November 27th, 2020


Glass Animals Perform "Tangerine" (with Arlo Parks) and "Mood" (24kGoldn cover) in the Live Lounge

[Tangerine featuring Arlo Parks under the cut]

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What are your favourite live lounge covers and why are they all of the Bastille ones?


Andy Samberg Tells Academy Members Unwilling to Accept Diversity Standards to "Fuck Off"

The Academy Awards recently announced inclusion thresholds for Best Picture category, and while promoting Palm Springs, Andy Samberg had a few key words to those who took issue with the very strict, very limiting, very much not doing the least parameters:

"The Oscars thing, people having issues with that, it’s insane. The parameters, if you look at them closely, you could have the whitest cast in the history of cinema and still very easily meet them by just doing a few roles behind the camera. People that have problems with it can fuck off."

[A bit about how Brooklyn Nine-Nine will address police brutality and systemic racism]
“Our country is going through a hard time. It’s been going through this. I’ve been hearing about this in rap music for 30 years. We’ve been told if we wanted to listen. It’s been happening. What the show is going to do is further the conversation.”

“I do believe that our characters need to examine their roles in the world. They’re going to be forced to look in the mirror and see who they’re complicit with. We have a decent track record of addressing social issues.”

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Zac Efron and Waitress Girlfriend Have Reportedly Split

Despite Zac Efron and Vanessa Valladares celebrating Zac's 33rd birthday in October, Zac has now ended their relationship, according to multiple reports.

Efron recently moved from Byron Bay to Adelaide to film his new movie. His new location reportedly put a strain on their relationship, causing them to call it quits.

"Zac's work and the enforced distance has really taken its toll," a source said. "Friends hope they can reunite, but it seems their relationship was more like a holiday romance than they cared to admit."

The news originated in The Sun so grain of salt applies here. However, Vanessa has not been spotted in Adelaide while Zac has been photographed partying it up.

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Miley Cyrus and Iggy azalea accidentally set off fire alarm during livestream

When the 2 blonde singers were together making a promo livestream on TikTok for Cyrus’ new album “plastic hearts” and showing a clip of her song “prisoner”, when a smoke machine caused the fire alarm of the building to go off.

Iggy demonstrated her fire safety knowledge by instructing Miley to get on the floor and to stay calm. Both are apparently safe.

Fuck ups post

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NCT U "Work It" MV + "90s Love" Performance and Dance Relay

NCT U released the music video for "Work It," their second title track for Resonance Pt. 2. The unit features members Johnny, Jisung, Yuta, Jaemin, Jungwoo, Ten, and Hendery. Notably, the ending teases what looks like a coming performance video featuring all 23 members of NCT.

The "90s Love" unit also performed the song for the first time at Music Bank, and shared a dance relay video:

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Rebel heart

Irrelevant Boomers Eric Clapton and Van Morrison Collab for Pro-COVID Anti-Lockdown Song

One hit wonder has-been Van Morrison is well known for being a cranky old bastard who dresses like a 4chan troll, but I was unaware that noted culture vulture white bluesman Eric Clapton was equally unhinged.

I will give them credit for donating the proceedings of the song toward a musician hardship fund; however, that fund is run by Morrison himself and I do not trust the man.

The song comes out Dec. 4 and I am reasonably sure it is not an Adam and the Ants cover.

sophie ellis-bextor

It's been 1 year since Dakota Johnson called out Ellen DeGeneres on her own show!

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Now that Thanksgiving is in our collective rearview mirrors, we can all come together again to celebrate a REAL milestone.

A REMINDER: On this day––November 27, 2019––Dakota Johnson sat down to chat with alleged piece-of-shit Ellen DeGeneres [here's what I'm talking about] on her horrible talk show that is still somehow on the air.

Within the first 10 seconds, Ellen attempted to humiliate Dakota for not inviting her to the actress's 30th birthday party (Ellen was 61 years old at the time). Dakota, having none of Ellen's bullshit, responded in kind...and a million gay memes were born.

First reported here:


ONTD: One year later––has your opinion of Ellen (or Dakota) changed? 
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New Music Friday – November 27, 2020

Featuring new music by Bad Bunny, Billie Joe Armstrong, CHUNG HA with R3HAB, The Game feat. Lil Wayne, Gary Barlow, GOT7, Jennifer Lopez, Juicy J, King Princess, Miley Cyrus, Nathan Dawe and Little Mix, NCT, Rina Sawayama, Sabrina Claudio, sadboy2005, Samantha Mumba, The Smashing Pumpkins, Steps, woo!ah! and YUNGBLUD

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Happy Black Friday, ONTD! What's everybody listening to today? Sorry I'm late!

Shawn Mendes cover British GQ and gives preview of new songs

Shawn Mendes is GQ's Solo Artist of the Year.

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I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving (if you celebrate)! This post is for me and the one other shawn fan on here lol. I'm actually really excited to hear his album because it sounds like he is experimenting with a lot of new sounds.

Kevin Hart had a great convo in Clubhouse...Twitter Says Differently

If you don't know what Clubhouse is, it's a voice-only social media platform. it's invite only for now, but many people on my Twitter TL have it.

But before he tweeted that, others had tweeted the truth

He is "allegedly" shitting on black women. He probably is, but we have to say allegedly. Even Kevin Hart has lawyers.

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tldr; Kevin Hart acts like the unfunny, gaslighting, misogynoir - inducing man he is.

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my friend with a clubhouse invite.

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The Prom | Official Trailer | Netflix


The Prom follows Dee Dee Allen (three-time Academy Award winner Meryl Streep) and Barry Glickman (Tony Award winner James Corden) who are New York City stage stars with a crisis on their hands: their expensive new Broadway show is a major flop that has suddenly flatlined their careers. Meanwhile, in small-town Indiana, high school student Emma Nolan (newcomer Jo Ellen Pellman) is experiencing a very different kind of heartbreak: despite the support of the high school principal (Keegan-Michael Key), the head of the PTA (Kerry Washington) has banned her from attending the prom with her girlfriend, Alyssa (Ariana DeBose). When Dee Dee and Barry decide that Emma's predicament is the perfect cause to help resurrect their public images, they hit the road with Angie (Academy Award winner Nicole Kidman) and Trent (Andrew Rannells), another pair of cynical actors looking for a professional lift. But when their self-absorbed celebrity activism unexpectedly backfires, the foursome find their own lives upended as they rally to give Emma a night where she can truly celebrate who she is.
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TAEMIN performs "Be Your Enemy" for SM STATION

TAEMIN recently recorded a live performance of "Be Your Enemy," a b-side on Act 2 of his latest album Never Gonna Dance Again, for SM Entertainment's digital music channel STATION. Absent from the performance, shared today, is Red Velvet's WENDY, who features on the studio version of the song but was sick at the time of filming.


Disney Sing Along preview with BTS and Chloe x Halle +Mariah Carey special with Jennifer Hudson


-The Christmas Disney Sing Along will air on ABC Nov 30th and will feature many artist including Chloe x Halle and BTS.

-Mariah Carey's Christmas special trailer was released and will feature Jennifer Hudson and Ariana Grande joining Carey for her song "Oh Santa".Tiffany Haddish,Misty Copeland and more join Carey on the special that will air Dec 4th on Apple TV + and a new video of "Oh Santa" will be released on streaming platforms.



Mariah Carey Christmas special trailer under the cut

[Spoiler (click to open)]



Madonna and boyfriend pose together while celebrating Thanksgiving

The queen of pop took to Instagram to show off a picture of her, her boyfriend, Ahlamalik Williams, and a cute French bulldog all dolled up for the celebrations.

How did you celebrate Thanksgiving?

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