February 28th, 2021


Cause baby now we got Bat blood when it used to me mad love: CW erases Ruby Rose

-Since the Superman and Lois: Legacy of Hope special aired, fans have begun noticing something slightly off with one of the scenes from the Arrowverse that was used....

-In Crisis of Infinite Earths, the "Justice League" comes together to honor Oliver Queen aka Error. The scene consists of Supergirl, Flash, Superman, Batwoman, White Canary, Black Lightning, and Martian Manhunter....

-Well...TheCW went and snapped Batwoman out of the scene all together!

-Batwoman Season 2 currently has a long running mystery of "what happened to Kate Kane?" to which the showrunner has promised will have a good resolution to the mystery but with TheCW erasing Ruby from history it is unlikely she'll return to give the character any type of proper send off.

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How Olivia Rodrigo Wrote ‘Drivers License,’ the Biggest Song of the Year So Far | Diary of a Song

In the latest Diary of a Song, the singer-songwriter and actress Olivia Rodrigo, 18, explains how she wrote her first-ever single — after a good cry, with TikTok in mind — before it took over the world.

It should be noted “brunette” was in the original lyrics, not “blonde.” 🧐

Olivia Rodrigo spends a seventh week at no. 1 in the U.K. and is expected to do so in the US as well. The song has also been certified 2x platinum and hit no. 1 on US Pop Radio.


NPR Music's Tiny Desk Celebrates Black History Month

Hello it's still Black History Month Year and OP on this Sunday brings to you some Tiny Desk performances to help you relax, chill, and have some fun. There's plenty of Tiny Desk performances that feature some Black genius, but OP just wanted to post the most recent one.

NPR Music's Tiny Desk series will celebrate Black History Month by featuring four weeks of Tiny Desk (home) concerts and playlists by Black artists spanning different genres and generations each week. The lineup includes both emerging and established artists who will be performing a Tiny Desk concert for the first time. This celebration highlights the beautiful cornucopia of Black music and our special way of presenting it. We hope you enjoy.

Sampa the Great

"Initially raised in Botswana, Sampa moved to Australia as a young adult and established herself in Sydney's hip-hop scene. There, she released two mixtapes, 2015's The Great Mixtape and 2017's award-winning Birds and the BEE9, all the while generating buzz. She had been based in Melbourne for the last four years, but the next chapter of her musical journey will find her at home in Zambia."


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Have you a little living room concert this morning! Find more BHM Tiny Desk performances here!
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GOT7 Roundup: Magazine Shoots and Encore MV BTS

Since leaving JYPE GOT7 has been quite active. From magazine shoots to filming K-dramas/comedies, here are some of the things they've been up to (mostly photo shoots). Netflix Korea also released a teaser image for Youngjae's upcoming TV show, but I was gonna wait until they released more info for it and did not include it in this post.

Jay B for 1st Look Magazine's March Issue

[More images + video]

Jay B in 1st Look's Please Take Care of My Closet
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Weekend Box Office: Tom & Jerry hit it big

Tom & Jerry debuted this weekend to a big $13.7 million to grab the top spot. This was the biggest opening weekend since WW84 two months ago and the only film to really do any business, as The Croods 2 came in 2nd with a distance $1.2 million.

The Little Things ($925k), WW84 ($710k), and The Marksman ($700k) rounded out the Top 5.

Theaters in New York City will finally open again next weekend, so next weeks numbers will be an interesting one. Releases include the Spongebob sequel finally hitting the States on VOD, Coming 2 America on Amazon, Raya and the Last Dragon in theaters/D+ and Chaos Walking.



The Hollywood Foreign Press hasn't had a black member in over 20 years

The fallout over this years Golden Globe nominations continue.

Last week, The LA Times reported that Netflix basically bribed Hollywood Foreign Press Association members into nominating the awful Emily in Paris by treating 30 of its members to a luxurious stay in the city for a set visit.

Now the paper has begun diving into its membership and this years lack of black nominees after Time's Up, The DGA, and even this years Cecil B Demille recipient, Jane Fonda, have spoken out against them. Here's what they found:

-- Of the 87 members who make up the HFPA, zero are black. The President of the Assn said there hasn't been one in for at least 20 years and couldn't even recall who that last person actually was.
-- In 2013, black British journalist Samantha Ofole-Prince was rejected by the Assn because "she couldn't make a living [in SoCal]."
-- Members include a wealthy socialite, a bodybuilder-turned-actor, and a beauty pageant queen.
-- A former publicist for a major studio said most work at outlets they "never heard of." A member admitted they don't let in serious journalists because they don't want to feel threaten by them.

The HFPA stated it will address these issue during tonight's ceremony.


Alan Cumming blasts Starbucks Canada for charging vegans more

-Cumming, who is an Honorary Director of PETA, was recently filming a show in Vancouver and was outraged that he had to pay 95 cents extra for oat/soy/almond milk

-In a letter to Starbucks' Senior Vice President, he said:
“More than a year ago, Starbucks acknowledged that cow’s milk is the company’s biggest source of carbon dioxide emissions. Yet it continues to penalize customers for making green and humane choices by charging them extra for vegan milk. This also unfairly harms people who are lactose intolerant—most of whom are people of color.”

-He went on to say if Starbucks really wants to meet their sustainability goals, they would not charge this 95-cent fee


ONTD, do you pay extra for your Starbucks orders?

Olivia Munn drops F-bombs during livestream + Helps catch suspect in suspected hate-crime

As we know, hate-crimes against Asian-Americans have been on the rise. Marvel and X-men actress, Olivia Munn, has been using her platform to bring awareness to these heinous attacks.

During an IG livestream interview, someone commented that Munn is "basically white." Watch her heated response below:

[Transcript for those who need it]I don’t know if this is what people are supposed to do or not, but it just-I wanna do it anyways. oboe_lesss, with an extra s, you can go f*** yourself cuz that’s the f***ing bit that, like, is rampant in this world. He says, “You’re basically white LMAO.” Like my mother is [inaudible]…we’re half…she’s…like I’m half-Chinese-Vietnamese, I’m half-white. And that’s the problem is that when I look in the mirror I don’t see a woman, I see an Asian-American woman. And it doesn’t matter what the f*** you see. The problem is that we have, you know people, who want to diminish us. And the truth is I don’t wanna be white. I don’t wanna be basically white. I’m really proud of being Asian-American. So I just wanted to call that motherf***er out really quick. Moving on. Cuz I don’t think people call people out enough. And I think that actually people in my position feel like they need to like just, you know, like be cool, keep the status quo, but like, that’s not kinda how roll. So anyways…

Additionally, Olivia harnessed the power of social media, posting to twitter and instagram CCTV footage of a man pushing down an older Asian woman. He was eventually identified and caught. Here she is on CNN talking about it. (TW: contains mild violence)

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👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 good for her! so sad to see the daily attacks on asian-americans tho.😢
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2021 Golden Globes: Pre-Show + Fashion + Viewing Post


The Golden Globes are tonight, and though there's no actual red carpet for obvious reasons, the stars are posting their looks to instagram. Here's Nicholas Hoult, nominated for The Great. More pics under the cut - add more in the comments!

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As Spotify launches in South Korea, Kakao pulls artists from Spotify

  • Spotify finally launched in South Korea on the 1st of February, offering its users a 3-month trial. However, one of the biggest music distributors Kakao M have not signed onto a deal with Spotify as Spotify is direct competition to their own streaming platform Melon.

  • A wide variety of Korean artists are unavailable in South Korea on Spotify but as of today, these artists have also been pulled from Spotify worldwide.

  • More information has yet to come out but it seems likely that the songs won't return to the platform until a deal has been signed.

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half my playlist just got culled.........


Get your nostalgia ready! E! premieres For Real: The Story of Reality TV early on YT

-From Richard Hatch ("Survivor") to Julie Chen ("Big Brother"), these stars reveal epic reality TV secrets. Plus, host Andy Cohen reunites four original cast members of "The Real World."

-First episode covers the early days of The Real World, Big Brother, Survivor, and Kid Nation.

-Preview shows the return of Megan Hauserman after disappearing from media after the I Love Money scandal.

Nostalgia GIFs | Tenor

Japanese music post: some new J-indie for February 🎶✨

I have seen a lot of people on ONTD lately saying that they're out of the loop on Japanese music or they'd like to learn more about it, so I wanted to pull together a roundup of some of what was released in February.

Disclaimer: I don't keep close tabs on most J-pop per se, AKA the major stuff making waves on the charts, but Japan has the second-largest music industry in the world and this is only a fraction of what comes out in a month. There is quite a lot more that could've been included if I had the space or time, but I hope it can generate some discussion that fills in the gaps of what I didn't cover!

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What Japanese music are you listening to lately? Did you find anything you liked in this post? Any recommendations/questions/general J-pop chat or whatever, fire away in the comments!

WandaVision finale runtime revealed + first look photo

The runtime for the finale of WandaVision has been revealed; 50 minutes. Minus the credits, that would be around 42-43 minutes.

[somewhat spoilery photo from the finale]

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Batwoman 2x07/Charmed 3x06 promo

-Batwoman 2x07 "It's Best You Stop Digging" Season 2 Episode 7 Promo - CROSSING THE LINE - As Ryan's (Javicia Leslie) condition worsens, she questions Batwoman's “no killing” code when she realizes the opportunity to avenge her mother is slipping away. Tatiana (guest star Leah Gibson) fills in the gaps for Alice (Rachel Skarsten) about her time on Coryana and her history with Ocean (guest star Nathan Owens). Also starring Dougray Scott, Meagan Tandy, Nicole Kang and Camrus Johnson. Avi Youabian directed the episode written by Jerry Shandy (207). Original airdate 3/14/2021.

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