February 10th, 2021


Diamond White Lands Role in Disney Channel Animated Series Marvel's Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur

The former X Factor US contestant just landed the lead voice in the upcoming Disney Channel animated series Marvel's Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur.

Diamond has previously lent her voice for other Disney shows including The Lion Guard, Phineas and Ferb and Sofia the First.

She currently plays Paris Buckingham on popular soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful.

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Make Up Lady Rihanna's Ugly Clothing Line Falters

Former singer Rihanna's clothing line did not work. She was getting scrutinized from fans that the high fashion line was too expensive and designs were a hybrid of Charlotte Russe/Fashion Nova at best. LVMH now plans to concentrate on Fenty Beauty and Fenty Skin – and get involved in her successful lingerie venture. This gives time for her to Rih-Flect and Rih-Lease the music.

source= https://twitter.com/BoF/status/1359475697220280326

‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’ trailer sets a new record!

• On Sunday night, Marvel dropped their latest trailer for their latest MCU entry, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

• The Disney+ series garnered over 125 million combined views in just 24 hours (these figures are pulled from the viewership of the spot and the trailer uploaded on online platforms)

• It set a record for a streaming service show (a record WandaVision set back in September) and it also managed to out-do Black Widow‘s numbers from last years Super Bowl.

ontd, do you think the year long break and new focus on the D+ shows is going to hold off “marvel fatigue”?


Netflix is adapting "Redwall" into (another) TV show and movies

Today in 'OH MY GOD IT'S HAPPENING!' news, Netflix has rescued the 'Redwall' franchise from development hell (sorta). Unlike that Nirvana show in the early 2000s, this will span the ENTIRE SERIES of 22 books (the 23rd one is unfinished and unreleased, as the author died in 2011).

If you're not familiar with the books - Woodland animals fight and do mystic shit. There are puzzles. There's a lot of good sounding food. There is literally a genetic condition in those touched with the Warrior Spirit to go apeshit on the enemy.

Netflix is also developing an event series based on the character of Martin the Warrior - but his story was already covered in "Martin the Warrior" and "Mossflower" so I guess this is the later years of his life? Does anyone else care but me?

Patrick McHale, creator of Cartoon Network’s “Over the Garden Wall,” will write the feature film.



Live Viewing Post and Celebrity Reactions to Impeachment Trial Day 2

The Senate convenes @ 12PM Eastern

On Day 2 of Impeachment Deux Coup the House Managers will present their prosecution arguments. They have a maximum 16 hours, with no more than 8 hours on a given day.

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Let’s go live to audience reaction after Clown1 and Clown2 opening defense statements

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Halle Berry Vents About Paying $16K Child Support To Ex Gabriel Aubry

Halle and her model ex have a 12-year-old daughter and reportedly broke up back in 2010.
Berry has reportedly been ordered to pay Gabriel $16K per month in child support for their daughter, and the actress has been doing her best to get that number reduced. 
Years ago, there were reports that Aubry called the actress a "ghetto n-word,"

She can understand if a parent needs help, but in today's society, Halle believes parents should do what it takes to financially provide for their children.

"I've been paying it for over a decade now. I feel if a woman or man is having to pay support that is way more than the reasonable needs to help SUPPORT the child, i think that is wrong ! The way many laws are set up people are allowed to USE children in order to be awarded money to live a lifestyle that not only they did not earn, but that is way above and beyond the child's reasonable needs, and that is 'THE WRONG' and where i see the abuse. The laws are outdated and no longer reflect the modern world. I'm living it everyday and i can tell you it's hard." 


Mila Kunis felt horrible for escaping from her kids

Mila Kunis felt like a horrible mom for choosing work as an "escape" from her kids during the pandemic.

She has 2 kids with Ashton Kutcher, Dimitri and Wyatt. Further explaining that months ago, she and Ashton received an offer for a Cheeto's Super Bowl commercial and jumped at the opportunity to escape quarantine.

"I don't care. I need to get out of this house! We're getting out, we're going to shoot this thing and we're going to get away from our children. I'm a horrible mom." She continued. "I love my kids very much, but they're like dogs. They can sniff you out!"

After the shooting, she thought she contracted the respiratory disease.

Source 1

Charisma Carpenter Speaks Out Against Joss Whedon in Support of Ray Fisher

Charisma Carpenter has openly spoken out against Joss Whedon in support of Ray Fisher. Charisma worked with Whedon on Buffy and Angel.

She talks about being targeted by Whedon, repeatedly being threatened to be fired, asked if she was going to keep her child, mocking her religious beliefs and called fat while pregnant. This eventually lead to anxiety and trauma which she suffers to this day.

She has participated in Warner's Justice League investigation after years of therapy to realize what happened to her and she felt she owed that to Fisher, a man of integrity. She very much fears retaliation and blacklisting.

Update: Joss Whedon has declined to comment.

Source, two

HBO Max’s ‘Generation’ Used Real Cat Corpses in Dissection Scene

The forthcoming HBO Max show “Generation” executive produced by Lena Dunham.
In a scene set in a biology class, the production used actual dead cats for the actors to dissect.

It was revealed on Twitter:
They brought in real dead kittens for background to ‘dissect’ on set. No warning, people had trauma responses. They had been told it was a frog dissection but they showed up to real dead kittens and were expected to stay. At the wrap of day two they were informed one of the camera men tested positive for COVID.

Sources confirm that a member of the crew had tested positive, and is currently in isolation.
Production had learned of the test results after the day had wrapped, contradicting the tweet.
Production on “Generation” has been paused and will resume according to safety guidelines. 

Dunham didn’t hear about what happened until Saturday after she was tagged in responses to the tweets. When she’d read the script, she never imagined they would use actual animal specimens. Dunham hasn’t been on set, she’s currently in London shooting the movie “Catherine, Called Birdy,” which she wrote and directed.

The scene is being reconceived and will not appear in the series.
HBO Max spokesperson and Lena Dunham issued statements.


ONTD Roundup


Priyanka Chopra talks nose job, being replaced by a Bollywood actor's GF, and breakup in memoir

Priyanka Chopra's new book is out and it chronicles her life from her childhood to marrying Nick Jonas. She talks about growing up as a child in India, going to High School in the US, her grief over her dad's death, moving to America to work on Quantico, Nick Jonas blah blah

BUT since this is ONTD we're only here for the tea and not boring shit and OP has not read this book but is here to provide the VERY SMALL AMOUNTS of tea she has gauged from this book on the internet....

SO read about Miss Priyanka finally admitting her nose did, giving hints about how she was once replaced by a Bollywood superstar's girlfriend in a couple movies and indirectly/alluding to feeling depressed after breaking up with MARRIED Bollywood actor and super Shah Rukh Khan

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the memoir apparently is really dry and boring and these are the only points that would be interesting to a non-stan
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Tom Brady celebrating our healthcare hero’s by getting carried out of a bar, drunk, with no mask on

Tom Brady celebrating our healthcare hero’s by getting carried out of a bar, drunk, with no mask in the middle of the day

source= https://twitter.com/TBTimes_Bulls/status/1359597837701545990
britney △

Sabrina Carpenter performs "Skin" on 'The Late Late Show,' insists it's been misinterpreted

Sabrina Carpenter delivered an emotional performance of her latest single "Skin" on The Late Late Show with James Corden last night, where she also continued to insist the song is 'No Drama Music.'

When pressed by Corden about the controversy surrounding the song, Carpenter said, "I think this was a really interesting song for people to misinterpret and make into something that it wasn't supposed to be in the first place," before adding with a grin, "I've just been enjoying making music."

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Jasika Nicole to play Cherie's girlfriend on Punky Brewster

The show is set to premiere on February 25th and Jasika Nicole will recur as Cherie's lawyer girlfriend Lauren. Jasika told GLAAD that this is the first queer role she's played on network television.


Britney’s Father Jamie Spears Allegedly Grounded Britney for 3 Weeks for Social Distanced Walk

Page Six reports the star was grounded by her father this past summer for 3-weeks due to going on an unchaperoned social distanced walk on the beach with a friend.


Shia LaBeouf & CAA Part Ways as he Seeks Inpatient Treatment Following Sexual Battery Lawsuit

Shia LaBeouf and Hollywood talent agency CAA have parted ways, as the actor is currently receiving inpatient care, Variety has learned exclusively. The news follows a lawsuit filed in December by his ex-girlfriend, actor and musician FKA Twigs, who has accused LaBeouf of physical abuse during their relationship.

Since then, LaBeouf has been accused of emotional abuse by multiple women, and a pattern of his behavior has been well-documented over the years, while he has continued to work in the entertainment business.

CAA has not fired LaBeouf, two people familiar with the matter tell Variety, explaining that the actor made the decision to take a break from acting, so that he could solely focus on his recovery and get the help he has admitted he needs. CAA is not working with LaBeouf, at this time, and has not been working with him for roughly one month.

so they haven't fired him and are happy to work with this man again? right...

Velma Dinkley Series Starring Mindy Kaling, ‘Clone High’ Reboot Among HBO Max Adult Animation Orders

HBO Max announced that they are rebooting Clone High and debuting a new to a standalone series about “Scooby-Doo” character Velma Dinkley. Mindy Kaling will be the voice of Velma.

HBO Max picked up a two season order for the reboot of Clone High. The show will be a “modern take” on the show and follow the same format of the original. The original show aired on MTV from 2002-2003.

“Velma,” will be an origin story of the beloved animated sleuth and member of the Mystery Inc. The show has received a 10 episode order.

Kaling will also be an executive producer. Charlie Grandy, Howard Klein, and Sam Register will also be executive producers.


Scalpers are provoking scarcity in McDonald’s happy meals Pokémon cards

As part of a new promotion, Mcdonald’s is having Pokémon trading card games in their happy meals box sets, but kids have been unable to get their hands on any of the 50 Pokémon cards included in McDonald's Happy Meals this month to celebrate Pokémon's 25th anniversary, since eBay scalpers have been buying up the packs in bulk. Since some of the cards are rare holographic versions, they are highly coveted among collectors.

It seems like many adults are heading to McDonald's to try and purchase the cards en masse without the Happy Meals themselves - something that is relatively common when certain Happy Meal - and some are intercepting entire boxes of the things before they even make it to restaurants.

Full boxes are selling for upwards of $800 and individual sealed packs are selling for around $5 to $20 each.

Demand is such that McDonald’s and the Pokémon company have warned some restaurants not to sell just the freebies without the purchasing of a happy meal and to limit the amount of meals you can buy per person.

Source 1

Esme Bianco comes forward about the abuse she suffered at the hands of Marilyn Manson

MAJOR MAJOR TW for domestic violence and sexual assault in the source article!!!

Game of Thrones and The Magicians actress Esme Bianco has shared her experiences being abused by Marilyn Manson during their relationship. She had previously testified about her experience with a domestic abuser for The Phoenix Act in 2019, but did not name Manson as her abuser. She also talks about processing the terrible treatment of her character on Game of Thrones, a sex worker who was murdered in season 3, after her PTSD diagnosis.

This is a very good read and I am tremendously proud of her for speaking up and sharing her story, but please exercise caution - she shares a lot of harrowing details. This article is graphic and also links to pictures of injuries.


Celebrities and Coworkers React to Charisma Carpenter's Abuse Allegations Against Joss Whedon


After Charisma Carpenter publicly spoke of the on-set abuse she suffered at the hands of Joss Whedon, celebrities and coworkers responded.

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Charisma's and Joss' male coworkers have yet to speak.

Post will be updated as more reactions come in.

Sources: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen

Tiffany Haddish Creates Bacterial Cultures of Her Dates Before Making Out with Them

Last week, Tiffany Haddish appeared on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" to promote the latest season of her Netflix show "Tiffany Haddish Presents: They Ready". The comedienne talked about her relationship with rapper Common, the silhouette challenge, performing Shakespeare, and interviewing her fellow scientist*, Anthony Fauci.

Tiffany also explains how being a scientist has helped her be more discerning in the dating scene.

"When I first got on Bumble and I would have guys come by, I wouldn't make out with them on the first date. I would give them something to drink...when they would leave, I would take the cup, swab where they were drinking at, put that in a petri dish and let it do what it do. If they had too much candida going on, I'm not kissing them. Wrong kind of bacterias, I'm cool. But if it's a nice healthy amount, because we all got bacteria, if it's a healthy mouth, then second date."

Starts at 9:28

*citation needed

This is my first post ever! After lurking since 2006, I finally decided to take the plunge.

Excited to ask my first question: ONTD, how do you stay safe when dating?


(TW) German model passes away after week-long media frenzy following split from famous ex-boyfriend

  • Kasia Lenhardt (25) was a German model who first appeared on the 2012 season of Germany's Next Topmodel, finishing in 4th place. She began dating FC Bayern Munich football player Jerome Boateng in January 2020.

  • Earlier this year, Boateng's ex-girlfriend Rebecca Silvera accused him of cheating on her with Kasia and shared multiple screenshots on social media, showing that Kasia had messaged her with various Instagram accounts where she told Rebecca that Boateng is cheating on her among other things.

  • A lot of "he said she said" from both sides followed and last Tuesday, Boateng announced that the two had broken up. He then gave an interview to Germany's biggest newspaper BILD, claiming he's sorry for cheating on Rebecca Silvera, that Kasia blackmailed him into the relationship and he never wanted to date her to begin with, that he never loved her and only had feelings for his ex-girlfriend. Kasia later refuted the claims on social media.

  • Today it was revealed that Kasia was found dead in her Berlin apartment. Police are suspecting that she passed away due to [trigger warning]suicide. She's leaving behind her son who turns 6 today.

  • So far, no statement from Boateng, who is currently in Qatar for the Football Club World Cup, has been released but his club just announced that he will return to Munich due to private reasons.

source: @Mailonline twitter + my memory of following this story for the past couple weeks

This whole situation has been and still is a mess. It was a lot of he said she said but no one thought that it would end like this. My heart breaks for her son and I hope he has a good support system. If you or anyone you know is suffering and need help please don't hesitate and call your national suicide crisis hotline.
happy xmas jarv

The Goyim Are At It Again: #FireGinaCarano Trending Once Again After She Makes Holocaust Comparison

Gina Carano, who grew up in a Protestant home and is not Jewish, compared the abuse and genocide of Jewish people by their neighbors to people calling her out on Twitter for her racist, anti-Black, pro-trump, transphobic, anti-mask beliefs.

People are calling for her to be fired. Ben Shapiro and Tucker Carlson stans started alternate pro-Gina hashtags.

Screencap under the cut. CW anti-semitism, anti-Black racism, and anti-mask BS

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UPDATE: Hollywood Reporter says she was fired!!!!! Just got the push notification through Apple news

TW/CW anti-semitism, violence, pogroms, genocide Context of the photo

[LOTS} Cara

Emma Corrin has replaced Lily James in 'My Policeman' alongside Harry Styles

* The Crown star Emma Corrin has joined Harry Styles in My Policeman, a romantic drama for Amazon Studios;

* The story takes place in the late 1990s, when the arrival of elderly invalid Patrick into Marion and Tom’s home, triggers the exploration of seismic events from 40 years previous: the passionate relationship between Tom and Patrick at a time when homosexuality was illegal. Styles and Corrin are set to star as Tom and Marion, respectively.

[actor] Pedro Pascal

Judd Apatow Adds Pedro Pascal, Karen Gillan, Keegan-Michael Key And More To New Comedy The Bubble

* Filming is expected to begin next week in London, on the film, which is described as a "meta-comedy" that follows a group of actors who got stuck in a pandemic bubble at the hotel as they try to finish a studio movie;
* Gillan and Pascal will play the made-up franchise’s stars while Mann and Duchovny will play a once-married acting duo now forced to quarantine under one roof;
* Also in Bubble are Iris Apatow, Fred Armisen, David Duchovny, Leslie Mann, Peter Serafinowicz and Maria Bakalova.


TikToker Tessica Brown is not suing Gorilla Glue, has found help from an LA surgeon

In an interview with Entertaibment Tonught, Tessica Brown said that the claims she was suing Gorilla Glue are false. Earlier this week, TMZ had reported that Brown was considering suing the company.

“No, I’ve never ever said that,” she said told Entertainment Tonight. “Again, I don’t know where all of this is coming from. Because at this point, everybody is saying it.”

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Edit: I know ONTD doesn’t read, but please check out the full ET interview. She outlines and explains everything. This has been hard on her and her family, her children are being teased at school. :(

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Brown recently flew to Los Angeles for a meeting with Beverly Hills-based plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Obeng. Dr. Obeng offered to remove the glue for free. The procedure would take around 2 days to complete and normally would cost around $12,000.

Sources: 1,2

Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Title Officially Released

Bit of a given, but they official shout out that Tails is going to be here. Whoo, Emerald Hill Zone music!

As you might know, the first "Sonic The Hedgehog" film was the second highest grossing film of 2020 for reasons you at home can probably guess. It made abou 60m$ more than #3.

There are also rumors that Jason Momoa will be Knuckles the Echidna but they are unfounded and posted by some random blog and will not be posted....by me.

"In theaters" April 8th, 2022


ABC Doubles Down on Defending Racist "Bachelor" Contestant

This might shock you, but a major TV show has a racism problem. This could be about any number of programs, but this time it's The Bachelor on ABC. A contestant named Rachel Kirkconnell has a racist past that includes attending an antebellum-themed ball at a plantation thrown by her racist sorority.

The host of the franchise, Chris Harrison, gave an interview in which he defends her and also condescendingly talks over Rachel Lindsay, who was the first black Bachelorette.

Fans (the ones who aren't racist, anyways) are furious and are calling for accountability.

Bach fans, do you think the franchise is racist?

I don't know this show but it probably is, lbr

Body language

'Last of Us': 'Game of Thrones' Breakout Bella Ramsey to Star as Ellie

Bella Ramsey, who played Lyanna Mormont on Game of Thrones, has been cast as Ellie on HBO’s Last of Us.


The View: Dr Jennifer Ashton, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, Sara, and Meghan

See Impeachment Day 2 Post or continue FFA politics here


More behind the cut

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Ontd what do you miss most about the Before Time?

Source links are below each video or section
  • t_snake

ONTD Original: The Best Stories Comedians Told on WILTY - It Was in the Mid 90s...

Happy Wednesday darlingssS! Do you remember that one time you went on holidays to Spain but instead of becoming Spanish (like it happened to Hilaria bald-wiiiinnnn) you end up on the interpol missing people list? Henning remembers.

Was it a lie, or was he telling the truth?

ONTD,have you ever used a box instead of a christmas tree? Did you ever accept a weird invitation from a stranger?

Source: https://youtu.be/5h1wnTMIIPA
pedro interview

Lucasfilm Fires Gina Carano

follow up to this earlier post today



Excerpts from old Dita Von Teese interviews regarding her ex-husband

Recently, Dita Von Teese released the following statement:


“I have been processing the news that broke Monday regarding Marilyn Manson. To those who have expressed your concerns of my well-being, I appreciate your kindness.

Please know that the details made public do not match my personal experience during our 7 years together as a couple. Had they, I would have not married him in December 2005. I left 12 months later due to infidelity and drug abuse.

Abuse of any kind has no place in any relationship. I urge those of you have incurred abuse to take steps to heal and the strength to fully realize yourself.

This is my sole statement on this matter. Thank you for respecting this request.”

However, old interviews have been found and discussed in a recent Reddit thread where Dita alluded to pretty troubling details to a prior relationship, thought to be her marriage to MM.

Collapse )

Dita has become friends with MM since 2016, and has even been seen with him and his new spouse (married in 2020), Lindsay Usich, at fashion shows. Since becoming friends again, Dita has brushed past the problems she discussed above and speaks warmly of him now and how he encouraged her eccentricities.

All OP can think is "...¯\_(ツ)_/¯"

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EXCLUSIVE: #TheMandalorian star Pedro Pascal is set to headline The Last Of Us

Deadline exclusively reports that Pedro Pascal has been cast as Joel in HBO’s The Last of Us.

Game of Thrones’ Bella Ramsey has also been casted as Ellie.

The plot: It’s 20 years after a post apocalyptic event and survivor Joel (Pascal), is hired to smuggle Ellie (Ramsey), a 14-year-old girl, out of an dangerous quarantine zone. The two embark on a dangerous and brutal journey across the U.S.


Halsey Releases Mean Girls-Inspired Ad for About-Face Anti-VDay Line

On Tuesday, pregnant uber-relatable queen and best-selling author Halsey shared an ad for her makeup brand about-face's anti-Valentine's Day collection, parodying the phone call scene from Mean Girls ("boo, you whores" and all). It features Rico Nasty, Quenlin Blackwell, Natalie Mariduena and Christopher Mintz-Plasse.


Wonho releases first batch of concept pics for 'Right For Us' mini-album + Vlog

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