November 22nd, 2020

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Jessica Mulroney wants you to know that she is not racist

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backstory: Jessica Mulroney threatens to end black influencer's career after #BlackLivesMatter criticism

in an exclusive Page Six fluff piece Meghan gets namedropped a lot and Jessica still takes no responsibility for her own actions


“I still feel a lot of shame. I feel that people believe the worst in me.”

“It’s not like I have never spoken out about racism before, especially when it comes to Meghan”

“I had a hard time dealing with the fact that a network like CTV [and] the companies I’ve worked with for many years — and journalists, some of which were my friends — spoke with incredible authority on what they believed had happened without even contacting me. I think that hurt the most.”

“I know I have a charmed life. I have to learn from all of this — but I am not racist. I just want to try to move on from this.”

Quarantine TV Cancellations - neXt and Filthy Rich are BlockedT from a Second Season

- OP's favorite terrible, mediocre show neXt has been cancelled late October after only two episodes. The program starring John Slattery (the reason OP watched) follows an excommunicated Silicon Valley guru who tried to warn his company about an autonomous program that may rip apart the fabric of democracy so ya know, you cannot remain employed in Palo Alto. It's such a terrible, wild, tangled lacefront of a show.

- Also Filthy Rich, starring Kim Cattrall was also cancelled and OP didn't watch it looked dreadful from the trailer. The premise is the widow of a televangelist must deal with the wealthy estate after her dead husband has extra-marital affairs resulted in children who are left in the will and they wants that money, honey.

- both series were cancelled after drawing low viewership (There's dozens of us!), on FOX, during quarantine. They're on that Real Housewives of DC shit.

- Are you/did you watch either of these shows? Let's talk about boffum. I didn't see a post about their cancellations.

Source and a screenshot from me because going back a month to find a social media announcement is not the business

Breaking: Kelly Clarkson HATES Mashed Potatoes, We’ve Decided To Unstan

In a video that was best left out of my YouTube recs and life, Kelly Clarkson shared her Thanksgiving Hot Takes.

When asked if she preferred her mashed potatoes chunky or creamy, she replied, “this is so not Texan of me. I hate mashed potatoes. I said it.”

“I hate mashed potatoes, I think it is the weirdest texture in all the lands.”

“I like sweet potatoes, with marshmallows on top. Maybe some honey. I’m not a mashed potato person, it’s so not Texan.”

Cranberry Sauce is Better From a Can
Clarkson agrees.

Light Meat VS Dark Meat
Kelly isn’t a fan of dark meat, or turkey...prefers honey roasted ham anyways.

Kids Need Their Own Table
Kelly says this is true.

Cornbread Is Better Than Biscuits
Kelly can’t decide: it’s a tie.

Marshmallows Belong On Sweet Potatoes
Kelly is a fan of this dish.

Pecan Pie VS Pumpkin Pie
Miss Clarkson prefers Pumpkin Pie.

Leave Room On Your Plate For Salad

Dinner Is Before 5PM?
Is confused by people who have DINNER before 5, is convinced it’s so they can have two meals in one day.


China McClain reacts to Black Lightning cancellation

-China who plays Jennifer Pierce aka Lightning on Black Lightning states that she (and apparently the cast) didnt learn of the shows cancellation until the news broke to the public.

-She goes on to reveal that she was leaving the show regardless at the end of the season and she took a reduced role this season.

-She'll be taking a few personal relationships out of the show.

-States that her choice to leave isn't due to any drama behind the scenes but her wording seems suspect.

-Is now doing Gods work. COVID has strengthened her spirituality.

-Wants fans to support the Painkiller spin off.


Pregnant Hilary Duff was exposed to COVID-19 and is now in quarantine

-She had been filming Younger season 7 in New York
-The show has since suspended production and has not commented on the situation

This OP follows her on Instagram and she seems to be staying in one room of her house while Matthew and the kids are downstairs. She stomps on the floor 3 times to her son, signalling "I love you," and he stomps 3 times back.


‘Run’ Producers Say Actresses Lied About Using Wheelchairs to Land Audition

The producers of the Sarah Paulson thriller “Run” said that prior to casting disabled actress Kiera Allen in the lead role, they auditioned several actresses who claimed they used a wheelchair but were actually able-bodied.

“There were a couple of young ladies we saw that submitted themselves as people with disabilities. And we were like, wow, they’re really talented...but somebody looked them up on Instagram,” producer Sev Ohanian said. “There were videos of them walking on the beach from like, two hours ago.”

The producers ended up casting 20-year-old newcomer Allen in the role. "Run" is the first major thriller in 70 years to star a wheelchair user (the last was 1948’s “The Sign of the Ram”).

starry night

Candace Cameron Bure talks about getting comfortable with sexuality

From Entertainment Tonight, Candace Cameron Bure is getting real about her sex life as a Christian woman. The Fuller House star discussed how she views sex during a recent appearance on the Confessions of a Crappy Christian podcast -- and addressed backlash to a recent handsy photo she shared on Instagram of herself with her husband.

Note - this isn't the photo in question but it can be found here.

The mom of three said becoming comfortable with her sexuality was something that took years.

"I lived in such a fear of 'Oh my gosh, I'm not supposed to be a sexual person, because I have to save myself. God is going to think negatively of me if I'm having sex or doing things or fooling around," she said. "There was such a shame culture on it that when I got married, I was like, I don’t know how to adjust my brain."

"For so many times, especially in the beginning, but for a few years, I would have sex with my husband thinking like, ‘Oh my gosh, is God looking at me and like is this bad?'" she added. "It’s very difficult to flip that switch. And it has taken years to work through it and then understand it and enjoy it and then embrace it. Now I embrace it so much that my kids are like, 'Mom, please stop talking about sex. Please stop.'"


ONTD readers, how long did it take you to get comfortable with the idea of sex?

Is GBBO racist? Is the Pope catholic?


The Great British Bake Off semi-final went down last night, and fans are fuming about the end result.
Ahead of the final next week, the bakers took on patisserie week, where they were challenged with making 12 identical syrup-soaked savarins in the signature, a Danish Cornucopia in the technical, and a cube cake showstopper.

[Spoiler (click to open)]And while some of the bakers triumphed (Dave and Peter, we're looking at you), we sadly waved goodbye to Hermine - something that fans were absolutely tamping about on Twitter.

[Spoiler (click to open)]I was so stoked on Hermine to win this, WTF. How can you choose "the messiest baker" over a 2 times star baker


Thanks Mods for your patience, I haven't posted in years and it shows...

ONTD Original: 8 topics the 'ANIMANIACS' reboot was not afraid to tackle (unlike your faves).

8. Gender balance, pronoun neutral and ethnically diverse.

Animaniacs has changed it's intro to mention that they're more gender balanced, pronoun neutral and ethnically diverse (which you can tell through the season...they even had a black woman as Warner Bros Chairman...foreshadowing Channing Dungey's naming, since Animaniacs was written in 2018).

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ONTD, have you seen the 'Animaniacs' reboot?
Diana tiara
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The Cast of The Crown Take Netflix’s Ultimate 1980’s Quiz + Promo Roundup

Ready to win?! Play along with Emma Corrin (Princess Diana), Josh O’Connor (Prince Charles) and Erin Doherty (Princess Anne) from The Crown Season 4 and take Netflix’s Ultimate 1980’s Quiz. Just don't cheat like these princesses...

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Another The Crown post ! I'm a bit obsessed with Emma Corrin

Weekend Box Office takes a tumble

The weekend box office took a tumble as corona rages across the country. The overall gross for all films reported at the moment is only $6.2 million, down almost $5 million from last weekend and the lowest total gross since theaters opened back up in mid-August.

Freaky took the top spot again, with $1.22 million, a 66% drop from last weekend. The film also lost 415 theaters. It was the only film to gross over a million as The War with Grandpa ($733k), Let Him Go ($710k) and Come Play ($550k) saw just as big of a loss.

The newest wide release, Jackie Chan's Vanguard, only managed $400k. Tenet took $360k. Ammonite, which had a very small release to begin with, lost 100 theaters and fell 74% to $23,000.

With Thanksgiving coming, newer films this week will be coming before the weekend. The only theater-bound release will be Universal's The Croods: A New Age (before its VOD premiere in a few weeks). Netflix releases the critically-trashed Hillbilly Elegy (Tuesday) and The Christmas Chronicles 2 (Wednesday), while Hulu drops The Happiest Season (Wed) and HBO Max drops Superintelligence (Thurs).


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Lena Waithe’s Wife Alana Mayo Files for Divorce 10 Months After Announcing Split​

Lena Waithe's wife Alana Mayo has filed for divorce 10 months after the couple announced their separation.

The Blast obtained court records and Mayo filed a petition for divorce in Los Angeles Superior Court this past week.

A rep for Waithe did not immediately respond to People's request for comment.

The couple began dating in 2017 and got married last year.

From their joint statment back in January: "After careful thought and consideration, we have decided to part ways," they said in a statement to People. "We have nothing but support for one another and ask that you respect our privacy during this time."


Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly Make Their Red Carpet Debut as a Couple at 2020 AMAs​

Megan Fox, 34, and Machine Gun Kelly, 30, made their first public appearance on the red carpet for the American Music Awards.

The couple began dating this summer after meeting on the set of their upcoming movie Midnight in the Switchgrass.

According to Just Jared, MGK wore Balmain and Megan wore Azzi and Osta.

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Notorious Celebrity Interviews: Miles Teller for Esquire 2015 (An ONTD Original)

Miles resize.jpg

Get ready: this is one of the most memorable, career-wrecking, embarrassing celebrity interviews in recent history. It's Miles Teller's interview for Esquire in 2015. Miles was hot shit, Hollywood's unconventional it-boy after Whiplash. But then he gave this interview.

"You're sitting across from Miles Teller at the Luminary restaurant in Atlanta and trying to figure out if he's a dick."

And that's just the first line.
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Teller responded to the interview on Twitter:

Dick, or misrepresented?

Why not both?

Read more in this series: notorious interviews with Chris Evans, Jennifer Lopez, Kate Winslet, Beyoncé, Channing Tatum, and Cara Delevingne.

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Marina Talks "Man's World" Origins & Working With All-Women Team, Launches MARINAZINE

[Interview (and summary!) with Vogue, talking about all-women team, inspiration behind new record, involvement in the video production]

Following up on a 2019 tweet about looking for female producers, writers, and artists to collaborate with, Marina talked to Vogue to expand about the writing of "Man's World" and why she wanted to work with an all-female team for the record.

- wrote "Man's World" in August 2019 as "a snapshot of how women and LGBTQ+ individuals have been subjugated and discriminated against throughout history going back to the Salem witch trials, where any person who was deemed abnormal or slightly alternative was singled out"
- initially planned to release the song at Coachella
- chose to work with all-female team as felt it was important for women to tell women's stories and felt a "responsibility;"inspired by Sharon Blackie's book "If Women Rose Rooted"
- didn't get production credit on The Family Jewels because she didn't think to ask for them, and thinks this type of lack of credit is a reason there are so few female producers (currently 2% of producers in popular music and 3% of sound engineers are women)
- "Man's World" is first video that Marina is actually credited with the creative direction and writing the story; visuals were inspired by 1800s painter John William Godward
- says this song is representation of where fifth album is going thematically: "sociopolitical but there’s a real broad message in terms of the themes [she's] writing about"
- fifth album will be very different than 2019's Love + Fear; says she's more confident (not coming off of depression) and life is more balanced, does not have to fight with label

[Marina launches MARINAZINE]

[Bonus! Rina Sawayama is all of us, reacts to Mans World]

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Favourite Marina era, ONTD? Favourite women in music (artists, writers, producers, etc.)? stream Women in Music Pt. III 👀

Real Housewives of Potomac 5.17 "Ashley is Using All Types of Petty Vengeance Strategery 🍆" Recap

- "if that's how she chooses to interpret it, then." Heffa, right off the jump?
- the ladies have an impromptu photoshoot in that cold, bring your Summer's Eve water
- Pageant Peanut Butter Foundation serves us substandard song and bodacious bawdy and is still debating as to whether she can trust Kurn - I mean, not really
- Ofkurn gets a FaceTime from Kurn and maybe a promise for some poon poon
- Blu Cantrell 1's foundation matches her dress in her talking head
- Tinted Testicle gets a bubby portrait from Candiace at the restaurant. OP wishes she had that kind of courage or chutzpah, however you wanna put it
- Embezzeled is live! Go get y'all some hats.

- Kurn is expanding the QVC empire with her shifting wig line
- the ladies do their best cosplaying of financial dominatrixes and answer some questions about their sex lives and share some kinky stories
- The Nosy Sugar Baby and Mini Dorothy go toe to toe for round 368579448759784797
- Ashley is playing so fucking dumb like saying her character statement doesn't hurt Candiace
- Kurn says that she saw a statement that Candiace allegedly 'released' the glass in Monqiue's face, but that just seems like a natural reaction to stop and get away from Hurricane Monique
- SweatyBack ClosedSteakhouse have the ORDACITY to talk about someone's alleged criminal behavior


ONTD Original: The Black-haired Trinity of the early 00s


While the most remembered female acts of the early 00s were probably the Blonde Trinity (Britney, Christina and Jessica Simpson or was it Mandy?) came the anti-manufactored Black-haired female artists who could play instruments, Norah Jones, Vanessa Carlton & Michelle Branch. None would see long-term successful but all strangely had a big influence at the time.
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Source 1 2 3 Norah 1 2 3 4 Vanessa 1 2 3 Michelle 1 2 3 4 5

This is a super late followup to my post back in 2015

American Music Awards Full Performances

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-Full performances from the American music awards.


More under the cut

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