May 17th, 2021


Youtuber Jack Edwards reads every book Kendall Jenner has recommended on Instagram

"queen of alternative-literature Kendall Jenner has shared a bunch of books on her Instagram stories (and her Architectural Digest interview) so I thought I'd put them to the test!! They were a real mix, including some of the BEST and WORST books i've read this year.... - Jack Edwards"

The books he read were:
- The Houseguest by Amparo Davila
- No-one Belongs Here More Than You by Miranda July

- How to Cure a Ghost by Fariha Roisin
- Tonight I'm Someone Else by Chelsea Hodder

- Sea of Strangers by Lang Leav

- Literally Show Me a Healthy Person by Darcie Wilder
- So Sad Today by Melissa Broder
- Can't and Won't by Lydia Davis


an excuse for a book post // what types of books do you like to read??

Riverdance: The Animated Adventure - Trailer

Featuring an original score from Grammy Award winning composer Bill Whelan, it stars an impressive Irish voice cast including Pierce Brosnan, John Kavanagh, Brendan Gleeson and Aisling Bea. Faithful to its roots, it also features the dancers’ incredible craft and skill, by utilising motion capture of their performances to create the animated dancing in the film.

Synopsis: The Animated Adventure follows an Irish boy named Keegan (Sam Hardy) and a Spanish girl named Moya (Hannah Herman Cortes) as they journey into the mythical world of the legendary Megaloceros Giganteus, who teach them to appreciate Riverdance as a celebration of life. The film also stars Lilly Singh, Jermaine Fowler and Pauline McLynn and features a brand-new single by Ireland’s musical sensation, Lyra.

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So they're not using the storyline from the stage show but they are using the original music and all the dancing was animated using motion capture from actual dancers currently performing with the show.
film • don't be a republican.

Netflix's Persuasion rounds out rest of cast, starts filming this week

Netflix's modern adaption of Jane Austen's Persuasion has filled out its cast. Cosmo Jarvis, best known to this OP as the male lead from Lady Macbeth (2016) opposite Florence Pugh, will be playing the male lead Frederick Wentworth. Richard A. Grant, Suki Waterhouse, and Nikki Amuka-Bird have also been cast, though their roles have not been specified. (OP note: guessing respectively they're playing Walter Elliot, Elizabeth Elliot or maybe Louisa, and Lady Russell)

Henry Golding, who was previously announced to be playing William Elliot, spoke about the movie last night at the MTV Movie Awards. Video under the cut...

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guessing this means dakota's trying an english accent?? richard e. grant is a great choice for anything but still much more excited for the sarah snook/joel fry version

Kristen Bell and Her Costar Work Out in Los Feliz

Kristen Bell and her costar Benjamin Levy Aguilar teamed up for a work out in Los Feliz on Sunday. The workout comes a few days after they were spotted on a hike. Unlike their previous meet ups, they left the gym separately this time.

Kristen and Benjamin are currently working on the upcoming Netflix series The Woman In The House.


Trevor Noah and Minka Kelly have broken up

Trevor Noah and Minka Kelly's relationship has come to an end. The pair had been dating since August 2020 and were said to be house-shopping together in the fall.


guess Trevor will be living in that $27mil mansion alone, sad

Trailer for Dr Death, Starring Joshua Jackson

The first trailer for the miniseries Dr Death, based on the podcast of the same name, has been released. The true crime miniseries tells the story and capture of Christopher Duntsch, a former neurosurgeon who has been nicknamed Dr. Death for gross malpractice resulting in the maiming of several patients and killing two of them while working at hospitals in Texas.

Joshua Jackson, Alec Baldwin, Christian Slater, Grace Gummer and Anna Sophia Robb star in the series coming to Peacock this summer.


Disney Channel renews The Owl House for season three

Disney has renewed the show for season three ahead of its season two premiere on June 2nd (it'll air through August 14th). Season three will consist of three forty-four minute episodes.

britney △

Celebrities react to the murder of Alireza Fazeli Monfared

As thousands commemorate International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, Interphobia and Transphobia (IDAHOBIT) on social media today, they also mourn the recent death of Alireza Fazeli Monfared, a 20-year-old Iranian man who was allegedly murdered by family members who discovered he was gay.

According to Monfared's partner Aghil Abiat and Iranian LGBTQ organization 6Rang, Monfared had immediate plans to escape Iran and join Abiat in Turkey, having received a military exemption card on the basis of his sexuality. (While homosexuality is forbidden in Iran and punishable by death, the law allows gay men to forgo military service.)

Tragically, however, his life was cut short just days before he could flee. A family member is said to have intercepted the card before Monfared could open it—he told Abiat that he thought its envelope had been opened and resealed before shrugging it off—triggering the decision to murder him.

On May 4, Monfared was met outside of a shop where he had gone to sell his cell phone by a half-brother and two male cousins, who claimed they had been sent by his father to bring him home. Once he had entered their vehicle, [graphic content]they drove him to a rural village where they beheaded him, leaving his body to be discovered by his mother the following day.

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Rest in Peace, Alireza 💔

Emma Watson Tweets and Dispels Rumors Regarding Her Career and Personal Life

After a 9-month hiatus from social media, Emma Watson took to Twitter today (5/17) and put to rest any recent rumors.mp3 regarding her personal life and career.

ILD - oscar isaac

Clips for Prodigal Son's season 2 finale, plus Warner Bros looking for new home for the show

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Co-creator Chris Fedak says Warner Brothers loves Prodigal Son and is searching for a new home! He also says episodes 10-13 were written as finales in case they couldn't reach 13 episodes due to COVID.

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Fans of the show have been campaigning on twitter by using the hashtag SaveProdigalSon ever since the news broke of Prodigal Son's cancellation

‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’ Renewed for 5 More Years

NBC has renewed “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” for 5 more years because why let guests speak when Jimmy can obnoxiously speak over them.


John Boyega Set To Reunite With Joe Cornish For ‘Attack The Block 2’

Today in WHOOO! news, we knew Attack The Block 2 was a thing. But now we know John Boyega is back in the sequel to his star-making role where he and other youths fought big gorilla looking motherfucker aliens.

Plot is still unknown, but John is back as Moses!


fuck the mcu

Dominic West’s daughter is in the same show where sparks flew with Lily James

Almost a year later and the saga of Lily Goes West keeps getting messier. Apparently, Dominic's 23-year-old daughter, Martha West, makes an appearance in Pursuit of Love, the same series that her own father and his erstwhile paramour star in. She plays the character of Jassy, [Spoiler (click to open)]who runs away from home and moves to Beverly Hills to marry a man she has just met.

However, Martha's mother is not Catherine FitzGerald, Dominic's current wife,
but aristocrat Polly Astor, with whom West was in a relationship before marrying Catherine.

So... less gross? Still gross?


Big entertainment merger coming as WarnerMedia and Discovery link up

AT&T announced today a $43 billion merger between WarnerMedia and Discovery.

This means Warner Bros, HBO, CNN, Discovery Channel, DC Comics, Cartoon Network, TLC, Food Network, HGTV, etc. and all its associated properties will live under the same roof.

WarnerMedia's CEO Jason Kilar, who helped turn HBO Max into a huge priority for the company, is said to have been completely blindsided by the merger and the announcement that Discovery's CEO David Zaslav will run the company, and is working with his lawyers on an exit plan.

The deal isn't expected to close until mid-2022. Once done, it will be the second largest media firm in the world behind Disney.


ONTD, Are You A Geriatric Millennial?

A recent article discussing “geriatric millennials” have many going “oh” and “excuse me?” over the last few days on social media. I’m being extremely generous considering some of these reactions by “celebrities” so don’t @ me. This is me trying.

Matthew A. Cherry
American film director

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RuPaul’s Drag Race Cast Wins Big at the MTV Awards: Unscripted

The cast of RuPaul’s Drag Race won big at the MTV Awards: Unscripted taking home the most awards of the night.

They snatched 3 awards including Best Reality Cast, Best Competition Series and RuPaul himself won Best Host (including shout outs to both Cher and Dr. Fauci).

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happy xmas jarv

Americans (US Version) REJOICE!!!! Peacock to Livestream All Eurovision 2021 Broadcasts in US

Hello hello hello my fellow USAmericans. I am happy to tell you all that you do not have to download and pay for a VPN to watch Eurovision this year. NBC Universal/Peacock have purchased the rights to broadcast both semifinals and the finals LIVE to whatever device you download peacock onto.

Also, if you are anything like me and do not wish to subscribe to yet another streamer bc HBO Max is expensive, do not worry: you don't have to pay anything because it will be available on the free version of Peacock too.


Terrence Howard Sends Cease-&-Desist Letter To Producers Of His New Film

The movie Triumph, follows a high school wrestler with cerebral palsy. Howard plays the coach in the film. It was released in theaters on April 30.

Terrence Howard has sent a cease-and-desist letter to Cinemark, Digital Ignition Entertainment, Argonaut Entertainment Partners, and others for releasing the film, Triumph, in which he stars, without his consent.

Howard only agreed to appear in the film "conditioned upon the satisfaction of material monetary and non-monetary promises made by the producers, which never happened."

Howard also threatens action if the companies continue to use the actor's likeness in further "distribution, advertising, promotion, and/or exhibition of 'Triumph' in any manner."

Statement of producers
"The producers made this film with a mission to help advance awareness of Cerebral Palsy and to do our part to promote inclusion in film. We couldn’t be more proud of the job our cast and crew did to highlight the remarkable accomplishments of the writer of the film, who has Cerebral Palsy, and the lead actor of the film, RJ Mitte, who is also diagnosed with cerebral palsy."


Inside Big Sean's Beverly Hills Mansion With A Nightclub | Open Door | Architectural Digest

Today AD is welcomed by superstar recording artist Big Sean for a look inside his sleek and spacious Beverly Hills home. The 7-bedroom Mediterranean estate features a music studio, soaring ceilings, and a resort-style backyard outfitted with a limestone swimming pool, heated spa, and a fireplace. Once owned by legendary Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash, Sean purchased the property 4 years ago and undertook an extensive renovation in tandem with L.A.-based firm JSN Studio. A few spots remain just as Slash left them however, like the private nightclub with skull light fixtures.


‘iCarly’ Reboot Cast Defends Laci Mosley Amid Racist Backlash

Mosley is playing Carly’s (Miranda Cosgrove) best friend/roommate in the upcoming revival show, seemingly replacing Sam Puckett (Jennette McCurdy).

Some social media users sent Mosley hateful messages online, which led to Paramount+ releasing a statement in which they insisted, “We have recently seen reports of racism towards a member of our ‘iCarly’ cast, and it is not acceptable! Please think about your words, and take time to understand how what you say can impact other people.”

Cosgrove was among those reposting the message.
Writer Franchesca Ramsey defended Mosley on twitter.

Mosley also took to Instagram to share some racist messages she’d been receiving.

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Tallulah Willis ‘punished’ herself for not looking more like mom Demi Moore

Tallulah Willis took to Instagram to share that she used to “resent” her resemblance to her father Bruce Willis.

“I punished myself for not looking like my mom, after being told I was [my dad’s] twin since birth. I resented the resemblance as I believed wholly my ‘masculine’ face was the sole reason for my unlovability.”

Tallulah added, “FALSE! I was/am inherently valuable and worthy, at any life stage, at any size, with any hairdo! (As are you).”


Lakeith Stanfield Opens Up About Antisemitism Controversy

update on this post

Lakeith Stanfield apologised again for joining an antisemitic in the Clubhouse and claims that he doesn't remember appearing in a now-deleted video called “Swastikas and Bones".

"I definitely don’t align myself with Louis Farrakhan, I don’t stand by him,” he said. “Any kind of hate speech, I vehemently reject. That’s not up for debate, hate is not up for debate.

Comments made by participants in the Clubhouse room included praise of Hitler, conspiracy theories about Jewish people running the slave trade, and comparisons of Jewish people to termites.

Stanfield claims that his knowledge of Farrakhan was limited (even though he has a long legacy of antisemitic remarks), which lead him to enter the room. “I was curious to kind of educate myself more on the topic. Me going into the room, it was more about trying to uncover more information about these things that he said or didn’t say, because I wasn’t quite clear on it. he said.

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Bill Gates ‘left Microsoft board amid inquiry into relationship with employee’

Follow ups to this post on the Gates' divorce and this post about Bill's alleged links to Jeffrey Epstein.

The Guardian is reporting that in 2019, Microsoft investigated a romantic relationship between Bill Gates and a female Microsoft engineer that allegedly spanned several years.

The investigation deemed the relationship to be inappropriate and Gates stepped down from the board.

Gates said he was stepping down to focus on philanthropy. A spokeswoman for Gates says the relationship ended amicably and did not influence his decision to step down from the board (sure, Jan).

Also on Sunday, the New York Times reported that Gates had developed “a reputation for questionable conduct in work-related settings”.

[This is just your friendly ONTD reminder to eat the rich.]