March 14th, 2021

Kpop Post: Brave Girls, Soyou, Super Junior, Purplekiss

Brave Girls makes Kpop history by winning their first ever music show with the 4 year old song “Rollin’”

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OP needs a moment😭

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Weekend Box Office

Raya and the Last Dragon kept the #1 spot this weekend with $5.5 million. Tom and Jerry stayed at $2 with $4 million, followed by Choas Walking ($2.2), Boogie ($730k), and The Croods 2 ($520k).

Overall, the box office fell $8 million from last weekend, even with NYC theaters open. LA theaters will begin opening again tomorrow, though with the same capacity restrictions as NY.

Thursday sees the release of Zack Snyder's Justice League on HBO Max, while theaters get Benedict Cumberbatch's thriller The Courier.


Body language

Emma Stone & Willem Dafoe Will Star In Postmodern Frankenstein-ish Tale ‘Poor Things’

Director Yorgos Lanthimos is adapting Alasdair Gray's 1992 novel 'Poor Things' with Willem Dafoe and Emma Stone. Lanthimos previously directed 'The Favourite' with Stone.

The novel's summary reads:

"One of Alasdair Gray’s most brilliant creations, Poor Things, is a postmodern revision of Frankenstein that replaces the traditional monster with Bella Baxter— a beautiful young erotomaniac brought back to life with the brain of an infant. Godwin Baxter’s scientific ambition to create the perfect companion is realized when he finds the drowned body of Bella, but his dream is thwarted by Dr. Archibald McCandless’s jealous love for Baxter’s creation.

The hilarious tale of love and scandal that ensues would be “the whole story” in the hands of a lesser author (which, in fact, it is, for this account is actually written by Dr. McCandless). For Gray, though, this is only half the story, after which Bella (a.k.a. Victoria McCandless) has her own say in the matter. Satirizing the classic Victorian novel, Poor Things is a hilarious political allegory and a thought-provoking duel between the desires of men and the independence of women, from one of Scotland’s most accomplished authors."

While Emma Stone is clearly playing Bella it is unclear as to who Dafoe will play.


Zara Larsson Fires Her Creative Director For Bodyshaming Her to Azealia Banks

Zara Larsson recently released her sophmore album Poster Girl and held a live virtual concert to promote it. On Instagram, Azealia Banks posted multiple stories of Zara's creative director Ryder Ripps, (who is Azealia fiancé) sending Azealia pictures of Zara from the concert and making fun of Zara's body and her weight.

In response to the multiple screenshots of Ryder sending pictures of her and making fun of the size of her arms, Zara commented, "Not Azealia Banks sharing a convo with my CREATIVE DIRECTOR Ryder making fun of my armssss. Like I don't pay his bills? / What about my arm?? Huh?? I literally see people commenting on my weight every single day, but really? You?? @ryder_ripps"

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Ryder also claimed that he told Zara's team no for other projects they wanted him for since "shes too all over the place" and that he didn't want to work with her. Well he got his wish and Ruin His Life because Zara fired him after all this came out.

Zara posted onto her Instagram story, "It's not even about this specific convo specifically about me. It's just tiring to always see women's bodies being this... "funny" topic. Ya my arms are genetically bigger. That's just what my body type is like and honestly it's starting to get to me because people are constantly pointing it out like it's a bad thing even though i literally can't change it. But I see these comments literally everyday And I never know what tot say, or if I should say anything at all... just know, I'm way healthier now than I've been for a long time. I actually have 3 meals a day, and I'm not constantly cold, I have energy and I actually love the way my ass is getting fat."

"Again, this is bigger than just a private convo. Like, can we all just STOP commenting on other poeple's bodies? Where's the fun in that? / So... who knows any good creative directors lol"

After exposing Ryder on Instagram and firing him, he privated his social media accounts and Zara made this final statement on Twitter:

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agatha witch

GLOW cast reminisces about their last day on set

On March 12, 2020, production of GLOW was halted in the middle of filming season 4, their final season. Even after having 2 episodes filmed, Netflix would later cancel it. The cast posted behind the scenes photos and video, giving us a glimpse of what could have been.

Sydelle Noel ("Junkchain/Black Magic") posted a video featuring all new wrestling personas:

[Alison Brie shared on her story]IMG-7220-copy

Chris Lowell (Bash Howard)

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still holding out for a reunion movie down the line!

How to Enjoy St. Patrick's Day and Bret Michaels's Birthday at the Same Time

st pattys bret.jpg

Stop and read this: It may be the most important ONTD Original of your life.

As we know, March 17th is St. Patrick's Day. It celebrates that day that some guy named Patrick did something.

However, March 15th is the day that the good lord gave us Bret Michaels. Tragically, this man's day of birth is oft overlooked in favor of some stupid saint.

Worry not! I have devised some simple yet brilliant tricks so that you can celebrate both days at the same time.

Leprechaun Hat Instead Of A Cowboy Hat

new bret.jpg

Now, Bret usually graces the world with a cowboy hat perched atop his golden dome. However, you can make a bit of wiggle room as you dress up like Bret for his birthday but swap a cowboy hat for a leprechaun hat.

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which holiday is more important to you?

St. Patrick's Day
Bret Michaels's birhtday
neither, I hate fun.

source: a leprechaun who came to me in my sleep to give me this idea
david pink

Wandavision easter eggs + fun facts

Now that Wandavision's final episode has aired, its creators and writers are dishing the dirt on how they crafted the latest entry into the MCU and are revealing easter eggs, cut scenes, and other insightful tidbits.

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~~Grammys Watch Post~~

Harry Styles
Billie Eilish
Black Pumas
Bad Bunny
Dua Lipa
Silk Sonic
Taylor Swift
Anderson .Paak and Bruno Mars; Lionel Richie; Brandi Carlile; Brittany Howard and Chris Martin (In Memoriam tribute)
Mickey Guyton
Miranda Lambert
Maren Morris and John Mayer
Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion
Post Malone
Lil Baby
Doja Cat
Roddy Ricch

Best New Artist — Megan Thee Stallion
Best Country Album — "Wildcard," Miranda Lambert
Best Pop Solo Performance — "Watermelon Sugar," Harry Styles
Song of the Year — "I Can't Breathe," H.E.R.
Best Rap Song — "Savage," Megan Thee Stallion feat. Beyoncé
Best Pop Vocal Album — "Future Nostalgia," Dua Lipa
Best R&B Performance — "Black Parade," Beyoncé
Album of the Year — "folklore," Taylor Swift
Record of the Year — "Everything I Wanted," Billie Eilish

Trevor Noah is hosting. It started streaming on CBS at 8:00 pm ET.

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Avatar is officially the highest-grossing movie of all time, once again

Avengers: Endgame is about to lose its global box office crown. Thanks to a surprising reissue in China, James Cameron’s Avatar is about to retake its spot as the biggest-grossing movie of all time in raw global grosses. Before yesterday, Endgame ($2.797 billion) sat just $7.9 million away from Avatar ($2.789 billion). But Avatar just topped the Chinese box office with $3.7 million yesterday, meaning that gap would be crossed sometime today.