February 25th, 2021

FKA twigs covers "The Face"



-FKA Twigs covers "The Face", where she discusess new music,race and more with Michaela Coel.

-twigs says she feels she can have fun again and that her new music will be more generous as she is feeling more vibey.

-twigs states she feels she cannot just stand there and sing and instead pole dances and sword fights due to having to be 10 times better than her white peers.

-twigs on how she felt before disclosing her abuse allegations.twigs:"I felt like I was holding on to someone else's dysfunctions and now I feel like I have given it back to him. It's his to hold and rightly so. He can hold it because it's not mine. That's how I feel."

-twigs on race. twigs:"I´m Black because the first time I was put in a wider world, through dating a white man,people had no problem calling me the N-word over and over.I have never been accepted at all by the white community in any way shape or form".twigs says there needs to be a conversation overall about race and feels no one has the right to gatekeep what it is to be Black, and it can be difficult as a mixed race person to know her place in the conversation.

More pics and interview under the cut

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‘Mission: Impossible 7’, ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ to Stream on Paramount+ 45 Days After Theaters

The new streaming service PARAMOUNT + is actually just a rebranded version of CBS All Access, and is launching on March 4th.

Films like Mission: Impossible 7, Top Gun: Maverick, and A Quiet Place Part II will go on the streaming service 45 days after their theatrical release dates.

Also going to Paramount+ 45 days after theatrical is the animated movie Paw Patrol on Aug. 20.
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Lindsay Ellis on JK Rowling's Transphobia

YouTube video essayist / pop culture critic Lindsay Ellis breaks down:
- why JK Rowling's transphobia is dangerous
- that transphobic essay won an award apparently???
- how Troubled Blood was transphobic, actually
- and fatphobic
- it *is* a lot!!
- basically the series is bad and dated and JKR ain't slick w her self-insert
- just all the many ways Hollywood was dangerously transphobic

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ONTD do u wish you never got into harry potter?

Tim & Saoirse

'The Underground Railroad' Series Teaser

From Academy Award® winner Barry Jenkins and based on the Pulitzer Prize winning novel by Colson Whitehead, The Underground Railroad chronicles Cora Randall’s desperate bid for freedom in the antebellum South. After escaping a Georgia plantation for the rumored Underground Railroad, Cora discovers no mere metaphor, but an actual railroad beneath the Southern soil.

Stars: Thuso Mbedu, Chase W. Dillon, Joel Edgerton, and Aaron Pierre

All ten episodes streaming exclusively on Amazon Prime Video on May 14.

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Lady Gaga's dog walker shot, two french bulldogs have been kidnapped

On Wednesday night, Lady Gaga's dog walker was approached by two gunmen and shot walking her three french bulldogs: Gustav, Koji, and Asia in LA.

Gustav and Koji were stolen but the third dog Asia ran away and was later recovered. Gaga has been in Rome working on a new movie but has offered 500,000 dollars as a reward for her dogs safe recovery.

The dog walker is being treated at a local hospital and is said to make a full recovery.

What a horrible story I hope her dogs are found safely :(


Ryan Gosling, the actor, to play an actor in the upcoming film The Actor

Ryan Gosling will star in the noir thriller film The Actor, which centers on actor Paul Cole, who is beaten and left for dead in 1950s Ohio. Stripped of his memory and stranded in a mysterious town, Paul struggles to get back home to New York and reclaim the life and identity he’s lost.

The film is based on the book Memory by crime author Donald E. Westlake.

Gosling has been booked and busy after taking a three year hiatus. Upcoming films include: action Netflix franchise The Gray Man with Chris Evans, art horror Wolfman from the director of The Invisible Man, space drama Project Hail Mary from the writer of The Martian, The Underwater Welder based on the graphic novel, an untitled Charlie Kaufman project, and the stuntman dramedy The Fall Guy from David Leitch,


Tom & Jerry: The Movie Streams on HBO Max on Friday

🎭 Tom and Jerry: The Movie Is a combo live action and animated slapstick comedy. It stars Chloë Grace Moretz, Michael Peña, Colin Jost, Rob Delaney, and Ken Jeong (live action), and Nicky Jam, Bobby Cannavale, and Lil Rel Howery (voice)

🗓 Film premieres simultaneously in cinemas (?) and on HBO Max at 12:01 am Pacific (3:01 am Eastern) on Friday 26 February

📝 Tom is kicked out by his owners, due to failing to do his job as a house cat and no longer has a place to live along with his longtime rival Jerry, who is also left without a source of food. Now homeless, the cat and mouse duo are left wandering in the streets and decide to call a truce to their rivalry, and then go their separate ways to have a fresh start in their lives. The two later cross paths in Manhattan, NYC.

▪️ It’s wholesome content Thursday 😀

▪️ It looks silly and ridiculous

▪️ I will totally be watching this

Ontd what is your favorite classic-era cartoon

Bugs Bunny
Tom and Jerry
Wile E Coyote and Roadrunner
Yosemite Sam
Foghorn Leghorn
Mickey and Minnie Mouse
Donald Duck
How did you forget mine (in comments)

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Indie Film Release Guide: February 26th [An ONTD Original]

ONTD Indie Release Guide Graphic.png

After two packed weekends of releases, this weekend’s schedule is a little lighter, but still full of fare you can watch from your couch. Since there aren’t that many new releases, the post includes ones that are currently in theaters only, but they are clearly marked as such. And good news - if A24's Minari screening schedule was too rigid for you, the film is available VOD starting Friday.

The films listed are from studios other than the “Big Six” - Paramount, Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox, Universal, Columbia/Sony and Disney. All films listed will be available at their respective sources on Friday unless otherwise noted. Check out the posts from the past few weeks for more movies that may have already come to VOD: February 19th, February 12th, and February 5th.

The United States vs. Billie Holiday

Stars: Andra Day, Trevante Rhodes, Garrett Hedlund, Miss Lawrence
Writer: Suzan-Lori Parks
Director: Lee Daniels
Genre: Biography, Drama, Music
Plot: The Federal Bureau of Narcotics launches an undercover sting operation against jazz singer Billie Holiday.
What you should know: Based on the book Chasing the Scream by Johann Hari.
Where to stream: Hulu

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What have you been watching lately, ONTD?

Britney Spears Had A Bad Feeling About Cursed Hollywood Hills Home Later Sold to Brittany Murphy

Not many know but Britney Spears previously owned the home that Brittany Murphy purchased afterwards and later was found dead inside.

Britney's former make-up artist of four years Julianne Kaye recently revealed on the podcast We Need To Talk About Britney that she had a bad feeling about the Hollywood Hills home shortly after purchasing it.

She shares that after a crazy partying weekend Britney asked her friend to do reiki healing on her. The experience was so bad for Britney that she put the house on the market and never went back.

Brittany purchased the house shortly after in 2003. The actress was found dead inside of the home in 2009 and her husband was also found five months later dead inside of the house.

The house was originally sold to Brittany for 3.9 million dollars and was recently given a makeover and now worth an estimated 19.5 million dollars.

She also talks about her relationship with Britney and working with her at the height of her career.

full interview at the source

ONTD Reading Challenge Around the World [MARCH - NORWAY]

Hey everyone! We've now journeyed into South Korea and Argentina, and I hope you've enjoyed your reading so far. Let us know in the comments which Argentinian book you read for February and whether you liked it! Now March is just around the corner, so it's time to pack our bags and check out what chilly Norway has to offer us for our ONTD reading challenge!

Major thanks to kjendis5 for helping with the write-up and explaining what were the most important points to focus on. We hope knowing more about the country will help to improve your reading experience! Thank you also to hjalmartazar, krax and patchsassy for keeping the Goodreads group running! And of course to everyone who is participating in the challenge! :D

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sources for Norway write-up: OP, kjendis5 and Encyclopedia Britannica
sources for summaries: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

have you ever read any Norwegian books, ONTD? what's your pick for this month?
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Mr. Potato Head is now a gender neutral children's toy- Nope, Hasbro has folded to conservatives

Mr. Potato Head is now a gender neutral children's toy. Hasbro is giving the spud a gender neutral new name: Potato Head.


in order to do damage control, hasbro has retracted their gender neutral potato head and will stick with mr and mrs potato head.

source= https://twitter.com/thehill/status/1365019993998524420

Review Round-Up: Cherry

Reviews are beginning to drop for Tom Holland and the Russo Brothers Cherry and if you were hoping for something good, youre looking in the wrong place. The film currently has a 30 on Metacritic.

Here's a sample:

Variety: Holland proves his skills but not a single moment in the film is believeable or even enjoyable.

The Hollywood Reporter: Almost two and a half hours of misery porn, flashy technique and a completely unearned redemption finale.

IndieWire: Too much style over substance. Holland is miscast.

The Playlist: The Russos stylize every minute. Supporting characters aren't fully realized. The film is too long.

Entertainment Weekly: "A glossy Riverdale rendering of craving and codependence"

The film will be released in theaters tomorrow before hitting Apple TV+ March 12.


It's 'Thundercats Roar' all over again... HBO Max releases first look at 'Aquaman: King of Atlantis'

- HBO has released it's first look at three-part miniseries 'Aquaman: King of Atlantis'.
- Fans are furious cause well...the design is just not good and it's the same as 'Thundercats Roar', it even has the same producers.
- btw, 'Thundercats Roar' was silently cancelled back in November.


ONTD, what do you think? hit or miss?
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Awkwafina Gets Hot and Cold While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Awkwafina is the Golden Globe Award-winning actress you know from films like Crazy Rich Asians and The Farewell. Her latest project is the highly anticipated animated film Raya and the Last Dragon, which is coming to theaters and Disney+ on March 5th. But how is she with spicy food? Find out as "Nora from Queens" takes on the wings of death, fangirls out over Hot Ones, and breaks down everything from her love of Charles Bukowski, to her formative years as a trumpeter.

seb 1

Another Britney conservatorship documentary coming + New 2000s BTS photos

'Tis the season for Britney Spears documentaries. This time it's 60 Minutes Australia looking into Britney's harassment by the media and her conservatorship.

Once again we will hear from Britney's former Marketing Manager at JIVE (who repeats that the only thing Britney's father ever told her was that Britney was going to be rich enough to buy him a boat) as well as her former makeup artist Billy B who worked with Britney during her X Factor stint.

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Source 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g4tcKZBeZmo
Source 2: https://www.instagram.com/p/CLpOQ1Dllk9/
Source 3: https://www.instagram.com/p/CLpPWueFvdK/

Rebel trailer + Abigail Spencer and more join cast

Inspired by the life of Erin Brockovich today, Annie “Rebel” Bello is a blue-collar legal advocate without a law degree. She’s a funny, messy, brilliant and fearless woman who cares desperately about the causes she fights for and the people she loves. When Rebel applies herself to a fight she believes in, she will win at almost any cost.

The series stars Katey Sagal as Annie “Rebel” Bello, John Corbett as Grady Bello, James Lesure as Benji, Lex Scott Davis as Cassidy, Tamala Jones as Lana, Ariela Barer as Ziggy, Kevin Zegers as Nate, Sam Palladio as Luke and Andy Garcia as Cruz.

Abigail Spencer is set to recur as a brilliant cardiothoracic surgeon named Misha who has a painful history with Nate but can't resist getting involved with a studying a heart valve that may have harmed thousands of patients.

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Sources 1, 2, 3, 4
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W Magazine's Best Performances Issue 2021

I don't know how we've gone days with addressing this year's W Magazine Best Performances photo shoot, but it's time. This annual photoshoot celebrating a wide range of performances in film and television has always been fairly... controversial:

And this year, with photos by German fashion photographer Juergen Teller, is no exception. Check out some pics from the shoot under the cut, and the rest at W Magazine's instagram.

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Here's Your First Look at THE PROUD FAMILY reboot

Not to post Buzzfeed on main, but here's your first (still, stock image) look of The Proud Family reboot.

Most characters look the same (Except their feet are smaller) - Only real change are Bebe and Cece and Uncle Bobby.

Also they mentioned ~Social Media~ a lot in a bit of an 'oooh horror' kind of way.

No word if the colorism will return. Or the Asian Stereotypes.



Sanrio Characters and Clothing are Coming Back to Animal Crossing

Okay so the characters aren't actuallyl confirmed, well it says "new residents" plain as day up there #ONTDoesntRead, but they are remodeled (I think they were originally in New Leaf? I honestly don't know a ton about 'em), like Rilla, Chelsea, Marty, Toby, ETOILE!! and Chai.

There's stuff from My Melody, Hello Kitty, Keroppi, Little Twin Stars, Cinnamoroll, and my guy Purin. Hm @ No Chococat or Badz Maru Representation.

The update will be available March 18th, but you gotta buy the cards at Target on the 26th. Luckily, one pack has all the cards.

But hey, the current update hit - today! I already have a lot of the blossom lamps!


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The creator of Your Fave is Problematic regrets making it

The creator of the popular Tumblr Your Fave is Problematic, Liat Kaplan, penned a piece for the New York Times about why she regrets doing the blog, which gained steam in the early 2010s. The Tumblr chronicled celebrity transgressions that were racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic and ethnophobic.

She writes, " Looking back, I was more of a cop than a social justice warrior, as people on Tumblr had come to think of me."

Key highlights and quotes behind the cut:

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WandaVision was the biggest streaming program of January

Analytics provider TVision is reporting that WandaVision, even with only 4 episodes, was the most-watched streaming program in January, beating out both Bridgerton and Soul.

The provider determines impressions by counting viewers who watched "a title for at least two minutes within a session of watching content for at least five minutes."

The shows indexed audience figure of 8,127 means it was watched over 81x more than the average streaming program.

Episode 8 of the series premieres tomorrow. A poster on Reddit verified that the episode will be 47 minutes long.


Post Malone debuts only wanna be with you (Pokémon 25 version)

The New York born artist unveiled a cover from the 1995 hit from Hootie and the blowfish, as part of the celebrations of the 25 anniversary of the franchise. The cover is rearranged and mixed with some classic tunes from the games, such as the Cianwood and Ecruteak cities themes. Post will also give a concert on the exact day of the franchise anniversary, February 27, to be streamed live on Pokémon’s official site, YouTube and twitch channels.

Finally, a Pokémon presents will be transmitted tomorrow, with 25 minutes of duration approximately. Though the contents of said broadcast are, as of yet, unknown, fan speculation is high with the possible announcement of the remakes for the 4th generation, Pokémon diamond and pearl.

Sources 1 2
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Rumor: Real Housewives’ All Stars is coming


Bravo is allegedly gearing up for a special/limited series that will feature women from multiple Housewives cities. Eight to ten ladies will go on a trip and stay in a home together at a tropical location.

someone at r/BravoRealHousewives said they know someone who works in production and also said that it is true, so

dream cast?
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Beauty News: BECCA Cosmetics is shutting down & Estee Lauder buys Deciem

Becca cosmetics, famouse for their highlighters and under eye corrector, is shutting down. Covid impacted their global business too much to keep on going


Estee Lauder is set to acquire majority Deciem (The Ordinary) shares, the brand is now valued at $2.2 billion

source 2

The View: Jen Psaki, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, Sara, and Meghan

Today is another day that Meghan’s hair and make-up hates us


More behind the cut

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Ontd are your coping mechanisms faltering after a year of pandemic?

Source links are below each video or section
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SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu faces another accusation against him for bullying and harassment

Follow up to these posts

Like it has been reported in the past few days, several South-Korean celebrities (including idols and actors) have been accused of being bullies in the past, one of those idols was Mingyu , member of kpop band Seventeen, PLEDIS entertainment (the company that manages the group) denied all the claims against him, but today one victim posted about all the abuse she received from him, the claims also come with evidence of her studying in the same school , copy of her therapy reports ( she mentions to her therapist that one of her bullies became an idol)

This thread is a translation of that post, read it if you want to know all the details:

Some of the excerpts:

TW: bullying, harassment

Collapse )

She explains the bullying she received left her with anxiety and depression. (the bullying she suffered was from her classmates, not only Mingyu was involved)

Later more evidence started to surface, like screen shots of group chat conversations between people who studied with him:

TW: ableism, bullying, harassment

Collapse )

In that thread there are more claims against him , made by his former classmates.

Source 1 2

I hope it was clear and sorry in advance if it isn't, there isn't an official report from a trusty and not questionable source

Hulu has renewed 'Animaniacs' for Season 3 (before Season 2 Airs)

- Hulu has renewed Animaniacs for a 10-episode 3rd season ahead of it's 2nd season premiere.
- The series had the most social mentions of any Hulu Original to date over its opening weekend and great reviews.
- Animaniacs S2 will premiere later this year on Hulu and will also be available worldwide on Disney+ STAR.


ONTD, have you seen the revival?

Jamie Spears' attorney speaks exclusively to 'GMA' about Britney's conservatorship

Britney Spears' father, Jamie Spears, is speaking out to tell his side of the story, via his lawyer, Vivian Thoreen, regarding his daughter's conservatorship

She says Jamie wants the best for his daughter

'I understand that every story needs a villain but people have it so wrong here. This is a story about a fiercely loving dedicated and loyal father who rescued his daughter from a life threatening situation. "

Court documents show that when Jamie Spears stepped in in 2008, the pop star's assets were worth only $2.8 million despite her wild success in the early 2000s.

Thoreen said this shows Britney's assets were "clearly mismanaged."

"She was being taken advantage of financially by some of those around her," Thoreen said.

Thoreen pointed to times the father and daughter spent together during the COVID-19 pandemic, including "enjoying southern comfort food together" in Louisiana.

She also provided ABC News with videos that she said show Britney and Jamie spending time with family in 2020.

"In that time, Britney never expressed those words to her father. She's never asked him to step aside," she said.

[Narcos} Javier Peña

Marvel Reportedly Eyeing Pedro Pascal For MCU Role

Pedro Pascal has been steadily appearing in more and more impressive projects over the last year, most notably taking on the role of Din Djarin in The Mandalorian. But even though the actor is currently one of the biggest parts of the Star Wars universe right now, it seems like he could have even larger projects on the way, as a new rumor suggests that Marvel is considering Pascal for a part in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Which MCU role do you think Pedro Pascal should play?

Drag Race Roundup

Well there is no new episode of RuPaul's Drag Race this week our queens are defiantly staying busy. Also let's talk about who went home on Drag Race UK?


Maxi Challenge Winner: [spoiler]A'Whora
Bottom Queens: [spoiler]Tayce and Sister Sister
Eliminated: [spoiler]Sister Sister (I can see everyone rejoicing in the comments right now)
Lip Sync Song: [spoiler]"Don't Be So Hard On Yourself" by Jess Glynne

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Gwyneth Paltrow Now Morbidly Obese, Gained Weight During COVID Like a Peasant

It is with a heavy heart that I report Gwyneth Paltrow is now at heightened risk for type two diabetes after gaining weight during the Coldplay-demic. Gwyneth told some chiropractor dude pretending to be a real doctor, "I've noticed over the last couple of years my metabolism has slowed down... I'm 48 years old and I know that women tend to lose up to 30% of their metabolic speed once we enter this phase of life — so I know some of it is that." OHMYGOD, on top of being fatter, she's getting older now too???? How embarrassing...could NEVER be me.

She added, "I could quickly eat really well for a couple of days and exercise a lot and [the weight] would all be gone. And that was not happening over the past year." Wow, does she think a global pandemic, social uprising, and the overwhelming chaos of the day is an excuse to just like, eat a little extra? Honestly, it's so depressing what's happened to her. Only gross normal people lose their metabolism! Those of us amongst the bourgeoisie have "doctors" for that.

Luckily, Gwyneth has cut out sugar, alcohol, and experiencing joy from her diet and has begun chugging broth made from bones and tears of fat people, and has been able to lose 11 pounds so far! Hopefully she can quickly overcome this dietary detour into normal behavior and get back on track and into a basic yet somehow tacky Calvin Klein dress.


How much weight have you gained during the covo pando?

Emma Watson Is Not Retiring Apparently

Follow up to this post, Emma Watson's manager confirms she is not retiring from acting.

According to Jason Weinberg, Watson’s manager at Untitled Entertainment, the report is simply false: “Emma’s social media accounts are dormant but her career isn’t,” he told Entertainment Weekly in a statement.


What's your Pop Culture Age? Beth Behrs , "A Little Late with Lily Singh"


-Beth Behrs was on A Little Late with Lily Singh to promote her show "The Neighborhood".

-Behrs played a game called "Pop culture Age" where your age is based on your pop culture knowledge. You start at zero.The first question you either add or stay at zero.

-The Questions:

1. What is the gesture for rolling down a car window?

2.Does the name Miss Cleo ring any bells.

3.Do you have a landline.

4.Do you know what a Finsta is?

5. Do you know what it means to be left on read?

6.Do you know the difference between a Tamagotchi and a Tekashi.

Ontd: What is your pop culture age?

Under the cut Behr's pop culture age

[Spoiler (click to open)]

1.If you do this (move your hand in a circular motion for a manual crank to roll down your window)

6MT or DCT? - Page 135 - BMW M3 and BMW M4 Forum

You are 50 If not your at zero

2.If you do not know Miss Cleo, subtract 20 years.

3.If you do not have a landline, subtract 20 years.

4.If you do not know what a Finsta is, add 40 years.

5.If you do not know what it means to be left on read , add 20 years

6. A Tamagotchi

Tamagotchi GIF - Find on GIFER

A Tekashi

Reflection on 2018: Tekashi 6ix9ine was one of my students – Records With  My Daughters

If you do not know the difference subtract 2 years. Beth Behr's is 68 years young.

Pixar's Luca | Official Teaser Trailer

Set in a beautiful seaside town on the Italian Riviera, Disney and Pixar’s original feature film “Luca” is a coming-of-age story about one young boy experiencing an unforgettable summer filled with gelato, pasta and endless scooter rides. Luca shares these adventures with his newfound best friend, but all the fun is threatened by a deeply-held secret: they are sea monsters from another world just below the water’s surface.

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source, 2
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EXO's Kai for monotube magazine + KaixGucci for Esquire Korea + Taemin for Dazed magazine

EXO's Kai will have a especial photoshoot for MonoTube magazine for his KAIxGucci collection, also this KAIxGucci capsule collection film for Esquire Korea was released:

Collapse )

Gucci is planning to support domestic children suffering from Corona 19 through this collection. Donations to the Green Umbrella Children's Foundation will be used to support childcare and learning.

Taemin is in DAZED Korea magazine , march edition.

Collapse )
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film | trainspotting (1996)

Official teaser for Zack Snyder's “Army of the Dead”

Following a zombie outbreak in Las Vegas, a group of mercenaries take the ultimate gamble, venturing into the quarantine zone to pull off the greatest heist ever attempted.

Starring Dave Bautista, Ella Purnell, Ana de la Reguera, Garret Dillahunt, Raúl Castillo, Omari Hardwick, Hiroyuki Sanada, Michael Cassidy, Nora Arnezeder, Tig Notaro and Matthias Schweighöfer, the film is released on Netflix globally May 21.


Optimistic about this since Zack's “Dawn of the Dead” remake remains one of the best horror remakes ever tbh.
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ONTD Original: Juergen Teller Must Be Stopped

W Magazine has released their annual Best Performances issue, featuring photographs by Juergen Teller. It's gonna be a no from me, babe.

Who is Juergen Teller? He is a German fashion and fine art photographer who is frequently hired to shoot celebrities and models. Apparently "minimalism, beauty of imperfection, "amateur", humanizing" photography is his aesthetic. Like sure, I've been to art school, I can be pretentious sometimes, I've seen the 400 Blows, so I get it.

But this???

Steven, sweetie, I'm so sorry

Okay but first a disclaimer: He is a legit fashion photographer and hugely influential, blah blah fuckin' blah. Doesn't change fact that he's been acting up for years and I've had it, officially.

Collapse )

Tweets: 1 | 2 | 3
W Mag's Best Performances: 2020 | 2014 | 2013

if you saw this post before no you didnt❤️

also suggestion for an "awards season" tag, to collect press/pr during awards season that isn't necessarily for one specific show?
writing life

Watch the cast & writers of TVD mistreat Kat Graham for 11 minutes straight

For those of us who experienced The Vampire Diaries at its peak (and the crazy people who are still hanging around for the spin-offs) and rooted for the best character on the show, Bonnie Bennett played by Kat Graham - the viewing and fandom experience was probably nothing short of traumatizing.

Anyway, over the years, people did try to defend Bonnie and her actress Kat Graham, and to lobby for better storylines to no avail. But until now, I don't think I'd realised how toxic the situation was for Kat at the time she was on the show. In the video, you can clearly see main producer and writer, Julie Plec and Caroline Dries look at Kat with disdain every time she speaks. Even worse, most of her cast mates also act dismissive of her and everything she says with the exception of Ian the Scammerhalder.

Share your TVD fandom memories or horror stories here!
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Megan Thee Stallion’s Hot Girl Nighttime Skincare Routine | Go To Bed With Me | Harper's BAZAAR

Grammy-nominated rapper @Megan Thee Stallion​ is an expert at keeping her face fresh and clean (if you couldn't already tell from her enviable and aspirational makeup-free selfies). In this episode of #GoToBedWithMe​, our March cover star reveals her simple and effective nightly routine, the importance of brushing your teeth twice 😝 and drug store favorites–proving that you don't need to break the bank to do hot girl shit.


beauty post??

Lolo Jones blames The Challenge producers for her exit

-For those of you don't watch The Challenge, Lolo Jones was part of this season and last season she quit the show out of frustration with her fellow cast mates not allowing her to compete for her skull.

-In order to make it to the final, everyone must get one of the limited skulls during an elimination. Lolo failed to win any Challenge competitions where she'd have the power to throw herself in and no one was interested in sending her in so they wouldnt have to compete against her.

-And in a now deleted tweet, she states that CT/Big T were allowed to win even though they technically DQed due to missing the designated drop location for last nights competition. Safe to say that she likely wont be invited back to The Challenge.

Pouting Pout GIF by The Challenge - Find & Share on GIPHY