February 12th, 2021

Ontd Original: Looking back at the 'Latin Explosion' Bops of the late 90s


'Latin Explosion' describes the wave of latin pop music that made it over into the west. It gave us some of the biggest latin artist we know today, Shakira, Enrique, Ricky Martin, Xtina & J....I think thats it. The genre got so big, artists in the west also started adopting a more 'latin' sound.
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ONTD, what was your fav latin bop of the late 90s, early 00s?

New Music Friday – February 12, 2021

Featuring new music by Cherry Glazerr, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Dua Lipa, Kelly Rowland, Liz Phair, Luna Shadows, MOD SUN, MONSTA X, Pale Waves, Pentatonix, P!nk with Willow Sage Hart, Pink Sweat$, The Pretty Reckless, RAVI feat. Chillin Homie and Kid Milli, Rita Ora and Imanbek, Robin Thicke, Surf Mesa with Madison Beer, Syd, Tiana Major9 and Victoria Justice

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Happy Friday, ONTD! What's everybody listening to today?

Britney Spears' Father Sells Childhood Home for Less Than 300k

The house that Britney Spears grew up in has officially been sold for $275,000 fully furnished in her hometown of Kentwood, Louisana by her father.

Fun fact: it's the home Britney shot her infamous Rolling Stone cover back in 1999.


I'm pretty sure with all the money the he's making off controlling his daughters life that he didn't need to sell their cute ass childhood home. #FreeBritney
bruno mars

ONTD Original: Which celebrity is the best painter/illustrator?

Some celebrities from music/acting fame also have some talent (or at least interest) in visual arts. Here are some of those in a post inspired by recently revelead prodigy North West.

Britney Spears

Britney has shown her love for painting a few times on Instagram. This intriguing flower and swirls piece was auctioned for $10.000. According to Vanity Fair: "She donated the floral piece to an auction at the Venetian, Vegas Cares; all proceeds will go toward a commissioned art piece to memorialize the victims of the Las Vegas massacre, according to its site.


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ONTD, do you have any artistic talents?

Live Viewing Post and Celebrity Reactions to Impeachment Trial Day 4

The Senate convenes @ 12PM Eastern

On Day 4 of Impeachment Deux Coup the TRE45ON defense will lay down, roll over, and play dead, because the GQP will acquit anyway. They have a maximum 16 hours, with no more than 8 hours on a given day.

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Let’s go live to insurrection co-conspirators during prosecution testimony

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International superstar Rita Ora releases short film for her new EP

Following last night's release of her new EP Bang, popstar and actress Rita Ora has also given the world a groundbreaking work of cinematic art.

The film is essentially a disjointed music video mash-up of the four songs on her EP. In the video Rita dances in a room with a lot of mirrors, dances in front of an old Eastern European apartment building, rides a horse, and more.


Sex and the City: How is Samantha Being Written Out?

For the HBO Max rehash of Sex and the City, Samantha's absence will be explained by explaining that Samantha...just isn't friends with the other three women any more.

"...just as in real life, people come into your life, people leave," a HBO rep says. "Friendships fade, and new friendships start. So I think it is all very indicative of the real stages, the actual stages of life... They’re trying to tell an honest story about being a woman in her 50s in New York. So it should all feel somewhat organic, and the friends that you have when you’re 30, you may not have when you’re 50.”

Okay, then! Clearly keeping the door open for Kim, I guess!

iggy jojo

ONTD Roundup

Gina Carano announces new project with bridge troll Ben Shapiro

Conservative anti-semite transphobe Gina Carano has released a statement after her firing by Lucasfilm, announcing that she is teaming with Ben Shapiro's The Daily Wire to develop, produce, and star in her own film. The film will only be available to Daily Wire subscribers.

She states:
“I cried out and my prayer was answered. I am sending out a direct message of hope to everyone living in fear of cancellation by the totalitarian mob. I have only just begun using my voice which is now freer than ever before, and I hope it inspires others to do the same. They can’t cancel us if we don’t let them.”

OP wishes her zero luck.

jon & ghost

Elijah Wood and Daniel Radcliffe unite for Empire's LOTR and Harry Potter 20th anniversary

Empire Magazine is celebrating Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter's 20th anniversary with an exclusive issue featuring Elijah Wood and Daniel Radcliffe. They'll discuss their memories of playing Frodo and Harry and how these roles changed their lives and careers.

Out on February 18th.


Body language

Rob Zombie on being a vegan

  • He was a vegetarian since he was 18 and became a vegan nine years ago. "We're all brainwashed from the moment we're born that all the cows are happy and the pigs are happy and everybody's so happy and it's all “Old McDonald Had a Farm.” And then I saw a movie that was the first time I really saw how brutal and disgusting factory farming was. That's when I was, like, 'I'm done.'... It was challenging. Vegetarian is easier, because you can still have scrambled eggs or pizza. Once I went vegan, it was, like...now there's nothing to eat. Every day it gets easier, and every day the food gets better."

  • He now has a farm where he rescues abandoned goats with his wife. "Sometimes they're just like giant dogs that are a little more dangerous 'cause they have horns. You wanna pick them up and hug them, but you don't wanna get impaled either."

jennifers body

Afropunk's new web series follows black punks in dystopian Seattle

This Black History Month, Afropunk is announcing a new afropunk apocalyptic web series following black punks in a dystopian Seattle. In BAZZOOKA, members of real-life black-fronted bands The Black Tones, Danny Denial and The OBGMs star as fictional versions of themselves, facing off against a fascist mayor played by Twin Peaks' Andrea Hays. Learn more and watch the first two episodes behind the cut!

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20 (5) Under the Radar Black Movies You Should Seek Out

We're about halfway through Black History Month. If you're interested in Black films to watch during what's left of it, or if you just need something to watch this weekend, here's a handy dandy list of underrated movies to check out.

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SOURCES: Tweet, List

What are some of your favorite Black films, ONTD?


“To All The Boys: Always and Forever” Is Now Streaming on Netflix

The final film in the “To All The Boys” trilogy dropped on Netflix today. Below are some press interviews from the cast promoting the film.

[Lana Condor & Noah Centineo Say Goodbye to Each Other]

Lana Condor and Noah Centineo read their final goodbye letters to each other.

[Cast of To All the Boys: Always and Forever Reveal Their On-Set Pranks]

The cast of To All the Boys: Always and Forever join us to discuss shooting the final film and how Noah Centineo loved scaring Lana Condor on set.

0:00​ - 0:17​ Introducing Lana Condor (Lara Jean), Noah Centineo (Peter), Janel Parrish (Margot), Anna Cathcart (Kitty), Madeleine Arthur (Chris) and Ross Butler (Trevor).
0:18​ - 0:51​ - Favourite line from the film?
0:52​ - 1:19​ - Who were the pranksters on set?
1:20​ - 1:50​ - Favourite scene to shoot?
1:51​ - 2:10​ - Favourite swear word?
2:11​ - 2:28​ - Favourite on-set snack?
2:29​ - 2:53​ - Best thing about shooting in Korea?
2:54​ - 3:38​ - Tips for writing love letters?

[Lana Condor, Janel Parrish & Anna Cathcart Break Down Filming in Korea]

Lana Condor, Janel Parrish & Anna Cathcart break down what it was like to film To All the Boys: Always & Forever in Korea.

Justice for Jordan Fisher tbqh.

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[actor] masked Pascal

Fans are picking Lucy Lawless to replace Gina Carano in the role of Cara Dune in #TheMandalorian

* Fans of Star Wars: The Mandalorian are calling for Lucy Lawless to replace Gina Carano as bounty hunter Carasynthia (Cara) Dune after news broke that Carano had been fired from the Disney+ series on Feb. 10.

* fans also got behind the idea of replacing Carano with actress Lana Parrilla, who is best known for her portrayal of the Evil Queen/Regina Mills in the ABC fantasy drama series Once Upon a Time.

* Lucasfilm decided to part ways with Carano following a series of controversial social media posts shared by the 38-year-old actor over the past few months. The latest post from Carano, an outspoken conservative, appeared to find her comparing the treatment of modern-day Republicans to the suffering experienced by Jewish people during the Holocaust.

sources: 1|2

Cameran from Southern Charm and RW wrote a book y'all..


Bless her heart, Cameran Eubanks Wimberly is getting real. The fan-favorite Southern Charm star is finally opening up about her decision to leave the Bravo reality series and so much more in her new book of essays, One Day You'll Thank Me: Essays on Dating, Motherhood, and Everything In Between. During her six-season stint on the series, the 37-year-old was known for keeping it real and honest, which is exactly what she does in her book. Cameran details her time on The Real World and the truth about her relationship with husband Jason Wimberly, who appeared on-camera just once and yet became a storyline on the show when castmate Kathryn Dennis brought up a rumor of him cheating. (Cam denied the chatter, but it played a role in her exit from the show.) Cameran, who is mom to 3-year-old Palmer, also dishes on her experiences with fellow Bravo reality stars (and their diva-like behavior) and Beyoncé, who revealed herself to be a fan of The Real World. Who knew?!

more at source..

I wish she were back on reality tv, like a cooking show or something similar to Selena's. Southern Charm was a snooze fest this season. Anyway, her book is cute and not too $$$.

Tiffany Pollard Hosts Live Chat With Trans Activist, Apologizes For Transphobic Comments


Tiffany Pollard issued another apology for her previous transphobic comments. She sat down for a live chat with queer and trans activist Sage Dolan Sandrino to discuss the impact of her comments.

Says Pollard: "I know I really messed up."

She takes accountability for the harm caused by her words and is educating herself about trans issues.

the right step, or not enough?


The View: Queen Latifah, Stephen A Smith, Hot Topics

Panel is Joy, Sunny, Sara, Ana, and Meghan

See Day 4 Impeachment Post or continue FFA politics here

I’ve decided Me-Again is trying to distract us from her awfulness on the daily with disco glitter eye makeup and wonky hair


More behind the cut

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Ontd happy Valentine’s Day weekend /kisses

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Zawe Ashton joins Captain Marvel 2 as the lead villain

+ As pre-production on Captain Marvel 2 gears up, Marvel Studios has found the sequel's lead villain: Fresh Meat's Zawe Ashton has been cast as the unnamed baddie.
+ Speculation about the identity of her character includes Skrull Queen Veranke (a key player in Secret Invasion) and Moonstone.
+ Nia DaCosta will helm Captain Marvel 2 from a script penned by Megan McDonnell (a story editor on WandaVision).
+ Brie Larson returns as Carol Danvers. Other confirmed cast members include Ms. Marvel star Iman Vellani and Teyonah Parris as Monica Rambeau.


Is Wonder Woman cursed on tv? CW passes on WonderGirl tv series

-TheCW is at it again...after passing on Green Arrow and the Canaries they've decided to go one step further and pass on ordering a pilot for Wonder Girl.

-Wonder Girl was to follow new DC character, Yara Flor, an Amazonian from the Amazon.

-This will be the 2nd Wonder Woman-centric pilot script The CW has passed on. In 2012 they ordered an "Amazon" pilot script that was meant to serve as a prequel to Diana before she becomes Wonder Woman.

-NBC ordered a WW tv pilot in 2011 but that was ultimately passed on.

-In 1974, ABC aired a WW pilot featuring Cathy Lee Crosby as Wonder Woman and ultimately decided to pass on bringing it to series.

-In 1967 there was a pilot for Wonder Woman named Who's Afraid of Diana Prince? that was also ultimately passed on.

-Even in animation the Wonder Woman family has faced a hard time being adapted. WW was supposed to show up in Superman: The Animated series but was embargoed until Justice League. Wonder Girl was also supposed to be a founding member of Young Justice but DC emgarboed both Donna Troy and Cassie Sandsmark until the shows 2nd season which caused both to play very minimal roles in the series.

-Maybe 6th pilot is the charm?

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Source: 1 2 My love of WW
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The cast of "Cinderella" reunite + Brandy sings some tunes from the film


-The cast of Rodgers and Hammerstein's "Cinderella" was reunited by "Entertainment Weekly" to celebrate the film coming to Disney Plus.

-The cast spoke of the process and paid tribute to cast members Whitney Houston and Natalie Desselle-Reid (Minerva).

-Brandy also made a video medley of some songs and recreated a ballroom scene from the film. Todrick Hall joins her in some of it.

-"Cinderella" is streaming now on Disney Plus.



Sabrina H31

Phoebe Waller-Bridge & Donald Glover Reboot ‘Mr. & Mrs. Smith’ in Amazon Series

- Phoebe Waller-Bridge (Fleabag) and Donald Glover (Atlanta) are rebooting feature film Mr. & Mrs. Smith as a television series for New Regency and Amazon Studios.

- Based off of the 2005 action movie starring Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt "as a married couple who were rival spies. It was directed by Doug Liman and written by Simon Kinberg"

- The show, co-created by Atlanta writer/producer Francesca Sloan

- From a statement by Amazon Studios head Jennifer Salke: “Talk about the dream team! Donald and Phoebe are two of the most talented creators and performers in the world. It’s truly a dream for us, as it will be for our global audience, to have these two forces of nature collaborating as a powerhouse creative team. ’Mr. and Mrs. Smith’ is an iconic property, and we can’t wait to see how Donald, Phoebe and Francesca make it their own. We’re thrilled to be working with them, and with such great partners at New Regency.”

Also, Yariv Milchan and Michael Schaefer of New Regency said in the statement: “Having had the pleasure of successful collaborations with the incredibly talented Donald Glover, most recently on ‘Guava Island,’ we all started talking about other projects to do together and when he suggested the idea of a new take and iteration on the New Regency film, ‘Mr. & Mrs. Smith,’ we jumped at the chance to get going right away. Adding Phoebe and her company Wells Street Films as a collaborator and co-star takes everything up another level and makes the project worthy of a reimagining for both new audiences and past fans of the original film. We are so excited to be working with Donald, Phoebe, Francesca and the entire team at Amazon Studios.”

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WandaVision episode 6 recap: Trick or treat

WandaVision aired its Halloween episode today

[Spoiler (click to open)]
Wanda's twins starts displaying their powers
Vision tries to go out of the perimeter of Westview but starts getting ripped into shreds.
To save Vision's life, Wanda expands the boundary of Westview to include the entire SWORD base set up outside the town with many SWORD agents as well as Darcy being sucked into Westview.


this is a discussion post, so beware of spoilers inside.
CI Kathryn

And just like that...everything became a little clearer as HBO releases Sex and the City in HD

-A newly remastered HD version of the classic HBO series SEX AND THE CITY will be available to stream on HBO Max starting today, Friday, February 12. This new version marks the first time that the iconic HBO series will be available in 16:9 full frame aspect ratio, giving audiences a greater, extended frame for wide screen viewing. With more resolution, the series will be seen in a whole new way, offering enhanced & richer color and additional depth that was not possible in standard definition.

Image result for sex and the city giphy
What series do you want to see get the remastered?

Sufjan Stevens "Tell Me You Love Me" MV

From Sufjan:
Luca Guadagnino directed a new video for my song “Tell Me You Love Me,” featuring work by Alessio Bolzoni and Celia Hempton. So beautiful. Thank you Luca!

My friend Stephen Halker also designed a “Tell Me You Love Me” T-shirt for Valentine’s Day.

Let’s focus on what’s working. Let’s focus on love.

[Shirt available here: https://bit.ly/3tOpfZq ]

Sabrina H31

'The King and I' Movie Remake in the Works

- A film remake of Rodgers and Hammerstein's The King and I is in the works from Paramount Pictures and Temple Hill

- the project is still in the early stages according to The Hollywood Reporter with no writer or director yet attached. "However, the producers are planning to bring a contemporary and diverse perspective to the material"

- Inspired by Margaret Landon's novel Anna and the King of Siam, "set in 1860s Bangkok, the story follows the relationship of British schoolteacher Anna Leonowens and the King of Siam, who employs her as a tutor for his many wives and children".

- The original film from 1956 starred Deborah Kerr and Yul Brenner. Most recent Broadway and West End revivals were led by Kelli O'Hara and Ken Watanabe


More Buffy Folks Come Out Against Joss Whedon

• James Marsters comes out in support without naming names.

• Nicholas Brendan said on Facebook Live that he believes and supports Charisma 100% and will elaborate more when he's feeling better (he's apparently suffered a back injury).

• David Boreanaz has wiped out his Instagram, while his wife has deleted hers.

* Boreanaz and Alyson Hannigan are posting on Instagram stories but not addressing the scandal.

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This support is wonderful but y'all gotta give her and Ray Fisher work...

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Sia gets more backlash for offensive portrayal of autistic people in new film

The twitter account Autisticats screened Sia's debut film 'Music' to write a review, and they shared with social media a few examples of the offensive portrayal of autistic people in the film.

Sia also recently deleted her Twitter account due to the backlash against her movie.

Source, Source