December 2nd, 2020

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Most Popular TV Shows 1986 - 2019

'Timeline history of the most viewed TV series from 1986 to 2019. Ranking is based on the following factors: prime-time first 24 hours audience reports, one week of reported statistics for downloaded copies (pirated), one week of streaming services viewership. Numbers are worldwide with significant bias towards US market up until 2002, afterwards it's balanced by p2p distribution across the globe.'


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People Magazine reveal their 2020 People of the Year

PEOPLE introduces its 2020 People of the Year who made an impact during what proved to be a tumultuous and challenging 2020. The four people are Dr. Anthony Fauci, Regina King, George Clooney and Selena Gomez.

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sources 1/2/3/4
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Taylor Swift's re-recorded Love Story featured in new ad

Ryan Reynolds asked Taylor Swift if he could use her re-recorded song Love Story in a new dating commerical he wrote in which Satan matches with "2020".


how is your love life going in the hell that is 2020?
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Lady Gaga Announces Oreo x Chromatica Collaboration

Lady Gaga has partnered with Oreo to release a line of cookies inspired by her album "Chromatica." These limited-edition Oreos are vanilla-flavored, with pink cookies and green creme, as well as embossments inspired by the album's imagery. They'll be available in small six-cookie packs in convenience stores in January, with full-size packs also on the horizon (fans can sign up for the "Lady Gaga x Oreo Stan Club" to be the first to hear when the full-size packs are out).

Lady Gaga & Oreo have also announced "Sing It With Oreo," a campaign that asks fans to record musical messages for loved ones for the chance to win Lady Gaga merch and concert tickets. The campaign aims to "spread musical messages of kindness throughout the country" and goes live on December 15th.

Would you try a Chromatica Oreo, ONTD?

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Cardi B Covers Billboard's "Women in Music" December Issue

After recently being announced as Billboard's 2020 Woman of the Year, Cardi B sat down with the publication to discuss her music, US politics, and the difficulties of being a female rapper in the music industry:

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Shaun White and Nina Dobrev celebrated Thanksgiving together

Nina Dobrev spent Thanksgiving celebrating with boyfriend Shaun White's family, including nieces and nephews. The couple was first spotted together in March of this year.

Sources 1, 2
Posted because I had no idea they were seriously together, I thought they were just a hook up and that they were already done.


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The reviews for "Selena" say it's not great

Netflix has just released "Selena: The Series," a retelling of the Tejano queen's life, and these two great reviews from Vice and the LATimes talk about how it portrays a flattened version of her and focuses more on her dad.

From Vice writer Alex Zargoza:

Says the series is "a Disney-fied retelling of Selena's life" that focuses more on her dad, who has an "iron-like grip on the family, which borders on abusive."

The series doesn't explore her family's bicultural identity and lack of connection to their Mexican heritage. "In effect, we see a story of a Mexican American family being pushed to fake an attachment to their heritage to gain musical success, which I assume wasn't intentional. But by treating this split in their cultural identity in such a passive manner, there's no room to discuss what it's like being raised Mexican in Texas, how generational assimilation leads to a disconnection from your native home, and how Selena's life was a prime example of this complex issue."

Read more at the links!

Sources 1 and 2

Audio: Britney Spears - "Swimming in the Stars"

Britney Spears has released a b-side from her 2016 album Glory today, in conjunction with her 39th birthday. "Swimming in the Stars," produced and co-written by Matthew Koma, was previously announced as a vinyl-exclusive by Urban Outfitters. It will feature on the deluxe vinyl pressing of Glory, along with a duet with the Backstreet Boys entitled "Matches," out December 4.

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The Challenge Season 36 "Double Agents" Trailer

Source: The Challenge

No Bananas, no Zach, and no Jordan. Sounds like a perfect season to me.

Real Housewives News Dump

Braunwyn is gay and has a girlfriend, and she has no plans to divorce her husband.

Looks like Erkia's divorce from Mr. Girardi is just a scam to protect money that would be lost in a lawsuit his law firm is facing (money awarded to family members of people who were killed in a 737 crash was embezzled). Many people called this.

In "who could have ever seen this coming!??!" news, Kyle, Dorit, and Kathy Hilton all tested positive for COVID, and RHOBH production has been shut down. good

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Red Scare podcasters criticized for ISIS-related merch

Normally I don't think these two would rise to the standard of post-able ONTD figures, but because I'm a bored bitch, here it goes!

The two controversial hosts behind the podcast "Red Scare" — who comment on culture, politics and anything that even vaguely annoys them on Twitter — have been critical of the #metoo movement, identity politics, anyone over size 6, and, uh, women in general. Despite being Bernie supporters, they've rejected the label of "leftist" and even had Steve Bannon on the show. Currently, through their Patreon, they pull in almost $36K a month, which is equivalent to $430K a year.

They've defended the likes of Amy Cooper, the white woman who called the cops on a Black man in Central Park, and Louis C.K.

Their latest controversy: Selling merchandise inspired by the Islamic State group.

One Twitter user sarcastically said "apparently, socialist praxis includes profiting off of radical terrorist imagery."

Sources 1, 2, 3

John Mulaney was investigated by the Secret Service

-Comedian John Mulaney was on Jimmy Kimmel to talk about hosting SNL twice this year and getting a job writing for Seth Meyers

-Mulaney hosted SNL on February 29th, Leap Day

-Had a joke explaining that Julius Caesar created Leap Day and then mentioned how "interesting" it was that Caesar later went crazy and was stabbed by his senators

-After telling the Secret Service that he had nothing else to hide he realized that he and his wife had taken out a one year lease in an apartment in DC, literally across from the secret service headquarters (his wife was working on a project for the Smithsonian)

Other highlights:

-Says he deserved the backlash for his SNL monologue on Halloween because the wording was bad and he didn't make it clear that he supported Biden

-Took a job on Seth Meyers' writing team on the advice of his psychiatrist who said he needed structure

-Season 4 of Big Mouth premieres this Friday on Netflix

ONTD, have you ever been investigated for something you said?


Goo Hara Act is approved in South Korea

It has been over a year since Goo Hara's death. It has also been a while since a legal dispute started. This week, we have new updates about it - and the news are good.

The Act was proposed by her brother, Go Ho In, and his lawyer. He wishes he could avoid more cases similar to what is happening in his family with the legal change.

Both Hara and Ho In were raised by their paternal grandmother and aunt, as their mother abandoned them when they were children and their father wasn't able to take care of them on his own. After the singer's passing, their absent mother filed a lawsuit in order to receive half of the singer's inheritance as "she is her mother and has the right to it". Their father found the request absurd, gave their 50% to her brother, and has supported his son in this legal battle.

On March 2020, Ho In posted a letter on Instagram announcing he had started the petition. You can see the post and the translation below.

[Spoiler (click to open)]

"Hello, I am Goo Ho In, the older brother of the late Goo Hara.

I’m very grateful toward all of the friends and fans who loved my sister Goo Hara and were together with her on her final journey.
It’s been four months since Hara left us.
I won’t forget the sight of my sister looking at me while she was in my arms.

As I stated through the press recently, I am going through a difficult time due to the inheritance issues with our mother, who abandoned us two siblings when we were young. In this period of time when we should be commemorating my sister that we miss so much, my family is having an even harder time because of this issue.

I have submitted a legislative petition for the establishment of a “Goo Hara Act” because I hope that no more families will have to go through the pain that my family is going through, which will mean that my sister’s death does not go in vain.

I’m well aware that even if the “Goo Hara Act” passes, it will not apply to my family’s issue.

However, it is not only my own wish but also Hara’s that there will no longer be tragedies in which parents receive death benefits after having abandoned their children, which is not only the case for our family’s issue but also happened at the time of the sinking of the Cheonan and Sewol Ferry.

So I’m writing this in the hopes that the name “Goo Hara” will be remembered as a name that transforms our society into one that is better and more just.

I earnestly hope that we can gather everyone’s agreement and become a catalyst that transforms our society into a better and healthier one.
The link to the legislative petition is in my profile.
Finally, I sincerely express my gratitude to all the people who always love and mourn my beloved sister."

Prior to the act, South Korean laws were stated as: "in the case of the death of an adult without children, their mother or father have a right to their inheritance even if they didn’t personally raise and provide for them. It’s reported that people are only disqualified from this right in extremely rare cases such as murder or the falsification of a will". With the approval of the Goo Hara Act, "that would expand the reasons for disqualification to an inheritance so that it includes those who are substantially negligent of their duties to support direct ancestors or direct descendants".

SOURCE: Tweet 1 // Tweet 2 // Instagram

Keanu Reeves & Alex Winter talk Bill & Ted 3 on The Tonight Show

Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter discuss reuniting for their film Bill & Ted Face the Music, share the story of the time they met for the first time at the original Bill & Ted audition and talk about what it was like to work with George Carlin.

Bonus audition footage from 1986:


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Binging with Babish: Macarons from The Mandalorian (ft. Jon Favreau!)

+ The latest episode of 'Binging With Babish' features a treat from Star Wars -- and a very special guest: Jon Favreau! The creator of The Mandalorian guest starred on the cooking show, which featured the blue macarons that Baby Yoda ate in the Season 2 episode "The Siege."
+ Jon mentioned that he was an avid watcher of Binging With Babish and discussed the secret origin of the treats from a galaxy far far away. "Josh, our prop master, came to us and was asking, 'What do these cookies look like?' We wanted it to be blue like it was blue milk, and the prop master ended up baking macarons for us."
+ Favreau went on to discuss the flavor of the on-set cookies, which had a hint of blue raspberry, and the overwhelming popularity of the treats. He also congratulated host Oliver Babish on tackling the fundamentals of cooking through his show.

ontd, would you eat blue milk macarons?

Mariah Carey Launches Her Own Cookie Brand: Mariah’s Cookies

Lady Gaga x Oreo hew?!

Beginning on December 4th, the Elusive Chanteuse will launch Mariah’s Cookies. They will be available to order in over 30 major cities across the U.S. including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Kansas City and Seattle. Carey plans on expanding to additional locations throughout December and into 2021.

Flavors you can order include:
Chocolate Chunk
Triple Chocolate Chunk
Heath Bar
Lemon Cooler
Spiced Oatmeal Raisin
White Chocolate Cranberry

“Yay, cookies! We love ‘ ‘em during the holidays… ‘em all year round!!” said Carey in an official statement. Yes, that’s a real statement from Mimi. Love it.

The cookie collaboration is with restaurateur Robert Earl, the founder of Planet Hollywood and owner of chains like Bertucci’s, Brio Italian Grille and Bravo! Italian Kitchen.

Ordering will be available through delivery apps like Grubhub, DoorDash, Postmates, UberEats, and Seamless. For more information on the cookie brand launch, visit dahhhlings.

What is / are your favorite cookie flavor(s)?

Sources: 1 | 2

DuckTales Canceled After Season3

- Show has been canceled
- Final Episode to premier in 2021
-There are rumors of a reboot of Darkwing
-Darkwing has appeared on the show and even had an ark

Danny Pellegrino is as equally devastated as OP:

OP is currently writing an email using my MacBook Pro titled: "Why are you punishing me?" Fave Character of the reboot?
Variety's Twitter, Danny's Tweet, Article

Rihanna Models Her Christmas-Themed Savage x Fenty Lingerie

The elusive beauty gureuse Rihanna debuted her winter line of lingerie by Savage x Fenty. She modeled one of the designs herself on the company's Instagram. It features a design inspired by porcelain vases.

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Megan Thee Stallion also modeled with Riri.

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What do you think Rihanna will give us as gifts?

A new album
Questionable relationship choices
Beauty guru stuff
More overpriced panties

source, source, source, source, source, source

Fans Are Torn Between Two Villains On "The Bachelorette"

ontd bach.png

Last night, on The Bachelorette, two villains ended up in a faceoff. Noah and Bennett had been engaging in some passive-aggressive boy shit only for Tayshia to initiate a two-on-one date where one of them will be eliminated.

They are seemingly opposites: Noah is a dumb douchebro who engages in macho b.s. Bennett is a smart douchebro who is very snobby. Or... are they more alike than it seems, united by their douchiness?

Anyways, a brief recap of the ep:

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Source: me watching this trainwreck.

Nike ad featuring Naomi Osaka and other athletes sparks debate and boycotts

A video ad from Nike Japan against bullying and racism that features biracial athletes and other minorities, such as those of Korean descent, has prompted a fiery response including boycotts to the company.

Japan has traditionally prided itself on being racially homogeneous, although mixed-race athletes like tennis star Naomi Osaka are challenging that image.

The commercial shows teen girls bullied in school over their differences, but ultimately finding confidence through soccer.

The video, viewed over 14.1 million times had racked up a cascade of critical comments. “Nowadays, you often see one or two people of different nationalities going to school perfectly peacefully. The one that’s prejudiced is Nike,” wrote one user. Another asked, “Is it so much fun to blame Japan?”

Source 1 2

Viral Reddit thread asks the truth about TV renovated houses

A recent Reddit thread asked: "People who’ve been on home renovation shows, how’s the house holding up?"

The thread went viral, as people who have participated in TV home makeovers (or know someone who has) shared their experiences, some of those homeowners didn't get the results shown on screen. Some of them being:

“Friends were on a show a few years ago. It was a super intense three weeks of filming and the redesign looked great on camera. In reality, it was literally things stuck together with staples and tape. After the show, my friend took two weeks off work to rebuild everything properly.”

“Extreme Makeover came here in my town and my brother, a builder, was approached to help build a home in the dead of winter. Bro couldn't help, but our friends — the neighbors to the home — volunteered and the home was completed in one week.
In heavy rain and cold, they built it, and now the home has any number of problems. The owner went back to Extreme Makeover to fix everything, and was told, "You got this for free, fix it yourself."”

“Company I work for did plumbing for a show 10 years ago. We did the hook-ups for the new laundry room. The homeowners picked some fancy Moroccan tile for the floors at some upscale NYC boutique and the host of the show decided it would look better without grout...which went about as well as you’d expect.
Filming wrapped, and we were called back out a few weeks later to replace the fancy tile that immediately chipped and became dangerous with some boring tile. Had to sign NDAs, etc.”

“My sister’s master bedroom got a makeover on a “surprise your spouse” show. The designer went for an “Arabian nights” romantic vibe, but it ended up pretty weird looking with all the closets hidden behind yards of draped fabric. They took it all down and painted the room a neutral color within months. The show also took the ceiling fan out and replaced it with a giant tree branch wired up with twinkling lights. Not too long afterwards, half the lights went out and it was too hot in the room without the fan, so that got put back as well. On the bright side, it didn’t cost them anything and they got new furniture pieces out of it, but in the end, they didn’t keep any of it the same.”

Source 1