January 29th, 2021

Audrey Horn ::TwinPeaks::

JoJo Releases Contemplative New Acoustic Song "American Mood"

JoJo says of the new song on her Instagram: "My friends and I wrote this song a few years ago, and it continues to apply to the moment. I didn’t want my heart to be misconstrued so I held it close to my chest until now. This song doesn't offer any solutions, instead a humble reflection inspired by the moment.

Proceeds from the song will go to the "I Have A Dream" Foundation, which provides individualized social, emotion, and academic support to young people from low-income communities. 🎶 "To all the kids without a silver spoon...you deserve much more, this one's for you." 🎶

Thank you to D’MIle, Nikki Flores, and Tommy Parker for helping me get my folk on and for being down to geek out to Joni Mitchell with me for hours."

EDIT: Updated with the official music video.

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Wandavision 1.04 available for streaming + new promo: OMG WTF JUST HAPPENED!!!!


What we found out:
[Spoiler (click to open)]- Monica Rambeau was snapped by Thanos while waiting for Maria to get out of surgery, but she died during the snap from cancer complications.
- Maria was head of SWORD and Monica worked for them.
- Agent Woo can do card tricks now!
- The beekeeper was an agent that tried to enter Westview.
- The toy helicopter was a lost drone.
- Darcy is now an Astrophysicist and was recruited by SWORD.
- Wanda is animating Vision's dead corpse and i almost had a heart attack.

- Wanda threw Monica out of the pocket reality

- Wanda is doing everything.

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Drag Race Roundup

RuPaul's Drag Race is all new tonight! Comedian Nicole Byer is back as guest judge as the queens prepare looks for the Bag Ball.

Also who went home on Drag Race UK?


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The LGBT+ already goes through enough shit, now J*stin Timb*rlake declares himself an LGBT+ ally

When he's not cheating on his wife or hanging out with his dealer/bestie Jimmy Fallon. Mayo of the Woods declares himself an LGBT+ ally. The audacity of this mediocre expired jar of mayo bestowing himself as such a thing. This sub human says, “I very much enjoy being an ally, and it’s a true honor," said in an interview about "Palmer". Mayo of the woods plays Eddie Palmer, an ex-con who befriends young boy bullied for playing with dolls & dressing up.

source= https://twitter.com/PinkNews/status/1355173354538340358

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BTS plays Guessing Game + Tokopedia BTS + Winter Package Pics

BTS plays a game where they have to guess answers from members. Hobi asks about his style, Jimin reveals his favorite BTS lyrics, Jungkook the song that represents him the most and Taehyung his current favorite artist [Spoiler (click to open)] Justin Bieber, I'm not kidding, he sings Holy .

RM asks the others to guess the most meaningful words he received from fans, Jin reveals his current favorite item and Yoongi asks them to name a habit he developed since their debut.

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Sources: Tokopedia Game part 2, part 1, behind the scenes, Winter package pics.

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American Gods 3x04 Promo "The Unseen"

Shadow and Technical Boy team up to search for Bilquis, who finds herself captive amid a crisis of identity. While visiting the local chapter of notorious biker gang Lords of Valhalla, Wednesday runs into a familiar face, which puts him in great peril. In purgatory, Laura learns about her own destiny and the powerful enemies determined to prevent her from fulfilling it.


What do you think about the season?

Justin Timberlake's awkward reaction to Alison Hammond leaves viewers cringing

UK viewers this morning were left cringing as they pointed out that Justin Timberlake looked "unimpressed" and "bored" during his Zoom interview with Alison Hammond (clip at the source).

Even though Alison has previously charmed such celebrities as The Rock, Tom Cruise and Keanu Reeves, she had less success with a bored Justin Timberlake, who was on the show to promote his latest flop Palmer. Alison even tried to throw Timberlake a mock birthday celebration with champagne and cake, and Justin didn't seem too impressed, asking half-heartedly if she was "enjoying" the food that she was eating while he answered her questions.

Anyway, here's Ryan Gosling, the man whose career Timberlake wants, thoroughly enjoying Alison with Harrison Ford:

Source, YouTube
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New Music Friday – January 29, 2021

Featuring new music by Ani DiFranco, Anitta, Arlo Parks, Celeste, Chip, Derek, DREAMCATCHER, FKA twigs with Headie One and fred again.., Goat Girl, Half Waif, HyunA, IU, IZ*ONE, Jack Kays, JoJo, Maluma, Mike Posner feat. Stanaj and Yung Bae, Nasty Cherry, Rebecca Black and Selena Gomez with Rauw Alejandro

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Happy Friday, ONTD! What's everybody listening to today?

ONTD Roundup

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'Wonder Woman 1984' Makes Huge Streaming Debut, Nielsen Says

According to Nielsen WW 1984 had a big audience on its opening weekend, making it the biggest feature film in Nielsen's rankings and one of the highest ranked titles since Nielsen launched its streaming measurement.

For the week of Dec 21-27, the film was wacthed 2.25 billion of minutes , it's also more than the previous most watched film Soul (1.67 billion of minutes watched)

The big Nielsen numbers for Wonder Woman 1984 also track with an audience survey by Hollywood research firm Screen Engine/ASI, which found that the movie had the biggest first week of any SVOD movie in 2020.

Warner Media and AT&T say that 37.7 million of people have access to HBO Max (including the ones who has an HBO subscription through a cable provider, 17.2 million of users who have downloaded the app ) , Netflix has 74 million paid subscribers in the USA and Canada and 203.7 million world wide, Disney + has 86.8 million subscribers (globally)

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Kelly Marie Tran, Awkwafina, and Gemma Chan unbox their Raya and the Last Dragon toys

In this super cute clip, Kelly Marie Tran, Awkwafina, and Gemma Chan get emotional while unboxing the toys designed for the characters they voice in the upcoming animated film Raya and the Last Dragon.

Raya is Disney's first southeast Asian princess. The stars of the film were incredibly excited to see action figures that looked like them.

excited for SE Asian representation in film!! I hope this movie is good. I can't wait to talk to my nieces about it. I wish we could watch it together!!!


Sam Feldt featuing Kesha - "Stronger" official video

After Kesha dropped a few teasers over the last couple of days on Twitter and Instagram, her new collaboration with DJ Sam Feldt was released today. In the description of the video, Feldt says that Kesha approached him with the idea for the track, and the song is about new beginnings and becoming a stronger person through challenging times.

I like it, even though it's kind of short; I feel like it ends when it should be picking up the beat. Regardless I am here for Kesha getting work. What say you ONTD?

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Kelly Clarkson has officially beat Ellen DeGeneres in ratings with, 'The Kelly Clarkson Show' ⭐

“The Kelly Clarkson Show,” which debuted in September 2019, became the most-watched new daytime talk show in seven years. It continues it's success outperforming E*len's show which has dipped in it's time slot. NBC execs are planning to give E*len's coveted time slot to Kelly.

source= https://twitter.com/Magic983/status/1354829096916815872

covid and being canceled whew E*len did that!

Sex and the City Actor Jason Lewis Seen Shooting Rice at Cats


This guy has been shooting at the cats I feed. The homeless cats who lost their owner. ##fyp ##foryou ##animalcruelty is never ok.

♬ original sound - Opel Barnes

Actor Jason Lewis, known for playing Samantha Jones’ beau Smith Jerrod, was seen recently shooting rice at stray cats in a tiktok posted yesterday. An IG post also noted that the cats owner died a few months ago and that she had been trying to feed the cats when he came out.

Source 1, 2

not sure what the consensus is on shooting rice out of an airsoft gun(?), but i would however see anyone shooting at any animal with anything as pretty cruel

-edited the title for clarity

-edit 2- Tiktok was taken down sometime today for bullying (video still accessible on the IG page for now)


T.I. Responds to Allegations of Sex Trafficking

An update to this post.

T.I. has responded to claims of sex trafficking in an 8 minute video, denying all claims and suggesting that people submit baseless claims to blog sites to get "clout". Halfway through the video, he states that women deserve to be heard but that the allegations against him are untrue.

"Whatever we ever have done has been done with consenting adults"

"We never trafficked anything. well sexually trafficked anything"

"I was born to be in this position to face pressure... God put me here for this"

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The Expanse 5X09 discussion (aftershow and twitter roundup)

Amazon is convinced the best time to officially release a promo is a day before the new episode airs, so I don't have an official promo but someone on reddit took a video of the promo.

Good news- they've started shooting S6! Hopefully that means they can soon tell us how they're handling Cas' firing- whether it's a recast, new character or have an existing character pilot the Roci.

This week on the Aftershow, Nadine Nicole showed up to talk about Clarissa and her journey.

Some highlights:
[Spoiler (click to open)]
* Avasarala grew since s1, was on the run from her own government, was forced to confront what's happening in the Belt to the Belters, is good friends with Bobbie, who is a Martian. Delgado is a military man, when you're a hammer, everything looks like a nail- 'bad guys tried to kill us, we know where they are, let's go kill them instead.'

* They were freezing filming those scenes in the snow. They talk about Clarissa's choices, the person she's trying to be. Ty says Amos did too good of a job, telling Clarissa how to be a better person. Wes: 'Not now! Don't be a good person now, do it later'. Ty talks about the 'tribe of two' and how Clarissa took it to heart and wants to grow the tribe and for everyone to accept everyone else. Nadine: 'She's being real and has a point, but at the same time it comes across as ludicrous. It's kinda both.' Nadine says Clarissa knew she messed up, did what she thought was right but later realized she made a mistake.

* They were filming the big action scene from the episode at 4:30 in the morning, they were freezing and had hot pads everywhere, heating tents, since it was like -20. The action scene has a long shot, which was challenging for the whole crew, they needed to keep track of continuity and keep track of every gun, every shot, pick up all the shells and put the snow back in for the next shot, change clothes and squibs, etc. It was also the first time on the show they used actual guns with blanks and not digital shots.

* they talk about Clarissa's arc this season, from how defeated she was in the prison in episode 4 ('you can't help me, not every stain comes out') compared to episode 9 when she's free and has hope for a second chance and has a different idea of what her life could be, growing tribes and doing good. Nadine says she went through a healing journey in her own life, so it was easy to apply it to Clarissa, to understand her.

* Clarissa is one of Ty's favorite characters and he has a lot of sympathy for her. He sees a version of himself that could have spent time in prison, because there were moments when he made choices but could have seen himself making other choices and ending in a very different place. He can empathize with Clarissa and how family can screw you up and making you do things you wouldn't have thought you were capable of doing, regret from choices you can't take back. Clarissa is scared of the choices she made and how in the moment she felt absolutely right and justified and only in hindsight realized it was wrong and the damage it did. Now every choice is in the shadow of that, no matter how right it feels, she'll have that fear.

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One more episode before the season is over. Where's Cara's Emmy? She and Dom have been killing it this season.


George Clooney on why he chose traditional names for his kids


George Clooney covers AARP The Magazine.

He explains why he and Amal chose the names Ella and Alexander for their 3-year-old twins.

"I didn't want, like, weird-ass names for our kids," he said of his kids Ella and Alexander. "They're already going to have enough trouble. It's hard being the son of somebody famous and successful. Paul Newman's son killed himself. Gregory Peck's son killed himself. Bing Crosby had two sons kill themselves. I have an advantage because I'm so much older that by the time my son would feel competitive, I'll literally be gumming bread."


Katherine Heigl is looking back on those 'difficult person' accusations


In an interview with The Washington Post (via CNN), the 42-year-old actress opened up about the time she was branded "difficult" and Hollywood started "shunning" her

"I may have said a couple of things you didn't like, but then that escalated to 'she's ungrateful,' then that escalated to 'she's difficult,' and that escalated to 'she's unprofessional,'" said Heigl. "What is your definition of difficult? Somebody with an opinion that you don't like?"

She most famously called Judd Apatow's "Knocked Up "a little sexist" for making certain women appear as "shrews."

Heigl said she wasn't deterred from speaking her mind back then, adding,:

"You can be the most awful, difficult, horrible person on the planet, but if you're making them money, they're going to keep hiring you ... but then my films started to make not quite as much money."

She said she just got herself in even deeper trouble the more she apologized: "The more I said I was sorry, the more they wanted it," she said.



Clips from episode 6 of Wandavision (2 weeks from to tonight) leaked and THEY’RE SPOILERY AS HELL!


[Spoiler (click to open)]
- The clips show Vision coming out of Westview and asking Darcy for help.
- Monica's having a debate with SWORD Director on how they're going to deal with Wanda.
- Billy and Tommy telling Wanda that something is wrong.

Watch leaked scenes here, before they get taken down.
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Trickster Cancelled in Wake of Indigenous Controversy


The CBC (aired in the US on The CW) mystery drama show about indigenous teens is not getting a second season

“We have had many conversations over the last few weeks with a view to continuing production on a second season of Trickster. Those conversations included producers, writers, actors, and the author of the books on which Trickster is based. Fully respecting everyone’s perspective, season two will not move forward as planned unfortunately."

why? turns out co-creator and director Michelle Latimer is not Indigenous, something she claimed to be for the last 20 years

Latimer claimed to have Métis and Algonquin heritage from her mother's side

She used that heritage link to promote her Inconvenient Indian documentary, which got the attention of the Métis National Council and members of the Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg nation who did some fact checking and went "we don't know her"

CBC News did some more digging and only found french canadian and other european ancestors

Rebecca Black - Girlfriend (Official Music Video)

Rebecca Black (yes, that rebecca black) has released a disco pop bop all about getting back with your ex.
-Black, who publicly came out earlier last year, says she was inspired by "a really honest picture of a moment I was going through last year. It was a new experience for me to revisit a relationship again, and while everyone around me was trying to protect me from getting hurt again — I was so filled with hope that I couldn't really let myself do anything other than try again."

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Arlo Parks Round-Up: New "Hope" MV + NYT Article + The xx Cover + Variety Hour Trailer + Performance

20 year old London singer-poet Arlo Parks just released her debut album Collapsed in Sunbeams to critical acclaim, and has had a busy week.

Newly released music video for the lovely "Hope."

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Bold of an Album of the Year contender to release in January - the bar has been raised for the rest of the year.

Oral History of The Emperor's New Groove

(if you're having trouble reading the article, try opening it in incognito mode on your browser)

[I will try to summarize a bit but I really recommend reading the whole thing]
- The Emperor's New Groove started its life as The Kingdom of the Sun, based upon Incan creation myth, but also based upon Prisoner of Zenda (prince kidnapped by enemies and look-alike cousin standing in for him), The Prince and the Pauper, and then the then-director thought up Yzma as a villain, a high priestess who wanted to gain control and also regain her youth and beauty. So basically there were a lot of plot points - this becomes important.
- Original cast was David Spade (Kuzco), Eartha Kitt (Yzma, but Eisner wanted Barbra Streisand for the part), and Owen Wilson (Pacha)
- With the success of The Lion King and Elton John's soundtrack, Sting was brought onboard for The Kingdom of the Sun, though none of his songs were used in the final film and he only had a song over the end credits. His wife Trudie and filmmaker J.P. Davidson decided to make a documentary, The Sweatbox, about the making of The Kingdom of the Sun. This documentary has never been released by Disney but can apparently sometimes be found online before Disney realizes it and takes it down.
- After a screening of the still-in-progress The Kingdom of the Sun, Disney realized they had a problem with the film having too much going on and too many elements. At this point, they split the team - the original director and a small crew to try to salvage the film so far and to refine the existing film, and the co-director, who had originally been brought on to support the director, to lead a small crew to see about reworking the film into something different. When it came time to pitch, the latter team pitched a tone rather than a story, and a more comedic tone at that, which ended up being the direction Disney chose to go in.
- Sting was not very happy about this change. According to the director of his documentary at the same time, Sting found the original The Kingdom of the Sun to be "moving and complex" and the documentary side was shocked when that film became no more. Sting tried to quit approximately five times once the direction of the film changed, but to no avail. He had wanted an Elton John Disney experience, with the characters singing his songs.
- After four years of work, the team now had one year to put the film together in its new direction. Why such a short period of time? McDonald's Happy Meal marketing deals were already set in place!
- Kept David Spade's Kuzco and Eartha Kitt's Yzma, but redesigned the character of Pacha to be more of a father-figure to Kuzco, and so Owen Wilson was replaced with John Goodman. Also added the character of Kronk (Patrick Warburton) - sold the character to Disney by coming up with the dinner scene! ("So, is everything ready for tonight?" "Oh yeah, I thought we’d start off with soup and a light salad, and then see how we feel after that.")
- The writing process was quite different than other Disney movies - there was no "script," per se, until after filming was completed and then only for the Disney Archives. Hour-long story meetings would turn into 45 minutes of people goofing around, telling stories, and racing chairs. Improvisation was encouraged for both the voice actors and writers, and pretty much nothing was too out there to be considered. (Tom Jones! Yzma as a kitten falling off a tower!: “How are we going to get her back up? She’s not going to splat.” “What if there’s a trampoline salesman at the bottom and she hits that and bounces back up?” “Oh yeah. That’s what it should be.” Kronk jumping rope!: “Okay, Disney-ESPN is doing a promotion, and they’re going to start showing the World Double Dutch Jump Roping Championship. So, if you could work jump-roping into the movie that would be fantastic.” “Yeah, no problem, no problem.”)
- The marketing department was not sure how to market The Emperor's New Groove, as it was such an oddity for Disney, and the film opened to only about $9 million in its first weekend, before going on to end up at about $90 million. It is now a Disney cult classic, as much as Disney can have a cult classic, and gets a huge reaction amongst its small (for Disney classic films) but dedicated fanbase.

source | gif source

everyone who worked on this movie: