May 16th, 2021

ONTD University Original: Exploring the Apparent Rise of Parasocial Relationships – Parts 1 + 2

As a graduate of ONTD University™ - I decided that I am not qualified to speak on the complicated topic of parasocial relationships. However, I feel that I am sufficiently qualified to make a post on parasocial relationships on this nearly defunct and forgotten website. To all the recent graduates of Professor Simpson’s non-reading program – please be advised that this is a text heavy post and therefore may not be suited to your skillset.

This will be a long-form series, with other posts on this topic planned (if people are interested/care enough for me to justify spending time on this) and listed below:

Part 1: An Introduction: Stability, Intimacy, and Familiarity in Uncertain Times
Part 2: The Perfect Couple
Part 3: My Fans Are My Friends: How Celebrities Cultivate Community (and Profit)
Part 4: Eat With Me: From Reality TV to Mukbangs - Are We Living Vicariously Through Others
More Than Ever Before?
Part 5: KPop and the Evolution and Future of Parasocial Relationships
Part 6: The Toxic Fallout: How Parasocial Relationships Negatively Affect Real People

Today's post will cover Parts 1 and 2. As with any ONTD post, I'm sure the most interesting bits of information will end up in the comments through discussion so make sure to read the comments and participate!

But first, let’s start at the very beginning:

Part 1:

An Introduction: Stability, Intimacy, and Familiarity in Uncertain Times

What is a Parasocial Relationship?
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Obligatory Disclaimer: I don't know wtf I'm talking about. I did very little research. Take none of this as fact.

SOURCES: Gif 1 / Text Source 1 / Text Source 2 / Gif 2 / Tweet 1 / Text Source 3 / Gif 3 / YouTube Interview

Update on that Chinese actress who wanted to abort her surrogate twins at 7 months.

Many of the comments for the original post asked for update(s).

At lot has happned since the last post. Major highlights:

  1. Homegirl was blacklisted and sued by various production companies, who still has unreleased works with her, trying to recoup some of their money.

  2. She took him to court for not paying back a "loan" and won, in retaliation he revealed that she was using Yin Yang contracts (same thing that took down Fan Bing Bing). There's an active investagtion on her for tax evasion.

TLDR for those who only care about the kids

  • Father won sole custody, mother has limited supervised visits

  • Mother would have to earn the right to longer and unsupervised visits (fat chance)

  • Since father has sole custody, he can apply for Visa and take the children back to China without mother's permisson (yay?)

Source: 1, 2

ONTD Original: 5 Examples of Asian American "Dragon Lady" Stereotype in Media


Happy Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month! With the rise of anti-Asian hate crimes, people have been more vocal about supporting Asian Americans and educating themselves about Asian American and BIPOC issues. But as an Asian American/ethnic studies at ONTD University™ (but on a serious note, I do have a BA in Asian American Studies), it looks like ONTD is still envoking "dragon lady" stereotypes and promoting messages of Asian women as threatening sexual competition that will steal your (white) man, so... Here we are with this ONTD original! And for some extra fun, I decided to bold a certain word to inidicate how some people on ONTD crossed the line between "I'm just citing her history" and envoking the stereotype in their words. Let's see if people catch on!

What is the Dragon Lady Stereotype? Early History through Anna May Wong
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Ling (James Bond: You Only Live Twice)
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Ling Woo (Ally McBeal)
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O-Ren Ishii (Kill Bill)
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Alex Munday (Charlie's Angels)
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Concluding Remarks
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ontd have you seen and/or inadvertently contributed towards the dragon lady stereotype and used a certain word to describe asian women?
... and is that white dick really worth throwing asian women under the bus to defend? and have you previously judged people for chasing white dick prior to doing so because if so...

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Are the Teletubbies joining the MCU in 'LOKI'???

- 'Loki' director talked about the inspiration for the show and dropped a big WTF. Apparently, the Teletubbies were a part of the show.
- Also, yesterday the Teletubbies official account tweeted this: [Spoiler (click to open)]
- They wouldn't be the first kid show to be in the MCU. 'Yo Gaba Gaba' had a brief appearance in 'Wandavision'.
- 'Loki' premieres Wednesday June 9.

Source 1, 2

Body language

First look at Billy Porter as the “Fab G” in Cinderella

A new look at Billy Porter as the “Fab G” (a new take on the Fairy Godmother) from the upcoming Cinderella has been released. Porter previously described the character as being genderless.


The man who claims that he invented flamin' hot cheetos didn't

Turns out the story of Richard Montañez, a Frito-Lay janitor who rose through the ranks and invented hot cheetos, isn't true. A junior employee named Lynne Greenfeld actually came up with the name "and shepherded the line into existence."

However, he did come up with flamin' hot popcorn, and other products — just not the original hot cheeto.

Montañez's story is supposed to be turned into a biopic directed by Eva Longoria.

The whole piece from the LATimes is very good — give it a read!

Taemin Criminal

Taemin's Advice teasers + Look me up with Taemin

TAEMIN's 3rd mini album "Advice" will be released on May 18th, and the teaser for the MV was posted today.

There also had been several (fantastic) teaser pics for his upcoming mini album, the last album he will release before his enlistment on May 31st

It's going to be image heavy so it will have spoiler cuts to save your browsers:

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Are you ready for Taemin, ONTD?

Megan Fox got new implants (ONTD original)

Megan Fox has made some changes in her life: she left her creepy husband, got a new boyfriend, and got some new breast implants.

She appeared at the Fight4TheAmazon charity event in 2019 with her natural breasts and has since been seen with her new boyfriend and augmented breasts in the last year. Megan was spotted on a date night to celebrate her birthday with Machine Gun Kelly in a bright red outfit that highlight her new looks.


and me
  • tucker

Five Actresses Who Allegedly Auditioned for The Hunger Games

A Hunger Games movie post? In 2021? I know, but hey it gives us something to talk about!

Lyndsy Fonseca was the inspiration for this post, after seeing the justjared headline she confirmed that she did audition for the role of Katniss back in 2011. She said she went to the director's house to audition and she waited with Emily Browning who was also there to audition. She said she thought Emily looked like a doll and she couldn't stop staring at her beautiful face. We call that taste!

The role of course went to Jennifer Lawrence, but before she booked the role it was the hottest role up for grabs.

Click on source for full list, per ontd rules posting just five from the list below.
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Source + google images

Who would you have cast as Katniss, ontd? Now that it's been a decade do you think J Law was the right choice? 

Black Lady Sketch Show just dropped a bop!

ONTD: do Y'all breath air? and if so what's your fave episode so far?
also are you streaming Air?


Spiral takes top spot at Weekend Box Office

Spiral: From the Book of Saw took the top spot this weekend with $8.7 million. The Chris Rock spinoff of the Saw franchise fared poorly with critics with a 39 on Metascore. Audiences weren't impressed either, as the film scored a B- on Cinemascore.

Those Who Wish Me Dead, which had the widest opening of the pandemic-era with 3,188 theaters, came in 3rd with a poor $2.8 million.

Zack Snyder's Army of the Dead, which played in about 430 theaters, took $800k.

Next week sees Army of the Dead premiere on Netflix. It's the biggest release of the week.



No Black FRIENDS? Reunion Special Faces Backlash for Not Featuring Any Black Celebrity

The special episode has an impressive line-up of 30 guests.
Fans, however, were disappointed to find that not one of the stars was Black.
Not even Aisha Tyler was included, who appeared as Charlie in a smattering of episodes in Seasons 9 and 10 and is the only Black artist to have appeared for a significant role in the highly successful show.

source, 2
Artist: Joe Roberts

Rick(y) Schroeder films self harrassing Costco employee

Rick(y) Schroeder, best known for being on 80s kid sitcom "Silver Spoons", disappearing for a decade, and then coming back to be on adult cop drama "NYPD Blue", came out as Republican way back when and showed his ass whenever possible. He shut up for a few years but now he's back in fine conservative form, here deciding a Costco hourly employee needs to be put in his place for keeping a real American idiot...sorry, hero, from his right to buy mass quantities. And it was so important that Rick(y) filmed his fight for his right to 4 gallon jars of mayonnaise and posted it to his own Facebook.
Remember to inhale freedom and exhale liberty while watching.

source 1
source 2

MTV Movie & TV Awards Arrivals + Discussion Post

"People still watch this?" "What movies even came out this year?" "Wait it's also a TV awards show now?"

Join host Leslie Jones tonight at 9 EST and tomorrow because it is a two-night event. Tomorrow's award show will focus on reality TV.

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Add your own photos of arrivals in the comments, reminisce about past awards (ie Rachel McAdams kissing Ryan Gosling), feel old for not recognizing people... you know, the usual.
rose by <lj user="kerosene_pill">

rose from blackpink's behind the scenes diary

The video diary follows Rose as she films her stage and dance performances of On the Ground, and she touches on the process behind recording her first mini-album. She talks about the difficulties in taking time off, and how much she appreciates her support staff and crew. Briefly talks with her family about how much she liked performing pre-YG!


Kelly LeBrock

Courtney Love Slams New Series about Pamela Anderson

Courtney Love took to Facebook on Sunday to slam the new Hulu miniseries “Pam and Tommy”, which depicts Pamela Anderson’s abusive marriage to Tommy Lee, as well as their infamous sex tape. She says the ordeal ruined Pamela’s life and traumatized her. Love says that didn’t sign off on the use of a photo of herself in the miniseries when asked.

Love took specific aim at Lily James, saying, “shame on lily James whoever the f--k she is . #vile."


ONTD Exclusive: The Rise of Deux Moi's Faux Gossip

ONTD-ers, assemble! We may be but a shadow of the community we once were but we're still sourced and we still have standards - Something this new, steadily rising rat in the gossip community doesn't have! I'm talking, of course, about Deux Moi, a community I know from reading y'all's comments that a number of you belong to and some of you unfortunately believe. Before we talk about why we should mmmmmmm maybe not, let's catch up the rest of the class!


So what is Deux Moi?

I know not everyone here is familiar so let's start from square one. Deux Moi is an Instagram page that is very light on the grid posts and almost exclusively story posts, all sent by anonymous insta users, ranging from spottings of celebs accompanied by amateur paparazzi shots to tips from alleged insiders about what their celeb bosses are up to or what people overhead at the salon.

Pretty innocent, right?

Well, not really.

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