March 12th, 2021

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The Weeknd Vows to Boycott the Grammys From Now On

Following his controversial snub from this year's Grammys nominations, The Weeknd said "Because of the secret committees, I will no longer allow my label to submit my music to the Grammys".

His 2019 single, Blinding Lights, was crowned the Top Global Digital Single of 2020. The song delivered 2.72 billion subscription stream equivalents globally. The IFPI Global Digital Single Award is presented to the world’s best-selling single of the year across all digital formats – including single track downloads, and streams on both paid subscription services and ad-supported platforms.

source: billboard twitter, hit daily double, IFPI.
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Justin Bieber will not be attending the Grammys due to category dispute

Justin Bieber has decided not to attend the Grammys this year despite four nominations. He's still upset that his album "Changes" is nominated in the pop category instead of the R&B category. (Andddd... isn't performing at the show anyways.)

He's said it was a "weird decision" to put his album "Changes" and single "Yummy" in three pop categories for Pop Duo/Group Performance, Pop Vocal Album and Pop Solo Performance.

Justin first posted about this back in November, saying, "I grew up admiring R&B music and wished to make a project that would embody that sound. For this not to be put into that category feels weird, considering from the chords to the melodies to the vocal style, all the way down to the hip-hop drums that were chosen, it is undeniably, unmistakably an R&B album!"

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Dev Patel’s Directorial Debut ‘Monkey Man’ Sold to Netflix

In "God I really wanted to make the title seem like A24 sold The Green Knight to Netflix so we may see it within our lifetimes HA HA." news, instead, have Dev Patel's first directorial feature.

"Monkey Man" will debut in most territories around the world. Those other territories already have deals in place for it.

In the India-set film, Patel plays an unlikely hero who emerges from prison to take on a world enmeshed in corporate greed and eroding spiritual values, seeking revenge from those who took everything from him many years ago.

The film debuts in 2022. So, honestly, probably still sooner than The Green Knight if A24 pushes it back.


Janelle Monae and Counting Crows Adam Duritz perform separately on Late Night.


-Janelle Monae performed the song "Turntables" from the documentary "All In:The fight for Democracy".

-Adam Duritz performed the song " A Long December" for the 25th anniversary of the album it was featured on.


Sharon Osbourne Apologizes For Basically Co-Signing Her Racist & Misogynist Friend Piers Morgan

Just incase you missed Sharon Osbourne's meltdown on The Talk last Wednesday defending her trash friend Piers Morgan...

The talk show host has had time to reflect on how she reacted during a conversation with her fellow co-hosts and went to social media issuing her public apology.



Leah Remini actually made these claims last year regarding her exit from the show.

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a generic text apology? also where is the apology to sheryl?

Serena Ryder new album - The Art of Falling Apart

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I wasn't keeping track of her release dates and thought she was only releasing an EP... very happy to be wrong! ONTDers looking for great women musicians, give a listen!
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ONTD Original: Dr. Facilier is Oogie Boogie

EDIT: My mathing was off and the score has been updated!

Let me preface by saying that I will not be including the Descendants’ canon in this post.

This is something that has been ruminating in my brain since October 2020. It started coming up in dreams and it felt like there was no escape. I knew I had to get to the bottom of this idea. Is this comparison needed? Probably not. Does this theory need to be pushed out into the world? Absolutely it does.

Hypothesis: Dr. Facilier became Oogie Boogie after being pulled to the Other Side.

To test this hypothesis, I will present 6 arguments and rate them against a weighted 4-point rubric.
1 - Unsatisfactory
2 - Marginal
3 - Good
4 - Excellent

In case you are unfamiliar with these characters, here is a quick refresher:
[Le Dossier]

Dr. Facilier

Oogie Boogie
Alias: The Shadow Man Alias: The Shadow in the Moon
Species: Human Species: Sack of bugs
Origin: New Orleans, LA Origin: Halloween Town, Holiday Forest
Iconic Song: Friends on the Other Side Iconic Song: Oogie Boogie’s Song

[Let us begin]
1. Characters in the Disney Universe
Collapse )
Rubric score: 3 - Good

2. Timelines match up
Collapse )
Rubric score: 4 - Excellent

3. Common Imagery
Collapse )
Rubric score: 4 - Excellent

4. Penchant for gambling
Collapse )
Rubric score: 2 - Marginal

5. Catchy musical numbers
Collapse )
Rubric score: 3 - Good

6. Cab Calloway connection
Collapse )
Rubric score: 4 - Excellent

Final Rubric score:

[Are you ready to find out?]20/30 (66.7%) 20/24 (83.3%)
In conclusion, I have found that there is an 67% chance 83% chance Dr. Facilier did indeed turn into Oogie Boogie when he as pulled to the Other side.

ONTD, are you a believer?

Source: 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / Me


AT&T reveal future DC films/projects

-AT&T are currently holding their Investors Day presentation and they showed what is coming up for the future of the DC universe.

-Among the new projects announced are: Zatanna, Batgirl, Static Shock.

-Supergirl may or may not be the Supergirl final season or a spin off Supergirl movie from The Flash movie

-No word on if Zatanna will be a series or movie or if the new properties will hit the big screen or be HBO Max exclusives.

-Notably absent is the Amazon spin off film Patty pitched to WB that would serve to link to WW3

fire wonder woman Supergirl justice league stargirl huntress Black Canary  doctor light Hawkgirl zatanna vixen justice league unlimited ep:multi  s:multi justiceleaguegifs •

Patrizia Reggiani Calls Out Lady Gaga For Not Meeting Before Filming: ‘I’m Rather Annoyed’

Patrizia Reggiani is calling out Lady Gaga, who is starring as Reggiani in Ridley Scott’s upcoming movie “House of Gucci.”

“I’m annoyed by the fact that Lady Gaga is portraying me in the new Ridley Scott film without even having the courtesy or the good sense to come and meet me,” Reggiani told the Italian national news agency. “It’s nothing to do with money because I won’t be taking a single cent from the film. It’s about common sense and respect.”

She continued, “I believe that any good actor should first get to know the person that they are meant to be playing,” Reggiani said, adding, “I think it is not right that I wasn’t contacted. And I say this with all the sympathy and appreciation that I have for her.”

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New Music Friday – March 12, 2021

Featuring new music by Alaina Castillo, Brent Faiyaz, CHIKA, Ellise, Grouplove, Gwen Stefani, Hey Violet, Jorja Smith, Joshua Bassett, Kid Ink, LunchMoney Lewis feat. Meghan Trainor, Nick Jonas, Punch, Raissa, ROSÉ, Sean Paul, Selena Gomez, Serena Ryder and WayV

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Sorry I'm late! What's everybody listening to today?

Taylor Swift Licenses "Wildest Dreams (Taylor's Version)" to Animated Horse Movie

Taylor Swift has taken control of her art and is now ready to license it to anyone who wants it! This morning it was revealed that "Wildest Dreams (Taylor's Version)" is part of the soundtrack for the upcoming animated horse movie, Spirit Untamed. It's is a re-recorded version of a single from her album 1989.

The movie features the voiceover talents of noted muse / ex-boyfriend, Jake Gyllenhaal. I'll probably get doxxed for bringing that up.

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In a 90s kind of world, I'm glad I got my nostalgia: Kid 90 documentary premieres on Hulu

-As a teenager in the 90s, Soleil Moon Frye carried a video camera everywhere she went documenting her group of friends as they grew up in Hollywood and New York City.

-Features Soleils walk through stardom as a child and teen. Goes through her sexualization as a teen due to her breast size and how it lead her to get a reduction.

-Features just about every 90s celeb you could think of through photos, archive footage, and new interviews: Sarah Michelle Gellar, Johnny Depp, Brian Austin Green, Mark Paul Gosslear, Corey Feldman, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kevin Connoly, Jenny Lewis, and so much more.

Mtv 90S GIF by RETRO-FIEND - Find & Share on GIPHY
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'Dolittle' & '365 Days' lead with 6 Razzie Award nods apiece

Worst Picture

365 Days
Absolute Proof
Fantasy Island

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Grey's Anatomy 17x08 Promo + midseason finale postmortem

WARNING: Do not watch this promo if you haven't watched last night's episode. MAJOR SPOILERS.

“It’s All Too Much” – As traumas and pressure mount, Grey Sloan doctors try to find a path forward, and Richard questions his faith. Meanwhile, Maggie gives Winston hospital privileges and they work together to treat an uneasy patient. Jo, Link and Jackson play an unconventional drinking game on an all-new episode of “Grey’s Anatomy,” THURSDAY, MARCH 18

[Spoiler (click to open)]Deluca got stabbed by the sex traffickers he was following. The doctors did their best to save him, but he died at the end of the episode. This is the first time in 6 years Grey's has killed a series regular, since Patrick Dempsey's Derek was killed off in April 2015.

source, 2

Iker Casillas and Sara Carbonero Separate

After 11 years together, Iker Casillas and Sara Carbonero have decided to separate. The couple, who married in secret in 2016, posted a joint statement confirming the split on each of their instagram accounts. The news follows months of speculation, which had intensified in recent weeks.

SOURCES: 1, 2, 3

Do you believe in life after love, ONTD?

Cliff Simon: Actor who played Ba'al in Stargate: Sg-1 dies aged 58

Actor Cliff Simon, best known as the villain Ba'al on Stargate SG-1, has died aged 58, his family has confirmed. He passed after a kiteboarding accident at Topanga Beach in California earlier this week.

"He was known to most of you on this page as the villain you loved to hate, Ba'al, from Stargate SG-1," His wife Colette Simon said in a post on Facebook.

"But, as he said, 'Acting is what I do, it's only a part of who I am.' And he was SO much more - a true original, an adventurer, a sailor, swimmer, dancer, actor, author. There is a gaping hole where he once stood on this earth. He was loved by too many to mention and had a great impact on so many lives."

The South African actor's TV credits also included appearances in all three of the NCIS series, Castle, Days of Our Lives, The Americans, and 24.

Sources; My brother who has a bike, the SYFY Wire tweet, BBC

Vanity Fair Dropped its Armie Hammer Article, and... Wow. Just Wow.

ontd armie.png

So, Vanity Fair dropped a longform article about Armie Hammer's family history and his recent, shall we say...issues. The article doesn't really drop a ton of new info, but it was a deep dive into a super fucked-up legacy of misogyny from the Hammers.

Some revelations:

  • His great-great-grandparents had ties to and personal protection from Lenin and Stalin.

  • His great-grandfather, Armand Hammer, was buddies with Prince Charles and Al Gore. He also committed money laundering, funded Soviet espionage, bribed various officials, and made illegal campaign donations. He was personally pardoned by George H.W. Bush.

  • He made his mistress change her name and wear disguises for decades and promised to care for her children, only to leave her out of his will.

  • His grandfather, Julian Hammer, murdered one of his friends in a rage over a gambling debt. The charges were dismissed.

  • Casey Hammer, Armie's aunt, claims that Julian sexually abused her as a child.

  • [SEX THRONE]The endowment he is most proud of, multiple people say, is his own. For years, three people claimed, Michael boasted about a sex throne or “naughty chair,” as he has called it, that he kept in Armand Hammer Foundation headquarters in Carpinteria—a warehouse where two people claim Michael lived for several years after his divorce. The structure, about seven feet high, features a chair with a hole in the seat, a cage underneath, and a hook. The Hammer coat of arms—the same one that, for years, adorned the exterior of the headquarters—is painted on the seat. In one photo Michael sits atop the throne grinning while holding the head of a blonde woman, sitting in the cage and also smiling. In response to Vanity Fair’s questions about Michael’s sex throne, drug and alcohol use, finances, and history with women, Clare, counsel for Michael Hammer and the Armand Hammer Foundation, said, “These questions, which ask about unsolicited gag gifts sent by friends, conduct that sounds pretty typical of recently-divorced people, and entirely legal financial transactions that were properly accounted for, are absurd.”

  • Armie's father inherited only $250,000 of his family's fortune.

  • Armie is nearly broke from money mismanagement.

  • Elizabeth Chambers, his ex-wife, joked to her friends that her marriage was like "Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile," Netflix'x biopic of Ted Bundy.

  • Armie did indeed have an affair with a coworker. According to the timeline, it is probably Lily James, ALLEGEDLY.

  • He cheated on Elizabeth while their son was still a newborn.

  • The final straw was when she found an incriminating text message from a co-star on his phone.

  • Armie's mother believed that the devil was trying to "take" him.

  • Armie's aunt compares their family to that in the show "Succession."


First Reactions for 'The Falcon and the Winter Soldier' Are Released

Critics have seen the first episode of The Falcon and the Winter Solider, which will be released in a week. Reactions are generally positive so far.

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Are you hyped yet for what Marvel has next?
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HBO Max to introduce commercials

-Just another day for streaming, HBO Max has decided that they need to up the ante and in order to do so they will be introducing an ad-supported tier for MAX.

-The price for ad-support has yet to be announced but is expected to be much lower than the current price.

-Those who choose the ad-supported option will not get the upcoming theatrical releases that come out later in the year (this starts in June)

-Regular HBO programming will continue to remain ad-less.

-Oh and they hope to reach anywhere between 120-150 million subscribers by 2025 (rather large gap tbh esp D+ already at 100M)

Sticker by HBO Max for iOS & Android | GIPHY

London Grammar Release New Song, Shirt for International Women's Day, Cover Christine & the Queens

London Grammar cover Christine and the Queens' "Tilted" (highly recommend on every level; "Tilted" is such a fantastic song and I love this cover).

They've also released another song, "How Does It Feel," ahead of the April 9th April 16th release of their new album Californian Soil.

Finally, in honour of International Women's Day last week, they have released a "Formidable Young Woman" shirt, with proceeds going to CARE International. The phrase comes a bout of sexism frontwoman Hannah Reid experienced (one of many - she's recently been rightfully vocal about the sexism she's experienced in the music industry).

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THR: Wanuri Kahiu to direct Lili Reinhart in Netflix drama

Kenyan director Wanuri Kahiu, responsible for the critically-acclaimed (if sadly under-seen) 2018 film Rafiki, continues to add projects. Having already been announced as working on (in no particular order) the Octavia Butler adaptation Wild Seed, the musical Once On This Island for Disney+, and The Thing About Jellyfish for Universal, another project in the works (and per THR, her next film) is Plus/Minus for Netflix, to star Riverdale's Lili Reinhart:

Reinhart will star as Natalie, whose life, on the eve of her college graduation, diverges into two parallel realities: one in which she becomes pregnant and must navigate motherhood as a young adult in her Texas hometown, the other in which she moves to L.A. to pursue her career. In both journeys throughout her 20s, Natalie experiences life-changing love, devastating heartbreak, and rediscovers herself.

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BTS @ Music Cares + Tops IFPI Global Album Sales of 2020 + promotes Grammy performance

BTS, feat drummer Jungkook, performed their worldwide smash Dynamite for Music Cares:

[BTS tweets about the performance]

With Map of The Soul 7 and BE, BTS has the top 2 IFPI's Global Album Sales Chart for 2020, which combines global sales of physical and digital album downloads to rank the top albums of 2020. Their other 2020 release, Map Of The Soul: 7 The Journey, also made the list at #8. Map Of The Soul:7 also got #1 at the Global Album All Format Award, that counts consumption in all formats.

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source: BTS Music Cares, Music Cares Tweet, billboard twitter, interview 1, interview 2.