January 18th, 2021

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The Snyder Cut Is a MOVIE Not a TV Show

Them fanboys be shaking and wetting their panties as Zack Snyder revealed that the highly anticipated (allegedly) four hr long fanservice will be a "one shot" movie.

No official confirmation has been released yet. However, it was previously announced that the new project would be a four part mini series exclusively distributed on HBOmax, perhaps there have been changes since then? If so, why? For the glory of Snyder Satan (perhaps?).

ONTD how many shirtless Henry Cavill scenes will you need to sit through a FOUR hr long JL?

Source: https://twitter.com/screenrant/status/1350846033144770564?s=19

Brie Larson Revisits "Black Sheep" Cover from Scott Pilgrim

In 2010 movie Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Brie Larson plays the frontwoman of fictional band The Clash at Demonhead, where she covers "Black Sheep," a song originally written and performed by Metric. Much to the disappointment of fans of the cover (there are dozens of us!), the cover wasn't included on the offical soundtrack and there was no physical copy of the song, leaving fans to listen to the YouTube version on repeat. Two YouTube videos of Brie's version have amassed a combined 39 million views, while the official version has only 4.3 million. Despite its popularity over the original, the cover didn't make it onto the soundtrack because Metric wanted their own version on it.

But to all us fans who are growing tired of rewinding YouTube repeatedly, don't fear! The Scott Pilgrim soundtrack will be re-released tentatively in March 2021 in honor of the movie's 10-year anniversary, and is set to include the official Brie Larson cover.

And until then, you can listen to Brie's new cover of the song on her YouTube channel, where she sounds as flawless as she did on the original:

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ONTD, which is your favorite version of Black Sheep, and why is it Brie Larson's? Who was your favorite evil ex in Scott Pilgrim?
Romeo + Juliet 21

Russell Crowe Defends His "Master And Commander" Film To Twitter Troll

After someone on twitter recommended the 2003 epic Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World as a sleep aid, Russell Crowe responded with:

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Russell Crowe played Jack Aubrey, a captain in the Royal Navy. The film grossed over $200 million worldwide and was nominated for "10 Oscars at the 76th Academy Awards, winning in Best Cinematography and Best Sound Editing, but losing for Best Picture and Best Director to The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King".

Do you agree with Russell Crowe?
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Halle <3

Gay Adult Performer Matthew Camp's Home Burned Down in Suspected Hate Attack

-Matthew Camp is a popular gay adult model, actor, and performer
-On January 14, a masked arsonist poured gasoline on the front porch of his Poughkeepsie, NY home, and set the house ablaze while he and his roommate were asleep inside. Surveillance footage captured the individual around 5am.
-Camp and his roommate awoke and were able to escape the home in time, but the home burned down completely and they lost everything they own
-Camp just purchased the home in October, and suspects that this attack was a hate crime because he is gay and a sex worker.
-In a WTF turn of events, prior to Camp purchasing the home Joe "Netherworld" Mendillo, a high-ranking member of the Church of Satan, owned it, using the building as a space for his religious community to gather for Halloween. Members of the Church of Satan believe the space was targeted due to its historic nature, with many members of the Church living in the surrounding neighborhood.

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I feel so bad for him :(

Jennifer Coolidge Responds to Fans Request to Replace Kim Cattrall

Jennifer Coolidge has officially responded to fans request to replace Kim Cattrall in the upcoming Sex and the City reboot.

Cattrall has reportedly declined offers to reprise her iconic role as Samantha Jones.


Justin Timberlake Confirms He and Wife Jessica Biel Welcomed Second Child Named Phineas

Justin Timberlake appeared on Ellen and confirmed the arrival of his second child, son Phineas.

"He's awesome and so cute. Nobody's sleeping," Timberlake joked. "But we're thrilled. We're thrilled and couldn't be happier. Very grateful."

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Phineas joins older brother, Silas, 4 1/2.

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Body language

New look at Ghostbusters: Afterlife

Empire Magazine showed a new picture from the upcoming Ghostbusters: Afterlife featuring Finn Wolfhard, McKenna Grace, and newcomer Logan Kim.

horny christmas

Gwyneth Paltrow’s vagina-scented candle explodes into flames burning woman's living room

The $75 candle is described on Gwyneth’s Goop site as “funny, gorgeous, sexy and beautifully unexpected”. Well the unexpected happen when the candle exploded and emitted huge flames, with bits flying everywhere.

"I’ve never seen anything like it. The whole thing was ablaze and it was too hot to touch. There was an inferno in the room.” said vagina candle consumer Jody Thompson. Jody who lives with partner David Snow in Kilburn, North London, said: “We eventually got it under control and threw it out the front door.

Still no response from Goop or her team. bath & body works would never.

source= https://twitter.com/nypost/status/1351252975583436804

Kelly Clarkson on the 2002 VMAs: "Everyone was so rude to us."

On a recent episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show, Kelly revealed to her guest Jennifer Love Hewitt that people were jerks at "an awards show" just prior to the season one finale of American Idol. (She was definitely referring to the 2002 VMAs, which she attended alongside Justin Guarini and the AI judges.)

"People were really mean to us, 'cause we're from a talent show and it's the first season. Like, everyone was so rude to us, like, on the carpet, like at the show. ... It was a horrible experience."

Jennifer Love Hewitt was the only one who was kind to Kelly: "You came up to me, and ran up to me out of nowhere, and were like, 'Oh my gosh, I'm really rooting for you, and you told me, please keep the ones you love so close, and it will end up being about a few people in your life, unfortunately, but this business can be really hard.' ... And you just gave me this advice that was really kind, in such an unkind time for me personally. So, thank you so much! It meant the world to me."


Who was rude to Kelly, and will she ever name names?! She already discussed the Avril Lavigne incident on the Howard Stern show in 2017, and said that Avril did approach her years later and apologize for "elbowing her in the face."

[You cant see any elbows in the face, but it is definitely awkward af.]

I was a rabid AI fan at the time, and remember salty shithead musicians complaining about the presence of the American Idols when interviewed on the red carpet. I only read the quotes, so of course I can't remember now who they were. Simon Cowell called out the behavior he witnessed at the event as "horrid."

Spanish dub actor accidentally reveals [HUGE SPOILER] returns in Wandavision!

Rodrigo Martin, a spanish dub actor, accidentally revealed he worked on Wandavision reprising the role of...



For non spanish speakers:
Since yesterday Wandavision is available on Disney Plus, the first series of Marvel Studios, where i had the pleasure to reprise the voice of Evan Peters in the role of Pietro.

The guy is taking measures and closed his account. Marvel is deleting tweets with the screenshot and even reddit posts are being claimed.

Source: 1, 2.

RIP his job.
cause you make it better

Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas (Benana) SPLIT

- People confirmed today that Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas have "amicably split" after nearly a year.
- A source says that they're in diff spots in their lives and that Ana doesn't want to live in Los Angeles, but Ben does since his kids live there.
- The film they worked on together, "Deep Water", is still set to come out later this year.


thought it'd happen after the movie came out, but either way, not shocked at all. anyway #ReemployRodrigo2021

90 Day Fiance S8 E7 You So Bad Boy

Is Op baiting ONTD with a clip of Rebecca's wearhouse home? Is that a mattress on the floor? wait is that a shopping cart in the middle of the living room with a empty beer box? wait where's the couch? wait where's the insulation? why are the outlets exposed? Welcome as we discuss this wild wild episode.
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whew what a long post! please post Gods (mods) bless me with a flawless post.
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Celebs tweets about Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would have turned 92 this year.

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Season 1 of Bling Empire is Now Available to Stream on Netflix

Get ready to meet the crazy rich cast of Bling Empire on Netflix.

In what's being described as Crazy Rich Asians meets Selling Sunset comes a new reality show that follows wealthy Asian and Asian American people living in L.A.

ontd, have you watched bling empire yet?
this entire cast is amazing and the show overall so worth watching.

Peaky Blinders Will End With Sixth Season, Now Filming

The hit BBC drama “Peaky Blinders” will end after its sixth and final season, which began production today. Show creator Steven Knight has promised, "We believe this will be the best series of all and are sure that our amazing fans will love it. While the TV series will be coming to an end, the story will continue in another form.”

Knight previously told Entertainment Weekly in 2019 that “Peaky Blinders” would live to see season 7. However, a year’s delay in production due to the pandemic likely accelerated plans to wrap with season 6, which will likely air in late 2021 or early 2022.

The official Peaky Blinders social media also shared a photo of Cillian Murphy getting the iconic Shelby haircut:

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TheCW likely to renew entire lineup + Batwoman stumbles + Superman gets Super premiere

-With TheCW shows finally making their return to the airways, Mark Pedowitz is having to make calculated decisions about the networks future.

-He states "I’d rather have a known quantity on the air than an unknown quantity" not to mention that since 99% of its lineup is just starting, they will need ample time to start planning new seasons while COVID is still around.

-While DC Universes 'Swamp Thing' had strong streaming numbers for TheCW, he has no interest in reviving the show for a 2nd season as he rather put time into Painkiller, Wondergirl, and Naomi. Though he wouldnt mind if Swamp Thing guest starred on Legends of Tomorrow.

-Green Arrow and the Canaries future laid upon HBO Max picking it up and allowing TheCW to take it over for a 2nd season, similar to Stargirl. Since HBO Max was not interested, TheCW passed.

-Black Lightning and Supergirl will also be coming to an end this season as the network appears to be wanting to gear towards younger heroes given their interest in a Painkiller spin off.

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45 to pardon Lil Wayne

45 is reportedly set to issue 100 pardons on his final day in office, alledgedly asking for millions for the deed. Tunechi plead guilty to a federal fire arm offense last year and motions for weezy f. baby's pardon has been submitted to 45 this morning.

source= https://twitter.com/XXL/status/1351285606584877066
f: queen alexia
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Armie Hammer apologizes for referring to woman on his bed as Miss Cayman

Armie's statement: "I would like to clarify that the person in my video, which was stolen from my private Instagram, is not Miss Cayman. I am genuinely sorry for any confusion my foolish attempt at humor may have caused. My deep sympathies to Miss Cayman, who I don’t know, and to the entire organization as I had no intentions of implying she was actually Miss Cayman"

In case you didn't know he's referring to this video in which he refers to the woman on his bed as Ms. Cayman.

Hammer's apology came after Miss Cayman Islands Universe Committee Chairperson Derri Dacres-Lee posted on the organization's Instagram account that its members were: "aware of a video allegedly posted by Armie Hammer referring to a scantily clad young woman as 'Miss Cayman. The Committee is very disturbed by the video and would like to confirm that the woman is not the reigning Miss Cayman Islands and has no affiliation to the Miss Cayman Islands Universe pageant"


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Christopher from Gilmore Girls did NOT storm the capitol


but he would've liked to

there were some tweets about David Sutcliffe being at the riot and that he posted about it on his IG before deleting it, but no one had a screen shot

ONTD Original: Buffy the Vampire Slayer: In Defense of Season 6.

Hello, my lovelies. Welcome back to the third installment of the ONTD Original: Buffy the Vampire Slayer posts. I hope you’re having a wonderful day, and if you’re not, I’m always hopeful that these posts might distract you with nostalgia and, fingers crossed, happy thoughts.

If you're interested in seeing the first two posts in this series, you can look here and here.

Today, I thought it would be fun to look at perhaps the most hated season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 6. The internet is flooded with blog posts and opinion pieces about this season, but I haven’t found one that touches on the parts of season 6 that mean the most to me.
**If you haven’t seen seasons 5 & 6 yet, I would suggest skipping this post until you’ve watched it, as it will contain spoilers.**
Also, get your popcorn ready, folks. This is a LONG one, and I’m putting a LOT of thought into this. Also, there are many cuts so you’re not overwhelmed. It’s a LOT of reading, but I promise, it’s good.
As per usual, DISCLAIMER: this is my opinion only. Please be nice (to me, and each other). I’d absolutely LOVE to hear your views/thoughts/etc. on anything covered, and everything not covered!

[Thatll put marzipan in your pie plate, bingo!]
[Argument 1: Season 6 is too dark and depressing]
Argument #1: Season 6 is too dark and depressing.

Explanation: Season 6 is essentially a metaphor for depression and grief. Taken without context, yes, Season 6 appears to be filled with a sense of overall depression and sadness. Buffy Summers has lost much of her light, sass, and overall positivity that drew us in through seasons 1-5. But is it really shocking to anyone, having actually watched seasons 1-5 and the first 3 episodes of season 6? Let’s dive into this a little bit.

Buffy has experienced a significant amount of trauma and loss throughout the series.

[Exhibit A-I]
Exhibit A-I

(a) In a lot of ways, Buffy’s youth and adolescence were taken from her. She spent what should have been very formative, exploratory, mistake-making years with the literal weight of saving the world from unspeakable evil on her shoulders.
(b) She’s really never had an authentic relationship in her life that didn’t start out without a lie, aside from her watcher. If we think about it, even Buffy’s Mother didn’t know “who she was” until she was 17. When she met her best friends, there was still a secret identity component. While this seems common (i.e. gay/trans people not sharing with everyone automatically), I’d be surprised if the lack of ‘normal’ relationships didn’t have a significant impact on her. Think about her sadness when things didn’t work out with Scott in season 3, or her disappointment with Riley’s government role being revealed; “I thought you were a nice, normal guy.” The idea that she couldn’t attract and maintain a ‘normal’ relationship because of her slayer status, on top of everything else it took away from her? That seems pretty heavy.
(c) She deals with the responsibility of vampire-related deaths, demon-related deaths, etc. Think about Ms. Calendar? In my opinion, this one falls on her, but I digress. If she’d only told someone about it and not tried to be all secretive…there I go again, sorry. ANYWAY. If Buffy had done the “slayer thing”, she would have killed Angelus in the shopping mall instead of kicking him in his privates. If Buffy had done the “slayer thing”, there are probably a good amount of deaths that wouldn’t have happened. (This is NOT me blaming Buffy, btw. I do not think she should hold this responsibility, but I think this is an inevitable feeling of someone in her position) We can see a small part of this in season 4, when she finds Ricky has been turned after she said goodnight to him. We also saw it in season 2, when she apologized to Giles about not being able to kill Angelus. That weight doesn’t go away, and I’m sure more piled on as time went on.
(d) Buffy took on responsibility for her sister in season 5, in a much bigger way. Dawn wasn’t just “her sister” any more, she was “the key.” And it wasn’t just Glory who wanted her, it was the Knights of Byzantium who wanted to kill her. It was other demons who worshipped ‘the Beast’ who wanted to get in good with her. And then there was Glory.
(e) Angel left. Riley left. The primary reason these guys left had to do with completely different sides of the Buffy coin. Angel left because Buffy’s human, and deserves “a normal life.” Riley left because Buffy, as the slayer, was unable to give him what he needed. The juxtaposition between these two relationships’ “cause of death” HAD to have a pretty heavy impact on her. She can’t win. She’s too human for demons, and she’s too ‘super hero’ for humans.
(f) Buffy lost her Mom shortly after her relationship ended, and had almost zero time to process the losses. We saw her struggle back and forth with, “If I had just gotten to Riley a minute sooner…”, and “If I had just gotten home to my Mom 10 minutes sooner…” The unresolved grief of things being stripped away from her, and acknowledging her overwhelming hopelessness were highlighted in her speaking to Giles at the end of season 5: “I sacrificed Angel to save the world. I loved him so much, but I knew what was right. I don’t have that any more. I don’t understand. I don’t know how to live in this world, if these are the choices. If everything just gets stripped away. I don’t see the point. I just wish…I just wish my Mom was here. The spirit guide told me that death was my gift. I guess that means a Slayer really is just a killer after all.”
(g) In the beginning of season 6, Buffy is resurrected to her coffin. 6 feet underground. She awakens to a dark, confined space, running out of oxygen, and has to claw her way out of her grave. She comes out to a version of Sunnydale that’s destroyed, on fire, crawling with demons, and the first thing she has to do is fight. She runs into her friends, and they (surprise, surprise) need saving. They don’t understand why she’s not happy, and they try to push her to just ‘be OK.’ Then she stands up where she remembered the moment of absolute clarity, and her sister tells her that she’s home, and that where she was ‘is over.’ (We find out later that she was in heaven, and the person she sacrificed her life for is telling her it’s over.)
(h) Buffy takes it upon herself to NOT tell her friends she was in heaven until the musical, when she sings it to them against her will. Now, on top of dealing with the grief of losing her Mother, her boyfriend, her youth/innocence, and feeling like there’s something wrong with her, she takes on the feelings of guilt around her friends feeling bad. She acknowledges that she has been ripped out of heaven, and we watch her life literally falling down around her.
(i) Buffy’s friends are basically worthless. They rip her from heaven, they tell her the money her Mom left is gone, and the house begins to fall apart around her. Her watcher is gone, having moved on, and her friends all seem to have their lives relatively together. Willow and Tara are in school and progressing, Xander is working and making money living on his own with his soon-to-be-left-at-the-alter girlfriend, Giles has left, and even Buffy’s coworkers at Doublemeat Palace seem to have plans and directions. Buffy feels hopeless. She’s denied re-admission to UC Sunnydale, she’s denied a loan, she has social services come to her home and tell her she’s not a fit guardian for her sister, she has Spike repeatedly tell her he’s “all she has”, and then Giles decides she needs to stand on her own, so he leaves (again).
(j) On top of all of this, the one 'sort of' relationship Buffy has in season 6 results in an attempted assault. Throughout the season, Buffy seems to have lost her self-respect, knows it, but doesn't have any idea of what to do. When telling Tara about what is happening, Buffy breaks down and says, "Why do I let him do those things to me?" (It's unclear if she just means having sex, but my interpretation has always been that she doesn't understand why she's in a physically violent, sexual relationship with someone she believes she hates).

There’s no denying that Season 6 is incredibly dark and depressing. The above information, taken at once, is a LOT. (Granted, the above information spans the entire series, but still.) It’s easy to see WHY Buffy felt being dead was superior to being alive through the first half of season 6.

[Counter Argument #1]
Counter Argument #1

Now we get to the reasons Season 6 is actually pretty great.

Buffy starts to come to the realization that she doesn’t want to die.

In the episode “Gone”, we start to see a gradual return of the old Ms. Summers. Buffy starts with clearing out her home of magic paraphernalia and comes to the realization that she’s in the same boat as Willow, in trying to stop unhealthy behaviors, when she finds Spike’s lighter. She has a visit from social services, and is essentially told she’s a mess and unfit to care for Dawn, and that if she doesn’t get her act together, Dawn will be taken away.

After she is hit with a blast from the invisibility gun by “the trio”, Buffy starts to have fun.

While she’s invisible, she feels free to do what she wants to do. No one can see her, so no one can judge her. For me, this was a metaphor for how Buffy felt when she was dead: no responsibilities, not a care in the world. She went around town making jokes, mocking people, and giving the social worker some payback.

[Exhibit A-G]
Exhibit A-G

Lightheartedness aside, let’s look at what happened:

(a) Buffy did something many people do when they’re trying to shed negativity: she chopped her awful wig hair off. She sat in her mirror after a rough morning, pulled out scissors, and just chopped it off. Then she went to a salon to have it fixed. My take is, this was a moment that made it clear she wanted to change, and didn’t want to be weighed down by anything unnecessary anymore.
(b) Buffy actually got scared at the idea of fading away. She sits on the curb with Willow after being made visible again, and she calls this out to Willow herself, saying, “That’s something, right?” This moment is a heartwarming realization to me: Buffy wanted to live. For perhaps the first time this season, she had a side of her that thought, “I don’t want to fade away.”
(c) When it’s revealed to the group that Dawn has developed a habit of theft, there’s a blink-and-you-miss-it moment where Buffy seems to recognize how her absence and distraction is having an impact on her younger sister. When I watch this, it looks to me like another turning point where Buffy realizes she has to step up (in the next episode, we see Buffy and Dawn walking and talking about which stores Dawn’s stolen from, etc.)
(d) When Riley returns, Buffy has a brief period of hope that he’s come back and that they might be able to reconcile. When she finds out he’s married, the rest of the episode is filled with her realization that it’s actually over. There’s a sense of closure.
(e) Buffy faces a demon who makes her hallucinate that Sunnydale is “fake”, and that she’s really a mental patient in Los Angeles who has imagined the entire series prior to that moment. We see Buffy’s final dip into the temptation to give up her life as the slayer (this season). She goes through the process of actually tying up her friends and sister, and throws them in the basement with a demon, at the urging of her hallucinations. As the demon is about to carry out the sinister plan, Buffy snaps out of it and says “Goodbye” to her hallucination that, in my opinion, was her ‘best case scenario’ (i.e. a world where she could ‘wake up’ from the madness, her Mom and Dad are still together, and she could be released from the hospital and carry on a normal life). She slays the demon, and apologizes to her friends and family, and moves forward.
(f) Buffy’s secret is finally let out, and her friends (for the most part) don’t react quite as badly as she thought. She starts being more open, and we see the improvement of her well-being as she ‘comes out of the dark’ with honesty. Her communication with friends increases.
(g) She is put in the ground with these ‘dead body/corpse’ things that keep coming when Willow is trying to end the world, and she finally recognizes that her sister is a woman and she wants to focus on showing her the world and not being so oppressive. She emerges afterward and it’s daylight, and she walks off with Dawn into the light, telling her she wants to ‘show her’ the world, and not hide her from it.

[Closing Argument #1]

The depression arc was intense, and I’m aware a lot of people fell off mid-season. Many didn’t stick around to see what the rest of the series offered. But my primary feeling about this season is: it’s an important picture of how complex trauma and cumulative pain can impact someone, and it sends the message that even in this supernatural, extreme case, there is hope to come out of it.

[Argument 2: The BIG BADS in season 6 are lame]
Argument #2: The BIG BADS in season 6 are lame.

Explanation: The first of the “big bads” in season 6, aside from the monster of the week characters, was the human trio: Warren, Andrew, and Jonathan. The second was Willow Rosenberg, following the sudden death of Tara at the hands of Warren. Many people felt “the trio” was a disjointed storyline, and that it was a letdown following the literal God Buffy faced in season 5. People also felt the “Dark Willow” arc was too rushed, and the issues with Willow and her addiction to magic dragged on too long.

The Trio

Warren, introduced in season 5 when his robot ex-girlfriend, April, comes to Sunnydale looking for him, starts working with his minions Andrew Tucker’s brother and Jonathan to ‘take over Sunnydale.’ There is no superpower or special abilities here; Warren is good with technology, Jonathan is ‘sort of’ comfortable with basic magic, and Andrew…well, Andrew is basically a prime example of a mindless follower who clings to what he perceives as power or ‘coolness.’
Dark Willow

After struggling with magic 'addiction' and cleaning up her act, Willow and Tara finally reconciled. After a tragic event, Willow 'relapses' in the worst way and becomes 'Dark Willow.' (more detail below)

[Exhibits A-N]
(a) The trio starts off relatively slow. They summon a demon to rob a bank, and promise to serve him the slayer on a platter as payment. (This is the new ‘big bad’? A trio of nerds who summon a demon? THIS is how you follow a literal God?)
(b) They start testing Buffy’s skills by sending obstacles her way; the hour that wouldn’t end, demons in her workplace, a perception/reality-altering chip that makes Buffy experience ‘time warps’, etc. (Seriously? This is the best they can come up with?)
(c) The trio steals a diamond to finish an invisibility ray, accidentally turn Buffy invisible, and then realize they could easily kill her by shooting her with another blast of it. This is the first time they directly try to kill Buffy, and also the first time Buffy fully identifies who they are. (Ok, they’re starting to get sort of dangerous, but…still…)
(d) The trio develops a ‘cerebral dampener’ that essentially turns a human into their slave. Warren, of course, uses it to get his ex-girlfriend to be his sex slave. The effects wear off, and she fights, calls them out as rapists, and promises Warren will pay for this. As she tries to leave, Warren kills her. (Ok, they’re officially dangerous and full on scum bags.)
(e) The trio decides to summon demons who cause temporal disturbances and execute an elaborate plan to make Buffy think she killed the girl by accident.
(f) When Buffy realizes what they did, she tracks them down with the help of her friends, and intervenes when they’re robbing a bank trunk. Warren, having literal balls of what appear to be magical steel, is now stronger than Buffy. He beats her up, nearly wins, but Buffy smashes his balls and he loses his strength. He unveils his literal jetpack and flies off into the night.
(g) Warren then turns to a completely human means of murder, and shows up to Buffy’s back yard with a gun. He shoots at Buffy, and fires off several shots, hitting Tara and killing her instantly. This immediately leads to the rise of Dark Willow.
(h) After unsuccessfully trying to resurrect Tara, Willow goes to the magic box and literally absorbs all of the dark magic from the darkest books she can find. I believe it represents when someone has relapsed and ‘goes off the deep end’ following a tragic loss.
(i) Willow saves Buffy, then sets out on a journey to make the trio pay for killing Tara.
(j) She tells Buffy she’s going to kill them, and when she tries to stop her by convincing, Willow leaves her behind to track Warren on her own.
(k) Willow eventually finds Warren and skins him alive, then uses her magic to incinerate his body in front of her friends.
(l) Willow tracks down the other two, being protected by Buffy and the rest of the Scooby gang, and this starts a physical fight with Buffy. During the fight, Willow essentially tells Buffy that she’s not there anymore, and it’s as if Willow’s angry “inner addict” it at the wheel. She spews verbal venom at Buffy, fights with her, and nearly kills her before Giles shows up with borrowed power (and a plan) and stops her.
(m) Willow steals Giles’ borrowed power after weakening some, and the plan works: Willow feels all of the pain of herself (and the world), and decides the entire world needs to end.
(n) The end of the world is thwarted by none of than my least favorite character of all time and his annoying chain of “I love you’s.”

[Counter Argument #2]
Counter Argument #2

Now we get to the reasons these “big bads” are actually pretty great.

The big bads in this season fit in with the theme of depression: monotonous and consistently nagging at first, sometimes leading to a devastating turn.

Think about this: depression, for many, often begins as ‘not feeling right.’ Quite a lot of people who struggle with depression don’t recognize it, but it’s just an annoying, nagging feeling that something just isn’t right. If we think of this season as being a metaphor for ‘depression’, these characters fit into it flawlessly.

(a) Over the first few episodes of the season, we know ‘something’ is wrong with Buffy. We see it, she tells us, but it’s actually in the episode following Buffy’s admission that this is her hell, that we are introduced to the concept of ‘the Trio’, and their plan to ‘take over Sunnydale.’
(b) Following the ‘annoying’ things the Trio did, they started becoming more and more dangerous. If we really observe, Buffy didn’t truly do anything to intervene with the Trio outside of foiling some of their schemes ‘in the moment’, prior to going to their home and taking what she could (when they had the buzz saws and ruined her jacket). The timing of this was also important, because it was right after her ‘secret’ with Spike was outted. The shame and all of that was put ‘out there’ after the hidden camera showed the Scooby gang that Anya and Spike did it in the Magic Box, and Spike told everyone about him and Buffy. (For me, this was sort of like facing the fear, getting up and taking a shower, feeling that sense of washing away a figurative gross feeling. Or opening up to a friend/family member, and getting your feelings out there and being validated.)
(c) Because the ‘depression’ really hadn’t been faced (i.e. treated), the Trio ramped up their efforts. Now it was about getting the strength to take what they want by force, and facing the slayer head-on. It wasn’t “stopped”, because it ‘pulled a rocketman.’
(d) The ‘depression’ caused a major dip: it attempted to kill Buffy, killed someone else, and then it was ‘the end of the world.’

[Final Closing Argument]

Final Closing Argument

I understand, for many, the story being told the way it was seemed a little disjointed. The “big bad” came and went depending on the episode, and sort of became lost in the telling of the monsters of the week. The random musical, Riley coming back, the magic addiction/crack den, the breakup with Tara/Willow, Xander leaving Anya at the alter, Spike and Buffy’s story arc, Tara’s death, etc. all sort of pulled from the central theme here and there. But, in my opinion: that’s sort of exactly the theme, and it all fit together beautifully. Isn’t that the truth of depression and mental health in general? Feeling like you’re alone, drowning, and trying to face your demons while going through the motions of your everyday life? For Buffy, the “distractions” we all encountered ARE her everyday life—as the slayer. There’s always this nagging feeling of, “but WHAT ABOUT THE BIG BAD?” in this season, but it only comes out ‘in your face’ in the last few episodes. Many who are familiar with depression (whether tied to a diagnosis or situational), this is sometimes the nature of the beast: it’s never really that bad, until it's the end of the world.

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If you made it through the entire thing, what did you think? Do you agree/disagree? Are there any glaring pieces you think were missed? Was there anything highlighted you maybe missed?
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Critics' Choice Television Awards 2021 Nominees Announced

“Better Call Saul” (AMC)
“The Crown” (Netflix)
“The Good Fight” (CBS All Access)
“Lovecraft Country” (HBO)
“The Mandalorian” (Disney Plus)
“Ozark” (Netflix)
“Perry Mason” (HBO)
“This Is Us” (NBC)
Last year's winner: "Succession" (HBO)

“Better Things” (FX)
“The Flight Attendant” (HBO Max)
“Mom” (CBS)
“Pen15” (Hulu)
“Ramy” (Hulu)
“Schitt’s Creek” (Pop TV)
“Ted Lasso” (Apple TV Plus)
“What We Do in the Shadows” (FX)
Last year's winner: "Fleabag" (Amazon Prime Video)

“I May Destroy You” (HBO)
“Mrs. America” (FX)
“Normal People” (Hulu)
“The Plot Against America” (HBO)
“The Queen’s Gambit” (Netflix)
“Small Axe” (Amazon Studios)
“The Undoing” (HBO)
“Unorthodox” (Netflix)
Last year's winner: "When They See Us" (Netflix)
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Jason Derulooooo Threatens To Release New Single With Adam Levine

Former singer turned TikTok star, Jason Derulo, announced his new single, “Lifestyle” with Adam Levine. Reactions on social media were mixed to very negative.

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What year is it? The New Radicals to perform 'You Get What You Give' at the inauguration

-The band will reunite to perform at the Biden-Harris administration’s virtual “Parade Across America” event
-Frontman Gregg Alexander says they reunited because the song offered the "tiniest beacon of light in such a dark time"
-Okay, it's not just a fun nostalgia moment: “You Get What You Give” became the family’s rallying “theme song” for son Beau Biden during his battle with cancer

Was there anything more 90s than running through a mall, causing chaos? You can even spot a Banana Republic in the background.... what foreshadowing, given that Bush statement!

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Alejandro Baldwin says adios to Twitter, is taking a social media siesta

Alec Baldwin is apparently taking a break from Twitter, which I speculate means a PR person is finally stepping in. Baldwin has publicly quit Twitter before - in 2013 after threatening to "fuck up" a Daily Mail reporter, and in 2017 following backlash to comments he made regarding Harvey Weinstein's victims accepting settlements.

FYI he is still liking tweets! He managed to find the one tweet not dunking on him in his flounce post and liked it. Place your bets in the comments on how long this "break" will last! My personal guess, nine days.

Poll #2108088 Name the Hilaria Baldwin Scandal

What should we name the Hilaria Baldwin Scandal?

Who the Hil Did I Marry? (j3)
The Pepino Papers (frejasface)
The Rain in Spain Stays Mainly in Massachusetts (invernature)
How do you say? Baldwin? (djbbgoose)
The Spanish Inquisition (yours truly)

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Shagged Married Annoyed: Comedian Chris Ramsey breaks his ankle a week after his wife's C-section.


Stand-up comedian/Strictly Come Dancing contestant/podcast host Chris Ramsey, and his wife Rosie (co-host of their podcast Shagged Married Annoyed) welcomed their second son, Rafe, on January 6. Rosie had a C-section, and has been at home recovering (well, it's lockdown, so at home is sort of a given, but also, C-sections hurt, and I'm sure she's very happy to be cozy and safe in her house).

Rosie regularly posts on Instagram, and so has been keeping the world up to date on bringing Rafe home, introducing her sons, and what it was like giving birth during a global pandemic. And then yesterday she posted that Chris has broken his ankle. Slightly inconvenient given the fact that they have two young children and she just had major surgery. And it's a pandemic.


According to the comments on Rosie's post, Rosie asked Chris to take their older son, Robin, to the park for a run around, and...

Rosie and Chris have been on parental leave from Shagged Married Annoyed for the last couple weeks, but I'm sure when they come back, this is going to be her beef.


(also, SMA is a hilarious podcast and if you're not listening it to it, you should be. I grin like a fool on my daily walks.)

Sexism in the music industry: Madonna & Christina Aguilera

This episode on this web series talks about two discs by two controversial artists, that faced huge backlash when released: Madonna’s erotica and Christina Aguilera’s stripped.

Released in 1992 simultaneously with Sex, a coffee table book containing explicit photographs of the singer. Erotica is a concept album about sex and romance, incorporating her alter ego Mistress Dita. Some songs take a confessional tone, influenced by the loss of two of Madonna's close friends to AIDS. The lead single suffered mainstream condemnation due to its explicit sexual imagery. Years later the album has been considered as one of the most revolutionary pop albums of all time, since few women artists have been so outspoken about their fantasies and desires.

Stripped was the second album of Christina Aguilera and marked the birth of her Xtina persona; transitioning from teen pop to an album filled with soul, rock, hip hop and Latin influences where Christina has creative control over the project, musically and lyrically. Despite most songs from the album discuss self-respect, sex and feminism, Christina was publicly trashed by her extra raunchy image that departed from her more innocent debut look and because of the lead single featuring an Aguilera dancing in a seedy location surrounded by mud wrestlers, furries and contortionists while wearing a bikini and butt-baring chaps. The album went on to become one of Aguilera's strongest albums on charts and legacy, influencing newer artists like Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus, citing it as inspiration when recording.

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Harry Brant dies at 24 following drug overdose

Harry Brant (son
of model Stephanie Seymour and billionaire Peter Brant) has died of an accidental prescription pill overdose. Harry and his brother Peter II were known for red carpet and fashion show appearances and the occasional photo shoot with their mother.

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The Weeknd (Vevo Originals) + Making Of

At the end of November last year, The Weeknd released a trilogy of live performances, put together by Vevo. These weren’t your standard live sets. They’re practically music videos in their own right with how well they are shot, lit, and presented.

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*Mods: While these premiered at the end of November, a post was never made for it, and I’m also framing it with behind the scenes deets & pics*

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The View: James Comey, Jeff Flake, Cori Bush, Keedron Bryant, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi (Monday), Joy, Sunny, Sara, Meghan, Ana (Friday)

Friday and Monday show combined


More behind the cut

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9-1-1 - 4.02 - Alone Together + 9-1-1 Lone Star - 2100 - Promos

In the aftermath of the dam break, massive mudslides wreak havoc throughout Los Angeles. As Athena fights to save herself and an agoraphobic woman after her house collapses, Bobby, Hen and Eddie rush to save hikers endangered by the falling of the Hollywood sign. Meanwhile, Buck and Chimney must rescue a group of pregnant women trapped in a submerged house.

After a volcanic eruption wreaks havoc in Austin, the members of the 126 race to save lives at a college pool party, a family's mini-golf outing and a woman trapped in her food truck by a horde of scorpions.

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Ben Affleck Throws Ana de Armas in the Trash

Ben Affleck is moving on!

Right after his split from Ana de Armas made news on Monday, someone was seen trashing a life-sized, cardboard cut-out of the actress outside Affleck's Brentwood home. The same cut-out was used by De Armas and Affleck's kids to toy with the paparazzi last summer.


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