April 21st, 2021

Kate Winslet Says Her Daughter’s Acting Career Has Nothing To Do With Having A Famous Mom


Kate shares Mia with her first ex-husband, Jim Threapleton

Winslet revealed on the British chat show Lorraine that her daughter has kept the fact that her mother is famous under wraps while auditioning.

Winslet said her daughter Mia Threapleton's different last name let her fly "under the radar" without people knowing the pair are related.

Threapleton most recently starred in the 2020 movie Shadows.

"What's great for her is she has a different surname so she slipped under the radar and the people who cast her didn't know she was my daughter and that was important for her self-esteem, of course," Winslet added.

In an interview with Variety last year, Threapleton revealed Shadows was the very first part she ever auditioned for.

"I had just finished school, was free of exam hell, and felt excited, nervous and ready to start auditioning for things, and hoping that the opportunities to audition would come my way," she said. "I just hoped I would get the chance to do what I had wanted to do for so long!"


‘Lupin’ Snatches Top Netflix Viewing Spot in First Quarter


yeah, these Netflix stats are kinda whack, but the most watched stuff in the first quarter:

Lupin (76 million member accounts worldwide watched at least a couple of minutes)
Fate: The Winx Saga (57m)
Who Killed Sara? (55m)
Ginny & Georgia (52m)
Firefly Lane (49m)
Cobra Kai S3 (45m)

Outside the Wire (66m)
Yes Day (62m)
I Care A Lot (56m)
To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before 3(51m)
horny christmas

LeBron James detests Raiders tweet regarding George Floyd

LeBron James detests Raiders tweet regarding George Floyd while Raiders owner Mark Davis defends it, "I Can Breathe" wording came from George Floyd's brother Philonise, who said "Today, we are able to breathe again."

Davis added, "If I offended the family, then I'm deeply, deeply disappointed."

He also said the post won't be deleted.

source= https://twitter.com/KingJames/status/1384757885645643779

Body language

Tony Award winner John Cameron Mitchell cast as Joe Exotic

Tony Award winner John Cameron Mitchell has been cast as Tiger King's Joe Exotic in the upcoming self-titled miniseries. He joins Kate McKinnon who was cast as Carole Baskin.

“I’m thrilled to take on the role of this modern folk antihero,” Mitchell said in a statement. “Joe and I are the same age and like him, I grew up queer in Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas so I feel like I know a little bit about this guy and his desperate attempt to conquer an inhospitable world.”

This is not the only series based off Joe Exotic; Nicolas Cage was previously cast for an Amazon-produced adaptation.


Hilary Duff to star in How I Met Your Mother sequel, How I Met Your Father, at Hulu

Hulu has ordered a HIMYM sequel series consisting of ten episodes and starring Hilary Duff (who is also executive producing). "Sophie (Duff) is telling her son the story of how she met his father: a story that catapults us back to the year 2021 where Sophie and her close-knit group of friends are in the midst of figuring out who they are, what they want out of life, and how to fall in love in the age of dating apps and limitless options." It's unclear how exactly this will tie into the original.

Carter Bays and Craig Thomas are executive producing the project. Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger created the show and also serve as writers.

agatha 50s

Kiko Mizuhara casually reveals she's "dated women before"


-Model/Actress Kiko Mizuhara has been doing press for her new lesbian Netflix film Ride or Die.

-In an interview with NBC News, she talks about LGBTQ+ representation, playing a lesbian character and nonchalantly shares, "I've dated women before, and that's something that I was incorporating into the character."

-[Full quote and article]

-Like many women on the non-het sexuality spectrum, her taste in men is questionable (self-drag, but also looking at you Ashley Benson and Amber Heard). She's been most famously linked to G-Druggin', leader of disgraced K-pop band, B** B***, who most probably groomed his current girlfriend, and was shortly linked to gay-panderer, Harry Styles.

Please enjoy this Tinder ad featuring Kiko matching with a woman!

Sources: 1/2
Another win for the sapphics!
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‘Floor Is Lava’ Renewed for Season 2 at Netflix

Netflix has renewed “Floor Is Lava” for a second season, this according to Variety. Rutledge Wood will return to host the show.

For those unfamiliar, “Floor is Lava” is a game show where teams try and climb or get past random obstacles while trying to avoid falling into the “lava.” The goal is to safely get to the other side of the room and the team with the most people who successfully made it, win.

I thought this had already been renewed tbh.
I need MOAR episodes NAO.

Dirk Brûleé
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ONTD Original: Music To Look Forward To In 2021

Is life bringing you down? Need some soothing sound-balm for your ear holes and that weird wrinkly thing in your head called a brain? Well you've come to the right place! This post presents four upcoming albums and one EP of artists of somewhat various genres being released this year. Perhaps something will fit you. Perhaps it won't. Either way, please enjoy!

The Turning Wheel by SPELLLING

Third album by multidimensional artist SPELLLING (Chrystia Cabra), produced and orchestrated by herself while featuring 31 collaborators.
Release date: June 25, 2021
Genres: Experimental, Soul, R&B
Latest single: Little Deer

Vulture Prince by Arooj Aftab

Third album by Brooklyn-based Pakistani composer Arooj Aftab, dedicated to her late brother Maher.
Release date: April 23, 2021
Genres: World, Jazz, Neo-Classical
Latest single: Mohabbat

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Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, my impeccable taste

Ace Attorney Spin-Off to finally be released worldwide in July

The bundle is called "The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles" and contains both games of "The Great Ace Attorney" (Dai Gyakuten Saiban in Japanese). The games were released in Japan in 2015 and 2017, but never had a proper version outside of it. It's going to be available at Switch, PS4, and Steam.

The spin-off prequel takes place during the Meiji Era in Japan and the Victorian era in Great Britain. Most of the gameplay remains unchanged from the original series, but you have some new abilities to explore, which can be shown in the trailer below.

The release date is scheduled for July 27th.

SOURCE: video

The franchise turns 20 years old this year! What's your favorite moment, ONTD?

The Golden Globes are imploding

Things at the Hollywood Foreign Press Association continue getting worse.

Several days ago, Deadline received emails from former HFPA President Philip Berk where he called the Black Lives Matter movement "a racist hate movement" and criticized co-founder Patrisse Cullors recent real estate purchases, going so far to mention that its near a home involved in the Manson murders. Brendan Fraser has also gone on record accusing Berk of groping him.

Yesterday, NBC and MRC issued a statement strongly condemning Berk's words. The HFPA soon expelled Berk from membership.

The groups crisis communication firm, Smith & Company, decided this email situation was the last straw and quit representing them.

At the same time, the groups diversity consultant also quit. THR states the consultants meeting with Time's Up regarding new diversity initiatives "did not go well."

Deadline is also reporting that the groups PR firm, Sunshine Sachs, is also planning on terminating their relationship.

After the Globes ceremony in February, a majority of PR firms in Hollywood threatened that they would suggest their clients skip any events with the HFPA if they didn't change their way in a quick fashion.


Coming Soon: MORE Avatar: The Last Airbender Funko

4 new Aangs (Avatar State, GIANT Target exclusive that Glows in the Dark, metallic?)
More Fire Nation baddies (Ozai, Zhao. 2 Zhaos. Why does he need 2?)
The Blue Spirit (GITD HT Chase)
Suki, Ty Lee, and Mai (BAM! Exclusive)

Expected release is July 15th but they usually show up much earlier.


REALLY GLAD I LIVE NEAR A BOOKS A MILLION gonna buy 4 Mai sell them for 40$ /I'm kidding if u want one lmk

First Look at Netflix’s new romcom Resort to Love

Netflix posted a first look at their new romcom Resort to Love. The film stars Christina Milian, Jay Pharoah, and Sinqua Walls. Alicia Keys was a producer on the film.

Milian plays a singer who gets booked at her ex's wedding where she rediscovers feelings for her ex (Pharoah) but his brother (Walls) tries to keep them apart. It premieres on July 29.


Harry Styles to go nude for gay sex scenes in The Policeman

In case you missed it, Harry is staring as the titular policeman in this 50s period drama, and will be seen having sex with co-star David Dawson - who has been cast as Harry's love interest, named Patrick, in the movie. The article details that there is both a sex scene and a scene where Harry is alone and naked. Apparently, he's thrilled about it.

"Not much is going to be left to the imagination. Harry is throwing himself into this new role and is really excited about the challenge, even though it’s a daunting task. He always wants to do things that people wouldn’t expect and challenge what people think about him — and this film will really do that.”


Aziz Ansari's "Master of None" Will Return for Season 3 on Netflix


After a long hiatus, Aziz Ansari will return to TV screens with the third season of "Master of None." His Netflix show was a hit...until he was accused of sexual misconduct. He disappeared on a long hiatus but is apparently preparing a comeback.

Will you watch? Are you ready for Aziz's comeback?


The View: Philonise and Terrence Floyd, Maria Bakalova, Mazie Hirono, Yvette Nicole Brown, Hot Topic

Panel is Whoopi (off Fri), Joy, Sunny, Sara, Ana (only Fri), and Meghan


More behind the cut

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Idk if or when Monday aired. My 📺 had live closing arguments of trial. Hulu never uploaded the episode, but YouTube has videos

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Ontd how are you feeling?

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‘The Resident’: Original Cast Member Exits Fox Medical Drama

On Tuesday’s edition of The Resident, original cast member made their final appearance.

[Spoiler (click to open)]
The surgeon character played by Wilson is written off the show, as departing the city to return to her native Nigeria.

source, 2

ONTD Original: Top Episodes with Powerful Messages from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Greetings, ONTD.
It's been a while. I'm back after an ONTD hiatus for the 11th installment of the ONTD Original Series: Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Today, I'm doing an installment that reflects what I've needed over the past few weeks: Episodes with Powerful Messages.

Disclaimer: The ranking is my opinion, and my opinion only. <3 I love commenting back and forth, and I'm absolutely open to opposing views, but please be kind and respectful to each other. These posts are bringing me such joy in the middle of intense isolation, and I truly enjoy making these posts and commenting back and forth with my fellow Buffy fans. <3. That being said, let's jump in!

[The hardest thing in this world is to live in it]

7. (two episodes, same message)
The Zeppo (S3E13) & Potential (S7E12)

I know, I know. "But ummnothx, you don't like Xander!" Truth. I don't like his character, but the point of The Zeppo is one helps him become a bit more tolerable in my book. He's a "normal" guy with little to no abilities outside of a normal, clumsy human. He starts the episode feeling like the least special person in his circle who doesn't contribute. Everyone brushes him off because he's at risk of getting hurt (more so than his pals), and he ends up saving them all without saying a word, despite the absence of any super power. The scene where he walks away confidently from Cordelia and leaves her confused is absolutely epic. For someone who has always bashed Xander, I have to say I actually enjoy this episode.

I KNOW. "But ummnothx, Xander AND Dawn? What about your other posts?" Again, truth. Dawn is SUPES annoying in the fifth season, and I will never get over what a jerk Xander is. However. Upon my rewatches, I have to admit I've recognized their sides and struggles, and I've come to value them as characters. The lesson of this episode is that being 'told' you have potential, isn't the only way you become valuable or special. I love the mini-speech Xander gives to Dawn, and it rings true for so many people.

6. I Was Made to Love You (S5E15)

For a lot of people, this episode is gross and only serves the purpose of leading to the absolute saddest episode in the series. For me, this episode highlights the truth about the perfection we all think we want: it's boring. Warren builds his literal perfect woman. She does everything he wants, treats him like he's a God...and he leaves her for a 'real' girl. Katrina (his girlfriend) isn't perfect; she's got imperfect hair, she's opinionated, and likely doesn't worship him. The "perfect" robot girlfriend, April, is left alone despite doing 'everything right.' In juxtaposition to how Buffy felt she was toward Riley, I think it gave the message that even being the 'perfect' girlfriend sometimes isn't enough.

5. Helpless (S3E12)

Helpless was such a great episode. Not only because we got to see Buffy tell Travers to bite her, but because we saw Buffy learn that she's cunning. She's not just muscle, she can strategize and execute an effective plan without the super strength she's given as a slayer. She's put to the test and she passes. The test is archaic and horrible, but I think the message it sent to 12-year-old me when I watched it was, it doesn't take super powers to save the world. It just takes experience, willingness, and some(most)times, pressure.

[If I had friends, and they heard about this...]
4. Checkpoint (S5E12)

Checkpoint has some of the best moments of season five, in my opinion. Throwing a sword at the rude watcher, telling Travers off, the scene with Glory, the fight with the knights on the way to the Magic Box...all leading up to the lesson. The people around Buffy were lining up to break her down. She's their tool, she's weak, she has no control...and in the end, she learned that the people trying to break her down only want what she has: power. She learns that the people who are trying to tear her down are desperate, unhappy, and need her to give them something to feel better. GURL. Let me tell you, 14ish-year-old-me NEEDED this lesson.

3. Earshot (S3E18)

I have to admit, I have fluctuating feelings on this episode. Part of me goes to a place of them trying to push that popular, beautiful teenagers who mercilessly bully deserve sympathy because they're dealing with everyday problems 'just like you!' For me, the message is a bit lost in translation, but I attribute that to Buffy's interpretation that he meant to kill them all, and not himself. I wish there would've been more of a conversation after he disclosed the truth, but I think the message/lesson in general was absorbed (insert bumper sticker quote and me holding my gag reflex here): everyone you meet is fighting a battle, be kind. All jokes aside, it was a nice reminder that the absence of sound doesn't mean everything is OK.

2. Anne (S3E1)

Anne is an episode that grew on me. I didn't love it when it first aired, because it was not the Buffy I had known from seasons one and two. She was sad, disconnected, hiding, and avoiding her calling. I didn't like that. (I was also like 12 or 13, give me a break!) Over the years I've come to love this episode. Watching Buffy come to the realization that this is who she is, this is what she does, and the epic line, "I'm Buffy, the Vampire Slayer. And you are?" before she knocks everyone out and the sass returns? Yep. The message I took from this episode is: you can't run from who you are. And if you do, it'll catch up to you. Embrace it and make it your b****.

[Must be Tuesday...]
1. Family (S5E6)

Ohhh, this moment. Personal note: as a teen, I came out to my family and dealt with the similar moment Buffy did in season two after telling her Mom she's the slayer. Initial shock, confusion/bargaining, trying to belittle it or write it off, and ultimately kicking me out of my home. Watching Buffy and her friends stand up for Tara and let her 'blood kin' know they're her actual family is a moment that ALWAYS brings tears to my eyes. Always. <3 The message that you aren't "stuck" with the "family" you're born into and you're able to build your own family as needed is the message I needed at that age. And I know so, so many folks on here can relate.

If you're interested in seeing the previous posts:
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Post 10: Buffy the Vampire Slayer Cast: Where Are They Now?

Sources: My brain, 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Eva Mendes sparks parenting debate after sharing quote about spanking

Mendes sparked a heated parenting debate when she shared a quote comparing spanking children to abusive marriages.
“Spanking does for a child’s development what hitting a spouse does for a marriage,” 

Followers took to the comments section to agree or disagree with her post, prompting Mendes to engage.

“I totally respect you. Thank you for a respectful comment. So nice to disagree with respect. I found the quote powerful and wanted to pass it on. Lotsa love to you and yours [heart emoji].”

“Thank you for your comment. So happy to agree to disagree. Want this page to offer that in a loving way. We all parent in our own way and I have no idea what I’m doing most of the time. This didn’t come with a manual, so when there’s something that resonates with me, I pass it on. Lotsa love.”

Mendes shares two daughters with partner Ryan Gosling, 6-year-old Esmeralda and 4-year-old Amada.

neutral milk hotel aka coolest album art

ONTD Original: ONTD Goes to Bigg Chill


By popular request!

Background: OP is a lifelong Los Angeles native and the frozen yogurt shop the Bigg Chill has been an intrinsic part of her childhood. Family trips to the small froyo shop was a special treat where their simple flavors pack a big and delectable punch. It's one of the finer things about the town hosting Hollywood, a hole in the wall but a city-wide cultural icon.

But all of a sudden, the Big Chill faced a powerful enemy. Yeah, COVID was not super kind to this small corner shop, but an almighty force called Demetria Devonne Lovato swooped in bearing fire and bile. You see, Lovato had paid a visit to the Chill and stormed out over a display of "sugar-free" cookies she said "triggered" her and then went on a mighty rampage about how the store was promoting "diet culture", stomping all over their DMs over "gaslighting", and crying "the customer is always right" with Lovato's partner in crime Jameela Jamil. Demi has been open and honest about her personal experience with eating disorders and the daily struggles it entails.  While she is entitled to empathy and sympathy, Demi is not entitled to weaponize her trauma to spread lies that could have done serious damage to the livelihoods of the owners of The Bigg Chill and its' 20 employees without taking accountability. The Bigg Chill was under attack, and with a pandemic still raging it cannot withstand a 100 Years War with the unholy power of celebrity.

In light of this crisis, OP was shamefully reminded of the many years passed since her last call to the Bigg Chill. It brought fond memories of delightful froyo, oldies playing on the overhead speakers, and its perpetually content patronage. Rumor had that this feud ignited a wave of new sponsors and gave OP the courage to pay her beloved froyo stand a call. Were the customer lines really there? Were the cookies still on display? But most importantly, was the froyo still worth it?

Collapse )

The moral of this tale? Support thy local businesses, even when they are not under threat of a plague of disease or the vindictiveness of the rich and famous.

Initial Request for Investigation, More Popular Support
Tell Tales of the FroYo Feud: 1, 2, 3, 4
Ron by the fire

Yes, Tyler Perry's getting an Oscar this year

You read that correctly. The Academy announced that both Tyler Perry and the Motion Picture Television Fund will be receiving the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award at this year's Oscars.

The award is given out to an “individual in the motion picture industry whose humanitarian efforts have brought credit to the industry,” and will be handed out during Sunday's ceremony (the first time since 2009).

For reference, those who've received the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award in recent years include Angelina Jolie, Geena Davis, Debbie Reynolds, Harry Belafonte, and Oprah Winfrey among others.

Source: https://twitter.com/Variety/status/1385005681481183234

Marvel exec says discussions happening for second season of Falcon and the Winter Solider

The Falcon and Winter Solider executive producer Nate Moore says ideas have been "kicked around" for a second season of The Falcon and the Winter Solider. "Hopefully at the end of this season, you will see the potential for what we could tell in a subsequent season." However, a second season has yet to be confirmed.

Moore adds that The Falcon and the Winter Solider will be submitted for Emmy Award consideration this year as a Drama series, while WandaVision will be submitted as a Limited Series.


Predictions for the finale?

Dead love is true: Jana Kramer files for divorce

-Jana has filed for divorce from her husband of 6 years, Mike Caussin
-The One Tree Hill star broke the news on her Instagram, saying "It's time" and "I just can't fight any longer. It's time to heal."
-She had previously revealed that she almost filed for divorce in 2016 when she was on Dancing With The Stars and he was in rehab for his sex addiction
-They have 2 children under 5


She finally did it!

Katie Holmes and Emilio Vitolo Jr.’s romance is fizzling out

A source tells Page Six that Katie's relationship with Emilio is cooling off. They were first spotted together last September and were inseparable, having been seen canoodling all over Manhattan

Page Six sources say that Katie has been away shooting a new movie.

Holmes and Vitolo haven’t broken up yet, but things have definitely cooled down.

This was Holmes’ first relationship since splitting with Jamie Foxx in August 2019 after six years together.


Where are they now? Alexis Jordan Edition

Alexis Jordan appeared on the first season of America's Got Talent, after being eliminated she started uploading covers on her youtube cover. Shortly after she was scouted by Jay-Z & the producers StarGate Resulting in her getting signed to StarRoc..
Alexis got more success in the UK than in the US.
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Source 1 2 3

ONTD, does youtube recommend you music from people you have completely forgotten about to the point it makes you search up where are they now?