April 3rd, 2021


Space Jam: A New Legacy Trailer

When LeBron and his young son Dom are trapped in a digital space by a rogue A.I., LeBron must get them home safe by leading Bugs, Lola Bunny and the whole gang of notoriously undisciplined Looney Tunes to victory over a powered-up roster of professional basketball stars as you’ve never seen them before. It’s Tunes versus Goons in the highest-stakes challenge of his life, that will redefine LeBron’s bond with his son and shine a light on the power of being yourself.

(Why is 'Zendaya' tagged in this? Because she voices Lola Bunny now)

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Who went home on episode 13 of RuPaul's Drag Race season 13?


Maxi Challenge: “Henny, I Shrunk the Drag Queens” acting challenge
Guest Judge: Cynthia Erivo
Special Guests: Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost

Winner: [Spoiler (click to open)]Rosé
Bottom queens: [Spoiler (click to open)]Kandy Muse, Olivia Lux
Eliminated: [Spoiler (click to open)]Olivia Lux

source: my TV

the Colin Jost cameo is home of phobic. I'm suing WOW and Ru for this.

Please support our RPDR queens AND your local queens during this pandemic. Here are two masterposts on how to support our queens: 1, 2.

Also, PLEASE put your finale spoilers from Reddit under a spoiler tag.
Kai bw

EXO's Kai for first look magazine +Kai's CF for Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Radiance Collection

Kai was fatured in (and covers) the 216 vol. of 1st look edition, for the Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Radiance Collection:

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Kai glow indeed

Ontd Original: Female pop acts from around the word

OP is always looking for new pop chanteuses to Stan.
So here’s a list of “new” releases from pop females from around the world.

From the U.S
Dove Cameron - Lazybaby

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Ralph broke the internet so Space Jam tries to end the internet: Breaking down Space Jam cameos

-The Space Jam: New Legacy trailer broke today, posted here but what has the internet talking is Space Jam going a step further and exploring the Warner Bros universe w/a shitload of cameos.

-There are over 101 easter eggs in the new Space Jam film and characters that have already been spotted are:

  • Game of Thrones

  • The Matrix

  • Batman & Robin

  • Space Ghost

  • IT (Pennywise)

  • The Mask

  • Scooby-Doo

  • A Clockwork Orange

  • Yogi Bear

  • The Flintstones

  • Smallfoot

  • Blue Falcon

#lebron james from sour sea
What WB owned characters are you hoping to show up?

The SAG Winners Leaked. Maybe.

The SAG air tomorrow, but were pre taped a few days ago. So to no one's surprise a list of the movie winners got out

The leak comes from the Gold Derby forums and multiple award pundits suspiciously changed their predictions after it

[the alleged winners:]
the alleged winners:

Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role: Chadwick Boseman
Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Leading Role: Viola Davis
Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Supporting Role: Maria Bakalova,
Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Supporting Role: Daniel Kaluuya
Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture: The Trial of the Chicago 7

source 2
Ron/Hermione hands

Armie Hammer 'departs' final project he was attached to, Broadway's 'The Minutes'

I guess this was the last project confirmed asshole and alleged assaulter Armie Hammer was attached to? He was set to star on the Broadway show 'The Minutes' a year ago before it was postponed due to the pandemic. Now he's 'left' the show due to 'my health for the sake of my family.'

Said Hammer: “I have loved every single second of working on ‘The Minutes’ with the family I made from Steppenwolf. But right now I need to focus on myself and my health for the sake of my family. Consequently, I will not be returning to Broadway with the production.”

Source: https://twitter.com/Variety/status/1378099923258728451

Mike Posner Decides to Climb Mt. Everest

Pop singer Mike Posner plans to climb Mt. Everest, the world's tallest mountain, even though he does not have any major climbing experience. He claims that he has been training for a year and a half, but does not mention any summitting any major peaks. His other physical venture was walking 2,851 miles across the U.S. in 2019.

Amateur climbers have received heavy criticism for clogging up Everest, leaving debris and litter, and jeopardizing the safety of experienced mountaineers.

Think he'll make it?


Would you try to climb Everest?

Try? Sure. Succeed? No.

  • blorpz

Songwriters Stand Up to Greedy Pop Stars who Unfairly Demand Publishing or Songwriting Credits

"Almost every artist demands publishing from the writers’ side, and I think it’s unfair because they aren’t doing the work beyond their vocals." - Anonymous A&R Rep1. And, like most theft in the music industry, this practice can be traced back to Elvis.2

A group of well-known songwriters - who have written for Gaga, Kylie, Ari, Dua Quarantina Travelipa, and more - are banding together as a group calling themselves "The Pact". They are collectively speaking up about pop stars using their leverage to demand a cut of publishing or songwriting credits without contributing anything. In response to this predatory behavior, The Pact put out an open letter saying they won't give credit unless the singer actually contributed something "meaningful" to the composition.

It states: "This body of songwriters will not give publishing or songwriting credit to anyone who did not create or change the lyric or melody or otherwise contribute to the composition without a reasonably equivalent/meaningful exchange for all the writers on the song."

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ONTD: Which stars have messed with your money?

Cher ridiculed for claiming she ‘could’ve HELPED’ George Floyd had she ‘been there’

Singer Cher found herself trending on Twitter last night and being accused of white-savior fantasies, after she tweeted a bizarre message saying she “could’ve helped” George Floyd.

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ONTD Movie Watch Party Night! Tonight, A Screening of Always Be My Maybe on Netflix


If you're at home, just want a movie to relax, join us for our ONTD Movie Watch Party. This week's film is Always Be My Maybe starring comedian extraordinares Ali Wong and Randall Park see the trailer below. Your local hall monitor will be hosting this party so she will post the link to begin the film/party at 8 PM EST! Netflix Party is now called Teleparty. Instructions to install Teleparty are here! You've all probably done this before, but OP is 👵🏾 so she needed a tutorial

There will be a group chat in the film, but feel free to comment there or this post for discussion.

If you've already seen the movie, see it again but try not to spoil for those who have are seeing it for the first time. Also if you've got a suggestion for a movie, feel free to add to the comments or PM me - Teleparty can also be used on HULU and Disney+. Also feel free to share if you'll be partaking in snacks and what kind for our movie night.

Welcome! Hope you are doing well and hopefully the watch party gives you some laughs and time to relax. 🎞 🎟 🍿


Join us HERE!
Demi Lovato07

ONTD Original: Music Review... Demi Lovato: dancing with the devil... the art of starting over

About a year ago, I wrote a review of Taylor Swift's folklore. I had planned to do more of other artists (including Taylor's other albums, Beyonce's Lemonade, Demi Lovato's backlog, some Rihanna, Britney, etc.), but other fandom stuff got in the way. Well, with Demi finally dropping her long-awaited new album, I'm back with another one. (Yeah, cuz people have been waiting breathlessly, hah.) Anyhoo, here it is.

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90s CanRock stans, assemble! Moist has released new music!

Moist has released a new song titled "End of the Ocean." Because it's only available to Canadians on YouTube, here is a set of links so you can find it on the best platform for you!


David Usher serenades you for your time.


Taylor Swift (Taylor's Version) Posts Tracklist (Taylor's Version) for Fearless (Taylor's Version)


Taylor Swift posted the tracklist for her re-recording of Fearless, including the 6 "Vault Songs" from the Fearless era that never made the final record or it's platinum edition.

4 of the 6 "new" songs appear to have leaked in some capacity over the years, and subsequently uploaded to Youtube or Soundcloud. Here's a quick rundown of the songs being re-recorded:

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Which song are you most excited to hear re-recorded, ONTD?
britney kenzo

Demi Lovato earns career-best reviews for 'Dancing with the Devil...The Art of Starting Over'

Demi Lovato's seventh studio album, Dancing with the Devil...The Art of Starting Over, is officially her most well-received yet, with a Metascore of 79 based on 6 reviews. (Her previous effort, 2017's Tell Me You Love Me, scored a 72.)

"A decade ago, in 2011's 'Skyscraper,' Demi Lovato assured her listeners: 'Go on and try to tear me down, I will be rising from the ground / Like a skyscraper.' She has fallen, hard, but continues to rise time and time again and remains a phoenix, perpetually guided by her greatest gift: her voice." ★★★★ —Consequence of Sound

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What's your favorite track on DWTDTAOSO?

Dancing with the Devil
ICU (Madison's Lullabye)
The Art of Starting Over
Lonely People
The Way You Don't Look at Me
Melon Cake
Met Him Last Night
What Other People Say
The Kind of Lover I Am
15 Minutes
My Girlfriends are My Boyfriend
California Sober
Mad World
Good Place
kai 2020

3YE - Stalker MV

Hey you! Are you looking for a new kpop group who only has bops?
You came to the right post! Let me show you underrated kpop queens called 3YE!
This is their latest comeback! It's a bit generic unlike their previous ones, but it's still a BOP! They deserve more recognition!

  • MV

  • If you aren't into this version, try the chill remix:

  • They are great performers!

[Click here for more!!]

! I don't know if some of the hair choices in MVs are CA, so be aware of that... !

What do you think? Are they good? Do you like their music or you find it try hard? Do they deserve success or eternal nuguness? :(

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