December 13th, 2020


Fleet Foxes Perform "Can I Believe You" on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

"Fleet Foxes join us from St. Ann & the Holy Trinity Church in Brooklyn, NY, accompanied by Resistance Revival Chorus. The band will celebrate the winter solstice on December 21st with 'A Very Lonely Solstice Livestream.'"


I feel like their new album gets forgotten a lot in this, well, year, but it's really lovely and this song is great.

Perez Hilton Gets Banned from TikTok

Internet troll Perez Hilton is finally officially banned from TikTok.

The grown man known for harassing celebrities on his once popular gossip blog has been kicked off the social media app. This comes after Hilton made multiple videos towards popular creator Charlie D'Amelio.

After finding out that he was banned from the app Hilton issued a tearful apology on his Twitter account to Charli:

Source: Twitter
I'm actually so glad that he's gone. He's on there for the wrong reasons. I blocked him weeks ago so that his videos would stop showing up on my fyp.

girl in red - "two queens in a king sized bed" MV


This is a very cute Christmas song that I've found myself listening to more and more in the past month, and now it has a pretty video to accompany it! 🎄

Arctic Monkeys Working on New Music 👀

  • Arctic Monkeys' manager has revealed that the band was planning to record in summer 2020 before COVID travel restrictions put a stop to those plans
  • With lockdown, the band has instead been writing more songs: "If you’re literally locked down, you’re going to knuckle down to some work at home, and that’s what’s been going on"
  • However, maybe don't get too excited, as it doesn't sound like new music is coming particularly soon, as no "proper work" has begun: “I’m hoping that next year, when the restrictions lift, we’ll be able to get together and get on with it," "I hope that next year they’ll start working on some new songs, new ideas, with a view on a future release"

    source | source

    Yes, let's gooooooo! I legit still listen to AM on a weekly basis.

  • Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Playas! Let's Discuss I Wanna Marry "Harry" Episode 3 (ONTD Original)

    I'mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack with some bullshit. Welcome to this third recap of the probably never ending series, called "beysactingcoach, what the entire fuckery doo are you doing with your life?" and well it's this - watching reality TV shows that were fucking fever dreams. The first series in the installment is the dead on arrival FOX television program I Wanna Marry "Harry" where 12 'Muricans are flewed out to some lush estate to meet a man they think is Prince Harry. No, Meghan Markle is not on the show and no it's not Prince Harry. He is frauding but wants to find real love. Let's pick up from episode two, shall we?

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    On this episode, who is getting bounced from Balmoral?
    [Spoiler (click to open)]Pre-med disc jockey Carley

    Who ascends to getting that Marriott room service the next morning? That mint on the pillow service?
    [Spoiler (click to open)]La ganadora es Karina!

    Source and the spirit of procrastination moving through me

    To check out previous episodes and recaps, click here and here

    SPN cast + Walker news

    Matt Barr is set to recur on Walker as his best friend, Hoyt, known as Hill County's "Han Solo" and a Lothario. He finds himself on the opposite end of the law from Walker.

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    SPN Fights On livestream with J2M, other cast members, and Stacey Abrams to benefit Fair Fight.

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    Snoop Dogg Is the Latest Man to Criticize "WAP" By Saying That It Is Too Sexual

    Snoop Dogg has some thoughts on "WAP," by Cardi B. and Megan Thee Stallion:

    • "Slow down and let's have some imagination... That's like your fine possession, that's like your jewel... That should be a possession that no one gets to know about until they know about it."

    • "When I was young, I probably would have been on the remix. But as a older man, it's like, I love it that they're expressing themselves and they're doing they thing, I just don't want it to where young girls feel like they can express themselves like that without knowing that that is a jewel that they hold onto."

    • "My daughter is from a different era, so she might be doing the WAP, but I can't be mad at her because it's part of her generation."

    Snoop has somehow managed to rehabilitate his image to one of a fatherly figure, even though his own rap career is filled with misogyny and filthy lyrics about women's genitals.

    is your WAP your prized jewel?

    I have a DAP
    I have a WAP (wet-ass penis)


    Miley Cyrus Posts To Celebrate 10 Year Anniversary of Smoking Salvia Filled Bong

    Today Miley posted to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the infamous bong video leaking in 2010, which was earlier this week. In the post she claims that she was indeed smoking salvia, and that Anna Oliver (who "directed" the video) is not someone she would consider a friend:

    Miley seems to have been inspired by a thread posted by @pcd2009 detailing the full history of the event, the first tweet of which is embedded below (and includes the part about Liam that Miley clipped from her post 👀):

    Source 1 | Source 2

    Happy 10 years, ONTD! Have you ever smoked Salvia??

    seb 1

    Britney Spears' scrapped 2016 David LaChapelle photoshoot finally released

    It might have taken more than four years but Britney's album photoshoot with (in)famous celebrity photographer David LaChapelle is finally out as part of the 2020 re-release of her 9th studio album, Glory.

    In the symbolic (?) pictures Britney can be seen posing in the desert with a piece of modern art and breaking free from chains.

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    R.I.P. John le Carré (1931-2020), novelist

    Le Carré, an MI6 agent, took up writing espionage novels as a sideline in the 1960s. After his cover was blown courtesy of notorious defector Kim Philby, he left Her Majesty's secret service and became a full-time author, jump-started by the runaway success of his third novel, The Spy Who Came in from the Cold. Many famous works would follow, notably a series of novels built around George Smiley that included Tinker, Tailor, Soldier Spy; with the end of the Cold War, he branched out into other geopolitical topics in novels like The Night Manager, The Constant Gardener, and A Most Wanted Man.  Many of his books have been adapted for the screen and for television.  He was arguably the most influential writer of spy fiction in the post-Fleming era.

    The Guardian

    Shawn Mendes Scores Fourth No. 1 Album on the Billboard 200 Chart with “Wonder”

    This week, Shawn Mendes managed to score his fourth No. 1 album on the Billboard 200 chart with his latest snooze of an album, “Wonder.” The album earned 89,000 equivalent album units in the US, with 54,000 of those being pure album sales.

    Despite an impressive no. 1 debut from someone so bland with little personality, this is his lowest first week sales to date (and during a big lucrative Q4 release date).

    For comparison...

    Handwritten: 119,000 (106,000 pure album sales).
    Illuminate: 145,000 (121,000 pure album sales).
    Shawn Mendes: 182,000 (142,000 pure album sales)

    This is by no means a “flop,” but coming off a massive hit like “Señorita” and a duet with the Biebs? Not to mention the promo and Netflix documentary... And these were the best numbers he could pull? Has the general public become fatigued with Shawnmila? Has Sean peaked? Or is COVID / no tour bundles responsible for the lower numbers?


    Sia comes out in support of FKA Twigs, says Shia tricked her into an adulterous relationship

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    Dolly Parton (+9 {4} Others) Named One of NME's People Who Defined 2020, Also Saved a Child's Life

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    There's no need to ask for an artist to record their own take of "Jolene" when Dan Smith is literally right there

    But anyway, happy to see this queen (and at least four very deserving others!) get the recognition she so rightfully deserves!

    Sorry for the pasted write-ups initially, mods - didn't realize it was against the rules, but have rewritten in my own words and know for the future!
    wee lesbian

    The Cleveland Baseball Team is going to change its name

    - Following in the footsteps of the Washington Football Team, Cleveland's expected to announce a name change next week that will take place as soon as the 2022 season. Cleveland Manager Terry Francona said it was time for a change at the time Washington announced theirs in July. They are considering a similar placeholder name until they can decide on a new one.

    - The Indians name has been criticized for years, and the team previously phased out the Chief Wahoo logo before they hosted the 2019 All-Star Game. The Atlanta Braves, Kansas City Chiefs, and Chicago Blackhawks have faced similar criticism for using Native American-related team names, and in Atlanta and KC, for the use of the racist-ass Chop, but all three have said they have no plans to change names.

    - In other news, the Football Team currently leads the NFC East.