May 29th, 2021

Artist: Joe Roberts

Suppressives on the come up as Danny Masterson gets fried

Scientology's secrets spill into open in Danny Masterson rape case.

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Monsta X "GAMBLER" MV Teaser and "One of a Kind" Concept Photos 1 and 2

Monsta X released the first teaser for the guitar-heavy Gambler MV, the new single from their upcoming mini One of a Kind. This marks the first title track produced by their rapper Joohoney.

The full MV and 'One of a Kind' mini album will be out on June 1st, 6pm KST.

They also released four sets of concept photos leading up to the release, hinting on a heist concept.

Warning: Image heavy.
Will post the 3rd and 4th concept photos with the second MV Teaser out on 30 May.

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Source: 1 / Teaser photos from 2

Which concept photos are your favorite?
Savouring all the Shownu moments we could get before his hiatus tbh


RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under S01E05 Discussion Post

The queens put their marketing hats on, as they are given the challenge to create and market a product, green screen infomercial and all.

"Marketing Hats"

MINI CHALLENGE WINNER: [spoiler]Art Simone
MAXI CHALLENGE WINNER: [spoiler]Elektra Shock
BOTTOM TWO QUEENS: [spoiler]Maxi Shield & Etcetera Etcetera
ELIMINATED QUEEN: [spoiler] Etcetera Etcetera
LIP SYNC SONG: [spoiler]Absolutely Everybody by Vanessa Amorosi

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Well It's Official... Olivia Rodrigo's SOUR to Debut at #1

Olivia Rodrigo has absolutely no reason to be bitter. Her debut album SOUR will debut at #1 on the US albums chart with 287K units.


SOURce + updated SOURce
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The Handmaid's Tale 4x08 "Testimony" Promo

June is ready to tear the Waterfords to shreds in court, the others seem a bit worried though because she seems very consumed by her justified anger. We'll see what's going on with Lydia and Janine.


<*lj-spoiler><*/lj-spoiler> In case you need it, just remove the *.

...I want to have some strong words with the writers responsible for that one scene. So fucking unnecessary.

Makeup artist Lisa Eldridge releases spring/summer collection

This time, she’s releasing 7 Luxuriously Lucent lipstick shades, 10 Gloss Embrace shades, 4 Elevated Glow highlighter shades, and 6 Enlivening blush shades. Yes, the makeup icon is giving us highlighter and blush! If you’ve missed out on the velvet lipsticks or just want to reorder, those are up on her website too. And if the shade you want has sold out: velvets and lip liners will be restocked in September.

In the comments, she also shared that she’s been working on a foundation for years and that it’s almost ready. Plus: the Go Lightly and Rainbow Spill lipsticks will be back sometime in the future.

Pre-orders are live now. All orders placed before June 11th will be shipped on the 14th. Links are in the video description. And for everyone in the EU: no need to worry about Brexit, as she now has a warehouse in the EU to ship EU orders from.


Are you getting anything, ONTD? Feel free to use this as a beauty post as well!

Korean rapper(?) Lil Cherry gets attention on Tiktok for her...rap(?) lyrics

Lil Cherry is going viral(?) on tiktok for her absurd lyrics that are...questionable but yet catchy.

Some lyrics

Fuck wit me when I'm nice, see what you get when I'm untamed
In reality or on tape I'm the same
Cherry got the Midas touch
I keep that range rover for my Mama, roger that, my mama told me
Don't you cry over no spilled milk
Vitamin! Yummy88! China Mac! Kids Meal!
Shoutout to the homies that be keeping it real
Who that look like Dej Loaf? All my friends left me last year
I drove all the way here, we out here for a feast
Put that Midas touch on me, you done eating? I'm tryna feast
Yummy 88, cuisine talk, put that rice where you eat
We wok that wok and talk that talk slick
Make'm say where you get that O??

옹ㅇ옹옹옹 옹 옹
O o O o O o O o
Yall tryna eat, huh
I'm tryna eat up!

Mudda mudda mudda mudda mudda MUKKBANG!
Mudda mudda mudda mudda mudda MUKKBANG!
Mudda mudda mudda mudda mudda MUKKBANG!
Mudda mudda mudda mudda mudda MUKKBANG!

Rubber Duck
Rubadubdub ima dum dum, ay
Rubadubdub ima dum dum, ay
Rubadubdub ima dum dum, ay
Hold up
Rubadubdub ima dum dum, ay
Tag You’re it

Get A Whiff Of This
I pull up to the spot
Get a whiff of dis
Yeah I pull up to your crib
Get a whiff of dis
Yeah I pull up to your car
Get a whiff of dis
Yeah I pull up to your Ma
Look like she liking it

I got the god damn Mukbang verse stuck in my head.
Kelly LeBrock

Alan Cumming spearheads NYC gay bar COVID vaccination policy

-Alan Cumming’s bar, Club Cumming, announced a vaccinated-only policy.
-CDC vaccine cards or the state’s Excelsior Pass are acceptable forms of vaccine proof.
-Many other gay bars are adopting the same policy.

As the de-furred Cruella opens in theaters, Glenn Close iconic take on De Vill turns 25 years old

-Emma Stones version of Cruella de Vil was officially released this week but don't expect to see any smoking or fur.

-25 years ago however...Glenn Close brought put the devil in De Vil where the villain was allowed to truly shine.

-Glenn originally turned down the role of Cruella in 101 Dalmatians live action adaption but costumer Anthony Powell was able to convince her to take on the role.

-The film used 300 real puppies during the films duration due to how quickly they grew.

-They created a 'Dalmation Hotel' for the dogs and ensured that each and everyone one of them were adopted.

-The film was a box office success which lead to a sequel, lets see if history repeats itself.

-If Emma Stone has her way, Disney will make a sympathetic take on Ursula next.

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'A Quiet Place 2’ Tops Box Office With HUGE $19.3 Million Friday

A Quiet Place part II topped the Friday box office with $19.3 million on Friday. That includes $4.8 million in Thursday previews

The $61 million-budgeted A Quiet Place part II is about to open with $49 million over the Fri-Sun frame and around $60 million over the holiday.

Ava Max Loves Elton John, But Isn’t Able to Name A Single Song of His?

Ava Max attended the iHeart Music Awards this past week. When Elton John is mentioned, the “Torn” singer fans out and is then asked what Elton John song is her favorite. She thinks momentarily before finally saying “all of them.”

What’s your favorite Elton John song ONTD?

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The Crown will recreate Princess Diana’s Martin Bashir interview in season 5

The Crown will reportedly recreate Princess Diane's notorious interview with Mart Bashir in the fifth season.

The source says about the alleged scene: “The team were doing the most incredible research and got it all in there: the build-up to the interview, how Bashir effectively groomed Diana, the interview itself, and the aftermath are all factored in over more than one episode.

However, Netflix has not confirmed, saying it's too early for them to comment on the storylines.

Princess Diane will now be played by Elizabeth Debicki.

Also has been confirmed that Dominic West will assume the part of Prince Charles and Imelda Staunton will take over the role of the Queen.



Marvel bosses reportedly unhappy over viral Taika Waititi, Tessa Thompson and Rita Ora photos


the Mouse is not happy with the Thor high jinks down under, the behaviour is “not exactly the image they’re looking to project in relation to one of their biggest franchises”.

They have been patient with Taika's “party animal” conduct but the pics “crossed a line”