January 12th, 2021


James Lafferty Reveals He Experienced a ‘Wake-Up Call’ After ‘One Tree Hill’ Ended

He portraying Nathan Scott on The CW’s One Tree Hill for 9 seasons (appearing in 182 of the series).
James Lafferty, 35, thought it’d be simple to land another role on TV. 
He quickly learned that he was wrong.

"Just coming off of One Tree Hill and just being so young on that show, and I guess, naive. I thought that when that show ended, things would be pretty easy for me, that it would be easy to work again in television. I think it was a real reality check. It was a real wake-up call as to how incredibly competitive it is out there. I probably should have been doing a lot more work earlier in my career while I was doing One Tree Hill."

Lafferty wrote and costars in Hulu comedy 'Everyone is doing great', which follows the life of a group of actors in Los Angeles who attempt to find their paths five years after starring on an incredibly successful TV series.


LVP: What Stassi Schroeder did was 'stupid', not 'racist'.

LVP went on a podcast on Monday and was asked about the four Vanderpump Rules cast members fired for racism this past June:

"It wasn’t right what they did at all, but do I think they’re racist? 1,000 percent not because I have a lot of diverse people working for me that they’ve all been working very close to for many years."

"Do I think it was a racist action? Not at all. I just think it was awful timing, and stupid and ignorant."

On Stassi specifically, she said that she had a "lack of awareness" because she "lived in her own bubble" and Bravo had to "do what they had to do."

"I think everything was so inflamed at that time, but it had also been an accumulation of things she had done. It wasn’t just one remark, and I think the fact that she was proactive in calling with this whole Faith situation just was not the way to handle things.”

No word if the podcast hosts asked the restaurateur about her ongoing class-action lawsuit for not paying her employees, manipulating employee hours and not allowing her employees to take breaks.

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Olivia Rodrigo's "drivers license" Breaks Spotify's Single-Day Streaming Record (Again)

Olivia Rodrigo's latest single drivers license just broke Spotify's Single-Day Streaming Record again with 11.51 million plays.

The viral song is also pacing to debut #1 on Billboard's Hot 100 new week.


Chris Stuckmann talks about leaving the Jehovah's Witnesses

Trigger Warning for discussions of leaving a cult. Youtube film critic Chris Stuckmann talks about being raised as a Jehovah's Witness and how the elders tried to stop him from making movies and youtube videos. Some of the things he talks about the process of disfellowshipped, which is when you leave the JWs and can no longer have any contact with people still in the faith (including family members), how they chipped away at his identity so much that he became depressed and suicidal. He talks about how he got "marked" for making Youtube content, which is like being disfellowshipped in that members of the JWs are no longer permitted to speak to you but you are still technically part of the JWs. He also talks about the rampant homophobia of the cult, and how it took him a lot longer to realize he wasn't straight because of it.

It's a long one hour video and it's very sad but it's really worth watching.


Trailer for "Barb & Star Go To Vista Del Mar"

Take a trip and break out of your shell with Barb and Star. From the gals who brought you Bridesmaids (co-stars and co-writers Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo) comes BARB & STAR GO TO VISTA DEL MAR. Lifelong friends Barb and Star embark on the adventure of a lifetime when they decide to leave their small Midwestern town for the first time…ever. Romance, friendship and a villain’s evil plot…Hold onto your culottes, BARB & STAR debuts in your home on February 12th!

baby yoda dancing

New Books Hitting Shelves This Week


Young Nadia Owusu followed her father, a United Nations official, from Europe to Africa and back again. Just as she and her family settled into a new home, her father would tell them it was time to say their goodbyes. The instability wrought by Nadia’s nomadic childhood was deepened by family secrets and fractures, both lived and inherited. Her Armenian American mother, who abandoned Nadia when she was two, would periodically reappear, only to vanish again. Her father, a Ghanaian, the great hero of her life, died when she was thirteen. After his passing, Nadia’s stepmother weighed her down with a revelation that was either a bombshell secret or a lie, rife with shaming innuendo.

With these and other ruptures, Nadia arrived in New York as a young woman feeling stateless, motherless, and uncertain about her future, yet eager to find her own identity. What followed, however, were periods of depression in which she struggled to hold herself and her siblings together.

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Tim & Saoirse

New Trailer for 'Judas and the Black Messiah'

FBI informant William O’Neal (LaKeith Stanfield) infiltrates the Illinois Black Panther Party and is tasked with keeping tabs on their charismatic leader, Chairman Fred Hampton (Daniel Kaluuya). A career thief, O’Neal revels in the danger of manipulating both his comrades and his handler, Special Agent Roy Mitchell (Jesse Plemons). Hampton’s political prowess grows just as he’s falling in love with fellow revolutionary Deborah Johnson (Dominique Fishback). Meanwhile, a battle wages for O’Neal’s soul. Will he align with the forces of good? Or subdue Hampton and The Panthers by any means, as FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover (Martin Sheen) commands?

Directed by Shaka King.

First trailer post is here.

Available February 12th in theaters and on HBO Max (for 31 days).


Ruby Rose Slid Into The DMs of Demi Burnett of "The Bachelor" Because of Demi Lovato

ontd ruby.png

Actress Ruby Rose, pop star Demi Lovato, and reality star Demi Burnett had some minor DM drama last year. After Burnett came out as bisexual on the reality dating show "Bachelor in Paradise," she received a DM from Rose. “She DM’ed me one time and I almost died... she said, ‘Hey,’ and I was like, ‘Oh, my gosh, she’s sliding in.’ I was like, ‘This is it.’”

But it turns out that Ruby was only texting her because their mutual friend, Demi Lovato, instructed her to. “She’s like, ‘I was just messaging you because Demi Lovato told me to... Demi was probably like, ‘You should DM her, she’s going to love it. I was like, ‘Oh, my gosh. I thought she was hitting on me.’”

What do you think of this non-scandal?

Ruby Rose was lowkey hitting on Demi B
Demi Lovato was stirring up shit
this is a reach
I am in favor of any drama

ever thought someone was hitting on you when they weren't?


Disneyland to become massive COVID vaccination site

Disneyland, closed since March, will become the first large site to provide COVID-19 vaccinations in California, government announced on Monday.

Disneyland will be the first Super Point-of-Dispensing (POD) sites in the county and become operational this week.

“The Disneyland Resort, the largest employer in Orange County, has stepped up to host the county’s first Super POD site – undertaking a monumental task in our vaccination distribution process,” said chairman Andrew Do.

“Disneyland is proud to help support Orange County with the use of our property, and we are grateful for all of their efforts to combat COVID-19”.

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Billie Eilish and la Rosalía to collaborate 🚨🚨

According to an insider, Billie Elish and Rosalía will be collaborating on a new bilingual song called “lo vas a olvidar” (translation: you will forget it/him).

This same insider leaked exclusively “la noche de anoche” and “blinding lights remix” from the Spanish sensation.

The song is going to be part of the third album from the Catalan singer and would be available on January 21.

Source 1
at | aviators

Bruce Willis asked to leave pharmacy for refusing to wear a mask

- 65 year old Bruce Willis was asked to leave an LA Rite Aid because he refused to put on a mask. Even though he had a bandana around his neck he could have pulled up a few inches.
- He left the store without buying anything.
- Los Angeles is becoming the epicenter of California's COVID crisis, with nearly 1 in 4 testing positive

Body language

‘The Umbrella Academy’ Season 3 Unveils Cast For Sparrow Academy Which Includes… A Telekinetic Cube?

The end of the last season of 'The Umbrella Academy' introduced the Sparrow Academy, a new team that is a result of the Umbrella Academy changing the past.

In addition to Justin H. Min who is returning as a different version of Ben, Justin Cornwell, Britne Oldford, Genesis Rodriguez, Cazzie David and Jake Epstein are joining the cast as members of the Sparrow Academy.

Also introduced is “Existential Dread Inducing Psykronium Cube” who will play Christopher.

A character run-down is at the source.


Britney Spears Reminds You To Wear Your Mask + BOMT Turns 22!

Britney Spears poses while wearing her mask in what appears to be a throwback photo with boyfriend Sam Asghari reminding you to wear your mask, bitch!

Britney's debut album ...Baby One More Time also celebrated it's 22nd anniversary.

The album gave us the iconic lead single "...Baby One More Time" and also featured singles "Sometimes", "(You Drive Me) Crazy", "Born to Make You Happy" and "From The Bottom of My Broken Heart".

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source: britneygram + twitter
ontd, what's your favorite song from bomt?
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A My Neighbor Totoro fashion collection has been released

It dropped a few days ago on Loewe's and Selfridges, and includes biker jackets, shirts and wallets ranging in the hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Sources 1 and 2

OP wishes these items didn't cost so much, otherwise she would have bought one of everything.

Olympic Gold Medal swimmer exposed as domestic terrorist

Three-time Olympic Gold Medal swimmer Klete Keller has other honor to add to his resume: domestic terrorist.

Keller was exposed inside the Capitol building last Wednesday by website SwimSwam. They were able to identify him because the idiot decided to wear his Olympic jacket while unmasked, making him easily visible to anyone who might recognize him.

Keller has since deleted all social media profiles.


NBC orders drama La Brea + comedies American Auto and Grand Crew to series

La Brea starts Natalie Zea as a woman whose family is ripped apart when a massive sinkhole opens in LA. She and her son are separated from her daughter and husband. They're trapped with strangers who must work to uncover the mystery of where they are and how to get back home.

American Auto is a sitcom set in the Detroit headquarters of an American car company. A "floundering group of execs try to rediscover the company" as the industry rapidly changes. Ana Gasteyer is among the cast.

Grand Crew stars Nicole Byer and Echo Kellum. They're part of a group of "Black friends who unpack the ups of down of life and love at a wine bar".

All three are set for the 2021 - 2022 season.

taylor swift - middle finger

Taylor Swift & Joe Alwyn Hold Hands During Stroll In London

- Taylor Swift is no longer the Queen of Quarantine. She stopped hiding out at home and making music.
- Instead, she hopped on her private jet to spend time with her boyfriend, Joe Alwyn, and his mom on her mom's birthday over in London.
- Fans are upset that she's traveling despite the new COVID strain and the latest lockdown in London.
-They're especially concerned since she's talked about her mom's ongoing cancer battle. Others have questioned why she left her mom on her birthday.
- Taylor might be releasing something soon since she's making appearances again. Maybe she's dropping one of her rerecorded albums?

ONTD, have you walked hand-in-hand with your boyfriend in another country on your mom's birthday?


Jenny Rivera’s younger sister: “Jenny Rivera would have wanted Christina to play her”

In today’s delusional news, Rosie Rivera, sister of late Mexican banda music diva, Jenny Rivera, revealed that the family is working on giving the singer the Hollywood treatment with a biographical movie.

“Jenny loves Christina Aguilera because of her strength, voice, talent and beauty. Christina could gain weight [for the role] and lose it after [the movie]. Her strength is Latin but she also knows English and it would be a dream come true for the family”, said Rosie.

The family tried to contact Legend X...

Which celebrity would you like to play as you in your biopic, ONTD?

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NHLer Evander Kane files for bankruptcy

-The San Jose Sharks player owes $26.8 million, which includes $1.5 million to The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas for unpaid gambling debt and a $1.88 million counterclaim of a 2016 battery charge

-He also lists 7 dependents, including his 6-month-old daughter, parents, 2 uncles, sister, and grandmother

-He has the option to cancel his 7-year/$49 million contract with the Sharks because of his daughter's health issues (He’s only 2 years into the contract)

-Years ago, he got a lot of shit for posting photos with his "money phone"

Source / Source 2

John David Washington Addresses Criticism About Age Difference With Co-Star Zendaya

John David Washington is addressing the criticism of the age difference between him and his Malcolm & Marie co star, Zendaya.

Washington (36) spoke with Variety about the casting of Zendaya (24), who plays his girlfriend in the upcoming drama.

Washington said: "I wasn’t concerned about it because she is a woman. People are going to see in this film how much of a woman she is. She has far more experience than I do in the industry. I’ve only been in it for seven years. She’s been in it longer, so I’m learning from her. I’m the rookie.”

Zendaya has been acting since she was 14, when she was on the Disney channel. 😐

Washington said that he admired her wisdom and knowledge of the business and he thinks people will be proud of her in the role.


The View: Lil Nas X, Ralph Macchio, William Zabka, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, Sara, Meghan


More behind the cut

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Ontd 8 more days

Source links are below each video or section

Jon Hamm Reveals He Auditioned To Play Sandy Cohen On ‘The O.C.’

Hamm once auditioned to play the role of Sandy Cohen on The OC.
He was around 31-32 years old. Harry Hamlin was also there for the audition.
The role of Sandy Cohen eventually went to Peter Gallagher who is 16 years older than Hamm.
Hamm would have auditioned to play Dan Humphrey’s dad Rufus if he did not get 'mad men' role.
His “in-between” age made auditioning for television roles pretty tough.
Hamm never looked young enough to be in high school, so he missed out on all the early WB shows.
But he wasn’t old enough to be the dads either.

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Nielsen's 2020 Streaming Rankings


Nielsen released a list of the most watched streaming titles of the past year
Title | Outlet | Minutes watched (in billions)

Original Series

Ozark Netflix 30.46
Lucifer Netflix 18.95
The Crown Netflix 16.28
Tiger King Netflix 15.61
The Mandalorian Disney+ 14.52
The Umbrella Academy Netflix 13.47
The Great British Baking Show Netflix 13.28
Boss Baby: Back in Business Netflix 12.63
Longmire Netflix 11.38
You Netflix 10.97

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The Doraemon x Gucci collaboration is coming

The beloved cat-robot sent from the 22nd century, Doraemon will celebrate the manga’s 50th anniversary with the Doraemon x Gucci Epilogue collaboration, which commences on February 12, and with over 50 different products.

The collaboration will include shirts, sweaters, wallets, bags, shoes, and swimwear emblazoned by the future cat.

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Armie Hammer's wife sickened by actor's 'kinks'

The article says Liz' reaction comes from a source close to the family, and goes in details about the latest updates on the accounts that are accusing him.

Source: https://mobile.twitter.com/DailyMailCeleb/status/1349105710005690376
film | trainspotting (1996)

Amy Adams, Jennifer Lawrence, Halle Berry and more featured in Netflix's 2021 Film Preview

Streaming giant Netflix promises a new movie every week for 2021. Featuring original productions and splashy acquisitions, the slate has 70 titles across genres — from musicals to action, romantic comedies to family animation. The 70 films include R.L. Stine's Fear Street trilogy and with 52 English language live-action films, 8 animated films and 10 non-English language films.

[Netflix press release]
This year’s line-up will surprise and delight cinephiles across the globe with films from Award winning filmmakers, including Jane Campion (The Power of the Dog), Paolo Sorrentino (The Hand of God) and Adam McKay (Don’t Look Up). We’re bringing you a year of films filled with more of the things we know our members love - zombies (Army of the Dead), cowboys (The Harder They Fall, Concrete Cowboy), and high school romance (including the culmination of the To All the Boys and The Kissing Booth trilogies). We’re re-introducing you to teen screams (Fear Street trilogy, There’s Someone Inside Your House), turning your favorite books into films (The Woman in the Window, Munich, The Last Letter from Your Lover), bringing you more adrenaline-pumping blockbusters (Red Notice, Sweet Girl, Kate) and giving your family a reason to say YES to watching films together (YES DAY, Back to the Outback, Finding ‘Ohana).

Netflix will bring you a new movie every week featuring the biggest stars including Leonardo DiCaprio, Sandra Bullock, Dwayne Johnson, Idris Elba, Meryl Streep, Zendaya, Jennifer Lawrence, Ryan Reynolds, Jennifer Garner, Gal Gadot, Dave Bautista, Naomi Watts, Jake Gyllenhaal, John David Washington and Octavia Spencer. And films from your favorite filmmakers like Zack Snyder, Nora Fingscheidt, Joe Wright, Antoine Fuqua, Shawn Levy, Robert Pulcini and Shari Springer Berman and the directorial debuts from Halle Berry and Lin-Manuel Miranda.

[Full list of Netflix titles here]
Army of the Dead
Outside the Wire (January 15)
Red Notice
Sweet Girl

Fear Street Trilogy
No One Gets Out Alive
There’s Someone Inside Your House
Things Heard and Seen

Blood Red Sky*
Escape from Spiderhead
Night Teeth
The Swarm*
The Woman in the Window


A Castle For Christmas
Fuimos Canciones*
The Kissing Booth 3
Love Hard
The Last Letter from Your Lover**
The Princess Switch 3
To All The Boys: Always and Forever
Untitled Alicia Keys Rom-Com

Bombay Rose
Concrete Cowboy
Fever Dream*
Malcolm & Marie (February 5)
Penguin Bloom (January 27)**
Pieces of a Woman (January 7
The Dig (January 29)
The Guilty
The Hand of God*
The Power of the Dog
The Starling
The White Tiger (January 22)
Unt. Alexandre Moratto Film*
Unt. Graham King

The Harder They Fall

8 Rue de l’Humanité*
Afterlife of the Party
Bad Trip
Don’t Look Up
Double Dad*
I Care A Lot (February 19)**
Moxie (March 3)
The Last Mercenary*
Thunder Force

A Boy Called Christmas
A Winter’s Tale from Shaun the Sheep**
Back to the Outback
Finding ‘Ohana (January 29)
Loud House
Robin Robin
Skater Girl
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans
Wish Dragon
YES DAY (March 12)

A Week Away
tick, tick…BOOM

*non-English language films
**not available globally aka select countries/territories

source: 1 | 2

Are you ready for this massive film rollout, ONTD? Do you think HBO Max/AT&T is seething about their botched Warner Bros' 2021 film rollout?
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ONTD Original: The Best Show You Aren't Watching - Taskmaster

My darlingssS, did you think this pandemic born series of tv posts was over? Me too you were wrong! Your favourite Snakey is here to give you the best shows to keep you company during this new lockdown! Today's rec is: Taskmaster!

What is it about?
This game show tests the abilities of several celebrities in hilarious ways. Greg Davies, the taskmaster, and his sidekick Alex Horne put 5 celebrities (per season, overall 10 seasons) to ridiculous tasks. The winner gets a ridiculous prize made of the stuff the contestants bring (which is also a task).

Why should it watch it?
Because i told you so, and all my recs are iconic! this show is like a warm blankie, its ridiculousness will help you escape this grim reality, and perhaps even teach you a couple of things (like take the scales off a fish before punching it). If you are still unsure, watch the video with national treasure Bob Mortimer and thank me later

Where can I watch this?
-CW Seed (?! Idk, thats what google tells me)
-Your usual places this snakey won't say

ONTD, do you watch panel show? Should we do a "big fat quiz" watch/game party on saturday?

Source: https://youtu.be/zdll1Ie4AW8
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nicole beharie on life after sleepy hollow: i was blacklisted

- for those who never watched, nicole was considered the lead of sleepy hollow with tom mison as her sidekick/co-lead. in 2016, both actors became ill, but only nicole was ultimately fired: "For me, six years ago I was on a TV show. My co-star and I both got sick at the same time with the same illness and had different treatments. He was allowed to go on leave for a month and I had to continue working. There was a smokescreen of me getting my own episode titled Mama. By the end of that episode, I started to fall apart."
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justice for nicole, justice for abbie

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