July 2nd, 2021

HBO Rome: Livia Drusilla

Noah Hawley developing Alien TV series

-Disney made it official last December that “Fargo” and “Legion” showrunner Noah Hawley is developing an FX television series based on the “Alien” film franchise.

-Compared to the previous films in the franchise, this series will not be set in space or on a distant planet but on earth.

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The Encore: S1 Ep 4 "Where is Aubrey"?!

Aubrey tells Kiely what she really thinks of her and Kiely tells the audience why Aubrey is really in the house


Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/CQzVXX-judr/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

-BET Presents: "The Encore", where former girl group members come together to form a super group, premiered its fourth episode.

-The members think up a group name, record a song, and wonder where their appointed "Queen" Aubrey is.

The woman play a game and reveal who they think should be replaced



Recaps under the cut

[Spoiler (click to open)]

Aubrey tries to sing a line in a newly written Gospel song.Later in the show O'Day complains that the VOCALISTS should dance more as she struggles with her task.


Source :https://www.instagram.com/p/CQzaYTnjjSv/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

The woman perform their parts of the song


Source :https://www.instagram.com/p/CQzYU3KjpjW/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

The woman continue to wonder what is going on with Aubrey and where she is.



Next weeks promo shows us whose bed is missing and we wonder still...Where is Aubrey



ONTD Original: Fashion Icon or Fashion Flop? Lewis Hamilton 2021 Edition

Some of you may have noticed the increased Formula 1 posts/comments by a few of us on this site. I know many of you could not give a singular flying fuck about motorsports and that's okay! So I thought I would make a post to unite us all and appeal to those of us who are following the F1 season on ONTD and those of us who are not.

It's a fashion post!

Sir Lewis Hamilton (yes, he's been knighted) is currently 7 time world driver's champion in Formula 1 and one of the greatest drivers the sport has ever seen. However, he has interests outside of the motorsports realm and those interests include fashion. He's previously teamed up with Tommy Hilfiger to launch his own collections under the name TOMMYXLEWIS and was one of several celebrity investors to buy W magazine after the fashion magazine struggled with a shutdown during the COVID-19 pandemic. He attends the Met Gala, he's often touted as the best dressed in Formula 1, and he's regularly featured on the cover of fashion magazines.

But...is he stylish? Because he's been involved in the fashion scene for so long, I've decided to focus solely on his outfits this year. And even still, this is only a small select few.

Let's explore some looks:

Exhibit A:

Here he is today showing up for Media Day ahead of the Austrian Grand Prix this weekend.

T-shirt: $1,520.00 CAD "Sea Maiden Print Sheer Jersey T-shirt" from Burberry

Pants: $1,150.00 CAD "Mohair Wool Wide-leg Trousers" from Burberry

Shoes: Unable to identify (let me know in the comments if you recognize any of the unidentified fashion posted here! I think they look like Bottega Venetta Lug Boots but I'm not 100%)

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New Music Friday – July 2, 2021

Featuring new music by AleXa, Brent Faiyaz feat. Drake, cameron lane, Cosha, Epik High feat. Colde, G Herbo, Han Seungwoo, Iggy Azalea, Imagine Dragons, Jax Jones, jxdn, KINGDOM, Laura Mvula, LOONA, Magdalena Bay, Poppy, Shygirl feat. slowthai, Sigala with Rita Ora, YUKIKA and Pat Lok and 2PM

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Happy Friday, ONTD! What's everybody listening to today?

Euro 2020 Quarterfinals: Taking Attendance. France... Portugal... Germany... Hello, Hello?... Absent

Today's matches
Switzerland 🇨🇭 vs Spain 🇪🇸 (noon ET / 18:00 CET, St Petersburg)

Belgium 🇧🇪 vs Italy 🇮🇹 (3PM ET / 21:00 CET, Munich)

After two rest days, we are back to continue the Euro 2020 championship with the quarterfinals with two matches today. There will be two matches tomorrow to determine the semifinals with will start July 6.

you're a derry girl now

Pop Culture Detective returns with a video examining the 'Boys Don't Cry' trope

• Video essayist Pop Culture Detective has returned after a long hiatus and his video examines the "narrow social circumstances when tears are permissible" for men in media.

• Examines how male emotion is commonly used for comedy, to signify a descent into madness, or how its meant to signify self-destruction.

• Notes that media that depicts men who refuse to shut down their emotions are rare, but celebrated and are seen as powerful because of the fact that the majority of media still widely promotes the "boys don't cry" trope.


Laganja Estranja: Becoming a Lip Sync Assassin

Season 6 RuPaul’s Drag Race star Laganja Estranja returned back to the main stage however this time as a lip sync assassin and left the Internet gagged.

Laganja uploaded a vlog showing the journey leading up to filming her appearance on RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 6 and shows that it truly takes a village to build a drag queen.

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I felt like this post was necessary. Laganja deserves her flowers after that legendary performance. You can tell how important this moment was to her.

Also it's important to note that this was filmed before she came out as transgender.

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Young Royals S1 Out on Netflix

Young Royals is a Swedish coming-of-age drama about the fictional Prince Wilhelm (Edvin Ryding) of the Swedish royal family. He's your standard "spare" in the "heir and a spare" trope who starts the series being sent to a prestigious boarding school called Hillerska after his youngest-prince antics (i.e., getting into a fight at a club) get him in trouble.

At Hillerska, as is totally predictable in a teen romance show, he sees Simon (pop singer, Omar Rudberg) and falls for the cute boy singing in the choir. The rest of the series, his story is about balancing his desires with the expectations of him as a member of the royal family. The show's other characters deal with storylines involving money struggles, family trauma, self image, mental health, class inequiry, and other issues.

The show isn't perfect representation or strikingly original—it's about a prince and other privileged people. There's your standard coming out plotline. There are even a plot hole or two that crop up. But the two leads have fantastic chemistry and the moments that show the pull between desire and hesitation when it comes to first gay love are so well-directed. The cast are all excellent in their roles and Young Royals is far more representative of what real teens look like then American television—these aren't the muscle-laden models that are CW 'teens.' Even if you're rich or royalty, you still get acne in Young Royals. So, if you want a lovely little gay teen romance that's well-acted with just the right balance of angst and hope to escape into this weekend, binge through season one of Young Royals on Netflix.

All six episodes of season one dropped on Netflix on July 1, 2021 and no news of a season two has yet been announced.


Yes, this post is just an excuse to gush about the show because my little gay heart fluttered so many times watching it. I squeed at my televsion multiple times and this is just the type of show I wish I had as a gay teen. Anyone else watch it yet? And if not, I hope this post inspires you to do so. I need a season two so bad!

New York Times goes easy on Dan Schneider in a new profile

• Article opens on the 2014 Kids Choice Awards where many of the stars on Schneider's beloved television shows celebrated him and presented him with Nickelodeon's first (and only) Lifetime Achievement Award.

• But in spring 2018 he and Nickelodeon suddenly parted ways and Schneider disappeared from public life. His Twitter went silent and despite the statement saying he and Nickelodeon ended their partnership so he could pursue other projects, none came to fruition. The iCarly reboot on Paramount Plus happened with zero involvement from him.

• The truth behind his departure is finally out it seems, as interviews the New York Times conducted with former co-workers and executives reveal that "many people he worked with viewed him as verbally abusive."

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Knives Out 2 filming in Greece

Knives Out 2 is now filming in the island of Spetses, Greece.

Kathryn Hahn, Kate Hudson, and Daniel Craig were spotted on set.

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Kirstie Alley shares her thoughts on how "open-minded" people are becoming

Kirstie Alley was trending on twitter for saying that people are becoming so open-minded that they'll support pedophilia in the future.

People are becoming so “open-minded” that down the road they will support pediphilia [sic] as people “just loving children,”
“You think I’m kidding. I’m not. It’s the direction this insanity is headed. You can “ok boomer” me all you want but this is where we will veer unless we change.”

More thoughts ahead
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'Fear Street: 1994' premieres on Netflix today

• Fear Street: 1994, the first of a three film series, was premiered on Netflix today and has been received very positively so far.

• It currently has an 84% of Rotten Tomatoes and a 66 on Metacritic, getting positive reviews for the action and horror elements, and getting a lot of notices for its interesting use of music.

• The movie deftly sets up the next installment, and includes a new trailer for Fear Street Part Two: 1978 (which premieres on the streaming service next Friday), at the end of the film:

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Charlize Theron confirms a sequel for The Old Guard is under production

Charlize Theron recently spoke to Variety's Senior Culture & Events Editor Marc Malkin, where she confirmed that the script for a sequel to her Netflix action hit The Old Guard which costars Kiki Layne was completed. The movie is adapted from Greg Rucka graphic novels about a roving band of immortal mercenaries, and has received praise for its diversity both in front of and behind the camera. Netflix claims that the movie was viewed by 72 million households in its first month.

In the same interview, Theron also confirmed the return of fan favourites Marwan Kenzari and Luca Marinelli as the gay power couple Joe and Nicky. The movie is scheduled to begin shooting in Q1 2022.

Previous leaks from Production Weekly indicate that the movie sequel will be titled The Old Guard, Chapter Two: Force Multiplied - in line with the original graphic novel series as well. Plot summary/spoiler below:

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Ready to activate those Found Family feels again, ONTD?

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Asshole Cop Plays T*ylor Sw*ft music in attempt to prevent video to go viral but it backfires

A cop demanded that banners that read #Justice4StevenTaylor be moved. When the protestors asked why, the pig started playing a T*ylor song. A video filmed by members of the Anti Police-Terror Project (APTP), who's mission is to "eradicate police terror in communities of color" were terrorized by T*ylor's hit Blank Space. The APTP were among the many protesting outside the courthouse at the pre-trial hearing of a San Leandro officer charged with the manslaughter of a black man. In the video, the officer says, "You can record all you want, I just know it can't be posted to YouTube." Clips are removed, because of copyright issues surrounding the music. It is common knowledge T*ylor S*ift will sue anyone who uses her music without her permission, even her own fans. Later in the video, the cop confirms, "I'm playing music so that you can't post on YouTube." The Alameda County sheriff's office released a statement saying, “Instead of censoring it, it made it go viral.” The pig playing T*ylor is still on duty but the incident is being investigated. While there isn't a set policy banning the officer's actions, the sheriff's office did not “condone” his behavior. “This is not a good look for law enforcement,” he said. There is a “serious lesson learned here."

source= https://twitter.com/Variety/status/1411031113322008581

Senator Elizabeth Warren & Rep. M@tt G*etz fight Conservatorship abuse due to Britney Spears

“Ms. Spears’ case has shined a light on longstanding concerns from advocates who have underscored the potential for financial and civil rights abuses of individuals placed under guardianship or conservatorship,” Sen. Warren. “Despite these concerns, comprehensive data regarding guardianship (referred to as conservatorship in some states) in the United States are substantially lacking—hindering policymakers and advocates’ efforts to understand gaps and abuses in the system and find ways to address them.”

“While guardians and conservators often serve selflessly and in the best interest of the person under guardianship, a lack of resources for court oversight and insufficient due process in guardianship proceedings can create significant opportunities for neglect, exploitation, and abuse,” Warren said. It is “imperative that federal officials work collaboratively with state courts to identify gaps in our understanding of problems with America’s guardianship system and develop solutions to address them.”

Britney Spears has been invited to testify before Congress by Rep. M*tt G*etz.

source= https://twitter.com/THETonyMorrison/status/1410697996409446400

Eyebrow Lady

ONTD Original: Monthly Movie Challenge - July

Another 10-task challenge. You obviously don’t need to do all 10 tasks, choose as many as you want, but I figured it gives you some variety and allows you to pick and choose movies that fit your taste but also maybe lead you to watch something you wouldn’t normally seek out. For each task, you can pick whatever movie fits within the guidelines, I've added links to help you out. I tried to add tasks that would allow you to get movies on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and/or Hulu – but there’s also Kanopy and Hoopla (both of which you can get free access through your library or university). Have a different movie for each task – that is, don’t have the same movie for task 2 and task 6.

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ONTD, what do you plan on watching this month? What did you watch during the month of June?

SOURCES: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.

Previous months challenges

Top Chef winner was fired for misconduct

Gabe Erales was the executive chef at Comedor in Austin, Texas. He had what has been described as a "consensual sexual relationship" with an employee at the restaurant in summer 2020. He competed on season 18 of Top Chef in October 2020. When he returned to the restaurant in November 2020, he cut the employee's hours (he claims he cut her hours because of her job performance).

In December 2020, he was fired due to what was described only as "misconduct." Comedor owners Philip Speer and William Ball shared the news with staff in an email that provided similarly sparse details: “Effective immediately, Comedor Executive Chef Gabe Erales is no longer with the restaurant due to repeated violation of our policies and for behavior in conflict with our values."

After the S18 finale aired last night, people online began asking if Top Chef was going to address the allegations against Erales. Padma Lakshmi said that she wasn't aware of any of the allegations.

According to the Austin Statesman, Bravo/Top Chef knew that Erales had been fired from Comedor but they didn't have the details about why. Normally after the Top Chef finale airs, the winner and judges appear on Watch What Happens Live but last night after the S18 only the judges appeared on the show.

Now that the shit is really hitting the fan, Gabe Erales has released the following statement:

"After I returned from Top Chef, I made some business decisions as a manager that affected this employee and were found to be discriminatory and I realized that those were bad decisions. I’ve spent the last six months really reflecting on these mistakes and taking the necessary steps to be a better husband, a father, a chef and a leader, through therapy, through spirituality."

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Sha’Carri Richardson to Miss Olympic 100-Meter Race After Marijuana Test

American champion Sha’Carri Richardson cannot run in the Olympic 100-meter race after testing positive for a chemical found in marijuana. She smoked marijuana as a way of coping with her mother’s recent death.

She won the 100 at Olympic trials in 10.86 seconds on June 19.
She tested positive at the Olympic trials and so her result is erased.
Fourth-place finisher Jenna Prandini is expected to get Richardson’s spot in the 100.

She accepted a 30-day suspension that ends July 27, which would be in time to run in the women’s relays.
Her three-month sanction was reduced to one month because she participated in a counseling program.


‘Lovecraft Country’ Not Returning For Season 2 On HBO

In "oh" news, just like the title says. Despite good WOM and reviews, "Lovecraft Country" just isn't coming back. Seems that HBO tried (as the initial season was loosely based off of a book) but couldn't make it work.

Kelly LeBrock

Demi Lovato and Noah Cyrus hold hands after dating rumors

-Demi Lovato and Noah Cyrus were spotted holding hands at the “Space Jam: A New Legacy” party at Six Flags.
-Their outing comes a week after they performed Demi’s song “Easy” together for the first time at the YouTube Pride 2021 event.
-Demi is 28 and Noah is 21.

Namibia teenagers out of Olympic 400m over high natural testosterone levels

Two 18-year-old female runners from Namibia, Christine Mboma and Beatrice Masilingi, won't be allowed to run in the 400 metres at the Tokyo Olympics after medical tests showed they have high natural testosterone levels.

They will now "focus their full attention" on the 200 metres, Namibia's athletics federation said.

That makes them ineligible under the same contentious rules that have sidelined Caster Semenya.
The rules have affected two other athletes, Francine Niyonsaba of Burundi and Margaret Wambui of Kenya.
World Athletics' testosterone rules only apply to events between 400 metres and one mile.

Before this year, both teenagers were relative unknowns.

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romy and michele's high school reunion

Gossip Girl EP Joshua Safran says Nate was originally supposed to be Gossip Girl

Safran told The Daily Beast that Nate almost was GG:

"It was Nate. It was Nate until the day I left [he left before the finale season to showrun Smash]. I think we all came to the conclusion that it might be Nate by the end of Season 4, and then we spent Season 5 teeing it up. If you watch it, there are many clues to it being Nate. But I also think weirdly, in noir fashion, it’s great that we dropped a red herring. But it wasn’t as organic as Dan. With Dan, it makes sense because he wanted to find a way in; but with Nate, it was because he’d never sent anything in to Gossip Girl, and if it had been Nate, it was based on this idea that he’d felt so guilty for sleeping with Serena that he had to create an alter ego to bring us all to it."

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Shannon Lee: I’m really fucking tired of white men in Hollywood trying to tell me who Bruce Lee was.

Shannon Lee, the daughter of Bruce Lee is tired of Quentin Tarantino. She wrote a column for THR about Tarantino's comments about Bruce Lee.

I’m tired of hearing from white men in Hollywood that he was arrogant and an asshole when they have no idea and cannot fathom what it might have taken to get work in 1960s and ’70s Hollywood as a Chinese man with (God forbid) an accent, or to try to express an opinion on a set as a perceived foreigner and person of color. I’m tired of white men in Hollywood mistaking his confidence, passion and skill for hubris and therefore finding it necessary to marginalize him and his contributions. I’m tired of white men in Hollywood finding it too challenging to believe that Bruce Lee might have really been good at what he did and maybe even knew how to do it better than them.

Read the whole column at the source