November 16th, 2020

Chloe x Halle perform "UnGodly Hour " At E! People's Choice Awards , +Winners


-E! People's Choice Award's featured stars such as Jennifer lopez, Mandy Moore ,and others.

-Chole xHalle performed "Ungodly Hour". Justin Bieber also performed.

-Winners under the cut.


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Tim & Saoirse

Matthew Rhys Talks to Esquire

Esquire EIC Michael Sebastian interviewed Perry Mason star Matthew Rhys, with photographer Sebastian Kim snapping some photos of him at a house in the Catskill Mountains.

Some highlights from the brief interview:

  • Perry Mason wrapped filming in January, just before the pandemic hit, and premiered in the spring. Rhys, Keri Russell and their kids went to the Catskillls in March and stayed all summer, returning to Brooklyn in the fall.

  • He's supposed to film Perry Mason S2 next year.

  • Struggled with getting the kids to do schoolwork, but enjoyed the freedom of the summer, exploring the outdoors and looking for new projects.

  • Drinks a martini on Friday nights to mark the end of another week (stars, they're just like us!) and grew a huge pandemic beard.

  • Is in the process of renovating an old boat named Rabbit.

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Did anyone in your life grow a big old pandemic beard? And yes, I finally finished The Americans!!
Tim & Saoirse

Lynne Ramsay to Direct 'The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon'

Lynne Ramsay (You Were Never Really Here) is set to direct an adaptation of Stephen King's 1999 novel The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon. She'll be directing from a script she co-wrote with Christy Hall, with Village Roadshow producing.

The novel is about a twelve-year old girl who gets lost in the woods while hiking with her family. After spending days wandering the woods dehydrated, hungry and exhausted, she begins to hallucinate conversations with her favorite baseball player Tom Gordon, and becomes convinced she's being stalked by a terrifying beast.


Not my fave King book, but I'll be eager to see what she does with it!

Clairvoyant, Mhoni vidente, saw Maluma’s WhatsApp chats in her dreams and confirms he’s bi

The astrologist with over 3.5 million Facebook fans and nearly 900K followers on Instagram claims to possess the ability to read minds and predict the future.

She stopped by Mexican talk show Aquí Contigo to share her psychic visions. Claiming Maluma was in love with Jennifer López, who he recently collaborated with on the single “Pa’ Ti + Lonely.” And that they’re having a “secret affair.”

Also alleged that Maluma is also sexually attracted to both men and women. “Maluma is bisexual. He is with someone from Colombia who is also a singer.”

So, in addition to allegedly a secret affair with López, Maluma is also allegedly hooking up with a male singer in Colombia on the DL.

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thanksgiving bart

ONTD Roundup / Halloween Contest Winners!

For the Weekend of November 13 - 15, 2020:

ONTD Originals:


Congratulations to our friend with a bike tralexora

and mangosmuggler's cat Sunny Buns as Ruth Bader Ginspurr!

They've won this year's ONTD Halloween contest!

Winners will be contacted by me for your emails- make sure your PM settings allow me too!

Human contest winner will recieve a gift card courtesy of LiveJournal

Pet Costume contest winner will recieve a gift card courtesy of your mod team!

All participants will get a 3 month paid account!

‘Black Panther 2’ Will Not Use Digital Double Of Chadwick Boseman

Today in "Thank god" news, EP of "Black Panther", Victoria Alonso, says no, we will not have a digital double for Chadwick Boseman in the sequel after his untimely death in August.

“I know that sometimes in productions, 2 or 3 months goes by and we say that too much time has passed. But it’s not too much time. We have to really think about what we’re going to do next and how. And decide how we’re going to honor the franchise,” Alonso said.

Black Panther 2 is still??? Set to start filming in early 2021 somehow.


britney △

Ariana Grande spends second week atop Billboard 200 with 'Positions'

Ariana Grande's Positions spends a second week at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 albums chart, with 82,000 equivalent album units sold in the US in the week ending November 12 (a 53% decrease). Positions is the second of Grande's albums to achieve this, following thank u, next.

As far as new releases for the week are concerned, Kylie Minogue debuts at No. 25 with DISCO; TXT at No. 26 with minisode1 : Blue Hour and Little Mix at No. 83 with Confetti.

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What's your favorite track on Positions?

shut up
just like magic
off the table
six thirty
safety net
my hair
west side
love language

Scooter Braun has sold swift’s masters

After a debacle that almost made Taylor swift pop a vein for not getting her way, scooter Braun has sold the masters rights for Taylor’s first 6 albums for $300 million dollars to an undisclosed investment fund.

Before the aforementioned deal, her team reached out to his to negotiate, but according to Taylor, scooter required her to sign an NDA akin to the ones presented “to silence an assault accuser by paying them off” before disclosure of financial statements, causing negotiations to fall through.

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Adam Driver01
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Adam Driver Confronts John Oliver

So (as many suspected), John Oliver's season-long strangely violent thirst for Adam Driver culminated in the season finale with Driver face-timing him to have a little chat about the bit.

To get you up to speed, here are all of Oliver's Driver-bits (presented backwards for some reason):

And finally, the confrontation:

Sources: YouTube (Oliver-Driver Thirst and Confrontation

Yes, I know that many on ONTD don't get it, but for those that do, YAAAAS!!

Music Fans Remind People that Corinne Bailey Rae wrote 'Put Your Records On' in 2006

After Billboard interviewed Ritt Momney about his 2020 cover of 'Put Your Records On', music fans remind people that English singer Corinne Bailey Rae wrote the original track in 2006.

The song is about black girls loving their hair. It was written for black girls by a black woman.
Fans want media and radio to stop giving men credit for the work made by black women.

Ritt Momney released a cover of Corinne Bailey Rae's 2006 hit single "Put Your Records On" in late April.
It has since gone viral, fueled by a make-up challenge on TikTok.
It has led to Ritt Momney's first Hot 100 entry (No. 79 high) on the chart dated Oct. 31.
It breathed new life into his 2019 album.


“The boys” creator isn’t sure Trump supporters realize homelander is a villain

Homelander, the leader of the 7, has done many questionable actions that would categorize him as the main antagonist of the series, but according to republican sympathizers, he embodies the patriotism of the USA.

After some Trump supporters made a mash up of homelander/Trump arresting Biden, Eric Kripke, creator of the show, pondered on wether these individuals have actually watched the show and noticed that the hero is actually a the bad guy.

He has previously said that saying that superheroes had “fascist underpinnings” and were created to protect “white, patriotic America. The myth of the superhero taken straight, that’s where it starts to become fascist. Because they’re protecting a world that doesn’t and shouldn’t exist. Superheroes are inherently MAGA,” Kripke said.

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Wonder Girl series in development at the CW

Wonder Girl focuses on Yara Flor, a Latina Dreamer born from an Amazonian warrior and a Brazilian river God. She learns she's Wonder Girl and must uses her newly discovered powers to fight evil forces hellbent on destroying the world. This would be the first Latina superhero character in DCTV.


SHINee's Minho is back + SHINee's BACK with photos and dumbassery + VLive

Choi Minho was released from the military last Sunday, after he gave up his final leave to stay and train the new soldiers.

A lot of greetings and an unfortunate moment with a candle?

[And now the moment you've been waiting for]

The whole group appeared together since Onew's enlistment.

And chaos ensued.

Kim's Instalive in English

[Minho's VLive]

Today he appeared on Youtube to greet fans as a civilian.

Followed by the appearance of a surprise guest.

And ofc.

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surprised no one posted yesterday. I did my best. party post?

Stars Reveal the Number of Sexual Partners They Have Had

Celebrities: they're just like us! That is to say, horny.

Some celebs have had a lot of bed buddies and some have only had a few. Read on to hear about celebs who have revealed how many sex partners they have had.

  • Mariah Carey: “I’ve only been with [SPOILER]five people in my life, so I’m kind of a prude, honestly, compared to most others in the field.”

  • Amy Schumer: “To date, I’ve slept with [SPOILER]28 people. I can’t remember all of their names, but I remember the nicknames I gave them (Third Ball, Pit Bull Guy, Cousin Steve—JKJKJKJK).”

  • Hugh Hefner: “How could I possibly know? Over [SPOILER]a thousand, I’m sure.”

  • Gene Simmons: “I didn’t do drugs in the crazy times but I did do sex. Did I sleep with [SPOILER]4,800 women? So they tell me."

  • Wilt Chamberlain: “Yes, that’s correct, [SPOILER]20,000 different ladies.” many, ONTD?



Universal details its theater/vod deal that now includes Cinemark

Several months ago Universal Studios struck a deal with AMC theaters that would see the studios theatrical window shorten significantly. Today, Cinemark theaters joined in on the deal.

Universal also gave a more detailed look into how the deal with theaters will work:

-- Any movie that grosses at least $50 million its opening weekend must have theater exclusivity for a minimum of 31 days before being made available for digital rental. Though bigger films will most likely stick with theaters for a longer period.
-- Films that gross lower than $50 million will be available after 17 days.
-- Films can still remain in theaters after going digital.

AMC has stated its deal with the studio is one of the primary reasons it hasn't closed down again.

Universal's horror film Come Play will be on VOD this Friday, 21 days after its theater release. Freaky, which just saw release this weekend, should drop in about two weeks.


Nano-Influencers Are the New Trend in Social Media. But What Are They?

insta ontd.jpg

To the annoyance of the wider world and ONTD, "influencers" are entering the mainstream as celebrities. Influencers are able to rake in millions of dollars by posting "sponsored content," or paid advertisements.

But there is a new trend online in the social media world: nano-influencers.

Nano-influencers are people who have fewer than 10,000 followers, but the followers they do have are very devoted to them. By contrast, micro-influencers have 10,000-100,000 followers, macro influencers have 250,000 to 1 million followers, and mega-influencers have 1,000,000+.

The power of major influencers may wane as many smaller nano-influencers break up their power.

Do you follow any influencers?

Bitch I am an influencer

Celebrities are boring today, share your influencer wank.

television (titans)
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This season on 'His Dark Materials'

Adapting Philip Pullman’s award-winning trilogy of the same name, which is considered a modern masterpiece of imaginative fiction, the first season follows Lyra, a seemingly ordinary but brave young woman from another world. Her search for a kidnapped friend uncovers a sinister plot involving stolen children, and becomes a quest to understand a mysterious phenomenon called Dust. As she journeys through the worlds, including our own, Lyra meets Will, a determined and courageous boy. Together, they encounter extraordinary beings and dangerous secrets, with the fate of both the living — and the dead — in their hands.

His Dark Materials stars Dafne Keen, James McAvoy, Ruth Wilson and Lin-Manuel Miranda.


The View: Billy Crystal, Stevie Wonder, Ruby Bridges, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, Sara, Ana

Friday and Monday combined

More behind the cut

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Ontd election lawsuit update Donald Dum Dum is 1-24 in court losses haha cackles

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Tila Tequila attempted to kidnap neighborhood kids for baptism

Neo-Nazi Tila Tequila (Once famous for her VH1 bisexual dating show A Shot at Love) has become a hardcore christian.

Yesterday she decided to skip her daily prayers for Tr*mp (yep) and uploaded a video where she attempts to kidnap kids from her neighborhood so she could baptize them in her bathroom bathtub.

Luckily their grandmother rescues them in time. Tila then argues with her and calls her Satan/The Devil. Her youtube and facebook are filled with religious ramblings where she enjoys the suffering of others in the name of her deity.

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ONTD Original: Since it's ending... Top 14 craziest things about Supernatural (and it's fandom).

14. The Ackles Ass Equation

The Ackles Ass Equation is y=-(sin(x^(1.7/6)+4)+(1/x))+10, which represents the curvature of Jensen Ackles' ass while sleeping in his boxers in season 2. Yes that's a thing.

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ONTD, what are you gonna miss about SPN?
CI Kathryn

Isaiah Washington attempts to come for Katherine Heigl

-What year is it? are we in a time warp? For some odd reason Isaiah Washington is coming for Katherine Heigl 13 years after she stuck up for T.R. Knight over an alleged homophobic remark.

-Washington attempted to deny the situation in 2007 at the Golden Globes by stating "No, I did not call T.R. a f----t. Never happened, never happened,there is no way I could do anything so vile, and so horrible, not only to a castmate but to a fellow human being." to which Heigl later stated "I'm going to be really honest right now, he needs to just not speak in public. Period. I'm sorry, that did not need to be said, I'm not okay with it."

-Washington was later fired from Greys Anatomy only to be invited back 7 years later for an episode while Heigl continues to be blacklisted from the show.

-He's replied to several tweets that put down Heigl.

Are you still holding onto any grudges from a decade ago?
LiL Kim 20

ONTD Original: Songs we (including myself) did not know were remakes


Before researching for this ONTD Original, I thought I knew which songs that I would choose but as researching I underestimated the many songs that I thought were not remakes but were in fact remakes or covers. On my original list I had I Feel For You by Chaka Khan which was originally written and recorded by Prince & Nothing Compares 2 U by Sinéad O'Connor which also was originally written and recorded by Prince*. I think most music fan knew that information. But with a few on this list, I was kind of shocked that they were remakes. Starting with the first song on this list, it is very surprising.

*(though with the latter it was for his side band The Family and he started performing it after it became at hit)

Original songs under spoilers


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Which songs are you most surprised by on the list?
What songs (not on this list) you discovered and was surprised they were remakes?