November 1st, 2020

Ontd Origiginal :Most Unique Pairings "Baby It's Cold Outside"

Lady Gaga and Joseph Gordan Levitt


-Baby It's Cold outside" was written in 1944 and was featured in the 1949 film"Neptune's daughter" , Where it won the Academy Award for best song.

-The song has had controversy over it's lyrics, with some calling it outdated while others saying it was written in a way to deter censers about two unmarried people in a compromising position , which was frowned upon in the 40's.


Willie Nelson and Norah Jones


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Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey


Tom Jones and Cerys Matthews


vanessa Williams and Bobby caldwell


Jennifer Hudson and Michael Buble


Louis Armstrong and Velma Middleton


Leon Redbone and Zooey Deschanel


Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood


Dolly Parton and Rod Stewart


More Celebrity Halloween costumes 2020

Sabrina H31

Top 10 Most Underrated 2000s Pop Songs

The early 2000s had some great pop hits but some of them have been forgotten. Ms. Mojo has made list of what they think were the top 10 most underrated 2000s Pop songs. I disagree with a few since I don't consider them "Pop". What do you think of their list?

[Videos/Songs under spoilers]

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source 1/2/3/4/5

ONTD, what 2000s pop songs were underrated to you?

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Kendall Jenner threw a halloween/birthday party last night..

A lot of celebrities were in attendance, sans masks or social distancing after preaching said thing recently.. The list includes:

  • Kylie

  • Kim & Kanye

  • Justin & Hailey Bieber

  • The Weeknd

  • Doja Cat

  • Travis Scott

  • Jaden Smith (wearing a mask)

  • Saweetie & Quavo

Collapse )She throws a party every single year.. they really couldn't have skipped this year.

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American Idol's Nikki McKibbin dead at 42

-Nikki died of a brain aneurysm this morning at 3 AM
-She appeared on American Idol's first season and came in 3rd behind Justin Guarini and Kelly Clarkson
-Over the years, she had been on Celebrity Rehab, Sober House, Fear Factor, and Battle of the Network Reality Stars
-She had been married to Craig Sadler since 2007 and passed with her family by her side


I remember wanting her to win. RIP

Tobey McGuire's wife Jennifer Meyer files for divorce

COVID claims another relationship? Sort of. Maybe we can blame this one on the election.

The duo had been estranged for almost exactly 4 years to the last election day, but Jennifer
officially filed for divorce on Friday.

Rumour had it they were trying to work things out, but in 2018 she called the Superior Spider-Man her "greatest ex-husband."



paparazzis filmed camila and shawn walking her dogs and it didn’t work that well  she even fell and is clearly overwhelmed with the situation. After that incident shawn followed a dog trainer

source; source

Halloween Weekend Box Office

It was a spooky weekend at the box office as horror film Come Play exceeded expectations and nabbed the #1 spot with $3.2 million. Honest Thief, The War with Grandpa, and Tenet rounded out the Top 4, with $1.35 million, $1.08 million, and $885,000 respectively.

Rabid stans of Alita Battle Angel helped force the film to recieve re-release but they must not have shown up, as the film only grossed $128k in 1,060 theaters.

Next week sees hardly any new releases, with Kevin Costner and Diane Lane's VOD/Limited release Let Him Go being the only remotely worthy film to mention. But if you have been waiting, Possessor sees its digital home release on Tuesday.


Source, 1

Even More Celebrity Halloween costumes 2020

Christa B.Allen as Jenna rink "13 going on 30". Allen played the 13 year old version of Jennifer Garner's character in the 2004 film.


-Last batch of celebrity Halloween costumes.

Rapper, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie,and his family , as "The Proud Family"


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The woman of "Riverdale" as the Powerpuff girls


Offset as the Mask


Jesy from Little mix


Courtney Cox as her Character from "Scream"


Leslie Odom jr. and family as Mary Poppins and the cartoon penguins


Remy Ma, Papoose as zombies


The Weeknd as "Professor Klump"

sawyer halloween

ONTD Original: Best and Worst (or weirdest) Fragrance Ads

Since Halloween is officially over, we are now officially in the holiday season and we all know what that means: Fragrance ads at every commercial break!

While fragrance is difficult to advertise (how to market a smell exactly?), we take a look back at the...interesting ways it has been advertised over the years. While many stick to the classic "sex sells" approach, others have tried different tactics to stand out among the others. Below (in no particular order) are the 5 of the best and 5 of the worst (or rather, weirdest depending on your point of view) fragrance ads.

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Sources: 1 2 3 4 5; 1 2 3 4 5

Perfume post? What are your favorite perfumes? Favorite commercials? Most annoying commercials?

Lady Gaga Mocked for Trying to Appeal to Rednecks in Biden PSA

Lady Gaga has many different lewks. camo print and a can of beer? She donned this lewk for a pro-Biden PSA, and Twitter is calling her out for being a little bit fake. Many feel that she is playing up a stereotype of Southerners and Midwesterners.

In the video, she slouches against a truck, cracks open a can of beer, and puts on a sort of working-class accident while mentioning voters in "Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Florida, or Arizona."

does Gaga come across as fake in this vid, ONTD?

yeah but she always comes across as fake, so...

What is the most cringeworthy celebrity PSA, ONTD?


John Mulaney’s SNL Monologue Sparked A Mixed Reaction Online

ONTD Fave John Mulaney’s opening monologue received some backlash on social media. After joking about COVID-19 and NY Governor Andrew Cuomo, Mulaney told viewers, “Oh, yes, I’m supposed to make an announcement. On November 3rd there is an elderly man contest.”

“So there’s two elderly men and you’re supposed to pick your favorite of the elderly men,” he continued. “You can put it in the mail or you can go and write down which elderly man you like and we’ll add them all up. Then we might have the same elderly man or we might have a new elderly man.”

“But just rest assured, no matter what happens, nothing much will change in the United States,” he said, inexplicably. “The rich will continue to prosper while the poor languish. Families will be upended by mental illness and drug addiction. Jane Lynch will continue to book lots of projects.”

Reactions were mixed with some people saying Mulaney was downplaying the election taking a both sides approach. Others believed John was just telling it like it is.

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Beauty Guru Drama: Tati Westbrook gets sued

source 2

the players: Tati Westbrook and her husband James (not to be confused with James Charles) and Without A Crystal Ball (a drama channel i have never heard off)

Without A Crystal Ball got her hands on a lawsuit Tati's former business partner filed against her

the gist: they had an agreement that he would give her capital for her Vitamin business and they would do her eyeshadow palette together later.
Instead Tati went somewhere else for her eyeshadow palette and scammed her former business partner out of millions.
He also claims that the pallette is private labeled (= Tati just slapped her name on a wholesale pallette)

now Tati is suing Without A Crystal Ball for defamation:

the lawsuit list 114 instances of WACB stating her negative opinions about Tati and James as fact (always use allegedly kids!)
W&G Christmas

ONTD Original: Smart Guy’s Guest Stars

ONTD Original: Smart Guy’s Guest Stars
For those of us with Disney Plus, here’s a blast from the past show from the 1990s. (Been watching the whole thing and it totally holds up).

The premise of the show revolves around the Henderson family: Floyd, a widowed contractor, Yvette, the oldest sibling and only girl of the fam, Marcus, the middle child who is an athlete harboring R&B dreams (he was the singing voice of Young Simba in The Lion King so he’s a legit musician) and T.J., a MENSA-level genius who is advanced to high school with his siblings at age 10. The show also stars Omar Gooding as Marcus’s best bro Mo, who is a frequent house guest at the Henderson house.

In my rewatch of this stellar show, I’ve seen so many familiar faces on the journey!

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Here’s a bonus bop from Macadocious to get you through (with Jason Weaver’s sultry voice):

Anyone else rediscovered this show? Any other stars that you saw wandering the halls of Piedmont High?

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Sam smith open to dating any gender

Sam opened up respecting love life, saying to be down for dating people of "any gender.”

“I love people and whoever I fall for, that’s who I fall for. I don’t know what gender they will be, to be quite honest, to not be limited to one category of person. I just fall in love with whoever I fall in love with. I generally have never really thought about people, any human beings, in rigid terms."

Source 1

Is Rihanna dropping new music?

It looks like #Rihanna now has a twitter emoji which musicians normally get to promote new albums.

Photo since emoji can only be seen on twitter

She was also allegdly spotted filming a music video earlier this week.

Sources 1, 2, 3

Megan Fox drags ex BAG for sharing picture of their kid on IG.

Megan Fox comments that ex Brian Austin Green Is 'So Intoxicated' with Portraying Her as an 'Absent Mother' He later edited his picture..

Hope you all had a happy Halloween!!!

A post shared by Brian Austin Green (@brianaustingreen) on

Have you ever dealt with a messy ex?

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BeBe Rexha is quizzed by Alicia Silverstone on "Clueless"


-BeBe Rexha has said she is the biggest fan of "Clueless", so Billboard had Alicia Silverstone herself quiz her.BeBe gets every question right and quizzes Alicia.How well can you do ONTD?

-Round One True or false.

1 Cher and Josh are second cousins.

2. Tai reads the book "Men are from Mars. Woman are from Venus to better herself.

3.When Cher is in Christian's Car he turns on Billie Holiday.

4.In order to impress Travis, Tai shows him her drawings of "Ren & Stimpy".

5. Dionne catches the bouquet at Mr. Hall and Ms. Geist wedding.

6. Josh's Tree people club wants Rob Lowe to plant a celebrity tree.

Round 2,3,4 under the cut

Ontd: What movie/T.V. show trivia do you know by heart?

Clueless Movie GIF - Clueless Movie Gulp - Discover & Share GIFs | Alicia  silverstone, Clueless aesthetic, Cher clueless

[Spoiler (click to open)]

Round 2 General trivia

1.Where is the shirt that Cher wants to wear on the day of her driving test from.

2.What did Murray do before the yearbook pictures that made Dionne flip out.

3.What cause did Cher raise awareness and money for at the school charity drive.

4.What song does Elton sing to Tai at the party in the Valley.

5.what kind of car does Cher drive.

6. What commercial does Tai sing along to.

Round 3, Quotes, What character said it

1."Nice Bricks you got there".

2."You get upset if someone thinks you live below sunset".

3."Mrs Stoger, my plastic surgeon doesn't want me doing any activity where balls fly at my nose".

4."Yeah, I can't find my Cranberries c.d.I gotta go to the quad before some snags it".

5."And in conclusion, may I say it doesn't say RSVP on the statue of liberty"

Round 4 reversed. BeBe quizzes Alicia

1.What does legs crossed towards each other mean.

2.Which movies did Christian bring over to Cher's house.

3.What band was playing at the dance.

4. Who was Cher saving herself for.

5. What did Murray call Christian during the driving lesson.
irene adler, sherlock

Prince William had Covid-19 in April, left him "struggling to breathe"

Diagnosed after father Prince Charles was positive in April

"Didn't want to worry anyone" due to "important things going on" when explaining why he didn't announce it then

Continued to work remotely

Kensington Palace has yet to comment.


The Take: Life Lessons from Grey's Anatomy's Cristina Yang

Grey's Anatomy's Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) matures over ten seasons from a hungry young intern into a master cardiothoracic surgeon, while retaining her fierce intensity, her less-than-sunny disposition, and her biting charm. Cristina is the vision of living freely—making the choices that are most liberating and exciting to you personally, without worrying about how people will react. Here’s our Take on Cristina Yang’s unique way of seeing the world, and what we can all glean from her philosophy on life.


Real Housewives of Potomac 5.14 "Choo! Choo! Gizelle's Messy Train Arrives Early" Recap

- Mar-A-Lago Monique is making a desperate attempt to promote this podcast, Professor Chaos is calling people to make sure they get registered to vote
- Pageant Peanut Butter Foundation is her mother's house vocalizing because she thinks she can sing. A minute in and she's already crying.
- Well at least she's better than Kim Zolciak "don't be tardy for the party wooahaooahowahohahoohahooooa 🎤🚬
- Blu Cantrell 1 and Blu Cantrell 2 meet at American Girl for some tea and pastries to ambush Kurn about what she divulged to Wendy. They don't give a fuck about Karen's well-being, they just wanna be messy hoes
- we see Wedny's cute family again
- Ashley is seeing the couples therapist alone and opens up about the lack of intimacy with SweatyBack ClosedSteakhouse. It is revealed that she began seeing the therapist for postpartum depression
- the song is very 90s B-side and she gets a record offer. She fucking cried again.
- yes! The real star is back 🐦
- nigga, Gizelle finally got a halfway decent outfit on. Shoes are turrible. But this home decor is just - it's like is the year 2020 had a Pinterest board
- the Nosy Sugar Baby introduces so authentically,, genuinely, naturally introduces the season trip.
- we're having the Embezzled hat photoshoot to pay the IRS
- the ladies need to work on their Sporcle geography skills. Monique is still blockedT
- Get ha, Kurn.
- MLMonique retaliates by filing charges against Candiace. Two people is not the reason that fight happened heffa, that implies two people got to throwing bows and it was just YOU. It was whoooooo? It was yoooooooooooooooou.


The editing when Wendy said she didn't brag about her degrees - lmaaaaaooooooooooo!
cat with hat
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How ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Revolutionized Pop Culture — and Why It’s Not Done Yet

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