August 25th, 2021

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Reddit Ask: What is a film you had low expectations, but ended up enjoying?

I have posted from Reddit before so I hope it's okay that I do it again! So reddit user ayub_nor asked "What is a film you had low expectations, but ended up enjoying?" and here are some of the answers.

- Cabin in the Woods (2011): I assumed it was just another generic horror gorefest, but it turned out to be such a great satire of the horror genre.

- Kung Fu panda (2008): Thought it was just going to be jack black spastic nonsense, got some of the best story telling and passionate voice acting and wonderful scenery. The sequels were just as good if not better.

- Kung fu hustle (2004): Saw it in the theatre as a kid with my dad and wasn’t too excited. Now it’s a classic for us lol

- Game night (2018): I don’t know why but I expected a mediocre comedy but I found myself laughing the entire time.

- Pacifc Rim (2013): I was expecting a standard Kaiju vs Mecha movie that would have half decent but it turned out to be an awesome movie. Even more miraculous was that they didn't shoehorn a romance into it despite having every opportunity for it.

- Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005): Didn’t have any if maybe low expectations, but ended up absolutely loving it.


Remembering Aaliyah Haughton 20 Years Later

It has been 20 years since news broke that R&B singer Aaliyah Haughton was involved in a fatal plane crash on August 25th 2001.

Reports suggest that her small aircraft was badly overloaded which ultimately crashed shortly after takeoff taking the lives of all nine passengers on board including Aaliyah.

Aaliyah would release a total of 3 albums during her career which include 1994's Age Ain't Nothing but a Number, 1996's One in a Million and her final album 2001's Aaliyah.

The singer also got into acting staring in the films Romeo Must Die in 2000 and Queen of the Damned which was released in 2002 after her untimely death.

In addition to her signature sound curated with longtime collaborators Timbaland and Missy Elliott, Aaliyah was also known for her style and still influences many artist until this day.

source: my ipod

ONTD, what are your favorite Aaliyah memories? What is your favorite Aaliyah album/song?

Oliva Rodrigo Gives Paramore Songwriting Credit on good 4 u

Olivia Rodrigo has retroactively added two members of Paramore to the writing credits of her #1 hit single good 4 u.

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Olivia has previously added Taylor Swift and cowriters to the credits of her songs deja vu and 1 step forward, 3 steps back.

SOURce + mashup

Good Morning Britain viewers cringe after 'car crash' interview with Game of Thrones star Iwan Rheon

Iwan Rheon found himself having to repeatedly correct the hosts of Good Morning Britain on Wednesday as he appeared on the show to talk about his new film, leaving viewers baffled.

One blunder involved host Charlotte Hawkins telling Iwan that he previously wanted to take part in Eurovision, leaving him confused. "Did I? I don’t remember that," he told Charlotte, who shared that she had it written in her research notes.

She and co-host Ranvir Singh then asked about an upcoming performance this weekend with his ‘band’. Iwan had to inform them he performs solo and it was actually last weekend. "It was just me...It was on Sunday, it has happened."

The presenters also brought up his child and whether there would be birthday celebrations today. Once more, Iwan fell into an awkward moment of silence before correcting them and revealing his kid's birthday already happened on August 14.

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Iwan luckily saw the funny side and later posted a jokey tweet in response.

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Kelly LeBrock

‘Game of Thrones’ Star Jacob Anderson Cast as ‘Interview with the Vampire’ Lead

-Jacob Anderson has been cast as Louis in AMC’s “Interview with the Vampire” adaptation.
-He is best known for his role as Grey Worm in “Game of Thrones”.
-Sam Reid has been cast as Lestat for the new show.

Camila Cabello Attempts To Act In A Scene With Billy Porter In Amazon’s ‘Cinderella’

Camila Cabello shows us her struggle acting chops in a scene shared by Amazon on Twitter. The movie premieres September 3rd in theaters straight-to-DVD on Amazon Prime Video.

Fedal LC 2

Netflix releases trailer for the upcoming "Schumacher" documentary

Netflix's new documentary about the seven-time World Champion and F1 legend Michael Schumacher comes out on September 15.

Seb, Mick, Gina, and Corinna (MSC's daughter and wife) all make an appearance.


This is going to be so hard to watch. I have loved him since I was a little kid watching F1 with my dad.

Yola, Hall & Oates. Duran Duran Jennifer Hudson, and many more on Late Night and Daytime

Yola "Diamond Studded Shoes"


- A Round up of Late Night and Daytime musical performances that range from crowded house, Duran Duran,Tinashe , Courtney Barnett, Jennifer Hudson("Respect"will be on Demand this Friday"),and many more.

Lourde "California"


Many more under the cut

[Spoiler (click to open)]

Hall and Oates "Rich Girl"


Gabriels "Love and Hate in a different time"


Ashe "Always "

Source :

Bakar " The Mission"

Source :

Courtney Barnett" Rae Street"


Little Simz "Woman"

Source :

Duran Duran "Invisible"

Source :

Vince Staples ft Foushee "Take me home"

Source :

Andrea Bocelli "You'll never walk alone"

Source :

Kane Brown "One Mississippi"

Source :

Tinashe "Undo( Back to my heart)

Source :

Sheryl Crowe "Soak up the sun" (1 of 3 performances she did)


Flock of dimes "Two"


Crowed House "Don't Dream It's Over"


Dan + Shay "You"


Dry Cleaning "Strong Feelings"


Jennifer Hudson "Respect"


Whoopi Goldberg Slams Cancel Culture

Goldberg spoke about the time when her career stalled after she joked about President Bush in 2004.
She was asked whether she considered herself as having been canceled at the time.
“No. I would describe that situation as a lot of people covering their backsides, because the joke was never about him. But no one ever stood up and said, ‘Hey, here’s what actually happened.’ And they put it in the newspaper. And you notice, they’d never seen what I exactly said, or what I said at all. But all somebody has to do is say you said it.”

Goldberg was out of work for five years after the Bush incident and bounced back when Barbara Walters offered her a hosting gig on “The View.”

Goldberg addressed cancel culture directly, “I feel like the truth doesn’t seem to matter as much these days. Because there is cancel culture, people will call or text and say ‘I’m not buying your product. This is who you have talking about your product, me and my five million followers — if you keep her — we’re not going to buy your car, or we’re not going to buy your shampoo or we’re not going to buy your toothbrush or we’re not going to buy your Pampers,” 


Kanye West Won't Require Vaccines Or Negative COVID Tests For Chicago Event

West is hailed as an icon in Chicago, so returning home to reveal the final cut of this anticipated album 'Donda' that is named after his late mother is monumental. He won't require negative COVID-19 tests or vaccines for entry.

Chicago Park District said the venue would only admit 38,000 people instead of its normal 63,000 capacity.

The public began labeling the event as a "super spreader" and has taken to social media to criticize West.


Just Because You Can Doesn’t Mean You Should: Introducing Flamin’ Hot Mountain Dew Soda

In perhaps the most bizarre and unwanted “food collaboration” of 2021, Mountain Dew has teamed up with Flamin’ Hot Cheetos for a flavor combination that blends “the sweet, citrus DEW with a new spicy goodness.”

“As a brand, DEW has a rich history of experimenting with new flavors our fans love. We certainly had them in mind when we developed the FLAMIN’ HOT beverage,” said senior director of marketing at PepsiCo., Matt Nielsten, in a press release. “This is one of our most provocative beverages yet, and we’re excited for DEW Nation to taste the unique blend of spicy and classic sweet citrus flavor of MTN DEW.”

The red cans from hell will be available August 31 at Mountain Dew’s virtual Dew Store, while supplies last.

RIP people’s stomachs and toilets.

TH: you look like a real babe today

NCT's Lucas gets exposed for cheating and scamming girlfriends + will halt activities

You can read a more detailed description at the source but basically a Korean netizen claiming to be Lucas’s ex-girlfriend accused him of: freeloading off of her (asking for luxury gifts, making her pay for things) and generally treating her like crap. The next day a Chinese netizen revealed that the Korean netizen’s experience had been similar to her own and that Lucas was two-timing them. Despite NCT stans' attempts at painting all allegations against gold-digging NCT member Lucas as fake, he and his company have owned up to them and have released your standard kpop pr apologies. The scammer will also be halting activities for the time being.

K*reaboo has two lengthy posts with the allegations: HERE and HERE

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lmao guess all that money from NCT stans bulk-buying huge quantities of albums wasn't enough

OnlyFans Drops Planned Porn Ban, Will Continue to Allow Sexually Explicit Content

OnlyFans Drops Planned Porn Ban, Will Continue to Allow Sexually Explicit Content

* OnlyFans dropped plans to ban pornography from its service, less than a week after announcing the change citing the need to comply with policies of banking partners

*The company said it “secured assurances necessary to support our diverse creator community”

*This suggests that it has new agreements with banks to pay OnlyFans’ content creators, incl. those who share sexually explicit material

“Thank you to everyone for making your voices heard. We have secured assurances necessary to support our diverse creator community and have suspended the planned October 1 policy change,” the company said in a tweet.

“OnlyFans stands for inclusion and we will continue to provide a home for all creators,” the company said.

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Travis Scott Surprised 3-Year-Old Daughter Stormi With A Yellow School Bus

On Tuesday, Kylie Jenner shared photos of her daughter Stormi exploring a school bus on her Instagram Stories. “All Stormi has been talking about is riding a big yellow bus. Daddy surprised her,” wrote Kylie.

It is not clear if Travis Scott purchased or simply rented the school bus. Social media naturally had thoughts about this.

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ONTD, did you take the bus to school?

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Doja Cat Will Host 2021 MTV Video Music Awards

This year Doja Cat will be performing as well as hosting the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards.

In addition to those performance and hosting duties she is also nominated in 5 categories including Video of the Year and Artist of the Year.

It all goes down September 12 with performances by Olivia Rodrigo, Shawn Mendes, Twenty One Pilots, Lil Nas X, Lorde, Machine Gun Kelly, Camila Cabello and Chlöe (of Chloe x Halle).

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The official poster for #Spencer starring Kristen Stewart as Princess Diana


During her Christmas holidays with the royal family at the Sandringham estate in Norfolk, England, Diana decides to leave her marriage to Prince Charles.

Trailer for Aileen Wuornos: American Boogeywoman

Based on Aileen Wuornos's early life, America's most notorious female serial killer, back in 1976 a young Aileen arrives in Florida searching for a new life that will help her escape her tragic past, marries a wealthy Yacht Club president and has the chance to start again as part of Florida's high society. But tormented by inner demons she surrenders to her murderous impulses and wreaks havoc in the peaceful seaside community of Deland, Florida.


Lil Nas X roundup: Harper’s Bazaar, Taco Bell, Tony Hawk, and album release date

A lot has happened yesterday and today my fellow Lil Nas X stans. Let’s take a look.

Lil Nas X’ first job as a teenager was at Taco Bell. Now, Taco Bell has made him their Chief Impact Officer, allowing them collaborate on an exclusive experience around his debut album Montero, which will be released on September 17th. Among other things, he’ll appear in Taco Bell's breakfast campaign and they’ll offer fan engagement experiences which will be announced later this fall. He’s also partnering with the Taco Bell foundation.

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cillian murphy

Édgar Ramirez Asks People to Get Vaccinated After Losing Family Members and Friends to COVID-19

Edgar Ramirez revealed that he lost his Grandmother, Aunt, Uncle, and two close friends to COVID-19 within months of each other. None of them had access to the vaccine in Venezuela. He says in part: "It breaks my heart that so many people in this country are willing to snub the very vaccine my family would have taken in an instant."

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You can watch his interview with Dr. Fauci here.

this is just heartbreaking. Please get vaccinated if you can.
source, source
Toyko Skate

Tokyo 2020 Paralympics Day 2 FFAO


Team no sleep is back! Coverage will begin on NBCSN at 8pm EDT, and the live events run from approx 9am-10pm JST, 1am-2pm BST, 8pm-9am EDT, and 5pm-6am PDT.
The Paralympics are set to have record-breaking coverage for Tokyo 2020 thanks to many international broadcast partners. Televised events and individual live streams can be found through the following stations: NBCSN (USA) streaming links/schedule, CBC (Canada) streaming links/schedule, Channel 4 (UK) streaming links/schedule, and/or on the official Paralympics international streaming website

Live events include: Cycling (Track), Equestrian, Goalball, Powerlifting, Swimming, Table Tennis, Wheelchair Basketball, Wheelchair Fencing, Wheelchair Rugby
Medals in: Cycling Track (women's B 100m time trial, men's C4-5 1000m time trial, men's C1 3000m individual pursuit, men's C2 3000m individual pursuit, men's C3 3000m individual pursuit), Equestrian (dressage individual test grade 2, dressage individual test grade 4, dressage individual test grade 5), Powerlifting (men's -49kg, women's -41kg, women's -45kg, men's -54kg), Swimming (men's 100m freestyle S5, women's 100m freestyle S5, men's 100m freestyle S4, men's 200m individual medley SM6, women's 200m individual medley SM6, men's 400m freestyle S11, women's 400m freestyle S11, men's 100m breaststroke SB9, women's 100m breaststroke SB9, men's 100m backstroke S13, women's 100m backstroke S13, men's 100m breaststroke SB8, women's 100m breaststroke SB8, mixed 4x50m freestyle relay 20 points), Wheelchair Fencing (men's epee individual category A, men's epee individual category B, women's epee individual category A, women's epee individual category B)
(A great, detailed guide on different classifications for events)

A schedule of all events can be found here, and today's page lets you see the events in your local time zone!

[Assorted highlights: Daniel Dias/swimming, Yanke Feng/wheelchair fencing, Sarah Storey/Cycling Track]

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here for more murderball lmao

Did Sha'Carri Richardson Shade Allyson Felix & Jamaicans?

* 11x Olympic medalist and living legend visited Jimmy Kimmel the other day

* While on the show, she offered words of encouragement to Sha'Carri, who has had a difficult couple of months, after losing her spot on the Olympic track & field team due to a positive drug test and coming in last in her first post-Olympics race

* Said Felix: “I know that she’s obviously been through so much and I hope that she’s just supported. I hope people rally around her. Obviously she has a great personality and she’s brought a lot of attention to the sport and I think she’ll be in the sport for a very long time. I think just more than anything, for all athletes, there’s so much that goes into it. Just give her the support that she needs.”

* Sha'Carri seemingly responded by calling words of encouragement spoken on TV fake

* Could drama be brewing or is this just a misunderstanding / coincidence?

Collapse )

ONTD, should Sha'Carri hire a social media manager or are these just the growing pains of a woman ,who suddenly finds herself under intense, public scrutiny?

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Christy Carlson Romano: I was salty over Shia LaBeouf’s success

“We went from seeing each other every day, to not seeing each other for years, to him being this huge star. For a while, I think the ghost of who Shia was and who he became was really frustrating for me. I felt a little jilted from the whole situation. I was like, ‘Here he is. Making a big ol’ splash in Hollywood and here I am, I chose to go to college and there’s consequences that come to that,’ but there was definitely an undercurrent of regret … [and] comparison. Sibling rivalry, if you will.”

Romano, 37, played LaBeouf’s on-screen sister on “Even Stevens” that ran from 2000 to 2003.
Christy Carlson Romano admitted Shia LaBeouf’s success used to make her “salty,”
So much so that at one point she couldn’t bring herself to watch any of his movies.
Romano's bitterness mellowed and they never stopped talking.
They just ended up going in “completely different pathways of life.”
Despite working so well together, they were never very close.
Romano thought LaBeouf was cool and confident despite being younger than her and she had a lot of insecurities at the time.
There was animosity between them because she felt that he never appreciated how much she put into the job, LaBeouf didn’t even thank her when he won an Emmy while she was sitting in the crowd.
Romano felt that LaBeouf didn’t respect her or take her seriously as an actress, he had compared her to Reese Witherspoon, which made her upset.
She regrets not giving him more time and energy and love “like a real sister,” it makes her sad.
If she saw him today, there would be an “undeniable bond.”
If they’d ever talk to each other again, Romano said it’s a “complex answer.”
She still has so much love for the actor despite their differences.

“Shia, if you see this, know that I love you. I’m sorry that we didn’t connect more when we were kids and I really do hope that you are taking it one day at a time … Be well ’cause I’ll always love you.”


Melissa Rivers, 53, is considering adopting a baby

Melissa shares 20-year-old son Cooper with ex-husband John Endicott.
Rivers has been “thinking about” adopting a child, but is torn because of her age.
She’s “80 percent there” in deciding to adopt but noted she’s not taking the decision “lightly.”

“Well, I’ve been thinking about it for a very long time. I’ve been thinking about it for about six years now, and you know, certain times it feels like the absolute right decision, and certain times it doesn’t feel like the right decision. What really stops me is, you know, would it be fair for the child to have unfortunately, like now a little bit of an older parent, you know? Not that there’s anything wrong with that, because I’m certainly very active and you know, a goer, but it’s a lot to think about…”

ccs thinky kareena
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The Flash Season 8 will unite heroes from Arrow, Supergirl, Black Lightning, and Legends of Tomorrow

A powerful alien threat arrives on Earth under mysterious circumstances and Barry (Grant Gustin), Iris (Candice Patton), and the rest of Team Flash are pushed to their limits in a desperate battle to save the world. But with time running out, and the fate of humanity at stake, Flash and his companions will also need to enlist the help of some old friends if the forces of good are to prevail.

Javicia Leslie as Batwoman
Cress Williams as Black Lightning
Brandon Routh as Atom
Chyler Leigh as Sentinel
Kat McNamara as Mia Queen
Osric Chau as Ryan Choi
Neil McDonough as Damien Darhk  
Tom Cavanagh as Reverse Flash


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The L Word: Generation Q — 2x04 Promo

Bette finds the artist Pippa Pascal and offers to promote her work. Encouraged by Micah, Sophie meets up with Dani and shuns Finley. Shane chats to Angie about her biological dad, Alice returns to her own house where her mother is staying.

SOURCE: twitter
SOURCE: imdb

Anybody watching season 2?