August 21st, 2021


Hilary Duff tests positive for delta variant

Hilary Duff revealed on Instagram that she tested positive for the delta variant.

She captioned a photo of herself in bed, "That delta... she's a little bitch. symptoms: bad headache. No taste or smell. sinus pressure. Brain fog."

Duff began filming the 'How I Met Your Mother' spinoff 'How I Met Your Father' just last week.

grittney bitch.

CM Punk returns to professional wrestling!

CM Punk (real name Phillip Jack Brooks) is widely regarded to be one of the best professional wrestlers of the modern era. He performed for WWE from 2005-2014 when he left the company seemingly on bad terms (he was released from his contract the day of his wedding). He retired after this and moved on to UFC, MMA, acting and writing comic books. Even though it's been 7 years since he left WWE, "CM Punk" chants have been a regular occurrence at WWE live shows.

AEW is a rival wrestling company. Last month rumours began to circulate that Punk had signed with them. This was fueled by trolling and hints dropped by both Punk and others in AEW.

Tonight Punk made his official return to pro-wrestling appearing at AEW Rampage! He even entered with his old entrance theme (Cult of Personality). In his promo Punk even indirectly calls out WWE multiple times. This signing is considered to be the biggest in AEW history. Punk is set to make his in-ring debut at All-Out in September.


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Britney's housekeeper stole her dogs

-The housekeeper became ~alarmed~ when she saw that Britney's two dogs were being fed table scraps
-The housekeeper took the dogs to the vet and the dogsitter decided to keep the dogs and they were never returned home
-Britney suspects her dad had something to do with it and called the police to file a theft report but changed her mind
-The housekeeper and Britney had a heated argument. When the housekeeper showed her photos on her phone, Britney grabbed the phone, which is what the battery incident is about
-Britney still does not have her dogs
Edit: She now has her dogs back


Tyga Deletes OnlyFans Account to Launch His Own Content Platform

Just 24 hours after OnlyFans announced that it will ban “sexually explicit” content, Tyga, one of its most popular creators, has deleted his account to launch his own content platform as a competitor.

The rapper’s subscription-based content service, called “myystar,” will allow sexually explicit videos for sex workers and celebrities alike. Set to debut in October, myystar will take a 10% cut from creators’ earnings—half of OnlyFans’ cut.

“I know how many people make a lot of money on OnlyFans, and that’s where most of their revenue is at,” Tyga exclusively told Forbes. “I want to give those people hope.”

Though Tyga wouldn’t disclose his OnlyFans earnings, he confirmed that he’s made several million with his $20/month subscriptions. OnlyFans reported in a statement sent to Axios yesterday that its 2 million creators have made more than $5 billion on the platform.

Body language

‘Impeachment’ Star Beanie Feldstein on Telling Monica Lewinsky’s Story and Being Her ‘Bodyguard’

“I had the great gift of that, when I received the scripts, I knew that every word that I was saying was approved by and had been to Monica first,” said Beanie Feldstein, who portrays Lewinsky in the limited series. "[The producers] would go through the scripts with [Monica] and she would give all her feedback and her notes, and by the time it got to me, I was sure that everything in there was something that she felt comfortable with, she thought was real to her life, and felt represented her.”

“She would answer anything I had questions about, but it was easier and more useful for me to just be around her spirit and text her,” Feldstein said. “We would send videos to each other … She was incredibly giving, and I made it very clear to her when we started filming that I saw myself as her bodyguard. I was like, ‘I’m putting my body in for you. I’m going to protect you. I have your back. I know your heart.’ And that’s my job.”


Henry Cavill Quits Acting To Open Pizza Shop

Just kidding...

The English actor took to social media to show us how he made his own pizza, including his own dough. He writes “First time cooking pizza on the Egg this weekend! I even risked it all and made my own dough last night.” Food Network appearance when?

Favorite pizza toppings?

Lucy | Covid

ONTD Original: Those Sunday Afternoon Movies

POV: It's a lazy Sunday afternoon. You've already had lunch, maybe everyone else in the house is taking a nap. You're bored. Time to see what the Sunday afternoon movie is on TBS/TNT/USA!

Here are some of my favorite movies that played constantly on basic cable!

Corinna, Corinna (1994)

In 1959, a widower hires a kindly housekeeper/nanny to care for his seven-year-old daughter.
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SOURCES: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9

ONTD, what movies did you watch over and over because nothing else was on? And they subsequently became a favorite?

ONTD Watch Party Night! Member's Choice 🎞 🍿 🎟

OP has realized she has been picking too many upsetero hetero movies and thanks to pikapika217 for waking OP out of her straight delirium, OP has decided to do another pick your movie night. Our two options are from Netflix:

The Half of It

Synopsis: "Shy, straight-A student Ellie is hired by sweet but inarticulate jock Paul, who needs help winning over a popular girl. But their new and unlikely friendship gets complicated when Ellie discovers she has feelings for the same girl. From Writer/Director Alice Wu."

Dance of the 41


Synopsis: "A secretly gay congressman marries the Mexican president's daughter, but is then found cavorting with a young man at a private party. And then scandal hits. Based on a true story."

As always, we'll be using the Google Chrome extension Teleparty to chat about the movie and will be starting the movie around 9:05 PM ET. And whatever movie doesn't get chosen for tonight, that will be the viewing for next week's watch party.

This poll is closed.

What would you all like to watch tonight?

The Half of It
Dance of the 41

Dance of the 41 is our movie for tonite. Click HERE to join the party!

Disney Seeks to Force Scarlett Johansson Suit to Arbitration

Disney has filed a motion to force Scarlett Johansson into a private arbitration to address the hybrid release of “Black Widow.” Disney lived up to its obligation to give the film a “wide theatrical” release, but that nothing in the contract required the release to be exclusive to theaters.

“Black Widow” actually performed well, considering the ongoing pandemic.
Disney agreed to add streaming receipts to the box office total for purposes of calculating Johansson’s backend participation, despite not being required under the contract to do so.

Disney calls that “gamesmanship,” and argues that Johansson agreed to arbitrate all claims “arising out of, in connection with, or relating to” her contract with Marvel.

Johansson's attorney
“After initially responding to this litigation with a misogynistic attack against Scarlett Johansson, Disney is now, predictably, trying to hide its misconduct in a confidential arbitration. Why is Disney so afraid of litigating this case in public? Because it knows that Marvel’s promises to give ‘Black Widow’ a typical theatrical release ‘like its other films’ had everything to do with guaranteeing that Disney wouldn’t cannibalize box office receipts in order to boost Disney Plus subscriptions. Yet that is exactly what happened — and we look forward to presenting the overwhelming evidence that proves it.”


Jesy Nelson addresses blackfishing accusations..

Jesy Nelson addresses blackfishing accusations in an interview with the Guardian. This interview was done back in May and it seems like nothing has changed in  terms of her tannin. Jesy claims to be unaware but has been accused of deleting IG comments calling her out.
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"Is Yur Whooper Broken?" Bunkies, Let Us Discuss Love After Lockup

Get ya Gucci pants on and your break off that ankle monitor, so we can talk about the Love After Lockup finale which is the greatest episode of television that has ever been broadcast (fuck MASH). Feel free to discuss the whole season

Some of OP's thoughts
- Oh my fucking gawd, WEtv, when you get new cast members, it should start a new season. Stop with this Season 3, Episode 478564854857 shit. Season 3 has been going on for like four years
- Lisa is milking the prostate, she deserve to milk Stan's checkbook! Yes, mama deserves a new Ramen noodle lacefront every munt.
- Did Anissa change the password or did Jeff just hit CAPS LOCK?
- Anissa, get some fucking boundaries.
- Nicolle, Sr. really thinks she's the smartest one in the room. Not that it's hard with Daonte, but still
- RIP Nicolle, Jr. we hardly knew ye, the unimaginable suffering when that scalding hot dishwasher water hit your tooter. You didn't deserve it.
- Rachel, you're an engineer, please find you a nice suburban divorced accountant who will treat you right. Also keep Dougie 5 of 5 away from the remaining 4 Dougs and their family, they will leech off you in the name of that kid
- Lowkey, Brittany doesn't want Ray to get a job or at least she'll scope out if other women work there.
- If she makes that man another damn t-shirt, OP will fight ha. He's not your 4 year old nephew, ya weirdo!
- Of course Crusty Doug and his terrible tattoos cheat. Like of course. Rachel get over that I can fix him shit and get a stable man
- Splenda Daddy Stan thought he was bout his toupee mollywhopped by Rick
- We had a Viking funeral for a sex toy!
- bologna in the cupboard. When Rachel threw that shit and said she hated bologna -- *Kelli from Insecure voice* growth!
- That motherfucking scalp tattoo and those meth tendrils riding off into the sunset.
- um parole infractions abound


Stefanos Tsitsipas angers Greek govt over Covid vaccine views

World number three Stefanos Tsitsipas revealed he has yet to take the vaccination.

“No-one has made it a mandatory thing to be vaccinated. At some point I will have to, I’m pretty sure about it, but so far it hasn’t been mandatory to compete, so I haven’t done it, no. I’m young, under 25 category, for me the vaccine has not been tested enough, it is new. It has some side effects. I personally know some people who have had them. I’m not against it, I just see no reason for someone in my age group to need to be vaccinated. I want to see a better version of the vaccine, which will give us more pluses than minuses,”

Tsitsipas’s father and coach Apostolos backed his son’s decision.

“Athletes have a strong enough immune system to deal with any challenge that may arise. They take the necessary measures, are in a controlled environment and do PCR and Antigen tests almost every day,”

The Greek government criticised tennis star Stefanos Tsitsipas
“He has neither the knowledge, nor the studies, nor the research work, that would allow him to form an opinion about it. Tsitsipas is a great athlete, what is at stake, however, is his ability to assess the need for vaccinations or whether the vaccine has been tested for a sufficient period of time.”

Novak Djokovic hoped the Covid-19 vaccine would not become mandatory for players to compete and has declined to answer questions regarding his own vaccination status. Roger Federer and Rafa Nadal feel athletes need to play their part to get life back to some form of normality.


Plastic Surgeons Warn Against “Alienized Look”

The owner of the Harris Clinic in London, popular 'aesthetic doctor' Dr. Steven Harris is one of many surgeons speaking out against the popular “Alienized Look” in instagrammers and the Kardashians. Harris and other respected medical professionals are intent on raising awareness for rejuvenation that keeps to natural forms.

"What sort of twisted standard of beauty are we creating for the younger generations and how does it affect those with mental health disorders such as Body Dysmorphic Disorder?" He said. "Things have gone really wrong in the field of aesthetics...We as practitioners need to take responsibility — our duty is to first do no harm, and that is not being fulfilled now."

Plastic surgeon Dr. Julius Few of The Few Institute in Chicago added, “Our anatomy is designed to sit in a certain way, and the goal is to subtly restore and enhance. Conversely, what this extreme look is doing is manipulating the face well past the natural boundaries of a given area, and it’s an absolute mistake. Unfortunately, there is a belief that hyper-inflating or overpulling areas of the face will somehow counteract aging, and that is false.”

Casting director Risa Bramon Garcia stresses that actors need to be especially careful. “We’re at a point where producers and directors ask me to check on the face work in advance of a meeting.”

Nurse practitioner Jennifer Hollander of AuraSpa Healing Center in Beverly Hills also finds social media's hand in the problem troubling. “The combination of social media filters and injectables is toxic,” she says. “It’s a completely warped reality, a mirage, and I’m scared to think of what these young people who are subjecting themselves to this will end up looking like 15 years from now.”