December 23rd, 2020

Ontd Original: Some of the Best At Home Quarantine musical performances

Jennifer Hudson "The Impossible Dream" Global Citizen at home concert.


-A list of some of some of the best at home Quarantine performances of the year,

-The list excludes any performances later in the quarantine that includes any stages at venues,but will include outdoor performances.

Chloe x Halle: "The Today Show"


Ontd: What was your favorite quarantine performance's ?

[Spoiler (click to open)]

Eddie Vedder "River Cross"


Super M "With You"


Crowded House "Don't Dream it's over"


Jesse J "Bang Bang"




Megan Thee Stallion


K.T. Tunstall and Gary Barlow "time of my life"


Ludacris, Jermaine Dupri "Welcome to Atlanta"


Tom Jones "I'll never fall in love again"


Sheryl Crow "Soak up the sun"


Nile Rodgers,Chic, Rebecca Ferguson "Good Times"


The Killers "When We were young"


The Pretenders "Back on the chain gang"


Annie Lennox and Daughter Lola "There must be an angel"


Chloe and Halle

U.S Open


BET Covid Relief Concert


Global Citizen


Jennifer Hudson at her house

All is fair in love and war


And I am telling You






Global Citizen At Home Concert full

Tim & Saoirse

Indie Film Release Guide: December 23rd [An ONTD Original]

ONTD Indie Release Guide Graphic.png

You might think that this year of all years, studios would realize the futility of a Christmas Day theatrical exclusive release, but nope! Two of this week’s biggest releases, Promising Young Woman and One Night in Miami, open in theaters exclusively on Christmas before arriving on VOD in January, thanks to the shortened theatrical window agreements that have been made this year. But people who don’t feel comfortable heading to the theaters will have plenty of new releases to choose from: Soul, The Midnight Sky, and of course Wonder Woman 1984 will all be available on streaming services by Christmas.

The films listed are from studios other than the “Big Six” - Paramount, Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox, Universal, Columbia/Sony and Disney. All films listed will be available at their respective sources on Friday unless otherwise noted. Check out the posts from the past few weeks for more movies that may have already come to VOD: December 18th, December 11th, and December 4th.

Promising Young Woman

Stars: Carey Mulligan, Bo Burnham, Allison Brie, Adam Brody
Writer/Director: Emerald Fennell
Genre: Comedy, Crime, Drama
Plot: A young woman, traumatized by a tragic event in her past, seeks out vengeance against those who cross her path.
What you should know: Writer/director Emerald Fennell starred as Camilla Parker Bowles on the The Crown, and was the show-runner for S2 of Killing Eve.
Where to watch: In theaters; available to stream in January

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What have you been watching lately, ONTD? Watching anything on Christmas??

Britney Spears Wants Out

According to OK! Magazine the Princess of Pop, Britney Spears wants out of her conservatorship and ultimately leave the music industry.

But this multi-million dollar question is... will they ever #FREEBRITNEY?

- claims that she is more than ready to take "control" of her own life
- wants her father removed from her conservatorship
- loves performing and her fans but wants life to revolve around her family
- blames "less time" with sons because of incident with her father last year
- conservatorship under her father recently extended until September 2021

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Cyber punk 2077 to face class action lawsuit

After Cyberpunk 2077 launch "rife with errors, populated by characters running on barely functional artificial intelligence, and largely incompatible with the older gaming consoles meant to support it", a turmoil has risen.

The New York Times mentions that, "Lawyers and investors in Warsaw are circling the situation, contemplating a class-action lawsuit against the company". In reference to a post by Polish firm Mikołaj Orzechowski, investor in CDPR, who writes, "we are currently analyzing, together with the law firm's team, the grounds for bringing a class action together with the notification of the possibility of committing a crime under Art. 286 of the Penal Code. - misrepresentation in order to obtain financial benefits".

Meanwhile, a press release from New York firm Wolf Haldenstein Adler Freeman & Herz LLP announced that it too is "investigating a potential securities class action lawsuit against CD Projekt SA" and calls for investors who have incurred losses to make contact.

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Wonder Woman roundup! Is back Patty back? Gals sequel wish? Return of Lynda Carter?

-Patty Jenkins was recently asked if she would return to direct a third Wonder Woman if WB orders another sequel...Patty made it very clear that while she would love to do a 3rd Wonder Woman, it would depend on if WB planned to release the movie theatrically or through streaming.

-WB has made waves through Hollywood by releasing their 2021 slate to Streaming and Theaters at the same time. This is something that Patty is not up for in the future.

-If they want her to return then WW3 needs to be released exclusively in theaters before moving to a streaming service later down the road.

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Golden Globes slammed for categorizing 'Minari' as Foreign Language Film

Despite taking place in Arkansas and starring Korean-American actors, Minari was categorized in the foreign film category by the HFPA.

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sophie ellis-bextor 3

Iconic 90's supermodel, Stella Tennant, dies suddenly

Stella Tennant, the iconic British supermodel known for her androgynous looks and statuesque beauty, has passed away––just days after her 50th birthday. She is survived by her husband and 4 children.

The cause of death is still unknown, but multiple sources claim it to be natural causes.


Because you can't have enough corporate synergy... WB is working on "Ready Player Two".

- Ernest Cline, author of 'Ready Player One' has revealed that the studio is in early stages of working on "Ready Player Two", a follow-up to 2018's "Ready Player One"
- "Ready Player One" made $582 million worldwide at the box office, and its had mixed reviews.
- No word yet if Spielberg will be attached to the sequel.


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Some Vanderpump Rules Gremlins Have Infiltrated My Real Housewives of Salt Lake City 1.6 Lazy Post

- no recap because I am uh, in the middle of work and tired.
- we are going to Sundance where some Applebees servers who stumbled onto a production set have corrupted my peace of mind
- some spoiled brats fashion show
- Living Beyond Her Means Jen Shah pretends she's got a job
- Mormon Historian (Heather) is on some Kardashian shit
- Four Lokoquacious (Lisa) calls herself the "Queen of Sundance"
- OP will do a real recap for episode 7


Gal Gadot Defends ‘Cleopatra’ Casting Against ‘Whitewashing’ Backlash

Gal Gadot has responded to backlash regarding her being cast as Cleopatra.
Critics suggested the iconic part should be played by an Arab or African actress.

“First of all if you want to be true to the facts then Cleopatra was Macedonian. We were looking for a Macedonian actress that could fit Cleopatra. She wasn’t there, and I was very passionate about Cleopatra."

“I have friends from across the globe, whether they’re Muslims or Christian or Catholic or atheist or Buddhist, or Jewish, of course… People are people, and with me I want to celebrate the legacy of Cleopatra and honour this amazing historic icon that I admire so much.”

"You know, anybody can make this movie and anybody can go ahead and do it. I’m very passionate that I’m going to do my own, too.”


Golden Globes Switch ‘Promising Young Woman’ to Drama

Many films and performances have been switched from the studios’ intended submissions.

• “Promising Young Woman” from Focus Features was switched from comedy to the drama categories. 
• Maria Bakalova in “Borat Subsequent Moviefilm,” was moved to the best actress in a comedy or musical category.
• Helena Zengel’s turn in “News of the World” submission in best supporting actress has now been accepted despite being debated for possible switch to lead
• Amazon Studios’ “One Night in Miami” The HFPA did not accept the four actors being split (Kingsley Ben-Adir and Eli Goree are for leading noms, while Aldis Hodge and Leslie Odom Jr. are for supporting) and will place them in the same category.
• Disney Plus’ “Hamilton” has been submitted and accepted in the comedy or musical categories. Odom Jr., along with Lin-Manuel Miranda will compete in the lead categories. The other cast members, will seek love in supporting.
• Saoirse Ronan’s turn in “Ammonite” was submitted in supporting actress by Neon, it seems Ronan’s categorization will be accepted.
• Lee Isaac Chung’s “Minari” from A24 will be considered in foreign language film because it is primarily in Korean. 


"Sex and the City" is eyeing a revival at HBO Max

After ordering reboots of Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars, HBO Max is now close to finalizing a limited series revival of Sex and the City.

All the original stars are returning — except Kim Cattrall, who has repeatedly said she is not interested in coming back for a revival.


Shawn Mendes' Wonder falls to #25 on the Billboard 200 in second week

Shawn Mendes, star of the Netflix documentary Shawn Mendes: In Wonder, is following his girlfriend Kkkarla "Camila" Cabello's lead with her recent flop album Romance. His latest album falls out of the top 20 of the Billboard 200 Chart after debuting and peaking at #1 last week

His latest single "Monster," which OP admittedly likes, featuring fellow Canadian Justin Bieber, charts at #62 on the Billboard Hot 100 this week after a full month on the singles chart following its debut and peak at #8

sources: 123

ONTD, why do you think Shawn Mendes flopped this era? Was it the hair? Is it because of Christmas? Are there 24 Christmas albums and 61 Christmas singles re-charting at the moment?

Warner Bros. to Release ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Prequel, ‘The Color Purple’ Musical in Theaters in 2023

Warner Bros. has announced that Furiosa, The Color Purple, and Coyote vs Acme will debut in theaters in 2023.

Furiosa is the Mad Max prequel starring Anya Taylor-Joy as the younger Furiosa. It is set to premiere on June 23. The live-action/animation film Coyote vs. Acme is set for July 21. The adaptation of The Color Purple will be released on December 20.


12 Days of ONTD! Day 10

12 Days Of ONTD: Day 10

How do you enter? All you have to do is comment! We'll be randomly selecting winners from the comments section. To keep it fair, you can only win once, but you can comment as many times as you'd like.

Day 1-11 Winners will will a Paid Account for one year
Day 12 Winner will win a gift card from your mod team!

Good luck!


John ‘Ecstasy’ Fletcher, of Whodini, Dies at 56

Fletcher was the focal point of the group with that funky hat up there. Cause of death is unreported.

You may not know his name, but you probably have heard his music in the group Whodini:

"The Freaks Come Out At Night"

"Five Minutes of Funk"

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Evan and Carly of "The Bachelor" Have Split Up After 3 Years of Marriage

bach news.png

Big news in the world of The Bachelor/Bachelorette. Though one new romance was created in the form of Tayshia Adams and Zac Clark, one couple has dissolved in the form of Carly Waddell and Evan Bass. Bass and Waddell announced their divorce yesterday. They have two children together, ages 2 and 1.

Other big news in Bach nation: Matt James's season of The Bachelor will air on January 4. Only... *does math in head*... 11 more days!

Which dude would you rather?

Zac (the guy on the left)
Matt (the guy in the middle)
Evan (the guy on the right)

Let's discuss that finale!


Chloe x Halle perform for Verizon Up and USC


-Chloe and Halle performed at the Verizon Up concert series."Do It", "Baby Girl","Busy Boy","Ungodly Hour", "Forgive Me","Cool people", and "Don't make it harder on me" were performed.

-Chloe's very emotional take on "Forgive Me" that was a trending topic on Twitter begins at the 15:40 mark.

-The USC welcome concert includes a more acoustic renditions of "Catch Up","Forgive Me", "Do It", and "Cool People"."Down" and "Happy without me" under the cut.


[Spoiler (click to open)]


Sean Penn Goes Viral for His Disgusting Hairdo

Men continue to do the least: Sean Penn has gone viral for his greasy, unwashed, disgusting, flop, nasty-ass hairstyle on an interview for "Morning Joe." He talked about blah blah blah, I don't care.

source, source
grrm sux

It's a Festivus MIRACLE! Seinfeld's winter holiday takes on a new meaning this year

If you're a Seinfeld fan and you've been looking forward to the 23rd December for months, I can't blame you. When has there ever been a better year than 2020 for airing grievances?

Festivus was brought to the public's attention on on December 18, 1997 (according to the source), when Jason Alexander's character, George Costanza, told his friends about how his father created a holiday as an alternative to the commercial pressures of Christmas.

The scene in question:

So how does Festivus work? What does it involve?

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Now that its origins and all its rules have been explained - ONTD, IT'S TIME TO CELEBRATE FESTIVUS! Let's face it - 2020 was a shit year. AIR THOSE GRIEVANCES! Your comments can be as long or short as you want. From the frustration and boredom caused by lockdown to the general anxiety that this pandemic has caused, there's a lot to get off our chests. Or perhaps it's those damn celebrities travelling to the four corners of the world while the rest of us stayed our asses at home. Whatever it us - LET IT OUT HONEY, PUT IT IN THE BOOK.

This post is dedicated to Jerry Stiller, the star of Festivus and who sadly left us earlier this year <3

Brad Pitt to spend Christmas with 3 children allegedly still legally obligated to acknowledge him

Brad will be spending part of Christmas Day with Knox, Vivienne, and Shiloh. There had been tentative plans to spend the holidays together as a family earlier this year, but Angelina has become "more prickly" due to COVID, oh, and of course, because, according to Brad's sources, "This is a game she’s playing. She still has the kids for more of the time than he does and she’s trying to maintain that as long as possible."

No comment from sources on how Brad feels about 50% of his children allegedly writing him off.