July 31st, 2021


Gerard Butler Sues ‘Olympus Has Fallen’ Producers Over Profits

Gerard Butler starred in the 2013 action movie Olympus Has Fallen, has sued the film’s producers in a profits dispute over the original pic. It grossed $170.3 million at the global box office.

His legal team claim he is owed more than $10 million in profits after it ordered an independent audit.

The lawsuit filed claims Butler has seen zero of that total from the film’s producers. The complaint cites fraud, breach of contract, breach of the implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing, intentional interference with contractual relations and accounting, and seeks a jury trial.

“Producers have earned tens of millions of dollars from Olympus, but refuse to pay Butler a penny of the profits promised to him in the parties’ agreement. Producers embarked on a scheme designed to grossly misrepresent the finances of the Film to Butler, so that Butler would believe that no such payments were due. They failed to report the profits of Olympus to the Directors Guild of America’s Producers Pension and Health Plan. It appears the the Producers’ modus operandi is to hide the profits from Olympus in order to keep those profits for themselves,”


Citing Delta Concerns, Paramount removes CLIFFORD THE BIG RED DOG from it's Release Dates

The first pushback casualty of Fall 2021 has arrived.

The movie was also prepared to premiere at TIFF ahead of it's US September 17th release. Deadline says it was tracking to open in the 'low 90s'. Surely they mean 'just short of 1m' and not 'just short of opening at 100m$', which, lol

It still has the Canadian distributor.

film: bride of chucky

Syfy's 'Chucky' TV Series Will Have a Gay Protagonist

Chucky is a new series set to debut on Syfy and the USA network on October 12th. At Comic-Con@Home, series creator Don Mancini (who has written all the films in the Chucky franchise except for the recent reboot) revealed that the series will be led by a gay teen named Jake Wheeler grappling with his identity as he grows up in a small town.

Of the decision, Mancini (a gay man himself) said: "One of the things that fans always loved about the original movies is that the protagonist was a kid, it’s called Child’s Play. It’s something we hadn’t done that much of since Child’s Play 3, but I wanted to switch it up. I thought focusing on young teens would be a new twist and to see how Chucky interacts with them...There are lots of great scenes between Zach Arthur as Jake and his friend and crush Devon Evans (played by Bjorgvin Anarson)."

Chucky will serve as a continuation from the most recent film in the franchise Cult of Chucky, and will see franchise icons such as Brad Dourif, Jennifer Tilly, Fiona Dourif, Alex Vincent, and Christine Elis return.


David Lowery, Director of TGK, Shares Personal Connection To The Film

David Lowery discusses his own childhood influences and subsequent inspiration for this film (he is the child on the left in this picture). There aren't any spoilers below the cut or at the source if you want to read the whole note from him!

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This post is mainly an excuse to discuss TGK!

Remember to use spoiler cuts!

Novak Djokovic Leaves Tokyo Olympics Without A Medal

Novak Djokovic lost his cool against Pablo Carreno Busta at the Tokyo Olympics
The pair battled it out for the bronze medal just a day after Djokovic's loss
He missed out on the Golden Slam after losing to Alexander Zverev on Friday (1-6, 6-3, 6-1)
Djokovic then lost his bronze medal match against Carreno Busta in three sets (6-4 6-7(6) 6-3)
Novak lost his cool in the third set, hurling his racket into the empty seats 

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ONTD Original-Five times Carrie Bradshaw's friends called her out on "Sex and the City"

Over the past several years there has been an ongoing narrative about how awful the character of Carrie Bradshaw is.

And with the reboot filming I keep seeing people say that the only way they would watch the new show is if everyone calls Carrie on her shit.

I couldn't help but wonder, did anyone ever do that on the original show?

And just like that, the five scenes below came to mind. If you can think of others, share them in the comments!

Season 4, episode 16

The Setting-Carrie's apartment is going co-op and she either needs to buy her apartment or move out. We also find out Carrie has only been paying $750 a month for her apartment. Carrie goes to the bank to look into a loan but as she only has $700 in her checking and $957 in her savings she is told she is not a desirable candidate for a loan. Miranda points out that Carrie has spent roughly $40,000 on shoes over the years. During a dinner out, Carrie reveals Big has given her a $30,000 check for a down payment. Miranda urges Carrie not to take the money from Big, as it would give him power over her. She offered to loan half the money to Carrie and Samantha offered to loan the other half. Charlotte remained quiet before changing the subject to how she was going to take a voluntary docent job at a museum.

The Call Out-Frustrated by Charlotte not offering to help Carrie pay for her down payment, Carrie shows up at Charlotte's apartment unannounced and asks why Charlotte didn't offer any money. Charlotte says money and friendship don't mix. Carrie admits she has made mistakes and goes on to say Charlotte has also made mistakes, and when Charlotte made her mistakes Carrie was sitting at the coffee house nodding and listening, not avoiding eye contact like she felt Charlotte was to her. Charlotte respondes, "Carrie, I love you. But it's not my job to fix your finances. You're a thirty five year old woman. You need to learn to stand on your own." Carrie eventually leaves but not without a quick complaint about having to take the bus.

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Lamar Odom ordered to pay nearly $400,000 in child support case

TV reality star Liza Morales sued Lamar Odom, claiming he hasn’t been honoring their 2015 settlement agreement over their now-adult children since June 2020.

Odom was behind on child support, college costs and tuition, rent for the Lower Manhattan apartment where she lives with their kids Destiny, 23, and Lamar Jr., 19, prompting an eviction case against her.

At a court hearing last month, he hadn’t appeared in the case to defend himself against the claims.
The judge orders Odom to pay $380,549 in child support, rent arrears, college costs and her legal fees.

Odom must fund a life insurance policy worth $1 million naming his ex as the beneficiary. Otherwise, Morales “may enter a judgement against Lamar Odom for an additional $1,000,000.”


ONTD Watch Party Night! Resort to Love (on Netflix) 🎞 🎟 🍿

We back today with a little cheesy rom-com fun, so we can vicariously dip it low, pick it up slooooooow on baecation. Tonight we'll be screening Resort to Love on Netflix. Watch the trailer below.

Synopsis: "Christina Milian plays an aspiring singer on a journey to find herself in paradise -- but what she actually finds is her ex-fiance (Jay Pharoah), his new bride (Christiani Pitts) and a hunky fling (Sinqua Walls) in the destination rom-com we all need right now. Produced by Mrs. Swizz Cheatz and Directed by Steven Tsuchida."

We'll be using the Google Chrome extension, Teleparty to watch. The extension is available on laptops and desktops. The movie will be starting ~ 9:00 PM ET. If you need instructions on how to install Teleparty just click here. OP thinks the glitch may be sorted out by now, so we'll see.


Teleparty instructions

At 9:00 PM ET, click HERE to pop, pop, pop that thang!

Billie Eilish talks body image, climate change, and the trappings of fame


On body image: "OverHeated applies to all the people who promote unattainable body standards. It’s completely fine to get work done – do this, do that, do what makes you feel happy. It’s just when you deny it and say, ‘Oh, I got this all on my own, and if you just tried harder, you could get it.’ That makes me literally furious. It is so bad for young women – and boys, too – to see that.”

Also says she is "obviously not happy" with her body but then wonders why society cares at all. "I mean, we only need bodies to eat and walk around and poop. We only need them to survive. It’s ridiculous that anybody even cares about bodies at all. Like, why? Why do we care? You know, when you really think about it?"

On climate change: "I hate it. I dread it. I wish people actually gave a shit about global warming, because I feel like I’m the only one. So, I don’t know. If we die, we die. And I think we probably will. The good thing is that the world will survive. The world knows what it’s doing. The world is just like, ‘Guys, if you don’t do something to maintain this relationship…’ You know, ‘If you don’t pay your rent, then you’re gone, and I’m just going to go on without you.’ The world has no problem killing us all. I’m just saying.”

On fame: "I’ve had such a good relationship with the fans since the beginning, and they have literally been the number one priority for me. Half of me wants to tell the fans everything – every single thing I think and feel, and every person I meet, and every feeling I have – because I think of them as like my friends. But at the same time, I also really, really want to live privately. So it’s tough."


Suki Waterhouse Calls Out 'Gossip Girl' for Calling Her Robert Pattinson's "Nobody" Girlfriend

Waterhouse is calling out Gossip Girl for a joke made at her expense in the 3rd ep of the revival series.
When are you going to get it? As far as the press is concerned, he’s R-Patz and you’re Suki Nobody."

Suki, who is a model/actress and just happens to be dating Pattinson responded to the joke on Twitter.
The tweets have since been deleted.
“Another day to be reminded that women can also be the patriarchy. Seeing critiques of patriarchy and sexism, then I get name checked as somebody’s ‘nobody’ girlfriend. Make it make sense!”

HBO Max hasn't responded to Suki's tweets.

Taylor Swift has recently called out a show over a sexist line of dialogue.

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Universal Spends $400 Million on New ‘Exorcist’ Trilogy Starring Ellen Burstyn, Leslie Odom Jr.

A new Exorcist trilogy is in the works at Universal. Ellen Burstyn will return to reprise her role from the original 1973 horror classic, with Leslie Odom Jr. joining as a father who tracks down Burstyn when his child is possessed. The first film is planned to debut theatrically on October 13, 2023, with the other two possibly going directly to streaming service Peacock. David Gordon Green will direct, with Blumhouse producing.

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3 Actresses Who Auditioned for The Princess Diaries

The Princess Diaries is a great little family movie (I think it holds up so well!) and in my opinion Anne Hathway was perfectly cast.

If you look at imbd trivia there is a looooong list of actresses who were allegedly considered for the part, but I don't believe a lot of them (like a 27 year old Juliette Lewis being offered and turning down the movie...). I do believe these three below because a producer of the film specifically named them as actresses who auditoned.

Would you have preferred any of them over Anne, ONTD?

(All pictures from roughly 2000 which is around when the movie would have filmed)
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2020 Tokyo Olympics Primetime + Day 9 FFAO


I hope you all had a wonderful Saturday! Primetime coverage will begin on NBC at 8pm EDT, and the live events run from 8:30am-10pm JST, 12:30am-2pm BST, 7:30pm-9am EDT, and 4:30pm-6am PDT.

Primetime includes: Beach Volleyball [live], Track and Field, Swimming [live]
Live events include: Artistic Gymnastics, Athletics (Track and Field), Badminton, Baseball, Basketball, Beach Volleyball, Boxing, Cycling BMX Freestyle, Diving, Equestrian, Fencing, Golf, Handball, Hockey, Sailing, Shooting, Swimming, Table Tennis, Tennis, Volleyball, Water Polo, Weightlifting, Wrestling
Medals in: Artistic Gymnastics (men's floor, women's vault, men's pommel tan horse, women's uneven bars), Athletics (women's shot put, men's high jump, women's triple jump, men's 100m), Badminton (women's singles), Boxing (men's welter, men's light heavy), Cycling BMX Freestyle (women's park, men's park), Diving (women's 3m springboard), Fencing (men's foil team), Golf (men's individual stroke), Sailing (men's one person dinghy laser, women's one person dinghy laser radial), Swimming (men's 50m freestyle, women's 50m freestyle, men's 1500m freestyle, women's 4x100m medley relay, men's 4x100m medley relay), Tennis (women's doubles, men's singles, mixed doubles), Weightlifting (women's 76kg)

A schedule of all events can be found here, and today's page lets you see the events in your local time zone!

[100m spoilers inside]

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last day of swimming! i hope they keep the chaotic 4x100 mixed relay for paris, but i'm glad we have some more frantic 50m races today

Chinese-Canadian rapper, Kris Wu, detained by Beijing police for suspected rape

Follow up to this post. Beijing Chaoyang Public Security Bureau has updated that they have detained Kris Wu, on suspicion of rape and investigation is underway


ONTD Reading Challenge Around the World [August]: EGYPT!

Hi everyone! It's time for our monthly reading challenge, and this time we're off to Egypt! Let us know in the comments how you've been doing so far in the reading challenge and what your pick for this month is.

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More lists of Egyptian books
Book Riot's 50 must-read books from Egypt
Egyptian Streets' 10 Must-read books by Egyptian writers
Arab Lit has a helpful guide to Egytian authors
Goodreads' Books by Egyptian authors in English
10 Books b Egyptian female authors

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Naya Rivera's Last Movie Is Out

Naya Rivera's last project, the animated "The Long Halloween Part 2" is out.

Naya Rivera portrayed Selina. Kyle/Catwoman in both movies, which were released a year since her tragic death.
The two movies go over the long halloween story. Among the many characters, Jensen Ackles voices Batman, he previously voiced Red Hood/Jason Todd.

ONTD, did you watch both movies

Source: https://twitter.com/Forever87Naya/status/1420081988040527876?s=19
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Chrishell Stause and Jason Oppenheim of 'Selling Sunset' Are Dating

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How real is this relationship, ONTD?

It's true love 💕
Definitely PR
Just show me the results

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