robin has done the dolls dirty and mishandling/mistreatment of the girls were apart of her repertoire for years. Now the lead Pussycat takes leverage as she knows she can't be replaced, Robin don't cha wish you weren't a greedy cat? Don't Cha.

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Asshole Anti-masker, Kid Rock, cancels shows after half his band gets Covid

kid Covid played super spreader event sturgis last month. so to no one's surprise his band gets covid and he is forced to cancel dates. kid covid has been vocal about his experience, “I am pissed. Over half the band has fucking COVID (not me), and before u shit for brains bloggers and media trolls run your mouths, many of them, like me, have been vaccinated. kid covid deserves the worst & is lucky he managed to coast off fred durst/ late 2000s nu metal to get where he was at. He is a no talent hack that used daddy's money to get his career.


New Music Friday – September 3, 2021

Featuring new music by A.C.E., Baby Queen, BROODS, BTOB, Charli XCX, Claire Laffut, Drake, fromis_9, Imagine Dragons, Jason Derulo, JLS, KIRBY, JMSN, LANY, Little Mix, Little Simz, LOONA, Maty Noyes, Wet and more

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Happy Friday, ONTD! What's everybody listening to today?
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'Dune', 'The Lost Daughter' & 'Spencer' at Venice Film Festival

Today was a big day for premieres at the Venice Film Festival: Dune, The Lost Daughter, and Spencer all made their debuts. All three films received generally positive reviews from critics, with Dune being the most divisive of the three. Check out pics from the photocalls & red carpets behind the cut.

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Michael Gandolfini covers Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone's Alan Sepinwall writes the cover story for Michael Gandolfini, star of The Sopranos prequel The Many Saints of Newark.


  • Michael grew up on the Sopranos set in Queens. His father didn't want him to act, but direct or produce instead.

  • Wanted nothing to do with the role when he was first heard about it, but began panicing when David Chase and Alan Taylor saw his work on The Deuce and wanted him to play Tony. Getting the role finally allowed him to sit down and watch his father's work on The Sopranos, something he tried doing multiple times before but couldn't get through. He says he would now "absolutely" continue on with the role if David Chase wants to continue down this prequel path.

  • His co-stars, as well as Chase and Taylor, have nothing but extremely positive things to say about Michael.

  • Sepinwall calls his performance in the film "magnetic," nailing Tony as a younger man.

The film will be released on October 1.

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The History of Little Golden Books

** the early 1940s, the average children’s book cost between $2 and $3, which would be the equivalent of about $38 to $50 today

** Georges Duplaix approached Simon and Schuster with an idea: make children's books cheaper, colorful, and simple.

** Little Golden Books were a quarter! ($4.20 in 2021 money.)

** released a dozen titles in the fall of 1942

** The Poky Little Puppy would go on to be the best selling children's book of the 20th century

** Who was the first brand to enter in a partnership with Little Golden Books? You guessed it! Disney! (in 1944)

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Suspect Confesses to 1989 Murder of Lois Duncan's Daughter Kaitlyn

** Lo Dunc is the author of young adult classics such as I Know What You Did Last Summer and Killing Mr. Griffin (the latter of which I'm pretty sure Kevin Williamson ripped off for 1999's Teaching Mrs. Tingle but that's a different knot to untangle.)

** Kaitlyn, 18, was murdered in 1989 in what seemed to be a random act of violence.

** Duncan wrote the true crime book Who Killed My Daughter? about her negative experience with the police and her decision to hire a private investigator

** Paul Apodaca confessed to the murder, as well as a string of other crimes at the time which all involved young women. Apodaca has been quoted as saying they were driven by “all the hatred that I had for women.”

** Apodaca was present at Kaitlyn's crime scene but not investigated by police.

** Kaitlyn's older sister Kerry: “This is one of the things that breaks our hearts — this man was at the crime scene with the cops,” she said in a phone interview with the Albuquerque Journal. “How obvious did it need to be to look into this guy? They just let him walk away.”

** Apodaca was a lead suspect identified by a private investigator Duncan hired.

** Lois Duncan passed away in 2016


This legit made me gasp. I wish Lois could've gotten some closure. :(
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'Ted Lasso': Nick Mohammed Talks Nate's Arc

Nick Mohammed plays Nate on the Apple TV+ show Ted Lasso, and Vulture interviewed him about his character's current arc on the show.

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Discussion post! Spoilers welcome.
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How Disney and Scarlett Johansson Reached the Point of No Return

In this never-ending saga:

  • According to the source, after the simultaneous release of "Black Widow" (theaters + Premier Access) was announced, Scarlett Johansson’s team made an opening bid: Pay the actress $80 million.

  • That calculation was based on what the star would receive in a hypothetical global box-office take of $1.2 billion, a sum in league with Marvel hits “Captain Marvel” and “Black Panther.

  • Her’s advisers said Disney’s response to the lawsuit has appeared to be, by turns, ignore and attack.

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F*ck Disney, but BW making Captain Marvel numbers... ihavetolaugh.gif

R. Kelly Has A Writing Credit On Drake’s New Album ‘Certified Lover Boy’

Drake’s new album Certified Lover Boy has been out for a few hours now.
The artists credited as writers on the song “TSU” include Harley Arsenault, Noel Cadastre, F. Hills, Timothy Mosley (aka Timbaland), Ronald Coleman (aka OG Ron C), Christopher Cross, Justin Timberlake, and Robert Kelly (aka R. Kelly).

The song samples NSYNC’s 1997 song “Sailing,” a cover of Cross’ 1980 single.
The song also samples Timberlake’s “Until The End Of Time,” which Timbaland co-wrote. 
The song also samples Kelly’s 1998 song “Half On A Baby,” which is where his writing credit comes from.

It was reported recently that Kelly is attempting to sell the publishing rights to his back catalog.
If somebody purchased the rights, Kelly would not profit from his song being sampled on “TSU.”
It appears Kelly is struggling to find a buyer.
Kelly still owns his publishing rights and will therefore profit from “TSU,”


Miles Teller tests positive for Covid after refusing vaccine

Filming for Paramount Plus Series 'The Offer' was shut down after a production member tested positive. 
A source close to the executive team for the show said that the Covid patient is actor Miles Teller.
The source said Teller had refused to get a vaccine or a previous Covid test before testing positive.
"Miles Teller is not vaccinated. He wouldn't even get the test. Now he's brought the virus to set and the whole set had to shut down" 

Teller's publicist said "Your facts are incorrect," but declined to elaborate further.

The Offer, a show about the making of The Godfather, other stars Giovanni Ribisi, Collin Hanks, Matthew Goode, Juno Temple and Dan Fogler


Film Fest Reviews: Dune, Spencer, The Card Counter, The Lost Daughter, King Richard

Dune, Spencer, The Card Counter, The Lost Daughter, and King Richard have all premiered over the past 24 hours at Venice and Telluride. Here's what the critics are saying about each:

BBC: Film has scope and richness that is a splendid achievement but will anyone care about characters who are shallow and have no personality?
IGN: A gorgeous but imperfect epic that spends too much time setting up a third act we may never see.
The Guardian: A slow-burn space opera that fuses art-house and blockbuster to otherworldly brilliance.
Variety: The film is out to wow us and succeeds, until it doesn't.
IndieWire: Story is told on such a comically massive scale that a screen of any size would struggle to contain it.

With 17 reviews, the film currently has a 76 on Metacritic.

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Tori Kardashian Spelling Enjoys a Night Out with Her Bestie Snooki

Khloé Kardashian is that you? Nope, it's Tori Spelling.

The actress enjoyed a night out with her Messyness co-star Nicole Snooki Polizzi, however people were quick to notice her new Kardashian like appearance.

source + ig

Richard E Grant announces death of wife Joan Washington


-Richard E Grant announced the death of his wife of 35 years Joan Washington, 71
-The 64 years old actor posted a video of them dancing to "Only You"
-Joan, a voice coach, met Grant in 1982 at the Actors' Centre in London
-They had a daughter named Olivia born in 1989
Toyko Skate

Tokyo 2020 Paralympics Day 11 FFAO


Hello friends, and welcome to the last full day and second to last day of the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics! My denial that both a) the Paralympics are ending and b) Beijing Winter Olympics are literally only five months away are strong! Coverage will begin on NBCSN at 10pm EDT, and live events run from approx 9am-10pm JST, 1am-2pm BST, 8pm-9am EDT, and 5pm-6am PDT.
The Paralympics are set to have record-breaking coverage for Tokyo 2020 thanks to many international broadcast partners. Televised events and individual live streams can be found through the following stations: NBCSN (USA) streaming links/schedule, CBC (Canada) streaming links/schedule, Channel 4 (UK) streaming links/schedule, and/or on the official Paralympics international streaming website

Live events include: Archery 🥇, Athletics (Track and Field) 🥇, Badminton 🥇, Boccia 🥇, Canoe Sprint 🥇, Football 5-a-side 🥇, Shooting 🥇, Sitting Volleyball 🥇, Taekwondo 🥇, Wheelchair Basketball 🥇, Wheelchair Tennis 🥇

A schedule of all events can be found here, and today's page lets you see the events in your local time zone! Here's also a link to a great, detailed guide on different classifications for events.

[Assorted highlights: para taekwondo, athletics, swimming, archery, cycling]

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all the medals! and all the events are fairly spread out so cheers to the last night of team no sleep
porter - shocking!
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James Ransone’s socials: a multi-hyphenate of bigotry based in anti-Semitic conspiracy theories

James Ransone

Actor James ‘PJ’ Ransone, known to some for It Chapter Two, The Wire, and Generation Kill, has a long history of social media meltdowns; from an ages-old Tumblr, to a now-defunct Twitter, and now to present day with Instagram. The post currently in question is seemingly innocuous:

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Content/trigger warnings for the following: anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, homophobia, transphobia, mental health issues, childhood sexual assault, child death, suicide, religious zealotry, and probably more

Sources: 1 | 2 | 3
halston l #gayforsage

Waitress Reopens on Broadway and Pays Tribute to Original Cast Member Nick Cordero

The musical Waitress reopened on Broadway this week with Sara Bareilles who wrote the music for the show as Jenna. Last year, Nick Cordero who played Earl in the original Broadway run passed away from a lengthy battle with Covid-19 which was documented on social media by his wife Amanda Kloots. The show commemorates their late cast member by naming one of the pies on the menu after his single "Live Your Life". In the video behind the cut, Sara Bareilles pays tribute to the late actor and brings out his wife Amanda Kloots and says some kind words to her before the cast dances out to Nick's song Live Your Life.
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Venice Film Festival - Red Carpet Fashion Day 3

Zendaya - Balmain

Who Was The Best Dressed?

Kristen Stewart
Rebecca Ferguson
Cynthia Erivo
Tiffany Haddish
Adriana Lima
Beatrice Vendramin
Barbara Palvin
Isabelle Huppert
Sarah Gadon

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Kaley Cuoco and husband Karl Cook breakup after three years of marriage

“Despite a deep love and respect for one another, we have realized that our current paths have taken us in opposite directions,” they said in a joint statement to People. “We have both shared so much of our journey publicly so while we would prefer to keep this aspect of our personal life private, we wanted to be forthcoming in our truth together. There is no anger or animosity, quite the contrary.

Olivia Munn steps out in baggy sweats sans boyfriend John Mulaney

Olivia Munn was spotted wearing tan sweatpants and a black sweater in a parking garage. The source recaps her relationship with John Mulaney but he isn't there, and they have no relationship updates to include.


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'Vampire Academy' TV Cast Announcement

Beloved YA book series, absolutely atrocious movie adaptation and soon-to-be a tv series adapted by Julie Plec of Vampire Diaries's the new cast for Vampire Academy.

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I kept waiting for someone to post this since it was announced 4 days ago, finally decided not to be lazy... also first time embedding a tweet, eek.
The Borgias

Little Mix release Love (Sweet Love)

In the last two weeks, Little Mix have celebrated their 10th Anniversary, announced a 'Best Of' Album with a few new songs, and have brought three Mixer Babies into the world. Now they've released a new single.

Source: Youtube

THE LOOKS!!!! THE VOCALS!!!! HoWEVER, lmao, I appreciate how they worked around Perrie and Leigh being ready to pop, but the editing on this is a mess. They really didn't want to show any of the dancers they brought in after that first shot huhhhh