August 19th, 2021


Marvel releases second 'Eternals' trailer + new poster

• Marvel releases a new Eternals trailer on the heels of those cool new EW character covers.

• The first trailer set up some basics of the characters, namely that they've been on Earth for a very long time. The second trailer gives us more plot details, and attempts to explain why these characters stayed away during the events of Infinity War and Endgame.

• Marvel also released a new poster featuring the all star cast.

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Anthony Mackie Closes Deal to Star in ‘Captain America 4’

Anthony Mackie has closed a deal to carry the shield and his first superhero picture in Captain America 4, sources said.

It isn’t clear whether the movie will involve Sebastian Stan.

Captain America 4 is being scripted by The Falcon and the Winter Soldier head writer and creator Malcolm Spellman, along with series staff writer Dalan Musson.


Rita Ora Shares Candid Photos from Boyfriend Taika Waititi's Star-Studded Birthday Bash

Rita Ora shared photos of boyfriend Taika Waititi’s birthday party. The director turned 46.

Guests included Ashley Benson, Rami Malek, Jodie Turner-Smith, Charli XCX, Paris Jackson, Kate Beckinsale and Kristen Stewart.


Little Mix Celebrate 10 Years Together with Announcement of Greatest Hits Album

To celebrate 10 years of being together, Little Mix have announced a Greatest Hits album, Between Us, out November 12th. The standard edition will include 18 of their top songs plus five brand new songs, while the deluxe adds another 11 of their singles to the tracklisting. Individual picture discs of each member are also available, with the standard tracklisting + two of each girls' favourite Little Mix songs. The album is available for preorder at their store.

[tracklist details behind the cut]

Deluxe also includes: Change Your Life, How You Doin? (feat. Missy Elliot), Little Me, Word Up, Love Me Like You, Only You (with Cheat Codes), Think About Us (feat. Ty Dollar $ign), Bounce Back, Holiday, Secret Love Song (with Jason Derulo), and Cannonball.

Jade's disc includes Mr Loverboy and Wasabi. Perrie's includes Love Me or Leave Me and Your Love. Leigh-Anne's includes Nothing Feels Like You and I Love You.

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Favourite Little Mix songs?

The Reviews Are in for Lorde's New Album Solar Power

. . . and they are fairly mixed.

[The Atlantic: Solar Power is a rock nostalgist’s dream]
Generally favourable:
- Like a lot of the other recent pop albums produced by Jack Antonoff, Solar Power is a rock nostalgist’s dream. It emphasizes how psychedelia has evolved over the decades: A Laurel Canyon quaver, a progressive-metal melody, and a Zero 7 sound effect might all brighten a single song. Lorde’s writing and rasp keep the trip engaging, usually.
- Lorde’s prioritization of private pleasure over the duties of pop stardom helps explain the parts of Solar Power that don’t wow: a clutch of ballads written with such memoirist precision, and such disinterest in big catharsis, that they may exist more for her sake than the listener’s. Yet even the duller fare makes a point.

[The Cut: what makes Solar Power so lovable is that it’s deeply uncool]
Favourable!: Ultimately, what makes Solar Power so lovable is that it’s deeply uncool. Anyone who was waiting four years for Melodrama 2.0 might be disappointed — Solar Power is Ella’s album! It doesn’t belong to you! But if you’re willing, you can follow Lorde and let go of your worldly desires and expectations, slip off your clothes, and sink into the ocean or the forest, letting Solar Power lead you into a future less dictated by phones and schedules.

[Entertainment Weekly: there’s a subdued quality to Solar Power that feels a lot like caution]
B grade: Maybe the singer, whipsawed by nearly a decade in the public eye and never quite convinced that the trade-offs justify the losses, is ready to cede some of her spotlight to the next wave. There's a subdued quality to Solar Power that feels a lot like caution, or just self-protection — a deliberate retreat from the raw, unfiltered verve of her earlier output into the safer remove of a wry bystander more at ease with cool observation than confessional bloodletting.

[Independent: Lorde just wafts over her pretty, pastichey soundscape without really connecting]
2/5 stars: Alas, I’ve had this collection of heat haze hippy noodlings on repeat for a couple of days now, and I’m still waiting for the promised sonic high. In fact, I’m still waiting for more than a couple of discernible songs.

[The Skinny: the lack of structure to Solar Power’s songs is startling]
3/5 stars: A cursory listen is enough to confirm that in a musical sense – it’s soft, woozy, melodically loose. Further investigation reveals that this approach seems to have spread to every aspect of Lorde's songwriting. Where Melodrama was razor-sharp in the universally relatable picture it painted of late adolescence, Solar Power drifts to a place altogether more impressionistic.

[Slant: the results are as immersive as an ayahuasca ceremony]
3.5/5 stars: On the whole, the 12 songs here are quieter, more meditative, and more grown-up than Lorde’s past efforts. But while Solar Power doesn’t traffic in the booming emotional catharsis of Melodrama, it doesn’t succumb to navel-gazing solipsism either. The mesmerizing opening track, “The Path,” makes for an exhilarating thesis statement: “If you’re looking for a savior, well, that’s not me.”

[SPIN: It’s a record for sleepy vacation days and late-summer pool hangs where everyone’s dressed like an extra from Clueless]
Mixed, leaning unfavourable: There’s just very little magic here. The album lilts and meanders across 12 tracks, wholly avoiding the incendiary electronic percussion of past releases — a growing trend for the album’s producer Jack Antonoff, whose most recent works with Lana Del Rey, St. Vincent and Clairo (who sings backgrounds on several songs, as does Phoebe Bridgers) are similarly subdued and analog.

[Stereogum: Solar Power isn’t necessarily a bad hang if you approach it as background music]
Mixed: I want Solar Power to be a little messier. It would have made for a more interesting album. Lorde has always seemed so perceptive, but Solar Power‘s message and overall sound are muddy without that deeper engagement. It arrives with a resounding shrug. I guess that’s the pitfall of making an album that is so even-keeled.

Solar Power releases tomorrow and currently sits at 67 (ranked as "favourable") on Metacritic.

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It doesn't sound bad, just chill summer vibes and certainly not Melodrama 2.0, so

Fboy, F bye....or not as Fboy Island gets 2nd season

-HBOMax dating reality series "Fboy Island" wherein 3 women are put on an island to find love but little do they know that half of the men are glorified fuck boys who are just in it for the money and half good guys who are wanting to find love themselves has gained a 2nd season. Should a nice guy be chosen in the finale, the couple get to split 100k - 2 ways to start their new life together, should a fboy be chosen in the finale, he gets 100k all to himself or split it with his partner if he's reformed.

-The show wrapped up the first season last week where it changed the rules of the game. The Fboys were told from the start if they made it to the end and were chosen by one of the girls they'd win 100k. Well a Fboy made it to the end and "won" 100k only for the show to say "you don't deserve 100k so the money actually will be donated to charity"

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Indie Film Release Guide: August 20th [An ONTD Original]

ONTD Indie Release Guide Graphic.png

This weekend and next represent the calm before the fall film release storm... provided that release dates hold with the recent increases in COVID cases, of course. So while the quantity and quality of releases may struggle a bit over the next couple of weeks, know that there will likely be plenty more new films come September.

The films listed are from studios other than the “Big Six” - Paramount, Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox, Universal, Columbia/Sony and Disney. Note that some of the movies listed are in their first week or two of limited release in the USA, so it may take them a few more weeks (or months) to show up in your local arthouse theater or on VOD. Check out the posts from the past few weeks for more movies that may have just opened near you: August 13th, August 6th, and July 30th.

The Night House

Stars: Rebecca Hall, Sarah Goldberg, Vondie Curtis-Hall, Evan Jonigkeit
Writer: Ben Collins, Luke Piotrowski
Director: David Bruckner
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Plot: A widow begins to uncover her recently deceased husband's disturbing secrets.
What you should know: Director David Bruckner also directed 2017’s The Ritual.
Where to watch: In theaters

Collapse )

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What have you been watching lately, ONTD?
Artist: Joe Roberts

Brett Butler is broke, unbooked, and begging.

After a recent GoFundMe plea alerted the world that the actress was in financial straits, she opens up about her depression, her squandered sitcom fortune and her potential comeback.
She has a GoFundMe? Yikes! Haven't seen her a long time but no idea it was this bad for her.


OnlyFans Will Ban Sexually Explicit Content Starting in October

Following in the footsteps of Tumblr, OnlyFans, best known for its creators’ adult videos and photos, will prohibit sexually explicit content starting October 1st. The UK-based company says it is making the changes because of pressure from its banking and payment provider partners.

“In order to ensure the long-term sustainability of our platform, and to continue to host an inclusive community of creators and fans, we must evolve our content guidelines,” explained the company in a statement to Variety.

OnlyFans said that it would allow creators to post content containing nudity, if it was consistent with the company’s policies.

In recent months, several celebrities have joined the platform such as Cardi B, Bella Thorne, Trey Songz, Austin Mahone, Bhad Bhabie, Tyga, Soulja Boy, Tyler Posey, Amber Rose, Chris Brown, DJ Khaled / Fat Joe and more.


Mindy Kaling’s ‘Never Have I Ever’ Renewed For Season 3 By Netflix

Netflix has officially renewed ‘Never Have I Ever’ for a third season. The coming-of-age teen comedy follows the life of an Indian American teen (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan) from series creators Mindy Kaling and Lang Fisher.

“We are so grateful to Netflix and Universal Television for letting us continue to tell this story, and to the fans around the world who clamored to see more of this badly behaved Indian teenager,” said Kaling and Fisher in a joint statement.

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Sonny Chiba dies of Covid-19 complications

Legendary martial arts star Shinichi "Sonny" Chiba has died of complications from Covid. He was 82.

He had a prolific career in Japan with breakout international success coming in the 1974 film "The Street Fighter". Younger audiences may know him from "Kill Bill" and "The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift".

Despite early comparisons to Bruce Lee, Chiba became known for his distinctive violent, gritty fighting style. In his later years he also worked as a fight choreographer in film and television.

He held a fourth-degree black belt in karate as well as black belts in ninjutsu, shorinji kempo, judo, kendo and goju-ryu karate.

All three of his children are actors: Juri Manase, Mackenyu Arata, Gordon Maeda.


Fast fashion retailer Shein announces a Project Runway-esque competition

30 emerging designers will compete in Shein's "Be Bold, Be You" competition. The final five will be flown to Los Angeles to be mentored by the judges. The winner gets $100K and will have their designs showcased in Shein's Fall/Winter 2021 virtual fashion show.

The five judges are Project Runway winner Christian Siriano, famous Kardashian Khloe Kardashian, stylist and ANTM/Legendary judge Law Roach, former J. Crew president and creative director Jenna Lyons (probably better known for the 2011 "controversy" of painting her 5 year old son's toes with pink nail polish), and InStyle style director Laurel Pantin.

This is a four episode reality competition that beings airing on the Sunday, August 22, on the Shein app. The finale will air on Sunday, September 12.


Poll #2112727 Worst fashion tv show

Worst fashion tv show?

Project Runway
Next in Fashion
Making the Cut
Fashion Star
Launch My Line
Body language

Awkwafina on Crazy Family Text Chain, First Pitch at Mets Game & Marvel’s Shang-Chi

Awkwafina talks to guest host Sean Hayes about throwing out the first pitch at a Mets game with her dad, her insane family text chain, adding an adorable new dog to the family, being in Marvel’s new movie Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, having her own action figure, and getting pulled over.


Noah Cryus stars in American Nepotism Stories...or as we know it American Horror Stories

-Apparently AHStories airs it's Season 1 finale tonight and it brought another famous hollywood offspring into the American Horror family, this time Noah Cyrus!

-If you havent noticed the American Horror franchise has starred rich kids such as:
-Paris Jackson daughter of Michael Jackson
-Kaia Gerber daughter of Cindy Crawford
-Billie Lourd daughter of Carrie Fisher
-Emma Roberts daughter of Eric Roberts, niece of Julia Roberts
-Taissa Farmiga sister of Vera Farmiga

Madison Montgomery Gabourey Sidibe Emma Roberts Ahsedit Queenie 03x01 Dan  GIF | Gfycat

Hong Kong allows Nicole Kidman to skip quarantine, reportedly to film for Amazon

Hong Kong has some of the toughest Covid-19 quarantine rules on the planet.
They confirmed that the Oscar winner was granted a special exemption from the quarantine rules. 
Kidman was in the city to film a series for Amazon.

The move was "conducive to maintaining the necessary operation and development of Hong Kong's economy."

The star arrived in the city on a private jet from Sydney. All arrivals from countries deemed "medium" or "high" risk need to quarantine in a hotel for 14 or 21 days at their own expense. Australia, which is witnessing a rise in Covid-19 infections, is now in the "medium risk" category.

Certain categories of people, including aircraft crew, are sometimes exempted from these rules.
Hong Kong also gave some top executives a pass in an attempt to protect business.


Shaun King to Start A Private Fashion Line

Shaun King has a new project to add to his resume. He is launching a new collection of clothing called "A Real One" and it will be available only through his Instagram, which is currently set to private. He has not released any photos, even though it is supposed to be released next month.

He also begged his followers for money to pay for his expensive beachfront New Jersey home as well as 24/7 security for himself. He claimed he needs the money to list his home for sale and move, even though the property has not been listed formally.

Actress Sharon Stone defended Shaun and offered her guesthouse to him temporarily.

Last time we heard from Shaun, Tamir Rice's mother was publicly criticizing him for allegedly fundraising in Tamir's name and pocketing the money.

Leave your fav Shaun King nicknames and new fashion-related nickname suggestions in the comments. May I suggest...Calvin Crime and Tom #fffford?

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Amber Rose Blasts Boyfriend Alexander 'AE' Edwards Claiming That He 'Cheated On' & 'Embarrassed' Her

Amber Rose took to her Instagram stories to call out her boyfriend and baby daddy Alexander "AE" Edwards for allegedly cheating on her with 12 women.

They started dating back in 2018.
They share son Slash Electric Alexander Edwards who they welcomed in October of 2019.
She also shares 8-year-old son Sebastian Taylor Thomaz with ex Wiz Khalifa.

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Alan Alda on how he met his wife


a screenshot of Alda's wiki of him meeting his wife Arlene in 1956 went viral and he added some tibits

still together!
pecan pies
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Maya and Anna take a trip to Florida in the animated Pen15 special

On vacation with Curtis, Anna and Maya are introduced to new crippling insecurities. The girls try to ignore them but a mystical turn makes their self-doubt impossible to forget.

When will the rest of season 2 air? Earlier this summer, Anna Konkle said, "We have a couple of weeks left (of filming) and that will be at the end of the summer (of 2021). And then we'll be in post-production for a few months. We'll get it out as soon as we can."

Source: Youtube

The special airs August 27 on Hulu
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Normani: "they (VMAs) haven’t booked me yet 🙃"


Normani revealed on twitter that she isn't performing at the VMAs this year because she hasn't been booked yet. Cardi showed her support on the bird app, doing more promo for her than RCA and her management team.


She defended RCA but are they really doing everything in their power for her? Meanwhile, Canola Cabello's performance at the award show is confirmed.

What do you think is happening, ONTD? And do you agree that Canola has a pact with the diablo?


Foundation - Official Trailer

The fate of an entire galaxy rests on the beliefs of Dr. Hari Seldon (Jared Harris). Will his conviction save humanity or doom it?

Based on the novel by Isaac Asimov, Foundation comes to Apple TV+ on September 24th. Starring Jared Harris, Lee Pace, Lou Llobell, Leah Harvey, Laura Birn, Cassian Bilton, Terrence Mann, Alfred Enoch, and I'm throwing Clarke Peters into the list as well due to personal preference.


OnlyOop: BBC investigation(s) likely catalyst for OnlyFans changes, expose moderation issues

earlier today we had a post about the drastic change in content parameters coming to OnlyFans (OF).

[tl;dr if you missed it]
once considered a major outlet for sex workers to share and be paid for their work and now a platform hosting A to D list celebs, the service announced that starting in October they would no longer host sexually explicit content (tho they would allow nudity) due to pressure from third party financial transaction companies.

there was much speculation about the reason for a sudden shift demanded by cc companies away from pornographic content.

was this fosta/sesta related?
was this a move to get sponsors on the site?
are they heading off a scandal?
was this fundie orgs and SWERF activists run amok?

something missing from the earlier post (no shade, stewie) was this quote from OF's statement to Variety:

"OnlyFans remains committed to the highest levels of safety and content moderation of any social platform. All creators are verified prior to being able to upload any content to OnlyFans, and all uploaded content is checked by automated systems and human moderators."

hmmm... why would OF bring this up?

Well, turns out BBC has exclusive leaked documents and anonymous info from employees showing major issues and inconsistencies in the moderation of content at OnlyFans, bringing to light new questions about the company's tolerance for abusive or exploitative content.  [CW going forward for non-graphic discussion of csa media and trafficking]

[just a couple details on the shit show tbh]
- despite their insistence of both meeting and exceeding international standards and regulations, the leaked internal documents show evidence of OF policies that instruct moderators to not delete and instead give multiple warnings to accounts posting illegal content, with even more leniency applied to the highest earning and most popular accounts.

- anonymous OF moderators have shared first hand examples of moderation being inadequate, such as not having a procedure in place for reporting suspected trafficking and foreign language accounts suffering from inadequate moderation due to a language barrier as well as inadequate proactive searching for illegal content

- - bbc tested the foreign language claim and made 2 subscriber accounts (one in french, one in german) where - tho unable to directly post as creators - they were able to have a subscriber profile where they explicity stated they were young teens and wanted to distribute photos of themselves. the profile stayed up until BBC brought it to OnlyFans attention after a week.

- - - this comes on the tails of a previous bbc investigation that found minors have easily circumvented OF's age verification process for creators.

- just... this incredible quote: "Despite being described as a 'compliance manual' in the header of each page of all versions of the 2021 document, OnlyFans says the documents [presented to them by BBC] are not manuals or 'official guidance'. The first document - from 2020 - has edits attributed to Tom Stokely, the company's chief operating officer."

OP definitely wonders if this part of the story will break through and how/if it could effect celebrity presence on the platform.

original ONTD post [OnlyFans Will Ban Sexually Explicit Content Starting in October]
Variety article [OnlyFans Will Ban Pornography Starting in October, Citing Need to Comply With Financial Partners]
BBC article [OnlyFans: Platform to ban sex videos after BBC investigation]
BBC article [The children selling explicit videos on OnlyFans]