December 15th, 2020

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Famous UK and Irish Actors Who Have A Completely Different Reputation In The US

5/18 Famous Actors Who Have A Completely Different Reputation In The UK And Ireland:

Tom Ellis

I just feel like I need to tell as many people as possible that before he was the Netflix bombshell we see in Lucifer, Tom was "Gary", the adorkable male lead with a dad-bod in hilarious Britcom, Miranda.

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Christopher Nolan: Tom Hardy’s Bane Performance ‘Has Yet to Be Fully Appreciated’


Nolan contiues to have thoughts, this time on the often ridiculed Tom Hardy’s Bane performance in The Dark Knight Rises:

“There’s no safety net for any of these guys and Tom, I mean… what he did with that character has yet to be fully appreciated. It’s an extraordinary performance, and truly amazing. The voice, the relationship between just seeing the eyes and the brow. We had all these discussions about the mask and what it would reveal and what it wouldn’t reveal, and one of the things I remember him saying to me, he sort of put his finger up to his temple and his eyebrow and said, ‘Can you give me this to play with? Let people see this.’”

“Sure enough, you see there in the film, this kind of Brando-esque brow, expressing all kinds of just monstrous things. It’s really quite a performance.”

ONTD ORIGINAL: Notable ER Guest Stars, Seasons 1-8


After months of bingeing ER, I am ready. It is time. Here it is! An ER Guest Stars Post.

As we all know, ER was a juggernaut of primetime TV for many years and lasted 15 seasons. (Whether or not it should have died in season 8 along with a certain doctor remains a subject of debate. I am about to embark upon season 9, so I don't yet have an opinion.) Countless actors strolled through the ER over the years, some of them just starting out, some of them famous and thirsting for Emmys. We have child actors who would grow more famous in adulthood, and child actors who would fade into obscurity. I've included a wide range of actors on the fame spectrum, from those who will only be familiar if you've seen the one TV show they starred in, to voice actors who rarely show their faces, to B-list character actors who are in everything, to the fanciest Oscar darlings.

This list is not fully comprehensive, and it's also probably too comprehensive. There are certainly guest stars that I overlooked simply because I haven't seen that one show or movie they are known for. Conversely, I've included people that I was personally excited to see, even though some readers might be like, "Who TF is that???" But I tried to add anyone who seemed noteworthy, even if I wasn't too familiar with their work.

WARNING: This post contains a lot of ER spoilers. It is also image and video heavy!!!!!!!


Shiri Appleby (S1, E1, 1994)

Shiri (of Roswell fame) appeared in the first ever episode of ER as pregnant 13 year old. Interestingly, she would reappear 14 years later to play a different character, Dr. Daria Wade, for nine episodes.

Rosemary Clooney (S1, E3 and E11, 1994)

George Clooney's iconic auntie appeared in two episodes during season one as "Madame X", a woman suffering from dementia who can't talk, but sings. She is identified when a patient recognizes her as famous singer Mary Cavanaugh. Rosemary got an Emmy nom for her performance. (It was her second-to-last ever role.)

Kristen Davis (S1, E13, 1995)

Kristen pops up for one scene to flirt HARD with Doug Ross, who is unimpressed. (Or, rather, he'd love to hop into his filthy bed with her, but he's still pining over Carol Hathaway or...something.)

Milana Vayntrub (S1, E16-18, 1995)


Milana is currently most famous for playing the AT&T lady, but she has been acting for decades. In her first ever role, she played Tatiana, a little girl with AIDS who is abandoned in the ER by her heartless witch of a mother. Carol Hathaway wants to adopt her, but is ultimately deemed unfit due to her past mental health issues.

Bradley Whitford (S1, E19, and S2, E10, 1995)


Bradley has the distinction of appearing in one of the most devastating episodes of ER: Love's Labor Lost. He plays Sean O'Brien, husband of Jodi, who comes into the ER to give birth to their first child. Everything is going fine, until suddenly it all goes tragically wrong.

Debra Jo Rupp (S1, E22, 1995)

Kitty Foreman makes a brief appearance in this episode playing Mrs. Dipple, a woman experiencing a manic episode.

Kathy Griffin (S1, E24, 1995)


Kathy appears briefly in this episode as Dolores Minky, a ranger scout mother who brings her troop in when they all fall disgustingly ill. (Fascinating note: This episode was directed by Quentin Tarantino, who Kathy was dating at the time.)

Lucy Liu (S2, E3-5, 1995)


In one of her early roles, Lucy played Mei-Sun Loew, a mother whose young son is dying of AIDS. Dr. Ross takes a personal interest in the case, encouraging her to seek the most aggressive treatments to buy her son more time, while Dr. Greene advises her to do the opposite, believing the little boy should be made as comfortable as possible. (This storyline is every bit as heartbreaking as it sounds.)

Erik von Detten (S2, E7, 1995)


WHO???? You know, that prick Josh from The Princess Diaries. Mia has a puzzling crush on him before she socks him in the nads with a baseball. Anyway, I chose to include him because he has the key role in this episode as the dumbass kid stuck in a flooded culvert who must be gallantly (and I mean GALLANTLY) saved by George Clooney. It is super, duper dramatic.

Adam Goldberg (S2, E9, 1995)


Adam (who would appear soon after in Friends as the creepily troubled Eddie) plays Joshua Shem, a young man suffering from schizophrenia. He calls himself Mr. Sullivan and believes he has important work to do as an architect. After running away from his group care home, refusing to stay with his mother, and not qualifying for a psych hold, the ER releases him to the streets. Carol Hathaway is deeply troubled.

Piper Laurie (S2, E9 and E21, 1995-1996)

Piper (1)
Just in case you didn't know, Piper was a super hot 1950s pinup girl.

Piper appears twice in season two as Doug Ross's mother. It isn't much of a role, tbh. They commiserate briefly about Doug's shitty father and that's about it. Wasted opportunity!!!

Jake Lloyd (S2, 1996)


Jake appeared in four episodes during season two, playing Jimmy Sweet, son of Loretta Sweet. Loretta is a regular patient who becomes gravely ill with cervical cancer. Meanwhile her heathen children, Jimmy included, often wreak havoc in the ER. This was Jake's first role.

Nia Long (S2, E15, 1996)


After leaving Fresh Prince (booo!), Nia popped into the ER as Christy, a woman in labor. She was only expecting one baby, but then BOOM, another one starts coming out butt first! Can Dr. Greene deliver the baby successfully despite the evil Dr. Coburn breathing down his neck????

Michael Cudlitz (S2, E16, 1996)

Michael appeared in one scene as Injured Fireman. (Fascinatingly, at least if you're a Walking Dead fan, Jeffrey Dean Morgan would also guest star as an injured fireman a few years later.)

Marg Helgenberger (S2, 1996)


Prior to her CSI fame, Marg appeared as Karen, the girlfriend of Doug Ross's no good father. After daddy Ross disappears, Doug chivalrously takes the woman into his bed for five episodes. It wasn't weird at all, nope! Then he accuses her of forging a prescription for pain killers, they argue, and she is never seen or mentioned again. Probably because she got a better job on a different network. (Working with Jorja Fox, AKA Dr. Maggie Doyle, who would also disappear without explanation.)

Sara Rue (S3, E3, 1996)

Before her big break in Popular and Less Than Perfect, Sara played Jane, a sweet high school student who winds up with gonorrhea after losing her virginity to a total shithead. Doug advises her to avoid guys like that, and as the mayor of Guys Like That, he knows what he's talking about.

Mena Suvari (S3, E4, 1996)


In one of her earliest roles, Mena played Laura-Lee, an angry teen who does not want to have yet another operation. The real purpose of her character is to demonstrate (once again) how Dr. Benton, a Vulcan, is incapable of making an emotional connection with his patients, whereas Carter, a golden retriever, does so effortlessly. (Though I'm amending this to point out that Benton softens substantially as time goes on.)

Kirsten Dunst (S3, 1996-1997)

(This clip is lame, but the few others have terrible quality.)

In season 3, Kiki had a six episode run as Charlie, a 14 year old homeless girl. Doug Ross tries to gallantly rescue her from the streets, but she refuses to become a Hallmark special and just makes his life miserable until she disappears and is never spoken of again.

Corbin Bleu (S3, E9, 1996)


Corbin has a tiny role in this episode as Little Boy. He gets a shot in the butt, administered by Dr. Ross. See?! Notable because this is literally his first role ever. (And because it's a rather hilarious start to a career.)

Clea DuVall (S3, E14, 1997)

In her third ever role, Clea plays Katie, a teenager who just wants to run away with her dying boyfriend. She is actually in two episodes, as Dr. Ross is forced to follow the orders of the teen's mother, who has the legal authority to keep him on a ventilator against his wishes.

Ewan McGregor (and Dennis the Menace) (S3, E15, 1997)

After Trainspotting but before Obi-Wan, Ewan played Duncan Stewart, a jerk who helps his cousin hold up a little grocery store where Carol Hathaway happens to be shopping. Hathaway becomes weirdly emotionally invested in his fate, but when he is gunned down by cops, she shrugs and continues about her day. (JK, I'm just jealous of her resiliency, okay?!) This episode also features Mason Gamble, AKA Dennis the Menace, who later quit acting to become an academic overachiever. He now has a doctorate in engineering.

Heather Matarazzo (S3, E20, 1997)

After Welcome to the Doll House and before The Princess Diaries, Heather swung by the ER for a literal minute to play Alyssa, a majorette with a nasty gash on her leg. Her displeased father would wind up becoming a suspect when a masked assailant beat the crap out of Dr. Greene later in the episode.

Lisa Edelstein, Justina Machado, and Nick Offerman (S4, E1, 1997)


The season four premier had a LOT of guest stars, as you can see!!! Lisa Edelstein (who would eventually costar in House) plays a documentary filmmaker who is doing a piece on the ER for PBS. Justina Nachado plays a woman whose 14 year old brother got beaten with a baseball bat. (She would return in 2009 to play Claudia Diaz, a different character.) And Nick Offerman plays a rocker whose bandmate is the ER patient.

Mariska Hargitay (S4, 1997-1998)

Yes, she still gets the job.

A year before her big break on Law and Order: SPU, Mariska played Cynthia Hooper, a sweet and fragile young woman who bombs her interview to be an ER receptionist when she breaks down crying. But Mark Greene is taken with her and offers her the job (without Carol's approval) and also offers her his bed, and they are in a dysfunctional relationship for 13 episodes.

Clancy Brown (S4, 1997-1998)

Clancy Brown is a prolific voice actor, but he also showed up in seven episodes of ER as Dr. Ellis West. Dr. West is recruited by Kerry Weaver to help improve efficiency in the ER, and he also improves the efficiency in Kerry's bed. But Kerry grows convinced that he is only using her to seal a lucrative deal with the ER, and angrily tells him off in public. He vows that his feelings were genuine, and after delivering a dramatic speech about how sexy Kerry is, he departs to the bottom of the sea and is never seen in the ER again....

Dan Heyada (S4, 1997)


Cher's daddy had a three episode run in season four as Herb Spivak, a lawyer who is rolled into the ER after getting bit by a snake. He ends up becoming Mark's lawyer for a brief spell, in exchange for following him around the ER and putting some of his medical knowledge to good use. (Apparently he returns one more time in 2005.)

Mickey Rooney (S4, E15, 1998)

Mickey Rooney4

Mickey Rooney popped by for a minute to play the retired doctor George Bikel. He comes in for an eye exam, tells some amusing anecdotes, and then smells benzene in the ER. It turns out that the ER is benzene contaminated, and chaos follows.

Jonathan Scarfe (S4 and S7)


I'm actually not familiar with this actor, but he's been in a lot of stuff and now stars in the show Van Helsing, so there's got to be SOME people thirsting for him around here. Anyway, he appeared in eight episodes of ER as Chase Carter, John's heroin addicted cousin. After an overdose, he is left brain damaged, and Carter of course blames himself.

Trevor Morgan (S4, 1998)


WHO???? You know, that little shithead bully from The Sixth Sense, and the annoying little kid in Jurassic Park 3. (I actually don't remember if he was annoying, I'm just assuming.) Anyway, before all that he played Scott Anspaugh, the son of head honcho Dr. Anspaugh. Scott has a recurrence of leukemia and is pretty pissed off and hates everyone. But Jeanie Boulet, still learning to cope with her HIV diagnosis, understands him and becomes his friend. But as his condition deteriorates, it is ultimately Jeanie who must tell him it's okay for him to let go. (It's really sad, this show is terrible.)

Eva Mendes (S4, E15, 1998)

In her first TV role, Eva plays Donna, the babysitter of a seriously ill little girl. The above clip is (I believe) her only scene in the episode. (TBH, I did not even recognize her until checking IMDB.)

Taraji P. Henson (S4, E20; S5, E2, 1998)


In her third (and fourth) ever role(s), Taraji appeared in two separate episodes as two different characters. In season four, she played Patrice, Peter Benton's niece. In season five she played Elan, the volatile girlfriend of a volatile patient.

Julie Bowen (S5, 1998-1999)


Julie had a nine episode run as Roxanne Please, a patient who hits it off with Carter and they are a boring couple for awhile. But she is convinced that he has a thing for Lucy Knight, and you really can't blame her, since Carter runs off to have sexual chemistry with Lucy at every opportunity, at one point even making out with her. (As us ER fans know, Carter and Lucy were SUPPOSED to be a couple, but Noah Wyle refused to do the storyline. He claimed it was because Carter would never mess around with a med student, but some suspect he just had a problem with Kellie. By his own admission, he wasn't very nice to her.)

Ashley Johnson (S5, E3-4, 1998)

Come on, YOU KNOW. She played Chrissy Seaver in Growing Pains, and voiced Gretchen in Recess (and in fact has done a lot of voice work over the years, because she naturally sounds like a squeaky cartoon teddy bear.) Here she plays teenager Dana Ellis, who finds out she has cancer in her leg and needs to have it amputated.

Octavia Spencer (S5, E7, 1998)


In one of her earliest roles, Octavia plays Maria Jones, a pregnant woman who fakes abdominal pains so she can find out if her baby is a boy or girl, since she is determined only to have boy babies. ...wait, what?! Anyway, Carol Hathaway, struggling with fertility issues, takes this very personally.

Mare Winningham (S5, E7-11, 1998-1999)


Mare had a four episode run as "Dr. Amanda Lee," a woman Dr. Anspaugh hastily selects as the new chief of staff, mostly because he is desperate to hire anyone but Kerry. He doesn't bother checking her credentials, so he is unaware that she isn't a doctor at all; her name isn't even Amanda. She's just some deranged woman who is pretending to be a doctor (and to be fair, she's a pretty good one.) She also instantly becomes obsessed with Mark Greene, because that man can't catch a break. (Observe those hilarious ornaments. Where did she even get that picture of him?! I died laughing. Luckily, my cat is also a doctor, so I wasn't down long.)

Paul Amandes (S5, E10, 1998)

This one might not mean much to you if you didn't watch Everwood, but I was SUPER excited to see that jerk Dr. Harold Abbot appear as a patient/orchestra musician, David Gardner. David has prostate cancer and thus must have his prostate removed in a surgery set to be performed by Dr. Elizabeth Corday. She convinces him to harvest his sperm before the surgery, and he admits to her (in the above clip) that he had trouble with the task, knowing it would be his final sexual experience, sad face, HINT HINT. Dr. Corday, currently in between love-interests, invites him to "have lunch" with her.

Djimon Hounsou (S5, 1999)

In season 5, Djimon played a janitor named Mobalage Ikabo, who is suffering from PTSD after being tortured in Nigeria. He has mentally blocked out the details of his torture, but he will be deported unless he can remember enough to be granted asylum. Pretty effed up. But Mark Greene opens up about his own assault, which helps Mobalage recover his memories. He appeared in six episodes.

Akosua Busia (S5, 1999)


In a four episode run, Akosua, best known as Nettie from The Color Purple, played Mobalage's wife, Kubby. Kubby is also traumatized by some horrific things that happened to her in Nigeria. This was one of Akosua's last TV/film roles, but she still makes music and recently starred alongside Lupita Nyong'o in the Broadway show, Eclipsed. ALSO, she is literally a princess from Ghana.

Marlee Matlin (S5, E14, 1999)

Marlee had one scene in this episode, playing Benton's ASL instructor.

Anna Gunn (S5, E18, 1999)


Anna appeared briefly in this episode as the lawyer for Mobalage Ikabo, an ER janitor who is facing deportation.

Rebecca De Mornay (S6, E 1-5, 1999)


Rebecca had a five episode run as Elaine Nichols, the hot ex-wife of Carter's uncle or cousin or something. When she comes into the ER with a minor injury, Carter drools profusely and she permits it and they wind up in bed. But then he snoops around and finds out she has breast cancer and is scheduled to have a mastectomy. She is angry that he found out, and tells him hundreds of times to leave her alone, but he still appears at her doorway, insisting on ~comforting~ her. Then she goes off to Europe and is never seen again.

Alan Alda (S6, 1999)

Alan Alda had a five episode arc in season 6 as Dr. Gabriel Lawrence, a legend in his field and Kerry Weaver's college mentor. His story quickly descends into tragedy when his new colleagues notice that he is showing the early signs of Alzheimer's. Alda was nominated for an Emmy but lost to some other guy.

Emile Hirsch (S6, E7 and E9)


Before he was assaulting women in public and blaming it on drugs, Emile appeared in two episodes as Chad Kottmeier, an alcoholic teen.

Gabrielle Union (S6, E10, 2000)

Before Bring It On, but after She's All That (and years of TV acting), ageless 27 year old vampire Gabrielle played high schooler Tamara Davis, who gets injured in a car accident. Dr. Finch suspects she wanted to injure herself, to take a break from her grueling schedule as a student athlete.

Chris Marquette (S6, E12, 2000)


Before he was Joan of Arcadia's boyfriend and Bill Hader's military buddy in Barry, Chris played Marty, a teen who is injecting growth hormones in his desperation to grow taller. (People are also mad at Marty for pushing a kid in a wheelchair down the stairs, until they find out the kid is Shia LaBeouf.)

Anton Yelchin (S6, E13, 2000)

In his first ever role, cute little moppet Anton appeared as Robbie Edelstein, whose parents are killed in a car accident. It is very upsetting.

Dakota Fanning (S6, E19, 2000)

(This clip features the nameless male nurse who looks a bit like Billy Ray Cyrus.)

In her first ever role, Dakota plays Delia, a little girl who is brought in after a car accident and finds out her leukemia is back. She only has one scene; the real drama involves her half sister, who wants to be tested as a bone marrow candidate, but her vindictive mother forbids it. (The mom is still mad at her ex-hubby, Dakota's dad. Can Abby Lockhart convince her to stop being an evil harpy and consent to the tests?!)

Wentworth Miller (S7, E1, 2000)

In his third ever role, Wentworth plays Mike, a football player who is injured during a Big Game. He is such a popular student and player, a riot eventually breaks out between the two teams, flooding the ER with injured players and cheerleaders. (Note: Wentworth, who was 28 at the time, played a 17 year old high school student.)

Christine Cavanaugh (S7, E3, 2000)


Oh, you know her! At least you know her voice. She played Chuckie in Rugrats, Gosalyn Waddlemeyer-Mallard in Darkwing Duck, Dexter in Dexter's Laboratory, and Babe the Pig. In this episode, her whole self appeared as Gloria, a woman overwhelmed by her monstrous kids and grandkids. It turns out a warrant is out for her arrest (due to writing bad checks), so Kerry Weaver sneaks her out of the ER. Sadly, this would be one of Christine's final roles. She stopped acting and voice acting in 2003, and died of undisclosed causes in 2014. She was only 51.

Sally Field (S7, 2000-2001)

In season seven, Sally Field played Maggie, Abby Lockhart's bipolar mother. She shows up at the ER one day to wreak havoc on Abby's life, and continues to require constant intervention before eventually (maybe) stabilizing. Sally would return in seasons 9 and 13 for a total of twelve episodes. She won two Emmys for the role.

Daveigh Chase (S7, E9, 2000)

LOL I couldn't find a pic or video from the episode, so a Samara image was obviously the only acceptable alternative.

In one of her earliest roles, Daveigh plays Taylor, a little girl who is sick and tired of donating blood to her cancer stricken sister. Dr. Benton finds her hiding in a closet and soon discovers that she was conceived purely to keep her sister alive. (Sound familiar?! The identically plotted novel, My Sister's Keeper, was published four years later.) Anyway, it's no wonder that Taylor became Samara and started killing people. (She turned out not-so-great IRL, too.)

Jared Padalecki and Jim Belushi (S7, E10, 2001)

In this episode, Jared and Jim play a father and son who get in a car accident. The episode is mostly from Jim's POV -- literally, as the camera shows what he sees in several disorienting shots from the gurney. (This fancy episode was directed by David Nutter, who went on to direct a few war movies, and several episodes of Game of Thrones.) This was Jared's third ever role.

James Cromwell (S7, 2001)


In a four episode arc, James played Bishop Stewart, a stubborn old goat who tortures Dr. Kovac by refusing to properly treat his advanced lupus. But before he dies, can he help Luka face his tragic past (and perhaps even mend his shattered faith)???

Josh Peck (S7, E13, 2001)


Josh (of Drake and Josh, and he played a moron on Fuller House) appeared as Nick Stevens, a young teen who needs a heart transplant -- AGAIN. But he's sick of being sick all the time and just wants to die.

Megan Follows (S7, E14, 2001)

Megan had a tiny role as a friend/ex-girlfriend of Dr. Kim Legaspi. I didn't even recognize Anne of Green Gables at first, but that had more to do with her voice, which has completely changed over the years.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan (S7, E15, 2001)


Before he dramatically died on Grey's Anatomy, Jeffrey played firefighter Larkin, who has to have both legs amputated on the scene of a horrific train accident. When pregnant Dr. Corday starts having contractions and leaves, Carter is forced to do most of the procedure by himself.

Zachery Ty Bryan (S7, E19, 2001)


Zachery TB, domestic abuser and shoe-shamer, has a small role in this episode as a douchebag frat boy who goads a poor young man into drinking himself to death during Greek Week. Dr. Benton gets into his face but alas does not punch it. :(

Brenda Song (S7, E20, 2001)


Brenda had a small role in this episode as Lynda, a teen brought in with mysterious breathing problems and abdominal pain, who has strange markings on her back. It turns out her grandmother used hot oil and quarters to try and draw out evil thoughts when Lynda was caught kissing her boyfriend.

Amy Jo Johnson (S8, E8, 2001)

Amy played Jill, a pedestrian who is mowed down by Carter's grandmother, known as Gamma (who sped away from the scene of the accident.) In the prior episode, Gamma had been deemed unfit to drive anymore due to a medical condition. The Pink Ranger survives, but her sweet doggy, Gordon, does not. Nice going, GAMMA. (This clip is really sad and makes me cry. Poor Gordon!)

Keegan-Michael Key (S8, E9, 2001)


In his third ever role, Keegan-Michael appeared in one scene as someone named Witkowski, an assistant to Dr. Benton's lawyer. When the lawyer deems Peter's tie to be "too loud," Witkowski trades with him. Peter hates it and says so. The end.

Lea Salonga (S8, E10, 2001)


Lea had a small role in this episode as Amparo, a woman whose son falls off the roof. During the boy's exam, Amparo passes out, and reveals to the doctors that she has lymphoma. But she wants to keep it secret from her family, at least until after the holidays. She does not sing, NOR is Ming-Na Wen in the episode for a Mulan reunion. :(

Christina Hendricks (S8, 2002)


Early in her career, Christina appeared in four episodes as Joyce Westlake, Abby Lockhart's neighbor. Joyce is in an abusive marriage, and Abby regularly hears the abuse play out through the thin walls of her apartment. After convincing Joyce to seek refuge in a shelter, Joyce's nutjob husband, Brian, breaks down Abby's door and beats her up. Luka promptly gets revenge. (This is one of the few episodes I remember watching with my mom when it originally aired. Teenaged me hopefully asked, "Does Luka love her?" And my mom smiled and said, "I think so." I mean, is there anything more romantic than murderous rage?!)

BONUS CONTENT: Relevant corona-esque clip from the season 8 finale!!!

There's a possible smallpox outbreak in the ER, and everyone must remain quarantined inside of the building until the situation is under control. Shockingly, a bunch of great big stupid men have a problem with this ("THEIR RITES AND FREETUMS!!!!!!!!!"), and try to smash their way out. Carter shames them back into compliance.

Is ER worth watching after season 8?

Yes, but you should skip certain seasons/only watch certain episodes. (Specify in comments!)


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jelous or crazy

ONTD Original: Rap Songs Released in 2020 by Ladies Who Are Not Cardi or Megan thee

(or D*ja)

Now don't get me wrong, ya girl can't stop bopping to WAP or Good News, but 2020 was a great year for women in rap so let's spread the love a bit. Plus OP is looking for fresh additions to the Boss Bitch Anthems in preparation for the moment that vaccine comes

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share your faves from 2020 and beyond in the comments!

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Broadway Legend and Tony Winner Ann Reinking Dies, Age 71

- Anne died on Saturday, according to her sister-in-law Dahrla King. She was 71

- a statement from the family says “The world and our family have lost a vibrant, amazing talent and beautiful soul. Ann was the heart of our family and the life of the party. She was visiting our brother in Washington state when she went to sleep and never woke up. We will miss her more than we can say. Heaven has the best choreographer available now. I’m sure they are dancing up a storm up there! Annie, we will love and miss you always!!!”

- Anne was perhaps best known for playing Roxie Hart in 1977’s “Chicago,” replacing Gwen Verdon. She reprised the part when she returned for the 1996 revival of the famed production alongside Bebe Neuwirth as Velma Kelly. She won a Tony for Best Choreography for the Chicago revival.

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celeb sources 1, 2, 3

First Look at Jodie Turner-Smith as Anne Boleyn

Jodie Turner-Smith was pictured on location in Yorkshire filming Channel 5's psychological drama miniseries on Anne Boleyn's final days.

The series will examine the downfall of Boleyn from her perspective and will follow her as she struggles to survive and secure a future for daughter Elizabeth.

Of course the racists are livid at Jodie's casting.

Yoda Santa

New Books Hitting Shelves This Week

The Last to See Her

Gen is on the verge of a divorce from her cheating husband. When her sister, Meg, has a convention to attend in the Big Apple, she invites Gen along to celebrate her newly found freedom. But the perfect sisters’ getaway quickly goes awry when a tipsy Gen defiantly throws her wedding ring off the hotel room’s balcony. Then, wanting some fresh air, she decides to take a late-evening walk alone and vanishes without a trace.

The investigation that follows uncovers secrets—and betrayals—between sisters and spouses that will twist the truth in on itself until nothing is clear.

What really happened to Gen and who, besides Meg, was the last to see her?

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Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

The 2021 ONTD Reading Challenge [DISCUSSION POST]

Hello ONTD! We are (thank God!!!!!!!!!!) almost at the end of 2020, so now is the time to discuss the 2021 ONTD Reading Challenge. If you are interested in participating next year, let's discuss ideas for the format of the challenge and new tasks! Once we've finished discussing in the comments, I'll make a post laying out the tasks properly.

I did have an idea, considering that most of us spent most of this year either in stressful essential jobs or at home, barely going out for groceries and not travelling (this is assuming you're not a pandemic-ignoring celebrity, of course). We don't know how next year's going to be, but travel is again probably not on most people's list for health or money issues.

The idea is to do a special "ONTD Reading Challenge Around the World", where each month we read a book from a different country. (Example: in January we read a book by a Korean writer, in February we read a book by an Argentinian writer, and so on). We'll still do a post every month with a list recommending books. The idea is to get to know new places and new cultures and experience a bit of "armchair travelling", use reading as a way of expanding our horizons, escaping from daily life and our current locations in a safe way.

For those of us who are feeling mentally fatigued from this year, I think this could be a good idea to change up the reading challenge.

Please let me know what you think about this! If you like it, let's discuss possible countries. If you hate it, we have different options. We could keep the same format as usual, and think of new memes for each month as we usually do. We could try something else (leave your suggestion in the comments).

It is OKAY if you've never participated or if you tried but didn't manage to complete all the tasks (this year, I definitely didn't manage to read it all). You can still try again (or for the first time) next year. Everyone's welcome and we'll all do our best to help you find a book that you may enjoy.

gif credit eric wu

You don't have enough Marvel shows? Where here's another one: "Marvel Studios: Legends"

- Disney has announced YET another Marvel Studios TV Series which will stream exclusively on Disney+.
- The series revisits iconic character of the MCU. Ep 1. focuses on Scarlett Witch and Ep. 2 focuses on Vision.
- 'Marvel Studios Legends' join the rest of the Marvel Studios TV lineup: WandaVision, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Loki, What If?, Ms. Marvel, Hawkeye, Moon Knight, She-Hulk, I am Groot, Ironheart, Armor Wars, The GOTG Holiday Special and Secret Invasion.


ONTD, which Marvel character deserves it's own TV Show?
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Lizzo responds to backlash that she's 'promoting diet culture'

"Lizzo shared her juice detox journey on TikTok on Sunday (Dec. 13), which was met with criticism for promoting 'diet culture.'

The star followed up with another video explaining her reasoning for the heath decision, sharing that she'd usually feel "afraid and ashamed" to share her experience with the 10-day detox "because I feel like as a big girl, people expect if you are doing something for health, you’re doing it for a dramatic weight loss, and that is not the case."

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Lana Del Rey performs "Let Me Love You Like a Woman" on 'The Tonight Show'

Lana Del Rey returned to late night television for the first time in nine years last night, to perform "Let Me Love You Like a Woman" on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. The song is the first single off her upcoming seventh studio album Chemtrails over the Country Club, expected to release in March.


ONTD Original: The Best Holiday Movie (Winner!)

Here ye, here ye! ONTD has voted democratically for a film to be crowned The Best Holiday Movie. Throughout the tournament we've had great discussions about all our favorite movies which is always a good time. More importantly, we made some new friends along the way :')

So, who won? Let's find out!

[Tis the season to be jolly and joyous, fa la la la!]
Home Alone!

It was a tournament well fought! I hope you all enjoyed the ride <3

Poll #2107215 Winner Outcome

Are you happy with the outcome?

Heck yes!
My fave has been out since Round 1 so idc
ONTD has questionable taste

I've been feeling really pretty bummed since I decided to not go home for Christmas, so thanks for indulging my holiday posts everyone! Happy Holidays!

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Pete Davidson Is Removing His Tattoos

SNL star Pete Davidson is in the process of removing his tattoos.

The comedian/actor/casanova how?! allegedly has over 100 fugly tattoos and is tired of spending hrs in the make up chair, so he's just lasering them off.

Inked ONTD, do you have hideous tattoos? Would you consider removing your ink?

Do have tattoos?

Would you put a bumper sticker on a Bentley??
Yeah, love them!
I just like them on others, not on me.
Listen, I was 18 and drunk, leave me alone


Armie Hammer Seen Out with Model Paige Lorenze amid Divorce from Elizabeth Chambers​

Armie Hammer was seen spending time with model Paige Lorenze in Los Angeles on Sunday.

The two were later spotted heading back to Lorenze's place.

Hammer announced his separation from wife Elizabeth Chambers back in July. He previously linked Rumer Willis and writer Jessica Ciencin Henriquez.


Jameela Jamil Butts Into The Conversation About Lizzo's Juice Detox

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Where is Ja(meela)? Well, she's in her Instagram, posting about Lizzo's juice cleanse detox. She wrote a lengthy Instagram post about the singer's recent diet.

If you remember, Jameela last butted in to the Kardashians' vacation scandal by pretending that fans on Twitter were hounding her to comment on it. But a fan disproved this by pointing out that there was only one tagged tweet to Jameela about the Kardashians. So, now, apparently, Jameela is claiming that fans are "flooding my DMs about Lizzo" so she will not be called out in the same way. Lol!

Would you do a juice "cleanse?"



Lily James and Sebastian Stan tapped to play Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee in Hulu series

Lily James and Sebastian Stan are set to star in a Hulu limited series chronicling the former couple's relationship (working title is Pam & Tommy). Seth Rogen is producing and will also play the man the stole their sex tape. The eight episodes series films in the spring. While not involved in the project, both Anderson and Lee are aware of it.


‘Servant’ Renewed For Season 3 By Apple

In both "How you gonna stan a show you ain't even seen, OP?" and "wow so glad my man gets to keep his job", news, Apple TV is staying on that depressing content train bc Servant just got renewed for S3.

It's about - guys, I don't know, I don't know at this point. I stopped after episode 3. There was a fake baby. And I think a cult. And Philidelphia. I don't think there are fairies tho, which is a bummer.

And more of that to come!

Lauren Ambrose, Toby "The only white British man the OP loves" Kebbell, Free and Rupert Grint are reprising their characters for the 10-episode second season.

Season 2 will debut globally with the first episode on Friday, January 15, followed by one new episode every Friday exclusively on Apple TV+. Perhaps, the OP will have finished S1 by then.


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Kirk Cameron is an awful person, keeps hosting caroling events

- Kirk Cameron finally found a way to make people hang out with him: exploit existing anti-public health sentiment on the right.

- He's hosted two public caroling events this month, the most recent at Oaks Mall in Thousand Oaks, in "protest" of CA making even a quarter-assed response to the surging pandemic in their state, despite the fact singing is a good way to spread COVID.

- Will this make the problem worse and keep businesses under restrictions even longer? Yup!

- LA County, the nation's most populous county, with 10 million people, has fewer than 100 ICU beds left at county-run hospitals.

- Happy Holidays

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Lana Del Rey is engaged to singer Clayton Johnson

- According to People Magazine, the couple met on a dating app and have been following each other on Instagram since August.

- Lana Del Rey (35) sparked rumors after appearing on the The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon flashing a massive ring during the performance.

- Clayton (31) along with his brothers Chantry and Connor, made up the musical trio The Johnsons, where he sang and played the guitar.

- Fans have noticed Lana had been wearing a ring in recent days and appearing on Johnson's Instagram. In November, Clayton posted a photo of himself sitting across a dining table from a woman fans identified as Lana. They even dressed as characters from in Wizard of Oz for Halloween.

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12 Days of ONTD! Day 2

12 Days Of ONTD: Day 2

How do you enter? All you have to do is comment! We'll be randomly selecting winners from the comments section. To keep it fair, you can only win once, but you can comment as many times as you'd like.

Day 1-11 Winners will will a Paid Account for one year
Day 12 Winner will win a gift card from your mod team!

Good luck!

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We need to talk about Wild Mountain Thyme

Thr trailer for Wild Mountain Thyme went semi viral for the questionable irish accents, but the reviews reveal an even bigger surprise

[Spoiler (click to open)]
Jamie Dornan and Emily Blunt play star crossed lovers who just can't seem to get together. After Blunt's Rosemary presses him on why Dornan's Anthony reveals that they can't be together because he believes he is a honey-bee. yes.

edit: even more baffling spoilers: The Bananas Twist Ending of Wild Mountain Thyme, Explained

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Trailer for Billie Eilish documentary "Billie Eilish: The World's A Little Blurry" is released

The long awaited trailer for the Billie Eilish documentary was released today. The film will follow Billie earlier in her career from going on tour to writing and recording her first album.

The documentary is by Apple Original Films and will be premiering on Apple+ on February 26th.

Will you be watching, ONTD?


Mackenzie (Bezos) Scott Announces She’s Donated $4.1 Billion To 384 Groups In Recent Months

MacKenzie Scott — the ex-wife of Jeff Bezos — has donated more than $4.1 billion over the past four months to nearly 400 organizations helping fulfill basic needs for many Americans struggling in the pandemic.

“This pandemic has been a wrecking ball in the lives of Americans already struggling. Economic losses and health outcomes alike have been worse for women, for people of color, and for people living in poverty. Meanwhile, it has substantially increased the wealth of billionaires.”

She is the third richest woman in the world. Scott is worth an estimated $55.1 billion, after taking into account her newest charitable giving.

Her gifts to these organizations are unrestricted, meaning that were not earmarked for certain initiatives.
That allows the recipients to use the money however they best see fit.

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The Missed “Magical Negro” Trope in “The Queen’s Gambit”

"The Queen’s Gambit has been almost universally embraced by critics, who have described it as a “glossy feminist romp” about “overcoming addiction and childhood trauma” in the male-dominated world of chess. Media outlets have homed in on the accuracy of the show’s portrayal of adoption, of competitive chess, of the Cold War–era animus between the United States and Russia, and of life as a child prodigy. Notably, however, almost none have highlighted the show’s use of the “Magical Negro” trope," author Gloria Oladipo writes.

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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex Have a Spotify Podcast

H&M and their new Archwell Audio production company made a deal with Spotify. The Duke and Duchess will create "podcasts that will inspire" .

The first podcast will feature the couple and inspiring stories/guests. The full series will be available next year.

She has a lovely voice, he just has the accent. ONTD Will you give it a chance? What inspires you?


Arlo Parks - "Caroline" mv

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Gorgeous song and video; I can't wait for her album next month.
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Binging with Babish: Monica's Candy from Friends

Little is known about Monica Geller's addicting, social-norm-disrupting candy: it involves chocolate, it tastes like little drops of heaven, it's indescribable. Based off what I've observed in my frame-by-frame analysis, it appears to be chocolate-covered caramels, something I'm more than apt to make. But it involves tempering chocolate - will I survive? Yeah, probably - tempering chocolate sucks, but so long as you have a double boiler/an accurate thermometer/patience, anyone can do it!


Are you gonna be baking anything during the Holidays?? 🎄

Wonder Woman 1984: What are the critics saying?

Review embargo for Wonder Woman 1984 lifted today, and things are looking good. It's currently sitting at 87% on Rotten Tomatoes with 50+ reviews (update: now at 89% with 62 reviews).

Critics Consensus: Great Hera! Wonder Woman 1984 is an epic dose of heart and vibrant escapism that proves there are still unexpected thrills to be found in superhero cinema.