May 6th, 2021

Oscars 2022: First Blind Predictions


Variety looks ahead to what could be a very packed and condensed year

Let's take a look at some of their predictions. In short, they are predicting House of Gucci to earn a lot of awards.

Best Picture

“Being the Ricardos” (Amazon Studios) – Todd Black, Jason Blumenthal, Steve Tisch
“Blue Bayou” (Focus Features) – Poppy Hanks, Charles D. King, Kim Roth
“Coda” (Apple TV Plus) – Fabrice Gianfermi, Philippe Rousselet, Patrick Wachsberger
“Don’t Worry Darling” (New Line Cinema) – Roy Lee, Olivia Wilde, Miri Yoon
“Encanto” (Walt Disney Pictures) – Yvett Merino Flores, Clark Spencer
“Flee” (Neon) – Natalie Farrery, Signe Byrge
“The Harder They Fall” (Netflix) – Lawrence Bender, Jay-Z, James Lassiter, Jeymes Samuel
“House of Gucci” (MGM/United Artists Releasing) – Giannina Facio, Mark Huffam, Ridley Scott, Kevin J. Walsh – PREDICTED WINNER
“Nightmare Alley” (Searchlight Pictures) – J. Miles Dale, Guillermo del Toro
“Tick, Tick…Boom!” (Netflix) – Brian Grazer, Ron Howard, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Julie Oh
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Monsta X announces new mini 'One Of a Kind', Shownu to go on hiatus, + more

Monsta X drops the first comeback teaser to their new mini, 'One of a Kind', out on June 1st. 

Unfortunately, leader Shownu will not be participating in promotional activities for the album due to experiencing discomfort in his eyes as a result of last year's eye surgery. 

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Nooo what is a Monsta X comeback without Shownu? Hope that he will recover soon, poor bb and his health
I like Secret and Detox. Do you like their Japanese album?
seb 1

Harry Styles & Emma Corrin on the set of their new movie "My Policeman"

The up and coming thespian known as Harry Styles is in full swing.

After wrapping filming on Olivia Wilde's Don't Worry Darling late last year he's now back into the world of movies, shooting My Policeman with The Crown's Emma Corrin.

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Nancy Grace Defends Britney Spears After Reporter Calls Her Crazy

Nancy Grace was not having it after another reporter called Britney Spears "crazy" while discussing recently surfaced court documents filed by her father.

They were discussing the claims by her father made in 2008 that she had dementia.

Nancy quickly puts the reporter in her place saying "as I recall, you're a journalist not a medical doctor. Much less a psychologist or psychiatrist."

She goes on saying "I don't think she went crazy. I think she went through a very bad spot and she got connected with a lot of really bad players that were trying to use her in her life."

The reporters defends her claims simply because Britney would call retail stores at 4:00am to open their stores just so she could go shopping.

Nancy questions her double standard and reminds her that Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley would do the same thing but somehow not "crazy" but considered "eccentric".

These documents originally surfaced last year in May but are now getting the red carpet treatment in BBC’s new documentary The Battle for Britney: Fans, Cash and a Conservatorship.

#ImNotImpressedAlexis #FreeBritney

nancy woke up today and chose violence

ONTD Original: Is he cute or is he just white?

After Chet Hanx declared Summer 2021 as "White Boy Summer". I want to prepare the gorlz on how to avoid pink diq vooodoo. What is pink diq voodoo you ask?

Pink Diq Voodoo (prounounced pink deek voo doo)

Definition: When someone is blindsided by whiteness that they assume any and every white man is cute.

Sentence: Pink diq voodoo has users thinking Adam Driver is sexy

ONTD has had it's fair share of voodoo, lets take a look back at ONTD boyfriends

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Ya'll stay safe out there during white boy summer

Source is me and my observations
Tim & Saoirse

Indie Film Release Guide: May 7th [An ONTD Original]

ONTD Indie Release Guide Graphic.png

Mother’s Day weekend brings us several wide releases - Wrath of Man, Here Today, and The Water Man - along with another week of Scott Pilgrim vs the World in rerelease, and a truckload of new indies to choose from.

The films listed are from studios other than the “Big Six” - Paramount, Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox, Universal, Columbia/Sony and Disney. Note that some of the movies listed are in their first week or two of limited release in the USA, so it may take them a few more weeks (or months) to show up in your local arthouse theater or on VOD. Check out the posts from the past few weeks for more movies that may have just opened near you: April 30th, April 23rd, and April 16th.


Stars: Andrew Garfield, Maya Hawke, Nat Wolff, Jason Schwartzman
Writer: Gia Coppola, Tom Stuart
Director: Gia Coppola
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Plot: In this cautionary tale, three people struggle to preserve their identities as they form an eccentric love triangle within the fast-moving internet age.
What you should know: This is writer/director Gia Coppola’s second feature film, after 2013’s Palo Alto.
Where to watch: Select theaters

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What have you been watching lately, ONTD?
Fashion/Jana Flötotto

The Handmaid's Tale 4x05 "Chicago" Promo

[Spoiler cut, just in case]Janine and June made it to Chicago, but are now faced with the dangers of being at the war front. There is a shot of Nick and Com. Lawrence in the promo, they look fine in them though so I don't care because fuck pretty much all men on this show expect Luke and that Guardian on the farm. Maybe Mark, I find him hard to read sometimes.


I know this show has issues, but I need to see some of these fictional characters to get their comeuppance and I can't rant to my friends about it because none of them has watched the show.

Kendall Jenner Opens Up to Vogue About Her Anxiety

Reality TV star turned model / tequila maker Kendall Jenner gets candid with Vouge while talking about her anxiety with Dr. Ramani Durvasula.

Kendall says “There [are] going to be those people that say, ‘What does she have to worry about? What does she have to be anxious about?’ And I’ll never sit here and say I’m not fortunate [but] I’m still a human being at the end of the day. And no matter what someone has or doesn’t have, it doesn’t mean they don’t have real-life feelings and emotions.”

celebs... they're just like us.

Bill Gates and ex Ann Winblad allegedly went on annual getaways to her Outer Banks beach house

- Gates and Winblad's trips date back to their relationship in the 80s. She's a venture capitalist and Kevin Kline's sister-in-law.

- Tabloids found a 1997 Time article where Bill said Melinda approved of their totally platonic annual trips to Ann's NC beach house to reconnect and talk about the world and junk. He also asked her if he should marry Melinda? Normal ex stuff.

- You can look at a bunch of pics of wood paneling for free, or rent the oceanfront house for upwards of $2700 a weekend. No pets, smoking, or vaping.

jelous or crazy

Karma got its Kiss for Kamila: Cinderella to premiere on Amazon not theaters, date still unknown

Apparently: This is singer/songwriter Cabello’s film debut and she was integral to the music of the film, which incorporates pop songs from contemporary artists and original songs by Cabello.


A Quiet Place II - Final Trailer Released

  • Following the deadly events at home, the Abbott family (Emily Blunt, Millicent Simmonds, Noah Jupe) must now face the terrors of the outside world as they continue their fight for survival in silence. Forced to venture into the unknown, they quickly realize that the creatures that hunt by sound are not the only threats that lurk beyond the sand path.

  • The film also stars Cillain Murphy and Djimon Hounsou.

  • In theatres 28th May 2021.

Spice Girls Say You'll Be There

Beyoncé Told Victoria Beckham That the Spice Girls Inspired Her Own Career

In a recent Breaking Beauty podcast Posh stated, “I met Beyoncé a few years ago, and she actually said to me, ‘It was the Spice Girls that inspired me and made me want to do what I do and made me proud to be a girl and proud to be who I am", Victoria is always one to toot her own horn but this is believable. Victoria & Emma Bunton hosted the red carpet @ Vh1 Fashion awards in 2000 and interviewed Destiny's Child, Beyonce really said she loved the Spice Girls no cap. It's a testament to this very day that the Spice Girls has had an everlasting impression and were an inspiration to every boy and every girl to Spice Up Their Life. The resurgence of all things Spice kicked off this week when talks of a sequel to the blockbuster film 'Spice World' with it's deserved 34% rotten tomato was being made. Also rumored is the girls will resume their Spice World Tour 2019 which proved to be a massive success earning $80 Million for 13 dates. The other girls have to persuade Victoria to join them as her fashion brand is hemorrhaging money and she can't afford to show her collection in September, “Will I be doing a show in September? I don’t know. If I’m going to be very honest, the pandemic has really affected my business. Will I be in a position to spend all that money on the show? I don’t know, probably not,” she candidly shared.


Elon Musk and Grimes dinner with SNL crew

The 49-year-old billionaire and his musician girlfriend were joined by a host of SNL stars and producers, including Pete Davidson, Colin Jost, Kenan Thompson, Ego Nwodim and Chloe Fineman on Tuesday night.

The SNL cast were putting on a united front after Musk's hosting had become controversial, with his ultra-billionaire status and past stances on COVID-19 attracting naysayers on social media - and among some cast members.

Bowen Yang and Aidy Bryant, the two SNL stars who appeared to take a swipe on social media over Musk hosting, were not at the dinner.  

Musk was mobbed by fans near the restaurant and ended up signing multiple autographs:

They're also seeing arriving in New York with baby X Æ A-XII:

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The Cast of Degrassi: TNG To Celebrate 20 Years at ATX Festival

Stefan Brogren (Snake, Junior High - Next Class), Lauren Collins (Paige, seasons 1-8), Shane Kippel (Spinner, seasons 1-9), Andrea Lewis (Hazel, seasons 1-5), Christina Schmidt (Terri, seasons 1-3), Daniel Clark (Sean, seasons 1-7), Jake Epstein (Craig, seasons 2-8), Aislinn Paul (Clare, seasons 6-14), Munro Chambers (Eli, seasons 10-14), and Luke Bilyk (Drew, seasons 10-14) are set to appear along side co-creator Linda Schuyler and executive producer Stephen Stohn.

The virtual reunion panel will be on June 11th.

Degrassi: The Next Generation celebrates its 20th anniversary this year on October 14th.


Are you feeling old, huns?


What year is it? Chad Michael Murray, Jesse Metcalfe, Bruce Willis to star in The Fortress trilogy

-The trio will star in The Fortress trilogy, which started filming today in Puerto Rico
-They will film the first 2 films back to back, and the third at a future date
-Emile Hirsch was part of developing the series too

The story revolves around a top-secret resort for retired U.S. intelligence officers. A group of criminals led by Balzary (Murray) breach the compound, hellbent on revenge on Robert (Willis), forcing the retired officer and his son (Metcalfe) to save the day.


ONTD, is your favourite 2000s ~hunk~ still getting work?

YouTubers Nikki & Dan Phillippi Face Backlash For Putting Their Dog Down After Biting Their Child

Nikki Phillippi, a lifestyle influencer and popular Youtuber, announced that she and her husband Dan “made the difficult decision” to euthanize their family dog Bowser of 9 years after he bit their young child Logan. The announcement, first shared on Instagram and then in a YouTube video, faced massive backlash with so many people wishing the couple had re-homed the pet or found an alternative solution.

In the YouTube video, Phillippi said that she tried to contact the humane society in a bid to re-home the dog. However, it “was not an option as he had been with us from birth,” she explained. “Even if you re-home a dog, it is still your liability if the dog were to attack someone.”

The VLOG couple have been under fire for days now, with Jaclyn Hill and Feo Star joining in on the criticism.

They have since made their Instagram accounts private and disabled the comments on YouTube.

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You Can Now Tip On Twitter: Introducing The Twitter Tip Jar

Today Twitter introduced Tip Jar, a new feature that allows users to send money to other users and content creators on Twitter. “This is a first step in our work to create new ways for people to receive and show support on Twitter — with money,” the company shared in a blog post.

Users will be able to link their Twitter accounts with Tip Jar to Bandcamp, Cash App, Patreon, PayPal or Venmo and Twitter will take no cut of money sent through this new feature.

Those who are using Twitter in English on iOS and Android will be able to start sending money through Tip Jar starting today. Certain users will be able to add Tip Jar to their profiles to begin collecting tips. This includes creators, journalists, experts and nonprofits, Twitter said.

Twitter also recently announced that it would stop cropping full size images.

[Be Careful When Using PayPal with Tip Jar]

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ONTD, will you be tipping your favorite tweeters?

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Dirk Brûleé
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25 (5) Directors Who Spoke Out Against Their Own Movies

Alan Taylor, “Thor: The Dark World”
Often cited as the worst film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thor: The Dark World was panned by both critics and fans. Director Alan Taylor himself said the following about the movie: “The Marvel experience was particularly wrenching because I was sort of given absolute freedom while we were shooting, and then in post it turned into a different movie. So, that is something I hope never to repeat and don’t wish upon anybody else."

Roland Emmerich, “Independence Day: Resurgence”
While the original Independence Day was a huge success and made $817 million world wide, Resurgence flopped in comparison, making only $390 million. Emmerich admits he should've scrapped the project once Will Smith left to do Suicide Squad instead, saying he had to write new, lesser script in haste after Smith's exit.
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Fashion Historian Fact Checks Bridgerton's Wardrobe | Glamour

Fashion historian Raissa Bretaña fact checks the historical accuracy of the costumes in Netflix’s hit series Bridgerton. She analyzes the British Regency Era that the show is set in and the costumes of the main characters Daphne, Simon (Duke of Hastings), Penelope, and Queen Charlotte. She also explains the evolution of each layer of the iconic styles of dress from 1811 to 1820.


Walker - 1.11 - Freedom - Promo

Walker (Jared Padalecki) and Geri (guest star Odette Annable) are both unsure of their feelings for each other after their kiss and things get very complicated when Hoyt (guest star Matt Barr) comes home from prison. However, the welcome home party is interrupted when Micki (Lindsey Morgan) and Walker get word that Clint West (guest star Austin Nichols) is on the run.


Jodie Turner-Smith Tells the Story of How She Met Joshua Jackson


they met at a party, had a one night stand, and have been together ever since

she knew who he was (#TeamPacey) but played it cool, and they got talking over her waring a "The Future Is Female Ejaculation" shirt [he recognised that it was from Sorry to Bother You]

All night he followed me around the party. He felt the energy. He felt it.'

'We're in a two, three-year one-night stand now.'

George and Amal Clooney 'are eyeing up' countryside estate in the South of France


George Clooney turns 60 today.

The DIRT reports that the couple are close to purchasing a property in Brignoles in the Var.

The historic house is close to George's Oceans' co-star Brad Pitt's Château Miraval in Correns.

In 2018 the estate was priced at almost US$9.8 million at today’s rates

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Grogu blink
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Gabourey Sidibe To Make Feature Directorial Debut With Thriller ‘Pale Horse’

As if being an Oscar nominated actor and an author wasn't enough, Gabourey Sidibe is also adding film director to her resume.

Written by Asabi Lee and Paul Hart-Wilden (Wolf Town), and based on a story by Chris Courtney Martin (The Last Laugh), Pale Horse centres around Naia, a highly regarded but reclusive African-American YA author living with MS. Naia finds herself enveloped in a dark mystery when she gives shelter to a man who escaped captivity with her long-lost brother.

The thriller is being produced by Effie T. Brown (Dear White People) and Wellington Love (The United States vs. Billie Holiday) together with Gamechanger Films, a production company and development fund that focuses on projects by and about women, people of color, LGBTQ+, and people with disabilities.


ONTD Original: Me ranking Taylor Swift album based on the (few) songs I've heard.

god this post is do dumb but I have nothing to do so yeah, here is my list ranking all the nine Taylor Swift (studio) albums from worst to best and like the title says I have only heard a few songs so I will be rankning the album based on the songs I have listened to and hopefully it still a good list (probably not) hope you gals like it ~ ♥</p>

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source: me

what are your favorite Taylor Swift album/songs??

14 (5) Movies Where Actors Poked Fun At Their On-Screen Persona

Here's a list of actors who make fun of their carefully established on-screen personas.

Such spoofing can help show a whole new facet of their abilities to the public

Past-Her-Prime Star Gloria Swanson Plays A Past-Her-Prime Star Driven To Madness In 'Sunset Boulevard'
The veteran performer delivers a sly spoof not only of her own silver screen past, but also of what the public assumed she was like by 1950.

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ONTD, what's your favorite movie where actors poke fun at themselves?
Turning Red- studious

New Sailor Moon Eternal: The Movie PT. 1 &2 sneak peak trailer!!

Youtube version in case the tweet doesn't work


OP's note: I was a bit apprehensive before but now I AM THE HYPE!!