June 17th, 2021


16 K-Dramas That Are Absolute Perfection To Add To Your Watch List ASAP

~ Hey Ghost, Let's Fight (also known as Bring it on Ghost!) (2016) ~

Genre: Supernatural mystery, romantic comedy

Episodes: 16

Plot: Hyun-Ji (Kim So-Hyun) studied for most her life before she died at the age of 19. She is now a ghost and has wandered around the world for several years. Hyun-Ji then meets exorcist Park Bong-Pal (TaecYeon). Hyun-Ji and Bong-Pal listens to various stories from ghosts and sends them to the otherworld.

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Do you watch K-dramas??

UEFA Euro 2020 Day 7: Can This and Will This Be the End of Own Goals? (Live Viewing Post)

UEFA Euro 2020.jpeg

We're back fo mo foooooooooooooooooooooooootball.

Yesterday's Results:
Finland - Russia, 0 - 1
Turkey - Wales, 0 - 2
Italy - Switzerland, 3 - 0 (keeping it neutral, so on brand)

All of Group A has played at least two matches so here are their standings so far:

Today's Matches:
Group C: Ukraine 🇺🇦 vs. North Macedonia 🇲🇰(Bucharest; 9 a.m. ET, 3 p.m. CET)
Group B: Denmark 🇩🇰 vs. Belgium 🇧🇪 (Copenhagen; noon ET, 6 p.m. CET)
Group C: Netherlands 🇳🇱 vs. Austria 🇦🇹 (Amsterdam; 3 p.m. ET, 9 p.m. CET)

During the Denmark-Belgium match, there will be a tribute at the 10th minute for Danish midfielder Christian Eriksen who suffered cardiac arrest during the Denmark - Finland Match on Day 2. Eriksen is still recovering in a local hospital.


The One where James Corden almost kills the cast of Friends + Friends Carpool Karaoke!

- IRL Rachel Barry aka James Corden almost kills the cast of Friends while doing some promo for the special. He was driving them and 'accidentally' didn't stop and the car started to move while the cast was coming out of the car (lbr, he did it on purpose cause he can't stand not being the centre of attention.)
- The cast also Carpool Karaoke'd to "I'll Be There For You" and drank some coffee on Central Perk.


Ugh. He is the worst.

Gam Gam Goes Flip Flopping: Rita Moreno Apologizes for Dismissing In The Heights Casting Criticism

- A follow up to this post
- After her statements defending Cringe Extraordinare Lin-Manuel Miranda and the obvious lack of Afro-Latino actors in the recently released film, In The Heights, the actress responded to the backlash of her comments, tweeting "I'm incredibly disappointed with myself. While making a statement in defense of Lin-Manuel Miranda on the Colbert Show last night, I was clearly dismissive of Black lives that matter in our Latin community...It is so easy to forget how celebration for some is lament for others." She followed it up with praising Miranda for his promise to be more inclusive to his casting in future projects.

- And if you need a reminder about Afro-Latino entertainers (actors and sangers), refer to this post

She Said What She Said let's be real
A Not at all Comprehensive Guide to talented Afro-Latino actors

iCarly is Back and the Fans are LOVING it!

Paramount+ released the first 3 episodes and a reunion special of the revival of iCarly, a beloved Nickelodeon series that would potentially become the precursor to influencer culture.

The revival introduces new cast members Laci Mosley and Jaidyn Triplett to the cast. The first three episodes has guest stars such as Josie Totah, Mary Scheer (Freddie's mom), and Danielle Morrow (Nora Dirschlitt).

Original fans of the series are praising new addition Laci Mosley as Carly's roommate/best friend Harper, the consistency between the tone of the original and revival, and the show seamlessly transitioning to an older audience.

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ONTD, are you enjoying the iCarly revival?
Tim & Saoirse

Indie Film Release Guide: June 18th [An ONTD Original]

ONTD Indie Release Guide Graphic.png

This weekend represents a lull for major studio releases, with Disney+ releasing Luca direct to streaming, and every other major studio taking a week off. But Lionsgate is sending The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard to wide release, and Sony Pictures Classics is releasing 12 Mighty Orphans fairly wide, too, so there will be some fresh blood at theaters nationwide. The rest of this week’s releases are more limited, and you can check them out below.

The films listed are from studios other than the “Big Six” - Paramount, Warner Brothers, 20th Century, Universal, Columbia/Sony and Disney. Note that some of the movies listed are in their first week or two of limited release in the USA, so it may take them a few more weeks (or months) to show up in your local arthouse theater or on VOD. Check out the posts from the past few weeks for more movies that may have just opened near you: June 11th, June 4th, and May 28th.

The Sparks Brothers

Director: Edgar Wright
Genre: Documentary, Music
Storyline: Growing up in the '60s, Los Angeles brothers Ron and Russell got by on a heavy diet of popcorn matinees and pop music until the spotlight of school talent shows illuminated their way on a musical journey as the Sparks and spawned 25 studio albums. Edgar Wright's vision brings five decades of invention to life through animations and interviews, digging deeply into the band's rich, career-spanning archival.
What you should know: Though Edgar Wright has directed several feature films, including Scott Pilgrim vs The World and the upcoming Last Night in Soho, this is his first documentary.
Where to watch: In select theaters

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What have you been watching lately, ONTD? What are you watching this weekend?

First Look at Modern Love S2

• Season 2 premieres Aug. 13 on Amazon Prime
• Zoë Chao & Gbenga Akinnagbe: A woman with delayed sleep phase syndrome meets the love of her life. The catch is: He's awake while the sun is shining and she is not.
• Marquis Rodriguez & Zane Pais: For two young men, running into each other reminds them of their first and only date together. But do they remember that night the same way?
• Grace Edwards & Lulu Wilson: A middle school girl questions her sexuality when she finds herself having feelings for another girl. She turns to social media quizzes for answers.
• Dominique Fishback & Isaac Powell: The new girl in school falls in love with her best friend and is convinced that they're meant for each other… even though she can't seem to ever get out of the "friend zone."
• Anna Paquin & Garrett Hedlund: After a chance meeting in a therapist's office, a former marine and a housewife develop an unlikely connection when they discover their respective spouses are having an affair with each other.
• Lucy Boynton & Kit Harington: Two strangers meet on a train from Galway to Dublin in March 2020 and decide to go old-school: no numbers exchanged, only a promise that they will meet up on the train two weeks later. And then a worldwide pandemic shuts down all of Ireland.

taemin: advice

Billie Eilish Covers Rolling Stone Magazine

Billie Eilish is Rolling Stone's July/August cover star, and chats with the magazine about privacy, her recent image overhaul, and her upcoming sophomore album Happier Than Ever, due out July 30th.

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Victoria's Secret Permanently Gets Rid Of Its Angels

queen Doutzen Kroes

Victoria's Secret is a dying brand that has received criticism from promoting unhealthy standards for women, excluding transgender models, casting mostly light-skinned women, and totally ignoring the plus-sized population. Today, the brand announced a pivot to "The Collective," which eliminates its roster of "Angels."

The new collective includes women such as Megan Rapinoe, Priyanka Chopra, and transgender advocate Valentina Sampaio.

Sales of VS have plummeted due in large part to body-positive brands like Aerie. With this change, the company hopes to empower women sell more panties.

Do u shop at Victoria's Secret?


Will u shop there now that they made this change?


What panties are u wearing, ONTD? Or are you wearing *Ned Flanders voice* nothing at all?

l: deja vu
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Ariana Grande joins long list of celebrities oversaturating the beauty industry

According to beauty news instagram TrendMood, the newly married Ariana Grande has filed a trademark for a line of makeup, skin, and hair products.

The name is allegedly going to be titled after her single "God is a Woman" from her album Sweetner

Will you be taking beauty advice from Ariana Grande ONTD?

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Hi Sisters! Tati Westbrook Returns To YouTube With “A Year Later...” Video

Vitamin Queen & Beauty Guru Tati Westbrook broke her silence and finally returned to YouTube after nearly 1 year.

Westbrook says after uploading her “Breaking My Silence” video in 2020 (where she exposed Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson) she began receiving intense hate messages and death threats.

She said she made the decision to take a break so she “could regroup and stand strong and come back” and has been silent since.

Tati says she does not speak to anyone in the beauty community anymore.

During her break from YouTube, Westbrook and her husband (James) were sued by their business partner, Clark Swanson, who accused the couple of fraud and negligence for how they handled their joint company Halo Beauty.

According to the suit, Swanson claimed Westbrook and her husband, James, breached agreements they settled on that left Swanson out of their deal.

In her video, Westbrook addressed the legal matter: “I never left Halo. I always stayed active as the CEO. I am still currently, actively today going through litigation — it is overwhelming, but I’m going to keep fighting the good fight for truth and for justice.”

Tati revealed due to her ongoing lawsuit, she has been forced to downsize her homes and lifestyle and that she and her husband James “almost got divorced.”

Accused Clark Swanson of feeding drama channels information. [Full Quote]“I was recently informed that Clark Swanson had been feeding information, disparaging information, to drama channels about myself, about my husband, my family, info about Halo Beauty, financials, pipeline of product launches, the kind of stuff that should never be shared under any circumstances,” Westbrook says. “Finding this out really signaled to me that this, in my opinion, feels like sabotage and has made me want to go the distance and not stop the fight for justice in this particular situation.”

Stopped wearing her wedding ring during their marital problems and lost it after accidentally donating it with other items.

Moved from Los Angeles to Seattle.

Compared her life to a Lifetime movie and hopes to get her Hallmark ending. “A happily ever after.”

Asked psychics, mediums, and tarot readers to stop predicting her life. “I have closed that door in the spiritual realm, and I am asking to not be used in any way, shape, or form in videos involving divination.”


Chris Lowell joins How I Met Your Father (HIMYM Spin-off)

I’m not a fan of multi-cam comedies and I was bored with HIMYM, but I might check this one out because he’s great with comedy.

If you don’t recognize his name or haven’t seen him in any film and tv series, check out Enlisted and GLOW to start. He was also in Veronica Mars, Private Practice, Life As We Know It, The Help, and Promising Young Woman. His next role is in Netflix’s upcoming miniseries Inventing Anna.

He’s currently chronicling his cross country trip (last year) from L.A. to New York via his Instagram. You can also check out his other photography on his IG too.

Fun Fact: He auditioned for the role of Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy. Think they cast the wrong “Chris”?

He doesn’t have a tag, so I did my best, and I hope the IG embed code worked because I’ve never done that before.☺️


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Biden signs Juneteenth Into a Federal Holiday

The holiday commemorates African Americans’ freedom from slavery (More speficially, when the slaves of Galveston, TX learned that slavery was illegal), and has long been observed in local and state celebrations.

Hollywood’s major talent agencies, including CAA, ICM Partners, UTA and WME Entertainment all will be closed. Some banks will close early, and NASDAQ will make the decision to be closed or grease the wheels of capitalism with blood.

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NegrONTD, does this put reparations in your pocket?

seb 1

Harry Styles wraps filming for "My Policeman" in Venice, Italy


Harry Styles's LGBT-themed movie "My Policeman" has finished filming, with the final scenes being filmed in the canals of Venice, Italy.

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amy veep

Chrissy Teigen ‘wants an interview with Oprah Winfrey to save her reputation’


allegedly Chrissy is angling for an Oprah interview

unnamed source: ‘Chrissy is in talks with Oprah to do a Meghan Markle sit-down type interview and tell her truth. Chrissy is a fighter and believes that she is such an excellent communicator that there isn’t a mess she can’t talk her way out of!’

‘Every news outlet in the world has contacted Chrissy about getting her first on-camera interview, but Oprah is her first choice. If Oprah can forgive Chrissy, then so can the nation.’

Streaming Outdraws Broadcast Television, Nielsen Figures Say

A new monthly Nielsen measurement called “The Gauge,” shows that 26% of viewers streamed content VS 25% watching broadcast television. Cable however still leads with 39%.

“The past year has categorically shifted the television viewing landscape. Even as people begin to dive back into their pre-pandemic activities, based on the changes many made to enable streaming coupled with the variety of newly introduced services, we expect people to keep sampling and exploring their options. Maybe just as importantly, as production ramps back up, new content will enter the space, driving additional traction,” says Brian Fuhrer, SVP, Product Strategy at Nielsen.

[Methodology]The Gauge is a monthly interval showing the Total Usage of Television (TUT) for Broadcast, Streaming, Cable and Other with a Streaming channel drill down.

All other TV includes: The primary components of this are AOT (ALL Other Tuning), VOD, Streaming through a cable set top box, Gaming, and other device (DVD Playback) use.
Other streaming is any high bandwidth (video) streaming to the television not listed.

Statistics: Share by category, Share of TUT broken out for Streaming Distributors

Streaming via Cable Set Top Boxes does not credit to the respective streaming distributors, but instead is included in the “All Other” group.

Read more of their methodology at the source.

ONTD, do you watch broadcast TV?
Or are you strictly streaming? Or both?


'GLOW' Star Betty Gilpin Got Jumped in NYC

GLOW star Betty Gilpin stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live this week to promote her new movie The Tomorrow War, in which she plays a soldier who travels through time to fight an alien invasion (just kidding, that's Chris Pratt's character...she plays his wife). In the interview, Gilpin talks about how she feels to have her first leading movie being pulled from theatres due to the pandemic, shows off her Ann Coulter impression, and shares a story about being jumped by a group of teenage girls while living in New York City. Check out the interview below. (If you're only interested in the "getting jumped" story, it starts at 2:40.)


She's hilarious. If you have a chance, check out her other interviews with Jimmy Kimmel, which are just as great.

Billie Eilish's boyfriend Matthew Tyler Vorce apologizes after racist and homophobic posts resurface

Matthew Tyler Voice, 29-year-old, apologies via Instagram for his racist and homophonic tweets.

"I want to apologize for the things that I wrote on social media in the past. The language I used was hurtful and irresponsible and I understand how offensive those words are,"

"Whether it was a lyric, a quote o just me being dumb, it does not matter."

"I am ashamed and deeply sorry that I used them in any context. It is not how I was raised and it is not what I stand for,"

"I shouldn't have used this language in the first place and I won't use it again. I am so sorry for the hurt I have caused."

"I take full responsibility and continue to hold myself accountable for my actions."



Tara Slone of Canadian band Joydrop celebrates 20-year anniversary of 'Sometimes Wanna Die'

ONTD CanCon stans, assemble!

Tara Slone, the lead singer of late 90s/early 2000s band Joydrop, celebrated the 20-year anniversary of 'Sometimes Wanna Die.'

The song was making it's rounds on radio stations, but after 9/11, was cut from the airwaves due to the mention of death.

No word on the Tommy Lee ~hunk~ from the video. Maybe Sebastian Stan could have taken some pointers for that Amazon series. Important update: It was Tommy Lee himself! Well then.

Tara Slone went on to compete in Rock Star INXS and currently works for Hockey Night in Canada.

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The Hills pregnancy roundup: Kaitlynn Carter is pregnant, Ashley Wahler has a baby boy

Brody Jenner's "ex wife" (even though they never had a real wedding) and Miley's summertime fling Kaitlynn Carter is pregnant. Apparently she's been dating someone since last May. So much for the "Caroline D'Amore has feelings for Kaitlynn plot" The Hills was promoting for this week. OP has not yet seen the episode, sorry.


Ashley and Jason Wahler have welcomed a baby boy named Wyatt Ragle Wahler. He joins 3-year-old sister Delilah. Wyatt is their "miracle baby" after Ashley had a miscarriage in July 2020.

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Nick Cannon and Abby De La Rosa Welcome Twin Boys, Zion and Zillion

Nick Cannon and Abby De La Rosa have welcomed twin boys on June 14.
De La Rosa posted the happy news to IG "Welcome to the world Zion Mixolydian Cannon & ZIllion Heir Cannon."

Cannon shares 9-year-old twins Moroccan and Monroe with ex-wife Mariah Carey.
He is also dad to 3-year-old son Golden and daughter Powerful Queen, born in December 2020. He shares both with Brittany Bell.
He is reportedly expecting another baby with model Alyssa Scott. 


Scarlett Johansson speaks out over ‘sexualised’ Black Widow

She is happy that the character has undergone a transformation from its early days of "hyper-sexualization".
Johansson, 35, made her debut as Black Widow in Iron Man 2, in 2010.
11 years later the superhero is getting a solo outing in July this year.

"It definitely has changed and I think part of that change has probably — it’s hard because I’m inside it, but probably a lot of that is actually from me too. I’ll be 35 years old and I’m a mom and my life is different. Obviously, 10 years have passed and things have happened and I have a much different, more evolved understanding of myself. As a woman, I’m in a different place in my life, you know? And I felt more forgiving of myself, as a woman, and not — sometimes probably not enough. I’m more accepting of myself, I think. All of that is related to that move away from the kind of hyper-sexualization of this character and, I mean, you look back at Iron Man 2 and while it was really fun and had a lot of great moments in it, the character is so sexualized, you know?"

Her character is talked about in Iron Man 2 like "she's a piece of something, like a possession or a thing or whatever — like a piece of ass, really."

"Yeah and at one point calls her a piece of meat and maybe at that time that actually felt like a compliment. You know what I mean? Because my thinking was different. Maybe I even would have, you know, my own self-worth was probably measured against that type of comment or, like a lot of young women, you come into your own and you understand your own self-worth. It’s changing now. Now people, young girls, are getting a much more positive message, but it’s been incredible to be a part of that shift and be able to come out the other side and be a part of that old story, but also progress. Evolve. I think it’s pretty cool,"


Where Are All The College-Set TV Series?

College narratives are a rare find. Oftentimes, they are simply nonexistent.
“A Different World,” “Felicity”, “Community”, “Grown-ish,” “Dear White People”, “The Goldbergs” (through only a few of its core characters), “Deaf U”.
Networks and streaming have yet to fully explore the totality of diverse experiences that take place in college.

College campuses may not be as appealing or intimate, especially for those who haven’t attended university. College-age adults often experience internal conflict, based on ideological growth and existential reckoning, which can be difficult to portray on screen in an accurate and compelling manner.

University-centered life is not limiting, though, and instead college represents an insulated environment that replicates the same hierarchies and institutions that exist in society.

The concerns about the continuity of friend groups and romantic relationships, along with the day-to-day routine of classes and work, abound in such settings, as well.

The structure of college allows for natural character development, as well as a simple, palatable format: Each season can correspond with a year at college, with the following season premiere being viewed as a fresh start for the show and ensemble.


Henry 'Social Enlightenment' Cavill's Girlfriend Did Blackface

- The picture seems to have been circulating for a few days now with the general understanding it was from a followup to 'My Sweet Sixteen' or a similiar type show that never aired

- From information found lurking on some fan forums, the picture was reposted on Facebook in 2013 and allegedly was on her instagram up until she started dating Cavill

- There's a petition now circulating to replace Cavill with Larry David in The Witcher

- No word from Cavill or his girlfriend on their current status of social enlightenment

UPDATE: A non-apology has been issued via the DailyFail - the title of the article stating she has been 'forced' to apologise. Link in comments.

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The View: Martin Sheen, Ziwe, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, Sara, and Meghan

Well, then good, Meghan, then you can be how you always are -Whoopi

WHY HAVE THEY NOT FIRED HER YET. No one should be on the receiving end of Meghan’s consistently toxic behavior.


Me-again fight

More behind the cut

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Ontd do you have a toxic colleague

Yes /discuss
Not anymore /discuss
I'm a stay at home non worker and I love myself as my only colleague
Chocolate frosted poptarts

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Anthony Mackie addresses the Sam/Bucky romance rumors

“So many things are twisted and convoluted. There’s so many things that people latch on to with their own devices to make themselves relevant and rational. The idea of two guys being friends and loving each other in 2021 is a problem because of the exploitation of homosexuality. It used to be guys can be friends, we can hang out, and it was cool. You would always meet your friends at the bar, you know. You can’t do that anymore, because something as pure and beautiful as homosexuality has been exploited by people who are trying to rationalize themselves. So something that’s always been very important to me is showing a sensitive masculine figure. There’s nothing more masculine than being a superhero and flying around and beating people up. But there’s nothing more sensitive than having emotional conversations and a kindred spirit friendship with someone that you care about and love. Sam and Steve had a relationship where they admired, appreciated and loved each other. Bucky and Sam have a relationship where they learn how to accept, appreciate and love each other. You’d call it a bromance, but it’s literally just two guys who have each other’s backs."

[tv] richie gecko

Zack Snyder has something to say about the Batman discourse

As a refresher, DC Comics went full Ben Shapiro when the team behind the Harley Quinn animated series wanted to show Batman going down on Catwoman. "Heroes don't do that."

[So what does Zack Snyder think?]

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