June 8th, 2021

Khloé Kardashian slams critic who calls her an ‘alien’ due to new look

A Twitter troll accused Khloe of getting plastic surgery and called her an "alien"

Khloe responded:

“You have every right to block/mute me. “I am trying to help many out there who suffer in silence. I R [sic] completely entitled to your opinions. Just as I am mine.”

Khloe debuted her new look in a in a recent commercial for Nurtec, a prescription medicine used to treat migraines.

Olivia Rodrigo Goes Quite on Social Media After Being Body Shamed

Olivia Rodrigo has been noticeably quite on social media after sharing a set of photos which received a huge of amount of hate comments critiquing her body.

Olivia also started trending on Twitter when her fans rallied together to defend the singer.

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SOURce + 1 + 2 + 3
from taylor stans to bts stans and now this? this poor girl can't even celebrate the success of her new album without receiving unnecessary hate.

RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 6 Official Trailer

Brand Ru Game. Brand Ru Day. Brand Ru Home.

Mama Ru is the mother of all twists and describes the latest season of all stars as a game within a game.

A few of the guest judges spotted in the trailer include Charli XCX, Emma Roberts, Tia Mowry and Tina Knowles.

RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 6 arrives exclusively on Paramount+ with a two-episode premiere on Thursday, June 24.

shoshana inglorious basterds

Richard Robinson of Scholastic Books Dies at 84

Richard Robinson, head of Scholastic Books, has died at age 84. Robinson notably reshaped his father's publishing company by expanding and becoming a titan of children's books though print and digital materials, textbooks, education, software, periodicals and more. Notable titles under his stewardship include the The Magic School Bus, Harry Potter and Babysitters Club series. Robinson's approach to publishing included getting children interested in narrative storytelling, making education fun and accessible, and exposing children to issues ranging from global warming to racial inequality.

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TOMORROW X TOGETHER win "THE SHOW CHOICE" award + performances & chart success

TXT (Soobin, Yeonjun, Beomgyu, Taehyun and HueningKai) won "The Show Choice" award with 8,320 points for their new single 0x1=Lovesong (I Know I Love You) feat. Seori. They now tie in "The Show Choice" wins with acts such as BTS, NCT Dream, and (G)I-dle. 90% of the award points are broken down by 40% digital sales, 20% music video views, 15% broadcast points, 10% physical sales, and 5% pre-voting using the Starpass app, while the other 10% counts towards live text voting. Check out some of their recent performances below!

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We did it MOA's!! Let's look forward to more award wins and Billboard chart success in the weeks to come! Are you ready for the all new MAGIC music video this week?? What are some of your favorite FREEZE tracks?

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Wanda 80s

New Books Hitting Shelves This Week

The Wolf and the Woodsman

In her forest-veiled pagan village, Évike is the only woman without power, making her an outcast clearly abandoned by the gods. The villagers blame her corrupted bloodline—her father was a Yehuli man, one of the much-loathed servants of the fanatical king. When soldiers arrive from the Holy Order of Woodsmen to claim a pagan girl for the king’s blood sacrifice, Évike is betrayed by her fellow villagers and surrendered.

But when monsters attack the Woodsmen and their captive en route, slaughtering everyone but Évike and the cold, one-eyed captain, they have no choice but to rely on each other. Except he’s no ordinary Woodsman—he’s the disgraced prince, Gáspár Bárány, whose father needs pagan magic to consolidate his power. Gáspár fears that his cruelly zealous brother plans to seize the throne and instigate a violent reign that would damn the pagans and the Yehuli alike. As the son of a reviled foreign queen, Gáspár understands what it’s like to be an outcast, and he and Évike make a tenuous pact to stop his brother.

As their mission takes them from the bitter northern tundra to the smog-choked capital, their mutual loathing slowly turns to affection, bound by a shared history of alienation and oppression. However, trust can easily turn to betrayal, and as Évike reconnects with her estranged father and discovers her own hidden magic, she and Gáspár need to decide whose side they’re on, and what they’re willing to give up for a nation that never cared for them at all.

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Ron's Gone Wrong | Trailer

From 20th Century Studios (So, technically this *is* a Disney movie, just not made by WDAS)

Barney, a socially awkward middle-schooler and Ron, his new walking, talking, digitally-connected device, which is supposed to be his “Best Friend out of the Box.” Ron’s hilarious malfunctions, set against the backdrop of the social media age, launch them into an action-packed journey in which boy and robot come to terms with the wonderful messiness of true friendship.

Ok well.

Anyway, it stars Zach Galifianakis (“A Wrinkle in Time”), Jack Dylan Grazer (“Shazam!”), Olivia Colman (“The Mitchells vs The Machines”, which this sounds oddly similar to), Ed Helms (“Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie”), Justice Smith (“Detective Pikachu”), Rob Delaney (“Deadpool 2“), Kylie Cantrall (“Gabby Duran and the Unsittables”), Ricardo Hurtado (“The Goldbergs”), Marcus Scribner (“She-Ra"), Thomas Barbusca (“Chad”).

Kelly LeBrock

Lucky Charms introduces limited edition "Loki Charms" cereal

-Disney and General Mills teamed up to create a “Loki Charms” cereal.
-They’re not being sold in stores.
-They cost $8 (shipping included), and will go on sale tomorrow (June 9) at 11 am ET.
-The cereal itself is the same. The box is just different.

Martin Freeman calls Method Acting "F*cking B*llocks"

  • In a recent appearance on the Off Menu podcast (via The Telegraph), Martin Freeman criticized the practice of method acting in general, citing Jim Carrey's behavior working on 'Man on the Moon' as a particularly noteworthy culprit.

  • "[It's] the most self-aggrandizing, selfish, narcissistic f—ing bollocks I have ever seen," Freeman said. "When younger, I think it’s quite common to think that completely losing yourself is the goal [of acting] because it feels grown-up and it feels proper. But the older I’ve got, the more I don’t really look to that. To be honest, it’s quite a pain in the arse when someone ‘loses themselves.’ It is a massive pain in the arse because it’s no longer a craft and a job.”

  • Carrey's method approach was explored in a 2017 Netflix documentary 'Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond'. The film delves into how The intense approach affected both the crew's productivity as well as Carrey's sense of self.

  • “For me, and I’m genuinely sure Jim Carrey is a lovely and smart person, but it was the most self-aggrandizing, selfish, narcissistic fucking bollocks I have ever seen,” Freeman said. “The idea that anything in our culture would celebrate or support it is deranged, literally deranged.”

  • Robert Pattinson also shared similar opinions of the method acting approach in 2019 with Jennifer Lopez during an interview for Variety’s Actors on Actors series.

  • “I always say about people who do method acting, you only ever see people do the method when they’re playing an a–holes,” Pattinson admitted. “You never see someone being lovely to everyone while they’re really deep in character.”

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(star wars) ahsoka

ONTD Original: Vinyl 101

So you've been seeing your fave artists release songs on vinyl, albums on vinyl, there's vinyl when you shop at Target, it's everywhere. In fact, according to the RIAA, 2020 was the first year since 1986 that vinyl sales surpassed CD sales. Vinyl sales grew 28.7% in 2020, which means if you haven't bought any vinyl, you've probably thought about it.

In 2021 alone, Taylor Swift has broken sales records for vinyl records sold in one week, Billie Eilish has announced no fewer than 7 colored variants of her upcoming album, and there are at least 5 color variants of Olivia Rodrigo's generation-defying Sour. For everyone hopping onto the turntable of physical media with the pop princesses, and for everyone who bought a copy of something years ago but has never listened to it, I am here to hold your hand and guide you through the process. Let's get you up to speed!

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The first drop of Record Store Day 2021 is this Saturday. Now you're ready!

Record and turntable diagrams by me (my photos)
Stock photos from Pexels
Record Size Photo
Turntable Retailers: Audio Technica / Fluance / U-Turn / Pro-Ject

How's your vinyl game, ONTD? Drop your discogs below!
Kelly LeBrock

Teyana Taylor is the first Black woman to be named Maxim's "Sexiest Woman Alive"

-Teyana Taylor has become the first black woman to ever be named Maxim’s sexiest woman alive.
-The photo shoot was shot by Gilles Bensimon.
-Past winners of the title include Olivia Culpo, Kate Upton, Hailey Bieber, and Taylor Swift.

source source
No-Face tea
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‘BuzzFeed Unsolved’ Final Two Seasons Set to Premiere This Year

In sad news, demons will be losing their boy(s) soon as the Buzzfeed Unsolved series is coming to and end this year. The two renaming season of each show will be the last. Unsolved: True Crime will premiere on Friday, June 18, followed by Unsolved: Supernatural in the fall.

Fear not though ghouls and gals, Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej are already providing quality spooky (and non-spooky) content on their channel/company Watcher, which they co-founded together with Steven Lim in 2019.

Favorite Buzzfeed Unsolved moment?

1, 2
Tim & Saoirse

Bryan Fuller to Direct 'Christine' Adaptation for Sony & Blumhouse

Stephen King's Christine got its first film adaptation from John Carpenter in 1983, the same year of the book's publication, and now Bryan Fuller is set to write and direct a new take on the tale for Blumhouse and Sony.

The book is about a shy teen who buys a '58 Plymouth Fury to fix up, but soon discovers that the murderous car has a mind of its own. The film will be set in the 1980's, and will be produced by Jason Blum, Vincenzo Natali and Steven Hoban.

Brigitte Lin hmmm

Cowboy Bebop sneak peek

Netflix released a small teaser for Cowboy Bebop featuring John Cho and the actors playing Faye and Jet.
It officially confirmed that Yoko Kanno is returning to score the music for the series.


so many things look promising but I'm overly cautious

Dolby Atmos and lossless audio is now on Apple Music

Apple Music got a big bump over Spotify today by dropping lossless and Dolby Atmos streaming.

If you have the lastest Apple software updates, both options will be available, though you will have to switch out AAC streaming to lossless in settings to get that audio option. You will also need to turn Atmos "always on" so your non-Airpods/Beats can use it.

Apple says its entire catalog will be lossless by the end of the year. Less Atmos tracks will be available but more are coming.


Grace Gummer and Mark Ronson are engaged


Grace Gummer (35) is engaged to Mark Ronson (45). Rumours have been circulating since May but not confirmed until now.


ONTD: is love dad?

Chris Harrison is out of The Bachelor franchise- Permanently

After "temporarily stepping aside" from the franchise due to his racism earlier this year, it's been announced that Chris Harrison's leave is now permanent. Good riddance.

But, because everything is awful, Harrison will be receiving an 8-figure parting settlement.

Flower Pic

ONTD Original: 5 underrated versatile actors

Now, before i show you the 5 actors i would like to say first that the likes of Anne Hathaway, Hugh Jackman and Amy Adams are not added in this post mostly because i think we can all agree they are versatile and they have also recieved recognition from the academy. So, with that being said, i leave you with 5 actors i consider to be underrated in terms of how good they can pull off action, drama and comedy or action, drama and musical just like that.
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ONTD, which actor do you think is underrated?
Dirk Brûleé
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Keira Knightley: I Don’t Know Any Woman Who Hasn’t Been Harassed, Groped, Flashed, or More

In a new profile for Harper's Bazaar, Keira Knightley discussed misogyny and harassment in Hollywood and in general. During the interview a strange man approached Knightley, shouting at her and asking if she went to a nearby school. The actress and interviewer quickly left but the man followed.

“I think it’s quite interesting talking about this while being chased around,” Knightley said. “I love that politician who said there ought to be a curfew for men and men were outraged, and you think — but there’s a curfew for women and there always has been.”
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The New Yorker pickets Anna Wintour's home

The New Yorker Union announced yesterday that it was ready to strike, with its main demands including fair pay, reasonable health-care costs and job security.

Right now, protesters from the NewsGuild and New Yorker Union are picketing Anna Wintour's home.

Wintour's neighbor is also handing out drinks to the workers, lmao:

Source 1, 2, and 3

ONTD, have you ever helped out your arch nemesis' arch nemesis?

Queen Guinevere in Green 2 [Halloween]

Marina previews music video for new song!




Compared to what she's been putting for this era, I like that it sounds like a return to form. Already loving the visuals too!

Lily James and Sebastian Stan “Recreate” Pamela and Tommy’s Wedding Scene on Set

Lily James and Sebastian Stan were photographed recreating the “shocking moment” when Pamela Anderson married Tommy Lee after having only known each other for 96 hours.

The actors were seen filming outside a church in Los Angeles over the weekend for their highly anticipated Hulu TV miniseries “Pam & Tommy.”

It should be noted that in real life the former celebrity couple got married on a beach in Cancun, Mexico, in front of 8 guests. But who needs accuracy?

[One more]

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Celebrate Manchester music, Factory Records at the 'Use Hearing Protection' museum exhibit

-Celebrate Factory Records' formative years and see artefacts from Joy Division, New Order, and more
-Create your own tracks with a synthesizer and mixing desk
-Takes place from June 19-January 3

ONTDers of Manchester, if you go, please make an Original with your findings!


But actually, ONTD, wear earplugs when you go to a concert!
fuck you very much zooey

Kim Kardashian Filing Restraining Order After Obsessed Fans Sends Diamond Ring, Plan B Pills

"Kim has heavy security details surrounding her home, and the package was intercepted by her team. Unfortunately, the person has been continuously harassing her online too. According to one report, the man has posted a self-made marriage certificate and another item which read "Queen Kimberly" is "sitting up in thy big castle alone waiting for her Knight in Shining Armor."

She is planning on filing a restraing order against said person.

Brigitte Lin hmmm

Actors on Actors trailer

2021 television Actors on Actors is here!

The interviews include:

Kaley Cuoco and Elizabeth Olsen
Ewan 🤮 McGregor and Pedro Pascal
Nicole Kidman and Chris Rock
Jean Smart and Bowen Yang
Josh O'Connor and Anya Taylor-Joy
Uzo Aduba and Billy Porter
Emma Corrin and Rege Jean Page
Gillian Anderson and a Scientologist


Armie Hammer Has Checked Into a Treatment Program

According to Vanity Fair, Armie Hammer has checked into the rehab program for drug, alcohol, and sex issues, according to three sources.

He has the support of his ex-wife ( who are now getting divorced ) and his family.

Another source says Hammer had been bothered by the fact that he could not visit his children unsupervised following a complicated scandal and series of allegations but says he is committed to getting healthier and take control of his life.


Dirk Brûleé
  • celja

Emilia Clarke’s Debut Comic Book Follows a Single Mom Whose Secret Weapon Is Her Period

Emilia Clarke is branching out. The Game of Thrones actress has co-written a new comic book with Marguerite Bennett, featuring illustrations by Leila Leiz.

Called “M.O.M.: Mother of Madness”, the comic follows single mom Maya, who discovers she has superpowers that manifest from her menstrual cycle.

“She’s a single mum that’s got to get shit done. This was born from the idea that single mothers are superheroes. You need superhuman strength to do that. When you get into your 30s and your friends start having kids, you’re like, ‘Oh my god. I was not aware of what it took. Holy shit,'” Clarke said.

“The bloating, the hair growth, the mood swings, the [acne], all of it. We hate that when it happens, speaking for myself and everyone I’ve ever met who has had a period. What if we turned that around and made the period something that we can feel as this unique, crazy, superhuman thing that happens in our body? When Maya is scared, she goes invisible, when she’s angry, she has superhuman strength. She can swing like Spider-Man from her armpit hair,” Clarke continued.

As for what inspired her to write a comic book, Clarke cites the Me Too movement and realizing how male-dominated the business is despite having many female readers:

“In doing my research, I found that 16% of comic book creators are female, according to a 2019 study, and only 30% of comic book characters are women. On the other hand, roughly half of comic book buyers are female. Something did not sit right with me in that exchange, and all these signs were telling me to go make my own."

Besides portraying a single mom as strong rather than the often sad, struggling woman, Clarke and her all-female creative team hopes to normalize periods with their comic.

“She’s so ashamed of her powers at the start. It’s mental. Even today, if your tampon falls out of your bag, it’s embarrassing. Why?”

“M.O.M.: Mother of Madness” will publish in July from Image Comics.


Jill Duggar gave 3-year old breast milk to son and dog

Jill had a bottle of her old breast milk on the freezer and she decided to share on Instagram that she shared the substance to her son and her pet dog. She said it didn't look or smell bad when thawed out, letting the kid try it. As expected, he didn't like it after trying a couple sips.

She also posted a pic of her dog lapping up her breast milk. Defending herself after some mean comments on the dietary choices to her son and pet. "Also, before any of you jump on me for feeding it to the dog, she's fine. She's totally fine, I wouldn't have given it to her if i thought it would make her sick. So just chill mkay?!✌🏻"

How would you have drank 3-year old rancid breast milk with, ONTD?

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‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Director Wishes He Made South Asian Roles ‘More Human’

Jon M. Chu regrets casting South Asian characters in his film “Crazy Rich Asians” in stereotypical roles, wishing he did something extra to make them seem “more human.”

Many of the darker-skinned South Asian characters are seen sparingly and only in parts such as servants or as guards. The film was criticized at the time in that regard, and Chu now addressed that criticism, saying he didn’t want to stray too far from author Kevin Kwan’s source material.

South Asian characters were present at the big wedding scene at the end of the film, Chu didn’t make them visible and included. He hopes to “pay more attention to that stuff” in the future.

“I didn’t understand some of the other contexts to that. So hearing it from people, for me, it was a learning experience. They’re just sort of there. I don’t give them the space to be there.”


😞 Tyler Perry is Bringing Back Madea in a New Movie

After a blissful 3-year retirement of the character, Tyler Perry (“Madea Encourages Two Light Skinned People to Get Together “) is bringing back Madea in a new movie "because we need to laugh" at something other than the cheapness of the wigs on his set.

Thankfully, the movie will be confined to Netflix as an exclusive.


Soccer player Silas Wamangituka has revealed his name and age were changed by a former agent

source 2

Silas Wamangituka is a congolese football/soccer player who plays for Bundesliga club VfB Stuttgart

he now revealed that is actual name is Silas Katompa Mvumpa and that he is one year older than claimed

a former belgian manager changed his name when he was a teen to get him out of an old contract. The same manager also controlled his finances and threatened to revael his secret if Silas would fire him

After growing closer to his team mates and the managers Silas now went public

The VfB Stuttgart is standing behind him and doesn't think that there will be legal consequences for Silas

VfB Stuttgart statement

The View: Neil deGrasse Tyson, Denise Huskins, Aaron Quinn, Giada De Laurentiis, Hot Topics

Panel varies per day Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, Sara, Ana, and Meghan

Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay is guest host Friday


More behind the cut

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Ontd what is your favorite summer fruit

Other (comments)

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17 Fictional Men Who Are Straight Up Garbage Human Beings

This is a buzzfeed list.

5 out of 17.

2. Coach from New Girl.
"I never found him funny at all and thought he was a pointless character addition. The other three guys were much, much better fits for the show! Coach was just so random and didn’t fit in at all. I still can’t stand watching episodes with him."

5. Owen Hunt from Grey's Anatomy.
"He started off hating Cristina for not wanting children and then hated Amelia for the same thing. He even made Teddy feel like shit for doing the same exact things he’s done in the past. He is selfish and never sees his own faults. 'Everyone has to grow but Owen. Everyone should be sorry except Owen."

8. Anthony Bridgerton from Bridgerton.
"First he was like the protective older brother, but it got old really, really fast. He was soooo entitled and treated everyone like dirt...a yucky character."

12. Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl.
"The worst part is how everyone romanticizes him. He tried to sexually assault Jenny in the very first episode. He also traded Blair for a hotel and broke a window trying to punch Blair when she didn’t want to be with him anymore."

17. And finally, Will Schuester from Glee.
"At first I thought he was the cool teacher we all wanted in school, but as the series progressed, I realized he was kind of weird and creepy."


what tv-characters do you hate??