January 22nd, 2021

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Mira Furlan of "Lost" and "Babylon 5" has passed away at 65

Best known as Ambassador Delenn from Babylon 5 and Danielle Rousseau from Lost, Mira Furlan passed away on January 20th at 65. No cause of death currently known.

The showrunner and creator of Babylon 5, J. Michael Straczynski wrote a letter regarding her passing.

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New Music Friday – January 22, 2021

Featuring new music by Alycia Bell, Anuel AA & Ozuna, Bicep, Billie Eilish and ROSALÍA, Birdy, Cherry Bullet, CHUNG HA, Florrie, Lil Skies, Maggie Lindemann, Moon Taxi, PRETTYMUCH, Rhye, Sabrina Carpenter, Slayyyter, U-KNOW, Weezer, Winona Oak and Years & Years

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Happy Friday, ONTD! What's everybody listening to today?
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Anthony Mackie Says It's 'Too Emotional' to Watch Chadwick Boseman in Ma Rainey's Black Bottom

While promoting “Outside the Wire” with co-star Damson Idris, Mackie opened up to Extra’s Nate Burleson about his late friend Chadwick Boseman. Mackie explained:

I met Chad in ‘98, ’99, so I've known him, I knew him for a long time… What was great about Chad… unlike everybody else today, Chad kept his circle close to his vest. He kept his world very private… That's one thing, one of the things, that we had in common.

Our time at work was our time at work, but our time at home was our time at home, and we didn't allow the two to cross because that's what keeps you grounded. That's what you know if you look at the relationship he had with his wife, you look at the relationship he had with his family. You know, Chad and I we were country boys… You come home and, you know, your mama make them collard greens and cornbread, ya know? She make them smothered turkey wings, some potato salad. That's home.

Mackie then talked about why he can't bring himself to see Chadwick in Netflix's Ma Rainey's Black Bottom saying:

Ma Rainey's Black Bottom holds a very special place [Mackie starred as Ma’s nephew in the 2003 Broadway revival of the show]. With the relationship to that, and the relationship to August Wilson, and my relationship to Chad, I haven't been able to pull myself to the point emotionally to be able to sit and take that experience in. Because I wouldn't be able to watch it for the performance and the art, it would just be too emotional of a process for me.


Drag Race Alum Soju Responds to Sexual Assault Allegations

Soju from season 11 of RuPaul's Drag Race is being accused of multiple claims of sexual assault allegations.

In an email statement, he claims to have anticipated the claims to come out after threats and an extortion attempt were sent to him earlier this year.

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Baseball legend Hank Aaron dies at 86

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Cats audition for Lucy Lawless TV series “My Life is Murder”

The second season of the Australian series My Life is Murder starring Lucy Lawless as private investigator Alexa Crowe will start filming soon, and several feline actors are auditioning for the new role of her pet cat.

The show’s executive producer Claire Tonkin says “It's got to be a cat with a bit of attitude, so it's worthy of our character with a bit of attitude.”

Main Coone cat Zeppelin aced his audition, but then pooped under Tonkin’s desk.

The first season is streaming on Acorn TV as well as being available for purchase.

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The CWs Walker reboot outruns The Flash in ratings

-Former Supernatural actor, Jared Pedelcki debuted his new show, Walker last night and TheCW is very happy..

-Walker debuted to 2.43 million total viewers and a 0.4 demo rating, the largest in the past 3 years. This also marks as the highest rating in its current timeslot in the past 4 years.

-TheCW hasnt seen an audience that big since The Flash in Jan. 2018 sans crossovers.

-This means that The Flash, who has been leading the network in ratings since its debut, has been out run.

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SNL Announces Hosts & Guests for January + February 2021

Saturday Night Live announced hosts & musical guests for the next few weeks:

January 30th: Host John Krasinski and musical guest Machine Gun Kelly
February 6th: Host Dan Levy and musical guest Phoebe Bridgers
February 13th: Host Regina King and musical guest Nathaniel Rateliff


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Sarah Jessica Parker shares what she eats in a week, desperately misses restaurants

She writes: "To me, being on the subway with a book, heading toward a meal, I honestly can’t think of anything better, with the exception of sitting in the theater or watching the New York City Ballet. It’s a vacation — you are literally transported — and I miss it so much it hurts. It’s not just our love for those places but everything that surrounds it: all those servers — all their families who are counting on them to send money home. It goes on and on and on."

ONTD, what delicious meals have you been eating?


ONTD Original: Examining the songs played at the Riverdale Prom (Season 5, Episode 1)

What kind of prom exists in the Riverdale world? A show that uses iPhones, but characters (ahem, the Blossom family) use Brownie cameras from the 1900s to take photos?

Well, it looks like Riverdale gave us all the 90s feels this time. With Cheryl Blossom and Toni Topaz named the Prom Queens, they danced to Mazzy Star's Fade Into You, before all hell broke loose and the Talking Heads' Psycho Killer took over. (Totally harshing on the theme of this post, but you know, Riverdale isn't always the most consistent show. They couldn't pick a song from Scream or I Know What You Did Last Summer?)

DISCLAIMER: All of the prom scenes aren't on YouTube yet, so I found music videos instead.

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ONTD, do you still watch this show? Would a soundtrack such as this lure you back in?

Gameboys 2 | Official Teaser Trailer


Produced and filmed during the pandemic Gamboys is the Phillipines' first BL drama, it's about two gamers falling in love over the internet, first seen on Youtube over the summer and then re-edited and released internationally on Netflix at the end of 2020. It is heartwarming and heartbreaking and made me believe in love again. Everybody watch it!

Patrick Stewart confirms he's been asked to reprise his role as Prof. X in the MCU...and he said no.

- Patrick Stewart has confirmed that he has had many conversations with Kevin Feige about joining the MCU and reprising his role as Professor X. He also confirmed he ended up saying No because he felt his character had a great closure in 'Logan'.
- This fuels recent rumors about other actors returning to the MCU to reprise past Marvel roles due to the introduction of the Multiverse. Among the recent ones... [Spoiler (click to open)]Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst, Emma Stone, Andrew Garfield, Jamie Foxx and Alfred Molina are supposed to reprise their roles from previous Spiderman films. Michael B. jordan is expected to reprise his role as Killmonger in Black Panther 2; Ryan Reynolds has confirmed he'll be playing Deadpool in the MCU. Chris Evans is rumoured to play Captain Hydra in a new project and to reprise his role as Human Torch. Evan Peters' Quicksilver is supposed to appear in Wandavision. Charlie Cox (Daredevil) has already filmed his scenes in Spiderman 3, Krysten Ritter (Jessica Jones) is expected to join She Hulk and Finn Jones (Ironfist) apparently has a cameo in Shang-Chi's fight with Fin Fang Foom.


Is Dakota Johnson Engaged To $75 Vagina-Scented Candle Guru's Ex-Husband Christopher Martin ?

Charming nepotism actress Dakota Johnson is currently promoting her new movie "Our Friend" with literal trash hole Casey Affleck who apparently has found a new calling in putting things in the dumpster. Feminist Dakota, who has no problem working with a sexual predator, can be seen wearing a huge emerald ring on her left hand in the various interviews and shows she's done. Kate Young, her stylist, has posted this photo a couple of days ago.

Insert picture description

She (31) has been dating Christopher Anthony John Martin (43) since 2017, before spliting in June 2019 and getting back together one month later.

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Green ring: yes, green kitchen of dreams: no more :(
The actress sold her gorgeous mid-century L.A. house, months later after featuring it in "Architectural Digest" (to move in with the leader of a white English privileged group who once adopted the symbols and practices of the Indian culture for their profit?).
She also confessed to Jimmy Fallon to be midly allergic to limes.

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ONTD have you ever break things off with a partner and then get back together one month later? Do you think GOOP's wedding present will be a giant vagina-scented candle or maybe a orgasm-scented one? So many choices.

More 2021 Q1 Release date changes

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Source: https://twitter.com/DEADLINE/status/1352679889900625921

ONTD, Do you think this summer list is realistic?

Does it mean we might get some of these films available on Disney+ at the same time?

Virtual supermodels becoming a staple in fashion

Digital models like Miquela Sousa and Shudu Gram are becoming increasingly popular on social media and fashion. Netting its creator $ 10 million a year, especially in the pandemic, the interest of brands in virtual models has increased.

Miquela Sousa, along with real life supermodel Bella Hadid, was on Prada and Burberry campaigns, released a hit single and gained 3 million followers on Instagram. Miquela is not a real person, but the money she makes, is. The growing community of virtual models is currently leaving $ 300 billion in revenue to the fashion industry.

Shudu Gram, also a fictional model, is the creation of British photographer Cameron-James Wilson. South African Shudu was used for Rihanna’s beauty brand Fenty’s Ellese and Balmain campaigns. She walked in a Swarovski dress at the BAFTA Awards last year. While Blawko, another digital avatar, modeled Kanye West’s Yeezy brand shoes. She earned her creator $ 1000 for each social media post and collaborated with Porsche and Ikea. Posed for Japanese i-D magazine with real models to promote Kanebo Cosmetics products.

“There is currently a huge increase in the use of virtual models. The problems with traditional photography have really pushed brands to look for alternatives,” said Michael Musandu, co-founder of virtual modeling agency Lala land.

One factor contributing to their rise is that they are cheaper compared to the real ones. Easy to use and eliminates the need for makeup artists and stylists. Also, they are always available and can “travel” anywhere, anytime. They can wear virtually anything and don’t complain, since they don’t have mood changes us humans have. And since the pandemic, they’re safe to walk for fashion houses now that health and event restrictions are in place due to the corona virus.

Will these virtual models make a significant change in fashion or are they just a fad, ONTD?

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Film Critics Have A Problem With "Malcolm & Marie"

while inital twitter reactions for the movie were very good, the actual reviews look different

the gist:

In 2019 nepotism kid Sam Levinson wrote and directed Assassination Nation, LA Times film critic Katie Walsh gave it a bad review.

In Malcolm & Marie John David Washington's character is very mad about a bad review from “the white woman from the L.A. Times” and goes on a long rant about her

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DC Universe is dead. Long live DC Universe Infinite! + Comic post

-DC streaming app, DC Universe has officially shut its doors and in its place, DC Universe Infinite has opened.

-DCUI aims to be DCs version of Marvel Unlimited and one stop shop for its vast library of comics.

-New comics will be released 6 months after their initial sale date

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WandaVision episode 3 recap

The third episode of WandaVision debuted on Disney+ mere hours ago. It paid homage to The Brady Bunch.

[Spoiler (click to open)]
Tommy and Billy are born! As Wanda goes through 9 months of pregnancy in mere days.
Wanda figures out that Geraldine is not who she says she is
Wanda's neighbors, as well as Vision start to suspect that something is wrong.


Katy Perry learns to say “wig” in Spanish

Katy Perry was approached by a swarm of Spanish speaking fans while exiting some place.

During this encounter, fans asked her if no one taught her how to say “wig” in Spanish because reasons, after she said no, they proceeded to give her a mini lesson in one of the most beautiful languages in the world. After several tries, she finally was able to pronounce it, albeit with a strong accent.

Wig in Spanish is peluca.

Language post

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K-Pop Fans Are Hijacking #ImpeachBidenNow Hashtag

K-Pop fans assembled today to take down this hashtag after crazy and pro everything but the obligation to shut up and suffer Republican Congressperson Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has introduced articles of impeachment against the new American President Joe Biden.

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Armie Hammer: Lawyers Make Statement of Denial, Ex-GF Shares Pictures of "A" Carved Into Skin & More

Some quotes:

"Using a sharp knife Hammer cut his first initial 'A' into her skin during a kinky sex game, which ex-lover Paige Lorenze insists got out of control. [...] Seconds later the 6ft 5' inch screen idol [...] then licked the blood from the wound."

"The blond beauty reveals that Hammer was fixated on biting her body, begging that she allow him to take lumps of flesh from her arm, before consuming them. [...] Laying out more of his sick fantasies, Hammer begged the Instagram model to have her ribs removed, so that he could barbecue them."

Armie's lawyer's statement:

"Hammer's lawyer said: ‘These assertions about Mr. Hammer are patently untrue. Any interactions with this person, or any partner of his, were completely consensual in that they were fully discussed, agreed upon, and mutually participatory.'"

(notice that they do not deny the legitimacy of the screencaps, nor do they say they will be pursuing her or any of the other girls for slander etc)

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Madonna's Daughter Lourdes Leon Has an Official Instagram Now


Lourdes Leon Has an Official Instagram Now

Madonna's Daughter decided to try to interact with her followers in the comments. Her responses to fans have people talking

In response to someone who wrote, "Your mother made a masterpiece called Hard Candy," she responded, "your mother sucks wild d–k."

“Not u thirst trapping…what would your mom think!” added another.

“does your mom know u don’t wash ur ass,” she sassed.

“Hey queen we’re waiting for your singing debut,” one said.

“I’ll sing at your funeral,” she snapped back.

Someone wrote, "Remember playing piano at Sticky & Sweet tour". Lourdes responded, "Remember when u realized u would never amount to nothing"


iKon to join mnet's "Kingdom" + more info

As per wikipedia, "Kingdom" is an upcoming television program that will air on Mnet in 2021 and it is known as the sequel and the male counterpart of "Queendom", where various boy groups perform againts one another to see who is the king (Because mnet is dramatic like that). Mnet has confirmed they are in discussions with iKON to join the show.

It's expected to air in April.

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Anyways, shameless post to ask yall to check out Ateez.

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Brie Larson makes her return to television in Apple TV+ 60s set drama series "Lessons in Chemistry"

Brie Larson is set to star in and executive produce the drama series “Lessons in Chemistry,” which has landed a straight-to-series order at Apple in a competitive situation.

The series is based on the upcoming debut novel from author, science editor, and copywriter Bonnie Garmus. Set in the early 1960s, “Lessons in Chemistry” follows Elizabeth Zott (Larson), whose dream of being a scientist is put on hold in a society deeming that women belong in the domestic sphere, not the professional one. When Elizabeth finds herself pregnant, alone and fired from her lab, she musters the ingenuity only a single mother has. She accepts a job as a host on a TV cooking show, and sets out to teach a nation of overlooked housewives – and the men who are suddenly listening – a lot more than recipes, all the while craving a return to her true love: science.

She previously starred in shows such as “United States of Tara” and “Raising Dad.”


Netflix quietly releases Fate: The Winx Saga

-Fate: The Winx Saga has been released on Netflix, even though you wouldnt know it if you checked their twitter page.

-S1 consists of 6 episodes.

-The adaption is in the same vein as Riverdale which took a bubblegum franchise and made it into a serious/dark live action adaption.

-The fairies dont have wings due to "evolution" and to keep budget down, magic is limited per episode w/very basic fashion which doesnt make the world of Winx feel very magical.