January 6th, 2021

Inverse Speaks to Cast and Crew on 25th Anniversary of "12 Monkeys"

Terry Gilliam: I had never been a great fan of Bruce's before, but I liked talking to him, and I thought, OK, this guy's smart; he's funny. I explained to him my concerns about him as an actor. I hated the Trumpian mouth he does in films. Rectal. It's like I'm looking at somebody's asshole.

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Did I make this post because I want the world ONTD to see the Gillam quote about Bruce's asshole mouth? Yes. Yes I did.

SOURCES: Inverse Twitter / YouTube

The Grammys have been postponed

The Grammy Awards are being postponed, a rep for the show confirms to Variety. Sources say the show may be moved to March, although no date was confirmed at the time of this article’s publication.

A combination of health and travel concerns — not least the spike in coronavirus cases in the show’s planned location of Los Angeles — led the Recording Academy and its network partner CBS to decide to postpone the show. The move is not entirely unexpected, as Variety has heard several confusing reports around planned performances for the show in recent days.


Keanu Reeves hits the beach in Malibu

This just makes me think of Point Break

‘Mr. Bean’ Actor Rowan Atkinson Weighs in on ‘Cancel Culture,’

Rowan Atkinson is revealing his thoughts on “cancel culture.”

“The problem we have online is that an algorithm decides what we want to see, which ends up creating a simplistic, binary view of society. It becomes a case of either you’re with us or against us. And if you’re against us, you deserve to be ‘cancelled.’ It’s important that we’re exposed to a wide spectrum of opinion, but what we have now is the digital equivalent of the medieval mob roaming the streets looking for someone to burn. So it is scary for anyone who’s a victim of that mob and it fills me with fear about the future,”


Author Eric Jerome Dickey Has Passed Away

- a cultural touchstone of Black Literature, Eric Jerome Dickey died of cancer at the age of 59. His novels touched on more intimate and everyday moments of life featuring Black characters and his work has inspired a lot of young Black writers over the last few decades.
- interesting tidbit of trivia: he was software developer before changing career into standup comedy and then writing


Though I never read his work, when I was a little kid, I had vivid memories of my mother and her friends or at the hair salon and the lively discussions about his books, talking about "did you get the new one?", "did you finish it?" we gotta talk about it." Rest in Peace to a literary giant.

A new youtuber appears and she's better than your fave: FuBao (baby panda) meets the world

Korea-born baby panda Fubao welcomes visitors from Monday Jan. 4.

Samsung Everland, the operator of Everland ― an amusement park, zoo and waterpark ― said visitors can see Fu Bao at the zoo between 10:20 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. from Jan. 4 through 17.

The baby panda born on July 20, 2020, to seven-year-old mother Ai Bao and eight-year-old father Le Bao, has been receiving care since its birth due to health concerns. It is the first time Fu Bao has been outside for visitors to see.

Chinese President Xi Jinping gave the parent pandas to Korea in 2016 upon the agreement made during a summit between Korea and China in July 2014. Fu Bao's birth made headlines as she was the first panda to be born in Korea and it is rare for a panda to be born without an accompanying visitation of Chinese officials, who were unable to attend due to the COVID-19 spread.

Everland has been releasing photos and videos of Fu Bao since her birth through its official social media channels ― including YouTube ― which have had more than 50 million views in total.

The name Fu Bao, meaning "a treasure that brings happiness," was picked among some 50,000 recommendations from the public.

Fu Bao weighed 197 grams at birth but is growing every day and is now 10 kilograms.

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Kanye West and Jeffree Star trend on Twitter after TikToker makes claims that the two are dating

A TikToker made a post claiming that she has insider knowledge of a secret affair between Kanye West and Jeffree Star.


Jeffree Star Trolls Internet About Kanye West Rumors

In true Jeffree Star fashion, the makeup mogul took to his social media to troll followers about the rumors that he's having a secret affair with Kanye West.

As many know, Kanye is the founder of the infamous invite only Sunday Service.


Celebs Congratulate Senators-Elect Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock

2021 is looking up (knock on wood, toss salt over your shoulder, etc.) -- outlets are now projecting that Georgia Senate candidates Jon Ossoff and Reverend Raphael Warnock have defeated Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue! This marks not only an incredible victory in a red state dismissed for decades, and a repeat of the surprise upset President-elect Joe Biden pulled off in the state in November, but a time that we can finally say...Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. With 2 flipped Democratic seats in the Senate and future Vice President Harris as tiebreaker, Democrats will have control of the House, Senate, and Presidency this year.

From the "I've seen enough guy" himself:

Thank fucking god.

Anyway, here are the celebrity tweets necessary to justify this post.

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I swear the second I submit this a post will get approved but I want to talk about election results under the guise of pop culture, ONTD!!!

ONTD Roundup

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Jon Ossoff causes Thrawn to trend on twitter

An old tweet from future Georgia senator Jon Ossoff has led Star Wars villain Grand Admiral Thrawn to trend, with Last Jedi director Rian Johnson also retweeting it on his timeline.

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Wonho thirst traps to start the new year + some 'Dazed' Photoshoot/Interview

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King of following COVID instructions and not going out tbh!!! Why thirst-trap in public when you can thirst-trap at home?

Catherine Zeta-Jones joins season two of Prodigal Son as a regular

Catherine Zeta-Jones is set to join the show in the second half of the season as regular Vivian Capshaw, Claremont's resident psychiatrist. Martin's assigned to infirmary duty and Vivian revels in making him mop the floor and clean bedpans. But then she begins to see him in a new light.


Fighting evil by moonlight, she is the one named Sailor Moon! Eternal Pt.2 poster released

-Toei has released the poster for Sailor Moon Eternal Pt.2 that will be released in February and wrap up the SuperS arc.

-This will be the first time the Sailor Scouts/Senshi/Guardians have been animated in their Eternal forms.

-Part 1 will be released in Japan on January 8th.

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White women accused of gentrifying and white washing mahjong

3 white founders of Dallas-based company the Mahjong Line are being criticized for giving the tiles of the ancient Chinese game a "midcentury modern design" and charging $425 for the sets.

According to the company's website, they intend to give the game a refresh because traditional tiles "did not reflect the fun" they were having while playing, making no mention of the game's traditions and origins in China during the Qing dynasty, where its popularity disseminated throughout East and Southeast Asia.

They claimed that the artwork on the tiles was always the same and didn’t reflect personality, which is why they added motifs of their own to their tiles, with redesigns of a "white girl aesthetic" and giving their sets names like "Minimal Gal" and "Skylight Blue Cheeky Gal". Touting them as "incredibly chic".

However, tiles themselves are full of symbolism in the artwork, numbers and colors used, like the winds tiles, representing the 4 directions, the dragon tiles with three different colors, red, white, and green. The three different tiles numbered one through none. The bamboo, circles, and wan tiles, or the flower and season tiles.

Also, it has a degree of superstition, even though both skill and chance play a fundamental role in the game, like players believe where they sit, how they hold their pieces or objects they have on their person will affect the outcome for the best Feng Shui. Some believe that specific pieces bode bad luck if received in their opening hand.

After people online accused the company's founders of cultural appropriation, they released a statement saying: "While our intent is to inspire and engage with a new generation of American mahjong players, we recognize our failure to pay proper homage to the game's Chinese heritage," and plan on "having conversations with experts closely tied to the game’s origins to ensure its rich history and cultural significance is properly represented" in their product.

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Cardi B Shuts Down Critics Who Think Women Can't Be Sexual And Also Be Parents

Cardi stopped playing her hit "WAP" when her daughter came into the room.
The Twitter user accused Cardi of having an “agenda” with the song and called her “disgusting.” 
The Twitter critic pointed out the hypocrisy in Cardi stopping her own daughter from hearing “WAP” while “everybody else’s” children listen to it.

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iggy jojo

Celebs React to Domestic Terrorists Invading US Capitol

Dumbass domestic terrorists have stormed the US Capitol because they're mad the gifting piece of shit lost the election. Congress was certifying the electorals and now have to recess.

Seems like these dangerous white men were able to storm inside the Capitol really easily even after billions of dollars has been spent on security post 9/11. Is the Cartier on Rodeo or any business that had the national guard and local police armed like fucking Robocop more important than the Capitol?

The grifting 1 term piece of shit didn't have much to say after he spent all his presidency hyping up these domestic terrorists other than "no wait stop."

Celeb reactions
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PBS Kids cancels Caillou after 20+ years; parents everywhere rejoice

The adventures of Caillou, his sister Rosie, parents Doris and Boris, and their cat Gilbert have come to an end!

-The channel included some coping tips parents could pass onto their kids given the news, but instead, parents were thrilled
-One mom says Caillou was "so rude" and "disobedient" to his mother. (IRL children could never!)
-Other insults against the show focused on the theme song, his whiny voice, and the insinuation that he was a rip-off of Charlie Brown

Even Jeff O'Neill, a former NHLer and current broadcaster for TSN, had something to say:

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Pilot Pete of "The Bachelor" Has Broken Up With Kelley Flanagan

peter kelley ontd.png

Welp. Another Bachelor relationship in the trash can. Pilot Peter of last season of The Bachelor reportedly dumped Kelley Flanagan after planning to move to New York with her.

The fuckboy in sheep's clothing wrote a meandering Instagram post that his mother, the overbearing Barb, commented on.



On his season, Peter notoriously strung along two 23-year-old Instagram influencers before getting dumped by one, proposing to one and then dumping her, getting back with the other girl, and then breaking up with her.

How do you like Matt James's season so far?


Mommy Influencer Starts Feud Over Other Influencer for Copying the Name "Baby"

hart benz.png

Two mommy influencers are in a fight because one claims that the other stole her baby's name. Blogger Sasha Benz named her daughter "Baybi." Two years later, her friend, the model Jessica Hart, named her daughter "Baby."

Hart claims that she named her daughter "Baby Rae Hart" after the lead character from Dirty Dancing. Apparently, though, she consulted Benz before choosing the name, allegedly drawing inspiration from her friend's daughter's name.

(Also, you may remember Jessica Hart as the Victoria's Secret model who said that Taylor Swift "didn't fit in" with them backstage and was fired by VS the next year.)

Which name would you pick if you HAD to choose one?


Fav/least fav baby names?


Fans call out Chris Evans for his hypocrisy surrounding the use of his ASP website

Earlier today, during the riot at the US capital, Chris Evans posted "so many people enabled this." Over the past couple of hours, fans have called out Chris in his mentions and on Twitter for his hypocrisy and the use of GOP candidates for his ASP website.

Chris has not posted or responded to the tweets.

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Regina King covers "Ïn Style"

Ontd Original: 16 Songs that turn 16 in 2021

Mariah Carey "We belong together"


-A 16 songs songs that turn 16 in 2021.

-This post was inspired by tucker post of 10 songs turning 10.

-Edit: I thought 2005 was 15 years ago and decided just to keep going.

Pussycat Dolls "Don't Cha"


More under the cut

[Spoiler (click to open)]

Ciara ft Missy Elliot "1,2 step"


Kelly Clarkson "Since U Been Gone"


Destinyś Child "Soldier"


Weezer "Beverly Hills"


Goriliaz "Feel Good Inc"


Green Day "Boulevard Of Broken Dreams"


Will Smith "Switch"


Lifehouse "You and Me"


Rihanna "Pon the Reply"


Alicia Keys & Usher "My Boo"


Jesse McCartney "Beautiful Soul "


The Click Five "Just a girl"


Amerie "1 Thing"


Rob Thomas "Lonely No More"