August 17th, 2021


SHANG-CHI reviews are in: Best Comic Book film since Logan? Best martial arts since The Raid?! WUUT?

Shang-Chi reviews are in and they're a lot better than expected. Tons of high praise.

John Campea (who's a douche) but usually pretty objective is calling this the best comic book film since Logan, the best martial arts since The Raid, and even a better film than The Suicide Squad.

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Also. A HUGE SPOILER from the leak has been confirmed in the red carpet.

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Pop punk bands to listen to.

The discussion whether pop punk is making itself back to the mainstream has been going on for a few months now with artists like Willow Smith, Olivia Rodrigo and Machine Gun Kelly (bleh @ him) bringing the rock sound back into the general public's radar. So if you're a millennial going through a quarter life crisis like me or a young gen Z kid who's interested in getting into alternative music, here's some cool pop punk bands to get into. This list consists of artists with varying degrees of success. Some of them have like 400,000+ monthly listeners on Spotify, some of them have less than 100. But they're all great bands IMHO.

1. Meet Me @ The Altar

Meet Me @ The Altar formed in 2015 and were signed on by Fueled By Ramen in 2020, so congrats to them! Fueled By Ramen is the same record label that made Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, Paramore, and a lot more bands into household names. I also love seeing women thrive in the rock scene, especially women of color. They released their debut EP on August 13, so go check it out.
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Babes do you guys listen to pop punk still or any alt genres?
Wanda Gasp

New Books Hitting Shelves This Week

Velvet Was the Night

1970s, Mexico City. Maite is a secretary who lives for one thing: the latest issue of Secret Romance. While student protests and political unrest consume the city, Maite escapes into stories of passion and danger.

Her next-door neighbor, Leonora, a beautiful art student, seems to live a life of intrigue and romance that Maite envies. When Leonora disappears under suspicious circumstances, Maite finds herself searching for the missing woman—and journeying deeper into Leonora’s secret life of student radicals and dissidents.

Meanwhile, someone else is also looking for Leonora at the behest of his boss, a shadowy figure who commands goon squads dedicated to squashing political activists. Elvis is an eccentric criminal who longs to escape his own life: He loathes violence and loves old movies and rock ’n’ roll. But as Elvis searches for the missing woman, he watches Maite from a distance—and comes to regard her as a kindred spirit who shares his love of music and the unspoken loneliness of his heart.

Now as Maite and Elvis come closer to discovering the truth behind Leonora’s disappearance, they can no longer escape the danger that threatens to consume their lives, with hitmen, government agents, and Russian spies all aiming to protect Leonora’s secrets—at gunpoint.

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Then Perish

Mark Wahlberg Looking To Join Kevin Hart for 'Me Time' (on Netflix)

Today in "POLICE! POLICE! HELP! HELLLLLLLP!" news, Netflix is making yet another undoubtedly trash movie with Mark Whalberg (Joe Bell, Uncharted [citation needed], Hate Crimes), and Kevin Hart (Fatherhood, Cheating).

It will allegedly be a comedy, but with these two men, uh, we'll see.

The film follows a stay-at-home dad (Hart), who finds himself with some “me time” for the first time in years while his wife and kids are away, he reconnects with his former best friend (Whalberg) for a wild weekend that nearly upends his life.


That [SPOILER] cameo in Free Guy has leaked online.

During a scene of Free Guy, Ryan Reynolds' character uses [Spoiler (click to open)]Captain America's shield, with Avengers theme and all, which leads to a [Spoiler (click to open)]Chris Evans cameo, who's been watching everything from his phone, and screams 'what the shit?'.



i lol'd.

Legend Robert De Niro Turns 78 - Which of his Iconic Roles will Go Down as his Best?

Robert De Niro turns 78 today.

He is no doubt one of the most acclaimed and iconic actors of the 21st century. But, with an incredible 136  films (and then some) to his name - which is his best performance yet?

Which is De Niro's best / most iconic role?

The Godfather Part II
Taxi Driver
The Deer Hunter
Mean Streets
The King of Comedy
Once Upon A Time in America
The Untouchables
Cape Fear
This Boy's Life
Cop Land
Jackie Brown
Analyse This
Shark Tale
Meet The Parents
Silver Linings Playbook
The Irishman

title or description

Yes OP forgot Raging Bull I will be deactiving later lmao


TEN & YANGYANG - "Low Low" (Official Video)

One week after making a splash with his solo track "Paint Me Naked," TEN is back! This time, he's joined by WayV bandmate YANGYANG on "Low Low," available now on all platforms.


Which new TEN single is your favorite?

"Paint Me Naked"
"Low Low"
Too hard to choose!
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Do You Like Horror Film Scores?

Check out these two tracks from the upcoming Candyman and Halloween Kills films

Nia DaCosta's Candyman will be released later this month in theaters on August 27, 2021

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The track is titled “Rows and Towers” and scored by NYC-based electronic and avant-garde artist Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe.

“‘Rows and Towers’ serves as one of many portals in the landscape of Candyman,” Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe tells Bloody Disgusting. “The choir of voices is representative of the multiplicity of voices, not only deeply cemented in the folklore of Candyman, but of the characters navigating the space in real time.

The score to Candyman comes out August 27 from Waxwork Records

David Gordon Green's Halloween Kills debuts in theaters October 15, 2021

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John Carpenter’s (along with Cody Carpenter and Daniel Davies) score to the second installment of the new Halloween trilogy, Halloween Kills, stays true to the spirit of what made the 1978 original great while bringing it firmly into the present. The music is unmistakably Carpenter: the sinister vintage synth tones, the breath-stealing sense of menace that he conjures with just a few dissonant notes. But with a broader sonic palette, new digital techniques at his disposal, and a deeper sense of musicality, the Halloween Kills score is the work of a master artist who nearly 50 years into his career continues to push his creative limits and find new ways to thrill and terrify his fans.

The score to Halloween Kills is on pre-order from Sacred Bones Records.

What's some of your favorite Horror Film scores?

SOURCE: Bloody-Disgusting | Youtube

In much better news, Sterling K. Brown, Randall Park Team for Action Comedy at Amazon

Someone said "You guys are in a crisis. I'm on my way!"

Shortly after....that announcement, this came out. Sterling K. Brown and Randall Park have teamed up for an untitled action-comedy set up at Amazon Studios (who just bought the 4th Hotel Transylvania film for pocket change, really - 100$m), in the vein of 48 hr. It's marked as a comedy, and will probably be one!

Featuring more former best friends, "who now find themselves on opposite sides of the law. Framed and on the run, the two must survive each other long enough to clear their names and stop an international criminal enterprise."

r m e
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Ellen Pompeo tells a young fan to stop complaining and to start studying!

Some of her fans thought she was mean and she replied with:

She continued with "the opportunity to get an education is a privilege and much better choice to frame it in an attitude of gratitude"

source 1, source 2

is ellen right? or is this a false equivalency? or should we suck it up because others have it far worse? nuance is our forte, so let's discuss @ontd!

Laura Prepon Says She Left Scientology 5 Years Ago

During an interview with People Magazine, Prepon stated that her foray into Scientology was the result of being open-minded but that she is no longer a practicing Scientologist and hasn't been for the last 5 years.

Her husband (who was never a Scientologist) and her currently meditate daily.


Carrie Underwood likes Anti-Mask Mandate Tweet

(See comments for screenshot)

Exactly what it says. Here's the tweet in question that she liked, where this Matt Walsh person says "why should I send my kids to school each day where they can wear muzzles like rabid dogs", so you already know where THAT is heading.

He then proceeds to pull out 'statistics' from somewhere. Mentions that millions of children have tested for covid, but very few have died. Truthfully, I didn't listen to all of it, but I bet he doesn't mention the lasting illnesses these children might have had from the virus.

src / 2

are you surprised? or is she that girl you thought she was?

Dylan O’Brien Goes Blonde For Upcoming Hulu Film


Reply to @dontfindjoelysaccount u guys asked and we delivered. meet Colin 🥱#foryou #fyp #notokaymovie #notokay

♬ original sound - jules🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️

Dylan O’Brien took to TikTok to share his new blonde look for his upcoming Hulu film, “Not Okay.”

This post is dedicated to waffleflop waffletaco.

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Kelly LeBrock

Bob Dylan accused of sexually abusing a 12-year-old girl

-Bob Dylan is being accused of sexually abusing a 12-year-old girl in a new lawsuit.
-The plaintiff claims he groomed her and gave her drugs and alcohol.
-The abuse allegedly occurred over a six week period in 1965.
-The plaintiff says she sustained physical and psychological injuries, some of which have been permanent.

Denis Villeneuve says no Dune Part 2 if Part 1 bombs

Denis Vellenuve is hard at work writing Part 2 of Dune and is very optimistic he'll get to make it. But that's only if the film doesn't bomb at the box office. He says Warner Bros and Legendary are 100% behind the film, so it'll really have to perform very poorly for it not to happen. Of course it's hard to say how Warner will determine success since its dropping on HBO Max on the same day.

Denis is still pissed about the HBO Max release and calls watching it on TV "ridiculous," comparing it to driving a speedboat in the bathtub. No word on how Denis will feel once the films theater run is over and the only way to watch is via streaming or blu-ray on your tv, but OP guesses he won't say anything about that.


Joshua Jackson Defends Wife Jodie Turner-Smith After Proposal Backlash

In an interview with Refinery29, Joshua Jackson took the time to defend wife Jodie Turner-Smith, who received mocking and backlash when he revealed to Jimmy Fallon that she had proposed to him. He says he had accidentally thrown Jodie under the bus and was grateful for the opportunity to give some context to the story.

Joshua explained:

"...holy Jesus, the internet is racist and misogynist. So yes, we were in Nicaragua on a beautiful moonlit night, it could not possibly have been more romantic. And yes, my wife did propose to me and yes, I did say yes, but what I didn't say in that interview was there was a caveat, which is that I'm still old school enough that I said, "This is a yes, but you have to give me the opportunity [to do it too]." She has a biological father and a stepdad, who's the man who raised her. [I said], ‘You have to give me the opportunity to ask both of those men for your hand in marriage.’ And then, ‘I would like the opportunity to re-propose those to you and do it the old fashioned way down on bended knee.’ So, that's actually how the story ended up.

[...] And also for anybody who is freaked out by a woman claiming her own space, shut the fuck up. Good God, you cannot believe the things people were leaving my wife on Instagram. She did it. I said ‘yes.’ We're happy. That's it. That's all you need to know. That has been a real education for me as a white man, truly. The way people get in her comments and the ignorance and ugliness that comes her way is truly shocking. And it has been a necessary, but an unpleasant education in just the way people relate to Black bodies in general, but Black female bodies in specific. It is not okay. We have a long way to go...And look, I think it's like a golden cage, the concept of the strong Black woman. I would wish for my wife that she would not have to rise above with such amazing strength and grace, above the ugliness that people throw at her on a day to day. I am impressed with her that she does it, but I would wish that that would not be the armour that she has to put on every morning to just navigate being alive."

He also added, "I didn't get married until fairly late in the game. I didn't have a baby till very late in the game and they're the two best choices I've ever made in my life."

So there, internet!

Erika Jayne

Not everything is bigger in Texas as The Real Housewives of Dallas all but canceled + All Stars 2?

-In "it was always a matter of time" news, RHOD will not be returning for a 6th least not in 2022.

-While bravo states that the show isnt canceled, the network isn't one to officially cancel anything as they never stated Real Housewives of Miami was cancelled and it took nearly a decade for a 4th season to be picked up by Peacock.

-Dallas will be the third HW franchise to unofficially be put on ice.

-The show has faced two years of racism allegations from various cast members.

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freja no

Lady Gaga's dog walker is seeking help

Ryan Fischer, the dog walker who worked for Lady Gaga and was shot as thieves stole Gaga's dog six months ago has set up a GoFundMe. He writes, “This is not an easy thing to ask"

His goal is 40K to replace his broken/inoperable 1991 Ford Falcon in order to drive across America on what he calls a, “process of growing from trauma.”

He also stated that he has no apartment and has, "run out of savings and surviving on donations from generous loved ones, I am humbly asking for your help."

He currently has raised just under 9K.


ONTD Original: Bollywood star Ranbir Kapoor's numerous relationships/hookups with A-list actresses

OP is back with another Bollywood because its a hot summer and what better gossip in the summer than gossipping about the audacity of a rich man when it comes to relationships with women.

Quick summary: Even before his debut Ranbir Kapoor was called the "prince" of Bollywood because he is the son of actors Rishi and Neetu Kapoor, the grandson of iconic legendary Bollywood actor Raj Kapoor and the cousin of A-list actresses Kareena and Karisma Kapoor.

The Kapoor last name is a heavyweight in Bollywood and basicallly the family is filthy old money rich RICH.

So what comes with being the son and heir of a legendary film dynasty?

Relationships/hookups/affairs with somf of the most beautiful and A-list movie star lets get to it!
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red lady judging

Model Lily Cole apologizes for promoting her book on diversity in a burka admist Afghanistan crisis

- British queer model Lily Cole released a book called "Who Care Wins: Reasons For Optimism in Our Changing World" and decided to don a burka to promote diversity.
- In a now deleted post, she wrote: "Let’s embrace diversity on every level: biodiversity; cultural diversity; diversity of thinking; diversity of voices; diversity of ideas."
- Meanwhile, right at the same time, Taliban forces took control of Kabul forcing Aghan women to wear burkas, abandon education, forbidding them from going outside without a male relative/husband as well as abducting girls as young as 12 to be married off.
- Lily Cole was slammed for her tone-deafness and accused of "white feminism".
- Cole has since apologized on an IG story: "This week I posted an old photo of me wearing a burqa loaned to me by a friend. As she pointed out I was undermining its original purpose by wearing it with my face exposed, but I understand why the image has upset people and want to sincerely apologize for any offence caused. I hadn't read the news at the time I posted so it was incredibly ill-timed (thank you for pointing that to me). My heart breaks reading what is happening in Afghanistan at the moment".

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You can make a donation to support Afghan women HERE.

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Someone has been stealing manuscripts and sowing distrust in the book industry

• Someone has been impersonating people within the publishing industry to get advance copies of manuscripts from "colleagues" and authors

• They've been getting more antagonistic over the past year and have scammed people into doing work without paying them

• No one can figure out who the scammer is or what their endgame is but the prevailing theory is that it's a disgruntled industry insider doing it just to fuck with everyone

• Everyone is paranoid and no one trusts each other anymore

Long article but a fun read! edit: sorry mods if this submitted multiple times

[ source ]

TH: you look like a real babe today

Zhang Zhehan, lead of "Word of Honor", cancelled in China after controversial past photos emerge

The controversy started when netizens found pictures of Zhang Zhehan attending a friend's wedding at Nogi Shrine in Japan (a controversial location because it's dedicated to a Japanese general of the Imperial Army) and posing with Dewi Sukarno (she defended some Japanese hotel chain that supplied books denying the Nanjing Massacre happened).

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Naomi Osaka Breaks Down in Tears During Press Conference

Naomi Osaka briefly left a press conference in tears. While speaking to reporters, ahead of her first match, she openly cried and left the room after questions from the press. The press conference was Osaka's first since announcing in May that she would not be speaking to the press at the French Open, citing mental health concerns. 

Paul Daugherty asked Osaka, "You’re not crazy about dealing with us, especially in this [press conference] format. Yet you have a lot of outside interests that are served by having a media platform. I guess my question is, how do you balance the two?" Osaka responded by asking Daugherty to clarify his question. Once he did, she said that "when to do the press conference is the most difficult" part, before pausing to think more about Daugherty's question.

The moderator offered to let her skip answering. Osaka insisted that she was "very interested in that point of view," though, and once again asked Daugherty to repeat his question. He did, and Osaka offered an answer. "I can’t really speak for everybody, but ever since I was younger I’ve had a lot of media interest on me and I think it’s because of my background as well as, you know, how I play. Because in the first place, I’m a tennis player, that’s why a lot of people are interested in me. I would say in that regard I’m quite different to a lot of people. I can’t really help [that] there are some things that I tweet or some things that I say that kind of create a lot of news articles and things like that. I know that it’s because I’ve won a couple Grand Slams and I’ve gotten to do a lot of press conferences that these things happen, but I would also say I’m not really sure how to balance the two. I’m figuring out at the same time you are."

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Daniel Craig calls inheritance ‘distasteful,’ will ‘get rid of’ money

Daniel Craig, 53, revealed that he has no plans to leave an inheritance to his children because he finds the practice “distasteful.”

“I don’t want to leave great sums to the next generation. I think inheritance is quite distasteful. My philosophy is get rid of it or give it away before you go. Isn’t there an old adage that if you die a rich person, you’ve failed?”

He shares 29-year-old daughter Ella with his ex-wife Fiona Loudon.
The British actor wed Rachel Weisz in 2011, and they welcomed a daughter together in 2018.

Much of Craig’s fortune has come from his turn as James Bond.
Craig was reportedly paid $25 million to reprise his role in the upcoming film.


Halle Berry Sued by MMA Star Cat Zingano Over ‘Bruised’ Film Role Snub

MMA star Cat Zingano has sued Halle Berry, alleging that she passed up a key UFC fight in order to appear in Berry’s film about mixed martial arts, only to be dropped from both UFC and the film.

Berry’s film, “Bruised,” is due out on Netflix in November.
She makes her directorial debut and stars as an MMA fighter who is also a single mother.

Zingano states that Berry asked her to appear in the film during a meeting in July 2019.
Berry noted the parallels between the script and Zingano’s own life story.
A week later, Zingano got an offer for a UFC fight in October 2019, in contention for a title fight.

Berry told Zingano that for insurance reasons, Zingano could not do both the fight and the film.
Zingano informed UFC that she would not participate in the fight. UFC released her in August 2019.

Two weeks after, Berry allegedly told Zingano that she could not appear in the film, because only UFC fighters could participate. Berry then cut off communication with Zingano, who later signed with Bellator MMA.

Zingano states a claim of “promissory estoppel,” arguing that she relied on Berry’s promise to include her in the film when she turned down the UFC fight.


LaMelo Ball Says He Has No Regrets About Skipping College for NBA

Charlotte Hornets guard LaMelo Ball, 19, has no regrets about his unorthodox path to the league.
He shared his thoughts about leaving high school and skipping college in favor of playing professionally.

"You wanna go to the league, so school’s not your priority. We not trippin’ off school. We not dumb. We know how to learn. We don’t need school. And school not even teachin’ you shit — what the fuck is school?”

He believes the NCAA must provide more options for elite players to make money en route to the NBA. 

film | trainspotting (1996)

First look at Elizabeth Debicki and Dominic West as Diana and Charles for “The Crown” season 5

- Netflix's critical and popular hit series “The Crown” started production on season 5 last month.

- First look at Elizabeth Debicki and Dominic West as Diana and Charles, picking up from Emma Corrin and Josh O'Connor from seasons 3 and 4.

- Though no information is confirmed, Season 5 will probably cover the Queen's “annus horribilis” in 1992, when three of her four children separated from their partners. It is also unclear if Season 5 will cover Diana's infamous BBC Panorama interview and her untimely death in 1997.


Are you excited for season 5, ONTD?