February 21st, 2021


James Franco quietly settles with his victims

James Franco has settled a lawsuit that alleged he 'intimidated students at an acting and film school he founded into gratuitous and exploitative sexual situations'

Two of Franco's victims and ex-students, Sarah Tither-Kaplan and Toni Gaal, have agreed to drop their individual claims under the agreement.

The terms of the settlement are undisclosed.

Queen's Gambit

For All Mankind Roundup

A run down of the major historical changes from season one and the new ones featured in episode one of season two.

Not a big fan of Shantel personally, but I do like Karen. Shantel discusses her experiences auditioning, being at a Challenger exhibition when she got the role of Karen, and the cast's pandemic book club. Article contains spoilers for season 1 of For All Mankind and Season 2 of The Boys.

Joel discusses filming eating scenes, his favorite non-Ed plotline from season two, and shares very vague details from season three (the show has already been renewed), which apparently moves from closer-to-reality to more sci-fi vibes.


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Time’s Up Condemns Brett Ratner’s Return

Time’s Up has condemned Ratner who was accused of sexual misconduct in 2017, for his planned return to filmmaking. In November 2017, seven women accused the filmmaker of sexual harassment and misconduct, leading Warner Bros to cut ties with Ratner.

He is set to helm a longtime passion project, a biopic about R&B duo Milli Vanilli.
The director-producer should not be granted a comeback into the industry.
Ratner’s project will mark his first feature directing job since 2014’s “Hercules,” 

Ratner has not offered to redress the harm he caused, instead choosing to file lawsuits against the women who came forward to share their experiences of abuse.


Drew Barrymore bursts into tears when David Letterman surprises her in person for her birthday

- Drew has had most of her guests via Zoom since her show started (halfway through the Pandemic)
- During her birthday episode David Letterman decided to surprise her in person, pretending his zoom call failed.
- She cried.


I like her and her show... it's still a lot better than Ellen's. (Justice for Santa Clarita Diet tho.)

The cast of "LOVE, VICTOR" talks about receiving homophobic messages because of the show.

- To promote Disney+ new division: STAR; the cast of 'Love, Victor' were doing some promo interviews (finally!) and Michael Cimimo spoke about how he got a few homophobic messages from close people since the show started.
- George Sear mentioned that he hasn't received any homophobic messages, and most of them have been very positive.
- 'Love, Victor' season 2 is expected to premiere later this year on Hulu (USA) and on Disney+ STAR (Worldwide).


ONTD, have you seen 'Love, Victor' already?

The cast of 'SIX FEET UNDER' reflect on the show's legacy on their 20th anniversary.

- The cast mention that they still get 'the finale was perfect' comments.
- Some nice trivia: Peter Krause also auditioned for David. Rico was written with Freddy Rodriguez in mind. Alan Ball wanted the gay characters to be as sexual as the other ones cause representation back in the day was shit.
- Alan Ball knew Nate was going to die since S1, but the final 3 minutes with everyone's death was a writer's idea that everyone thought was joking.

There's a 15 min retrospective with interviews to the cast @ the source.

ONTD, while it's impossible to top, have you seen any other series finales that come close to be as good as SFU's?

Olivia Rodrigo Reacts To SNL’s Drivers License Sketch

That Olivia Rodrigo rain reign just won’t let up! The new IT Indie Pop Girl of 2021 reacted to seeing her no. 1 hit song “drivers license” featured on Saturday Night Live. The singer shared a clip on her Instagram Stories and tweeted out a message, writing, “DRIVERS LICENSE SNL SKETCH IS THE BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER IM SHAKING.”

The sketch featured guest host Regé-Jean Page and a bunch of the show’s male cast members gathered in a pool hall as they offered a detailed explanation of Rodrigo’s song — and its origin story about the love triangle involving the singer herself, her co-star Joshua Bassett and Sabrina Carpenter.

Rodrigo recently celebrated her 18th birthday and her debut single spent a 6th week at no. 1 in the UK, and is expected to do so in the US as well this week.

ONTD, have you accepted Olivia Rodrigo as your new Pop Lord and Savior or are you still confused and in denial with the Youths of today?

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Shanna Moakler addresses Travis Barker's relationship with Kourtney K

She told the paparazzi at LAX:

“He’s my friend and co-parent, and I want him to be happy,” she said, “and if being with her makes him happy, and she’s happy, I’m happy for both of them, honestly.”

Shanna (45) was picking up her boyfriend, Matthew Rondeau (28), when she made the statement.


I knew something was up maybe a year ago (idk time any more?) when Kourtney was sending Alabama stuff from Kylie Cosmetics.

Notorious Celebrity Photoshoots: Rihanna For Vogue, 2011


Happy birthday to queen Rihanna! The lingerie designer beauty guru pop singer celebrated her 33rd birthday yesterday. To celebrate, let's revisit her most iconic (in my opinion) photoshoot ever: the cover of American Vogue, April 2011.

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Fav song from Loud?

What's My Name?
Cheers (Drink to That)
Only Girl (In The World)
California King Bed
Man Down
Raining Men
Love the Way You Lie (I'm counting it, even though it's an Eminem song)

See another notorious photoshoot with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

source, source

Weekend Box Office

The Croods 2 once again took the top spot with $1.7 million, the lowest for the top film since the pandemic started. The Little Things followed with $1.2 million. Judas and the Black Messiah ($905k), WW84 ($805k) and The Marksman ($775k) rounded out the top 5.

Next week's releases include the live action/animated hybrid Tom & Jerry in theaters and HBO Max, The United States vs Billie Holiday on Hulu, and The Father and Cherry in theaters before both go vod/streaming next month.


JoLaurie dance

The LA Times releases an article about the troubles at the HFPA

• The Golden Globes has long had the vibe of a boozy family reunion when compared to the prep school prom vibe of the Oscars. They're known for their laid back and at times baffling nominations and wins. But this year the nominations were met with outrage rather than the usual shrugs.

• The 87 member voting body snubbed Oscar frontrunners Ma Rainey's Black Bottom and Judas and the Black Messiah in the Best Motion Picture Drama category. Michaela Coel's HBO Max series was snubbed in favor of Netflix's widely hated Emily in Paris. Sia's offensive and should be career ender, Music received two nominations. It should be noted here that the small organization has no black members within its ranks and unlike the AMPAS (the voting body behind the Academy Awards) has made no concentrated effort to diversify or expand their organization.

• Now a week before the ceremony the LA Times writes about the trouble brewing at the HFPA. This includes several lawsuits that allege HFPA members receiving thousands of dollars worth of perks from studios and stars in exchange for nominations. The Times also discovered that HFPA regularly doles out substantial payments to its own members, running up $2 million in payments just last year.

• The writer also mentions that apparently more than 30 voting HFPA members were flown to France to visit the Emily in Paris set and were put up in $1,400 a night hotel rooms, and had a special news conference and a swanky lunch at a private museum.

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Captain Burnham

Chris D’Elia Addresses Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Chris D’Elia posted a 10-minute YouTube video in which he addressed the sexual misconduct allegations leveled against him in June 2020. He maintained that all of his relationships have been consensual and legal. But he stated that he has a “problem” and that sex “controlled” his life.

D'Elia recounted that "having sex got a lot easier" for him after he rose to fame in the comedy space. He has realized in recent months that he was "treating sex like it's casual and being flippant with people," which has made him feel "shameful." His celebrity played a part in his behavior. His sex habits soon became a "lifestyle" that he didn't know "how to stop."

D’Elia said he was seeking treatment for his problem with sex. His “life-controlling” problem derailed his relationships, he cheated on most of the women he had been with, including his fiancé. He has been “doing the work” to be a better role model for his son and has been in recovery for the past couple of months.

Back in June, he was accused of grooming teenage girls. D’Elia most recently appeared in the second season of “You,” where he portrayed a comedian who sexually abuses girls.


Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Matthews Welcome Their First Child, Daughter Sterling Skye​

Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes and fiancée Brittany Matthews welcomed their first child, daughter Sterling Skye Mahomes. The couple announced her birth on Brittany’s Instagram.

"Sterling Skye Mahomes 👸🏼 2/20/21 6lbs 11oz," Matthews said on Instagram.


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Jaime King "Blindsided" By Estranged Husband Kyle Newman's Relationship and Baby News


Actress Jaime King and husband Kyle Newman have been married since 2007 and have two sons

Jaime filed for divorce in May and got a temporary restraining order against him granted

he accused her of having a drug problem, the custody battle is ongoing

yesterday singer Cyn announced that she and Kyle welcomed a son

"Jaime was not told about Kyle's relationship or the pregnancy until right before the holidays. She was very blindsided by this."

SNL's Ego Nwodim- Loco ft Bad Bunny

Highlights of this song:
-"mad like Hannibal But not like Armie Hammer, that dude's a cannibal"
-"No, you're alone and you're stoned watching Hitch, It's been a whole year since a dude touched your butt"
-"But a whole year on Zoom, I'm like girl from The Ring"

okay ONTD you caught me this was an excuse to talk about how good Ego looked.

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Craig Ferguson’s 2007 monologue about Britney goes viral 14 years later.

- Craigyferg’s monologue about Britney has gone viral 14 years later.
- Back when he used to host The Late Late show, Craig criticized the media for their coverage of Britney Spears and Anna Nicole Smith. He even had to reprimend his audience saying that it was not a funny thing and he decided to not make jokes about Britney.
- The monologue has gone viral for being the only empathetic take from back in the day and since the ‘Free Britney’ documentary aired.

Meiko Kaji

Dumpy the chihuahua catapults Kaley Cuoco to fame

A-list star Dumpy has shared personal footage of his home life with Kaley Cuoco. No joke, it's hard to find chihuahuas who realise that it might be worth it to share the spotlight with a woman.

Dumpy bravely addresses his struggles with body image and mental health in this raw and emotional new video. With a new lease on life, Dumpy spends indulgent days wrapped up in cozy blankets before heading to the park to flaunt his cat collar. Maybe that's not a park, though, maybe that's actually his backyard acreage because ya boi Dumpy is rich as shit.

Unfortunately, by the time you read this Dumpy has been cancelled for travelling to New York and Toronto without a mask during the panny.


Animal post! Feel free to stan any and all animals 🦍🦥🐷🐪🐳🐛
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Buzzfeed Rankes Every Disney Parent From Absolute Worst To Absolute Best

5 out of 41.

41. The Evil Queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

30.. King Triton from The Little Mermaid

19. Fa Zhou from Mulan

10. Pongo and Perdita from 101 Dalmatians

1. Mrs. Davis from the Toy Story franchise


do you agree with the list?? // fave disney parent??
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Gina Carano Finally Acts Properly in the Role of 'Victim'

DarlingssS, the weekend is almost over, did you have a chance to recharge and get rid of your frustrations? No?
No need to fear, ms Ssnakey is here with some bullshit for you to let your frustrations out.
So miss carano learnt how to act apparently

Apparently she has some 'inside info' that might get a 'friend' in troubles but wont say because she's a 'good person'.

Na, if the mods allow it, this post about the preview of the groundbreaking cry me a river interview on how HARD racists are having it, can also serve as a way to let go of all your frustrations. Wanna make it a wank post, fine. Thots and pears to them poor conservatives getting bullied, ofc, we are not heartless.

ONTD, what makes you angry?

Source: https://twitter.com/DEADLINE/status/1362911046713765888?s=19

Charmed 3x05/Batwoman 2x06 Promos

-Charmed 3x05 "Yew Do You" Season 3 Episode 5 Promo - FIND YOUR VOICE - The Charmed Ones (Melonie Diaz, Madeleine Mantock and Sarah Jeffery) battle surprising new “nemeses” in both the magical and human world; Macy's pursuit of a cure is interrupted by a shocking inheritance. Also starring Rupert Evans and Jordan Donica. James Genn directed the episode written by Johanna Lee and Christina Pin ̃a (episode #305​). Original airdate 2/28/2021

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Picture It, 2021. It's summer and the Golden Girls comes to Disney Plus, the world rejoices.

-Disney has announced that Golden Girls will be coming to Disney+ the Summer of 2021, including internationally.

-No news on what this means for Hulu which Disney also owns and currently streams the series.

Disney could show their true love by giving us the series remastered.

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