May 27th, 2021

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Kirby Howell-Baptiste will play Death in Netflix's “The Sandman” (+ more new cast)

- Kirby Howell-Baptiste will play Death in the highly anticipated Netflix's The Sandman.

Other new cast members include:

DESIRE – Mason Alexander Park (they/them)
DESPAIR – Donna Preston (she/her)
JOHANNA CONSTANTINE – Jenna Coleman (she/her)
ETHEL CRIPPS – In the 1920s and 30s, she is played by Niamh Walsh (she/her); In the present day, she's played by the brilliant Joely Richardson (she/her).
JOHN DEE – David Thewlis (he/him)
ROSE WALKER – Kyo Ra (she/her)
LYTA HALL – Razane Jammal (she/her)
UNITY KINKAID - Sandra James Young (she/her)
GILBERT – Stephen Fry (he/him)
MATTHEW – Patton Oswalt (he/him)

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Great casting! Are you excited, ONTD?

My eyes! My eyes! HBO Max releases a new FRIENDS reunion clip for Latin-america. (Discussion Post?)

(Starts at 17:40)

- During today's introduction of HBO Max to Latin-American markets, HBO Max released a exclusive clip of the FRIENDS reunion.
- At the 17:40 mark, there's a clip of Jennifer Aniston, David Schwimmer and Lisa Kudrow reading the iconic scene in which Phoebe finds out about Monica and Chandler.
- The FRIENDS Reunion premieres today on HBO Max.


ngl, that made me smile. Lisa Kudrow is a treasure. Discussion post?

Mr. Big is Back: Chris Noth to reprise role in HBO Max’s ‘Sex and the City’ revival

Despite early reports that Mr. Big will not be in the Sex and the City revival "And Just Like That", it was announced today that Chris Noth has signed onto reprise his role in the upcoming revival.

“I’m thrilled to be working with Chris again on ‘And Just Like That…’ How could we ever do a new chapter of the ‘Sex And The City’ story without our Mr. Big?” said executive producer Michael Patrick King.

The revival starts production in New York this summer.


We need to talk about THAT BIG REVEAL during the FRIENDS Reunion.


A 26-year old secret was revealed during the 'Friends' Reunion Special...

[Spoiler (click to open)]

- Bennifer who? During the FRIENDS Reunion special, David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston revealed that they had feelings for each other during the first few seasons of the show.
- They talked about it and agreed to not do anything about it since both of them were in relationships and it would jeopardize the show.
- They agreed to threw all that repressed energy into Ross and Rachel, but apparently there was A LOT of it. One time Jennifer told David: 'It's gonna be a bummer if the first time you and i actually kiss is on national television?' (OMG Those talks are heavyyyy!) and so it was...
- They can't believe the cast and crew never noticed, since they always used to cuddle on set and fall sleep hugging each other. The cast reveals they knew. lol.
- They say they never crossed the line (to which Matt LeBlanc's calls bullshit).
- James Corden's mind (and everyone else's) was blown.


ONTD, were you surprised by that reveal? No wonder people kept asking all these years...
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Indie Film Release Guide: May 28th [An ONTD Original]

ONTD Indie Release Guide Graphic.png

A couple of big studio releases - Paramount’s A Quiet Place 2 and Disney’s Cruella - seem to have put a slight damper on the number of indies releasing this Memorial Day weekend. Even so, there are still several options to highlight for your viewing pleasure.

The films listed are from studios other than the “Big Six” - Paramount, Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox, Universal, Columbia/Sony and Disney. Note that some of the movies listed are in their first week or two of limited release in the USA, so it may take them a few more weeks (or months) to show up in your local arthouse theater or on VOD. Check out the posts from the past few weeks for more movies that may have just opened near you: May 21st, May 14th, and May 7th.

Plan B

Stars: Kuhoo Verma, Victoria Moroles, Edi Patterson, Mason Cook
Writer: Joshua Levy, Prathiksha Srinivasan
Director: Natalie Morales
Genre: Comedy
Plot: The best trips are never planned. When a straight-laced high school student has a regrettable first sexual encounter, she and her and slacker best friend have 24 hours to hunt down a Plan B pill in America's heartland.
What you should know: You may know director Natalie Morales from her roles on shows like Parks & Rec and Santa Clarita Diet, but she’s directed on a couple of TV shows, and premiered another feature she directed at SXSW 2021.
Where to watch: Hulu, and select theaters

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What have you been watching lately, ONTD? What are you planning to see?
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Betty in the New Rugrats Revival is an Out Single Mom Lesbian

- Natalie Morales will be portraying Betty De'Ville in the series

- Morales states that she's a single mom, who runs her own business called Betty's Beans, and openly makes jokes about her ex-girlfriends.

- They changed Betty's logo on her shirt to a Gemini sign because "The Rugrats showrunners clearly know queer ladies love astrology."

- The first 5 episodes of the Rugrats revival is available to stream on Paramount+ today.


ONTD, are you watching the Rugrats revival?
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Russell Westbrook, sprained his ankle & had popcorn poured on his head by an Asshole

NBA FASHUN stunner Russell Westbrook had popcorn poured on his head by a shithead on his way to the locker room with a sprained ankle. Westbrook was being assisted to tend to his injury but went BUCK once he was doused by popcorn. The asshole who did this had his season tix revoked & received an indefinite ban from the arena. An apology was issued to Russ. "We apologize to Russell Westbrook & the...Wizards for being subjected to this type of unacceptable & disrespectful behavior. There is no place for it in our sport or arena."

Artist: Joe Roberts

Bachelor in Paradise Salary News

Is it short money or getting paid to basically do nothing but show up?
You be the judge!

Basically, one negotiated the show up to $600 per episode, and the other negotiated himself down to...$602 per episode. And there's more info about the other slabs of flesh that prostituted themselves...sorry...that searched for true monogamous romantic love, on the show for America's entertainment (thank you for your service, boys!) at the source.

I don't even watch this show but I am interested in what these people get paid to humiliate themselves publicly.

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94th Oscars dates announced + new membership rules

Get ready for next award season!

The Academy has announced that the 94th Oscars will take place on Sunday March 27, 2022. The show was originally scheduled for February 27th, but has been pushed back as to not compete with the Winter Olympics and the LA-hosting Super Bowl.

It also announced that it's going back to its standard calendar year eligibility that will end on December 31, making this years calendar only 10 months. It will continue allowing films that were scheduled for theater release but pushed to VOD/streaming to compete.

Nominations will be announced Tuesday, February 8, 2022.

The Academy also announced it will be reducing the number of people invited to join in half this upcoming year, as it has achieved its goal of doubling the number of women and poc among its membership. The number of members since 2015 has almost doubled from 5,800 to almost 10,000, and that degree of growth was considered unsustainable. The Academy will stil continue reaching true equity among its ranks.

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Tommy Genesis - "peppermint" (Official Video)

Canadian model and rapper Tommy Genesis returns today with "peppermint," the first single off her forthcoming sophomore album.

Her eponymous debut, released to critical acclaim in November 2018, featured duets with Charli XCX and Empress Of and led to collaborations with Fenty Beauty, Skullcandy and Tidal.

Tim & Saoirse

'The French Dispatch' Heads to Cannes, Gets a New Release Date

We've all* been waiting for more news about the upcoming Wes Anderson film The French Dispatch, originally scheduled for release in 2020 and then removed from the schedule indefinitely due to COVID.

Earlier today, the film's social media accounts confirmed a few key pieces of news. The film is set to premiere at Cannes 2021 in July, and will also screen at NYFF in September.

It has also gotten a new release date of October 22nd, which is the same date that Edgar Wright's Last Night in Soho arrives in theaters.


THE FRENCH DISPATCH brings to life a collection of stories from the final issue of an American magazine published in a fictional 20th-century French city. It stars Benicio del Toro, Adrien Brody, Tilda Swinton, Léa Seydoux, Frances McDormand, Timothée Chalamet, Lyna Khoudri, Jeffrey Wright, Mathieu Amalric, Stephen Park, Bill Murray and Owen Wilson.

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*me and at least one other person

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Ronan Farrow CALLS OUT Brad Pitt's PR!

Son of Frank Sinatra, Ronan Farrow has this to say about the PR angle of the Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie custody case:

Haven't covered this case and can't speak to the intricacies. But I will say in my experience, as a reporter and as an attorney, when you see a round of publicity pushing stories about a victory in one side of these disputes, there are often still a lot of unanswered questions.


Brad Pitt's Custody Victory May Be Misleading PR


  • LaineyGossip notes Brad Pitt-friendly source Page Six broke the news that Brad had won joint custody of his younger biological children with Angelina Jolie (the older children refuse to see him). His team also rushed to announce that Angelina's request that the children testify was declined even though the decision was actually made weeks ago.

  • People's write up is markedly different, with the outlet noting Angelina's issue was over Brad "tentatively winning more time with their children." Brad "winning joint custody" and Brad "winning more time" are completely different things, especially considering Brad's visitation was under supervision. There is no proof of joint custody being granted other than Brad's team saying so, there is more nuance to the situation that Team Brad is avoiding.

  • Presumably Angelina's sources also add, through People: "joint custody is not the issue that Angelina objects to, there were other issues of concern, but the court proceedings are closed and sealed."

  • LG also says what remains key is whether or not Brad's visits are supervised, as well as "why Angelina is insisting on having the children be heard so that they can weigh in on their own situation."

  • Angelina submitted a filing weeks AFTER Judge Oudenkirk’s ruling, saying in part: "the judge “has failed to adequately consider” a section of the California courts code, which says it is detrimental to the best interest of the child if custody is awarded to a person with a history of domestic violence. Her filing did not give details about what it was referring to, but her lawyers submitted a document under seal in March that purportedly offers additional information."

  • With Ronan Farrow stepping into the case yesterday, LG notes the similarities between Brad vs Angelina and Woody Allen vs Mia Farrow - society is inclined to minimise or even overlook that there were allegations of domestic violence and instead lean into the angle of the woman scorned making up the story.

Funny that.

No-Face tea
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John Davis, Real Milli Vanilli Singer, Dies of COVID-19 at 66

One of the real singers behind infamous musical duo Milli Vanilli has died. John Davis passed away at 66 years of age due to the coronavirus. His daughter posted the news on Facebook earlier this week.

Milli Vanilli had great success during the late 1980s and won a Grammy in 1990 for Best New Artist. However they had to return the award when it was revealed that the front members of the group - Rob Pilatus and Fabrice Morvan - weren't actually the ones really singing. Instead it was John Davis and others who were merely credited as backup singers.

Morvan posted a tribute to Davis on Twitter:

Pilatus passed away in 1998 after an accidental overdose.

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A First Look at Horizon Forbidden West with 14 Minutes of Gameplay

An action-packed look at Aloy’s upcoming adventure, featuring new gameplay mechanics, machines, and more.

Horizon Forbidden West continues six months after the events of Horizon Zero Dawn. Aloy, a machine hunter, has travelled west to investigate a mysterious and deadly blight. In these uncharted lands, she will meet strange new tribes and encounter ever more deadly machines. Together with old friends and new companions, she must brave this dangerous frontier to find the answers she needs to save life on Earth.

Developer Guerrilla Games said that it’s “aiming” for a 2021 release, but in a new blog post, Guerrilla’s Ben McCaw said that “we don’t have an exact release date yet, but development is on track and we’ll have an update for you very soon.”

[DU} Calvin Candie

Are Kanye West And Irina Shayk Dating?

* Kanye West has been seen for the first time in months amid rumors he’s dating model Irina Shayk.

* Kanye and Irina have been linked for more than a decade, she played an angel in his “Power” video and two years later walked in West’s Fall/Winter fashion collection at Paris Fashion Week.

* Shayk is the ex-girlfriend of Bradley Cooper. They share a four-year-old daughter, Lea De Seine.


The One Where the Eps talk Friends regrets

-If you don't know...the Friends reunion was released today on HBO Max

-Creators Marta Kauffman and David Crane along with exec producer/director Kevin Bright talked to THR about some regrets they had with the series.

-Due to COVID protocols they had to make some changes to the reunion and werent able to really have an intimate sit down with the cast and thus the James Cordon giant outside waterfall interview was created.

-Nancy McKeon of The Facts of Life fame was a possible choice for Monica had Courtney Cox not worked out.

-They want to bring Friends to 4k

-There was no intention to have an all white cast and if the show were made today it would certainly be diverse but they have no regrets with the 6 actors that ultimately got chosen for the roles as it was lightning in a bottle.

-Marta Kauffman does feel guilty for participating in a system where there was a lack of POC in the show.

-They couldn't do the same pilot as they did originally due to how much society has changed. Particularly with social media, the characters would spend more time on the phone than actually talking to each other.

-While they love having the first lesbian wedding on tv, they do regret not telling the story from their perspective and would be one of the few episodes where they wouldn't tell the story from the main Friends perspectives.

-The cast fought them on the Rachel/Joey romance.

Spring Breakers Sequel Just Announced! Get your ski masks and dark tannin'  oil ready. (Source: May 6, 2014 284 notes spring breakers spring  breakers sequel gif movies vanessa hudgens james franco selena gomez  harmony korine spring ...
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Regé-Jean Page on Friendship with Sterling K. Brown

* The two first met at a party during the 2016 Emmy Awards season, where Page approached the then-star of The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story;

* Sterling K. Brown compares Regé-Jean Page to a young Brad Pitt: “He has the right mix of je ne sais quoi... He’s devastatingly handsome. He speaks the King’s English beautifully. He’s going to make a really easy, seamless leap to the silver screen.”;

* Page was the breakout star of Netflix's Bridgerton, in which he played the lovable rake Simon Basset, the Duke of Hastings. The actor, who has since been cast in projects like Dungeons & Dragons and The Gray Man, will not be returning for future seasons of the period drama.


RUMOR: Danai Gurira Set To Return as Okoye in Origin Spinoff Series

It's a bit of a buried-in-there "Oops we released that info too early" kind of news, but under the "Jackoway Austen Tyerman Wertheimer Mandelbaum Morris Bernstein Trattner & Klein
NYU School of Law" header (Oh god I thought that was someone's name) for THR's POWER LAWYERS 2021, the tidbit is:

"Meanwhile, the rep — who also works with such show- runners as 9-1-1’s Tim Minear and The Handmaid’s Tale’s Bruce Miller — brokered a deal for actress Danai Gurira to not only reprise her role as Okoye in the upcoming Black Panther sequel but also in an origin spinoff series for Disney+."

No word on what decade Disney might confirm that in.


Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum in the first photo from "The Lost City of D"

The movie is described as a Romancing The Stone-style romantic comedy

A reclusive romance novelist on a book tour with her cover model gets swept up in kidnapping attempt that lands them them both in a cutthroat jungle adventure.

Coming to theaters April 2022.


Oh, By the Way: The iHeartRadio Music Awards Are On Tonight

Huh. The iHeartRadio Music Awards (which I originally thought were called the iHeart Awards and then the iHeart Radio Awars) are on tonight. I thought about making a post, then decided it was too much effort for this flop awards show, then decided I might as well because I am also a flop.

It will have performances by Ariana Grande, The Weeknd, Bruno Mars, Doja Cat, Demi Lovato, and more.

Here are some of the red carpet lewks:

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Rina Sawayama

Rina Sawayama to make film acting debut in John Wick 4 + reps Coach for Pride campaign

That Rina reign just won't let up. The multitalented Japanese British genre-busting pop music sensation behind one of the best albums of 2020 [stream SAWAYAMA (Deluxe Edition)], imminent Oscar-winning film actress and high fashion icon already in the making, even with her new shiny set of braces, the one and only Rina Sawayama confirmed on social media today that she will be starring alongside the legend himself Keanu Reeves in "John Wick: Chapter 4". No other details have been revealed about her role. This will be Rina's first-ever feature film.

And as if Rina, who turned heads recently at the Brit Awards in archival Balmain haute couture, wasn't busy enough booking stages left and right as she prepares to go on tour next year to promote her debut smash album (at venues that some other artists could only dream to sell out despite attempts to copy Rina's creative genius and aesthetic), she also found some time in her schedule to pose for the Coach Pride 2021 campaign. The power of the braces!

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Chris Evans is Getting His Ass Kicked by Ryan Gosling

Chris Evans has finally joined the cast of Netflix's The Gray Man before it's set to shoot in the Czech Republic. He wasn't given an easy work day with star Ryan Gosling leaving visible bruises on him for the afternoon shoot.

For what it's worth, Ryan Gosling trains in Muay Thai. Chris Evans is willing to suffer for his "art."



Miles Heizer comes out for Coach

Actor Miles Heizer (13 Reasons Why) comes out for Coach's new Pride is Where You Find It campaign.

Miles has been dating fellow Netflix actor Connor Jessup (Locke & Key) for over two years. Miles has previously been linked to his 13 Reasons Why co-star Brandon Flynn.


ONTD, how do you feel about rainbow capitalism?

Diddy Posted On Instagram #tbt Picture With Ex JLo

Diddy went to his Instagram page with #tbt snapshot of himself and JLo.
They dated from September of 1999 to February of 2001.
Lopez ended her engagement with MLB superstar Alex “A-Rod” Rodriguez.
Jennifer Lopez is actually "dated" Ben Affleck, the same man she was engaged to more than 15 years ago. 

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Anthony Ramos Says He Was Told to Try to Be "Ethnically Ambiguous"

Ramos, 29, (who is of Puerto Rican descent) was warned early on that he should do his best to hide his ethnicity and try and fit into a broader category to avoid being typecast by casting director and producers.

"Folks would say to me that if you grow your hair out and speak in American Standard, you can be more ethnically ambiguous; you won’t be in the 'Latino box,'I thought that shit was a box, as opposed to being a superpower and just who I am. I believed that [box] shit for a little bit. But I don’t want to be hired for being ambiguous. I want to be hired for who the fuck I am."


Twitter confirms they're launching a new Premium Service ('Twitter Blue') after images leak online

[More screenshots]

- A few images of 'Twitter Blue' have leaked online when testing on iOS.
- Twitter Blue will be subscription based at $2.99 per month giving you many exclusive features.
- Some of the exclusive features are: Undo tweets timer once it's sent, a Reader mode for long threads, a collections option to save tweets through subjects, options to customize icon and timeline color, etc.

Source 1, 2, 3

ONTD, will you subscribe to Twitter Blue? More importantly... what do you want from Livejournal Purple? lol.

Kim Kardashian tested positive for Covid 10 days after island trip

- Covid diagnosis was revealed on the most recent KUWTK episodes

- The show implies that Saint was the first to get it from school

- Buzzfeed did some timeline digging and found that it would have been around 10 days after the globally panned island trip

- Family decided to keep diagnosis quiet (probably cause they knew people would be pissed)



Heather Morris Described What Lea Michele Was Like On The Set Of "Glee"


she was on the Everything Iconic with Danny Pellegrino podcast

"I don’t know if maybe we were victims of bullying, and it’s a very victim thing to do — to blame yourself, which is what people were saying — but it also is very true and the only person who was honest about it was Naya [Rivera]."

"It was something that was very hush-hush on set, and now you see all these things coming out with these bigger names who were very disrespectful and mistreated a lot of people, and people allowed it to happen.”

“We absolutely could have stepped up and gone to the Fox execs and said how we felt about the situation, and nobody really did. Now, we are living in a culture where it's acceptable to do things like that — whereas I think many people were very scared."

“We all got close with Lea at certain points, and then we all weren’t as close with her. So there’s that human element to understanding who this person is, growing with that person, seeing her try to become better and taking care of herself after Cory [Monteith] had passed. It was just the elephant in the room.”