July 28th, 2021


Kelly Clarkson Ordered to Pay Brandon Blackstock Nearly $200K a Month in Spousal and Child Support

According to court documents obtained by People on Tuesday, July 27, a Los Angeles County Court has ruled that Kelly Clarkson, 39, is required to pay her ex-husband Brandon Blackstock, 44, $150,000 per month in spousal support. In addition to that sum, Clarkson must pay the talent manager $45,601 per month in child support to “benefit” their children, River, 7, and Remington, 5.

In total, the “Miss Independent” singer, who earns $1.9 million per month in income, must pay Blackstock $195,601 a month as the two continue their divorce battle. The settlement agreement between the two is still being worked out. And if that wasn’t enough, Clarkson is also required to pay her ex-husband’s attorney fees ($1.25 million so far).

Blackstock initially wanted more than double that amount, requesting that Clarkson pay him $436,000 per month ($301,000 in spousal support and $135,000 in child support), according to a previous source for People.

Documents also revealed that Brandon plans to leave the entertainment industry and pursue work as a rancher, noting he “made a very deliberate choice to change his life and become a rancher full-time.”

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Fox has released a trailer for “Our Kind of People,”

The series hails from writer/executive producer Karin Gist and executive producer Lee Daniels.
Inspired by Lawrence Otis Graham’s book Our Kind of People: Inside America’s Black Upper Class,
Our Kind of People premieres Tuesday, September 21
Tasha Smith will direct the series premiere.

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Amazon's ‘Anansi Boys’ casts Delroy Lindo

Lindo will star as Anansi/Mr. Nancy, a charming god of stories and trickery.

Amazon has given “Anansi Boys” series a 6 episode order, and they plan to shoot in Scotland later this year.

“Delroy Lindo is a giant of the stage and the screen, and we are so lucky to have him,” Gaiman said. “I cannot wait to see his gravitas and charm being deployed for the benefit of Anansi Boys, as he plays an unreliable father with hidden depths.”


Another NG book I never read, but I did really enjoy Good Omens, and I'll probably like this too. I just started Da 5 Bloods yesterday.

Gawker is back. Will you be reading?

The infamous blog Gawker, which had been plagued by numerous scandals, has officially relaunched.

It's under the helm of Leah Finnegan, a former Gawker writer and executive editor at The Outline. Other hires include:

-Darcie Wilder, author of the book "literally show me a healthy person," as their social media editor
-Brandy Jensen, a former Outline and Jezebel advice columnist, who will also serve as a columnist here
-Tammie Teclemariam, the person who helped usher in the downfall of Bon Appetit after tweeting a photo of Adam Rapoport in brown face, will be a contributing writer

Gawker filed for bankruptcy back in 2016 after Hulk Hogan won a lawsuit against them for posting a sex tape of his.

Mods, does Nu Gawker still count as part of the banned sources list?

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Ding Dong! Las Culturistas News Roundup

I do think so honey! Illustrious podcasters, tastemakers, and culturistas Matt Rogers & Bowen Yang are moving and shaking in Hollywood. Their achievements this week:

Margaret Cho joins the cast of Fire Island starring Emmy nominee Bowen Yang & Joel Kim Booster

Matt Rogers Named one of Variety's Comics to Watch For in 2021

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ETA: I can’t believe I forgot to ask The Question - ONTD, what was the culture that made you say culture is for you?

This Actor Would Pick Tom Holland To Play Him In a Biopic

Mark Wahlberg says he would want Tom Holland to play him in a biopic of his life.
The two are starring in the Uncharted movie, which is based off of the video game of the same name.


ONTD who would you pick to play you in a biopic about your life ?

Lucasfilm Hires Youtuber Who Deepfaked Luke Skywalker in The Mandalorian

Lucasfilm’s Industrial Light and Magic has hired YouTuber Shamook after he improved the VFX used to de-age Luke Skywalker in The Mandalorian by using Deepfake technology. Shamook released his Mandalorian Luke Skywalker deepfake video on December 21 after completing work on the clip in four days and the video has had nearly two million views.

A Lucasfilm representative said in a statement: “[Industrial Light and Magic is] always on the lookout for talented artists and have in fact hired the artist that goes by the online persona ‘Shamook. Over the past several years ILM has been investing in both machine learning and A.I. as a means to produce compelling visual effects work and it’s been terrific to see momentum building in this space as the technology advances.”

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Sam Rockwell, Awkwafina and Anthony Ramos to Star in DreamWorks Animation’s ‘The Bad Guys’

Based on a book published by Scholastic, it makes the....I think 4th book to film adaptation by Dreamworks, after How To Train Your Dragon, Home, and Captain Underpants. It's a simple plot; Animal criminals try to become model citizens.

 Sam Rockwell (A movie where he's playing a racist. There are like 5. Pick one.), Awkwafina ("Raya and The Last Dragon"), Anthony Ramos ("In The Heights") and Marc Maron (“GLOW”) will lead the voice cast.

Other cast membes include Craig Robinson (“Rapturepalooza”), Zazie Beetz (“Joker”), former late night host Lilly Singh, Alex Borstein (“The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”) and Richard Ayoade (“Paddington 2”)

Then Perish

LaKeith Stanfield And Tiffany Haddish To Star in ‘Haunted Mansion’ for Disney

Today in "what" news, for the Haunted Mansion (remake?) by Disney, they've gotten stars LaKeith Stanfield (Those Clubhouse Chatrooms) and Tiffany Haddish ("The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part") to star in The Haunted Mansion.

This is but the recent live action attraction movie, following "Jungle Cruise" and the in the works "Tower of Terror", staring ONTD fave Scarlett Johansson.

No word on if he will fight the ghosts with moaning or some shit. I've never ridden this. IDK what's happening. Why them.


Tim & Saoirse

Netflix Moves 'Blonde' to 2022

  • Netflix has moved the Andrew Dominik film Blonde to an unspecified date in 2022.

  • The film, a fictionalized telling of Marilyn Monroe's life starring Ana de Armas, was widely expected to be an awards contender, but didn't appear on any of the upcoming festival lineups. Cannes had invited Netflix to premiere the film out of competition, but Netflix declined.

  • The director has stated in past interviews that the film was very light on dialogue, potentially making it more difficult to market than other films.

  • Netflix has a ton of other awards-friendly releases coming this fall, including Don't Look Up, The Power of the Dog, Passing, and Tick, Tick... Boom.

Daenerys' wings

South Park creators are trying to buy Casa Bonita

The company that owns the restaurant, Summit Family Restaurants, filed for Ch. 11 bankruptcy in April. The bankruptcy is what keeps the sale in limbo.

Casa Bonita is in Colorado and a beloved childhood location for the South Park creators. The restaurant has been featured on the South Park as well. If Parker and Stone work a deal out, they're going to make "everything right" and some changes, starting with the food.

Of course, there will be some South Park IP which Parker says is just sitting there.

The restaurant has been closed since 2020 due to the pandemic.


Emma Roberts Reacts to Becoming a Viral Meme: “Thank You Gays”

In the not-so-candid video uploaded to her Instagram, Emma Roberts tossed her hair and stuck out her tongue as Lana Del Rey’s “Happiness is a Butterfly” played in the background. The video has since been used as a meme on social media. A few examples behind the cut.

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The “Scream Queens” actress acknowledged the meme and thanked her fans with a message: “Me going viral after 30,” the post read. “Thank you gays and whoever else” with a star emoji.

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Charmed: Madeleine Mantock speaks on exit + Alyssa updates relationship w/Rose M

-After the Charmed showrunner spoke out about when they found out Madeleine was exiting the show, Madeleine finally returned to social media to clarify some of her exit.

-Reveals that after speaking with the showrunners about her feelings on show, she let them know she intended to leave while shooting their 8th episode of the season on January 28th.

-Fans continue speculate that she did not get along with Melonie Diaz as she no longer follows her on social media while following her other co-stars.

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Lucy Lawless reacts to new Xena action figures + ponders on reboot

-Xena The Warrior Princess is getting Super 7 action figures (is this an honor? idk) and Lucy is promoting the Xena/Gabby duo.

-She also wonders how no one can break the code to a Xena reboot.

-NBC attempted to reboot the beloved and iconic series in 2016 but the network ultimately passed on the script which saw Hercules as the big bad and Xena one of his initial generals instead of the one to help Xena to her redemption.

Callisto Xena GIFs | Tenor
Toyko Skate

2020 Tokyo Olympics Primetime + Day 6 FFAO


Primetime coverage will begin on NBCommercial at 8pm EDT, and the live events run from approx 8:30am-10pm JST, 12:30am-2pm BST, 7:30pm-9am EDT, and 4:30pm-6am PDT.

Primetime includes: Gymnastics (8-9pm EDT), Diving (9-3:30pm), Swimming [live] (9:30-11:45pm)
Live events include: Archery, Artistic Gymnastics, Badminton, Baseball, Basketball, Beach Volleyball, Boxing, Canoe Slalom, Cycling BMX Racing, Equestrian, Fencing, Golf, Handball, Hockey, Judo, Rowing, Rugby Sevens, Sailing, Shooting, Swimming, Table Tennis, Tennis, Volleyball, Water Polo
Medals in: Artistic Gymnastics (women's all-around), Canoe Slalom (women's canoe), Fencing (women's foil team), Judo (women -78kg, men -100kg), Rowing (men's pair, women's pair, lightweight men's double sculls, lightweight women's double sculls), Shooting (trap women's, trap men's), Swimming (men's 800m freestyle, men's 200m breaststroke, women's 200m butterfly, men's 100m freestyle, women's 4x200 freestyle relay), Table Tennis (women's singles)

A schedule of all events can be found here, and today's page lets you see the events in your local time zone!

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hoping for some good tans in men's BMX racing, and excited for women's rugby to start!

Billie Eilish in Vogue Australia and LA Times

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It was hard to narrow down the quotes from the LA Times interview, recommend checking it out in full!

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Tokyo Olympics reporter goes viral after discovering 7-eleven as professing its love to it

CBC news and Olympics reporter Devin Heroux, while covering the Tokyo edition of the games, became viral by turning into a convert of the convenience store. The reporter was delighted to find out that his hotel had an 7-Eleven attached to it, which made Heroux to document his visits to 7-Eleven on Twitter, where he’s now been inundated with remarks of jealousy, tips, and surprise from those who couldn’t be in Tokyo this summer, as well as gratitude from Japanese locals.

Heroux said “the place is bursting with everything you could want and more, the sandwich selection is better than most grocery stores in Toronto — the egg salad sandwiches might be the best I’ve had. Pocky for dessert. Edamame chips for snacks. And my favourite sports drink, Pocari Sweat…” in a piece he wrote for CBC. Japanese convenience stores in Japan are known for the wide selection of high quality food items, unlike their counterparts in other parts of the world.

His tweets documenting his snacks hauls hit the Japanese social media and has since been featured in many Japanese outlets and users, being appreciative of the Canadian’s love for what many Japanese people take for granted. “My feed is now filled with people from Japan giving me suggestions and things to try”, said the 7-Eleven fan.

If he were to go to don Quixote, he’d lose his mind for sure

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