October 31st, 2020


Lauren Jauregi talks how Camila relationship rumors affected her and being outed as queer

Lauren Jauregi was on Becky G's podcast "En La Sala" this week and talked about her long rumored relationship with Fifth Harmony bandmate Camila Cabello, and being outed against her wishes.


People thought Camila and I were, like, into each other, and that made me so uncomfortable. Like, disgustingly uncomfortable, because I was queer, but she was not. It made me feel like a predator because of the types of clips people would put together and the types of stories people would write and that type of stuff, I was always the aggressor, and I was always the one turning her and I was always the one who was, like, the ‘masculine’ energy in the scenario. And it made me very uncomfortable because that’s not how I identify. And that’s not to say, that that’s wrong to identify like that…. But I did not identify that way, and I also did not have that connection with her.

Camila and I were just very good friends at that time. We respected each other, we would talk, we would look at each other, we had love for each other. In the Latinx culture, I don't know about you, I was very affectionate with all of my friends. We would tell each other shit that yeah maybe you would think we were gay if you were listening over but we weren't. That wasn't the interaction so that actually made me so uncomfortable.

To this day, I hyper-analyze every connection that I have with a girl because I don’t want to make them feel that I’m looking at them that way, because to this day, [fans] are convinced that that was real.

And I can't do anything to change it. Because even when I talk about it—and I don't talk about it because I've learned to just ignore it because it was just so traumatizing for me…that it was, like, I just chose to ignore it at a certain point because getting angry to them would mean that it was real and validate it more for them. So I was like, okay, then I can’t get angry or defend myself, apparently, because that just makes it more real [for them].

It just really fucked with my head and I wasn't even comfortable telling my parents about it. I wasn't even comfortable telling myself that I was queer, you know? And also, I didn't see Camila that way so it just made me uncomfortable that I could potentially be putting off that kind of vibe onto someone who I wasn't trying to do that with.

[being outed by pigrez hilton]

I was at my uncle and aunt's wedding in New Orleans. We were taking pictures, and I was drunk and my girlfriend was drunk and we took a picture of us kissing. My aunt super innocently posted all the pictures from the photobooth onto her Facebook. And I have fans that are unreal invasive and followed her. They found the picture, and they posted it. And they were posting it everywhere. And I just remember being like, 'Oh my god. Hopefully this doesn't blow up. Hopefully, it's just, like you know, the few fans who found it; it just stays there.' And then Perez Hilton outed me in an article and used the picture. And then it went everywhere.

I have my uncles texting me like "what is going on and what is this??" And I have people asking "are you guys together?" But the people in my life knew, my parents knew and they accepted me. My parents valued our relationship more than their proposed beliefs, and I am blessed because most people in Latinx households get kicked out. Most people end up on the street and homeless, because of this loyalty to a religion that was made by some people and beat into you and your kids.

I was outed and I was like, 'Oh my God this is really traumatizing and I'm just gonna crawl into a cave for a week and not say anything about it at all.' And then I just kind of like was like, 'Okay, it happened, and people know. What am I gonna do?'"

So I wrote that letter to Trump and his supporters for Billboard, and that's where I came out with myself, as myself. I'm owning this, and this is who I am and this is why I feel scared for me and my community right now.

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Bad Week for Ex-Paramore Members: "JERM's" new rap career

In "who one asked for this" news, Paramore ex-bassist Jeremy Davis (now known as "JERM") just released his first music video, unexpectedly in the rap genre. Both song and video are bad enough that it makes me wonder if he is just super committed to a joke "white rapper" Halloween costume... I'm legitimately waiting for his "jk guys, joke's on you" post except I'm not sure he's got the $$ to fund a full 3-min joke music video now that the Paramore cash isn't flowing in.

For now, I present to you JERM's lead single "Ooooo Yea."  =|

(If you don't remember, Paramore and Jeremy had a messy falling out, with his split from the band involving lawsuits and counter-lawsuits. We don't actually have info on how the lawsuits played out, but maybe he made enough money that he was able to fund his passion project of becoming a worse white rapper than macklemore.)

Edited to add his other newly released song, "Suffocate the Memories." Super gross, and presumably about Paramore/Hayley. Starting at 4:25 you see him trying to decide whether to kill a masked person (the mask is orange w0o0o0w symbolism), and after a fight, he says ~I forgive you~ and unloads the gun and walks away.



Christina Aguilera Argues for Nightmare Before Christmas at Haunted Mansion

Happy Halloween, ONTD! Recently, an old video went viral of Ryan Gosling passionately but calmly arguing against the inclusion of The Nightmare Before Christmas into the Haunted Mansion ride at Disneyland.

Now the queen of Halloween Christina Aguilera has offered a rebuttal on Instagram.

The original:

What say you, ONTD?

Nightmare Before Christmas at the Haunted Mansion

Christina's right- NBC belongs in the HM!
Ryan's right- NBC has no business in the HM!

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Alexander Zverev denies domestic violence accusations, more details emerge

Alexander (Sascha) Zverev, one of the biggest male tennis stars, has been accused of domestic violence by his ex-girflriend Olya Sharypova earlier this week. The accusation took place hours after Zverev's other ex, Brenda Patea, announced her pregnancy and intention to retain sole custody.

Zverev posted a response on Twitter:

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Matthew McConaughey forbids his kids to say “I can’t” and “hate”

While stopping by Oprah Winfrey’s new Apple TV+ program, “The Oprah Conversation,” to promote his memoir, “Greenlights.” He shared how he and model Camila Alves parent their 3 children.

“We do not allow lying in the house. You cannot say the word[s] ‘I can’t’ and you can’t use the word ‘hate,’” said, instantly breaking one of his own rules. “Those three words will get you in big trouble in our house. Lying, saying ‘I can’t,’ or saying ‘I hate.’” 

He also wants his kids to be humble but not shy away from their family’s success. “If a kid at school ever tells you, ‘Oh, I bet you live in a big house ’cause your dad’s famous,’ don’t bow your head. Look up and go, ‘Yeah, we do actually live in a nice house. My dad works really hard to be as good as he can at his job.’” 

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The cast of Legally Blonde" reunite for the almost 20th anniversary of the film


-The cast of "Legally Blonde" virtually reunited. the film was released July 2001, but better early then never.

-The current crop of reunions have been shining a light on world Central kitchen a non profit that provides food relief around the country.

ONTD:What movie /t.v. cast would you like to see reunite?

Legally Blonde GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

Sean Connery: James Bond actor dies aged 90

Sean Connery has died. He was 90.

He is regarded as the best James Bond. He appeared in seven of the spy thrillers.

He's also an Oscar winner. He won best Supporting Actor for his role as an Irish cop in The Untouchables.



Ariana Grande and Tinashe Urge Fans Not To Attend Halloween Parties

Tinashe took to social media to urge fans not to go out tonight to attend any Halloween parties. “these lil Halloween parties are not worth getting sick for,” wrote the “Party Favors” songstresses. “PLEASE ... BE SAFE OUT THERE! USA hit a new record number of Covid cases in a day TODAY,” she added. Ariana Grande co-signed by retweeting her message and adding, “this part.”

Yuh yuh continues, “please dress up, take pics, but then get in your pjs and watch some scary movies. going to parties right now is unsafe and absolutely not worth it. please be safe. happy halloween everyone!”

What are your plans for Halloween?

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Mariah Carey makes a surprise appearance at the Hocus pocus reunion spicial


-Many stars came out for the Hocus Pocus reunion, that had the stars detailing their encounters with the witchy sisters as Elvira:Mistress of the dark, tried to cojure the sisters in existence.

-The special that was $13 to watch, was to benefit the NYRP, a non profit nature conservatory .FYI, all of the videos are fans videos,so no H.D. quality.


Glen Close having way to much fun as Cruella DeVille,Adam Lambert,Jennifer Hudson and the full show under the cut.

[Spoiler (click to open)]









Celebrity Halloween costumes 2020

Rapper Saweetie as all three members of destiny's child. The video she made is under the cut



Heidi Klum made a 5 minute film



more under the cut

[Spoiler (click to open)]

Halsey as the corpse bride


Janelle Monae a chucky



Bryce Dallas Howard as strawberry shortcake



Zooey Deschanel



Dancing with the stars pro Witney Carson "The Nightmare before Christmas"



Lil Nas X as Niki Minaj



Ciara as Niki minji



Ciara as Megan thee stallion



Ciara as cardi b



Ciara and Russel Wilson as Janet Jackson and Busta Rhymes



Kate Beckinsale and friend "Rocky Horror Picture Show"





Kat's cat Clive and dog Myf



Skai Jackson as Foxy Brown



Saweetie's Bootylicious video



Chromeo Release Video for Quarantine Anthem "Clorox Wipe," Raise Money for Know Your Rights Camp

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Alice in Chains, Anthrax, and Mastodon members honour Chris Cornell with a 'Rusty Cage' cover

This post's headline says it all. Those who collaborated on it thought it would be fun to do a cover, and here we are. Kim Thayil of Soundgarden even appears in the video to give his approval.

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Ted Lasso' Scores Early Season 3 Renewal at Apple

Apple has handed out an early season three renewal for the Jason Sudeikis soccer comedy from showrunner Bill Lawrence. The pickup arrives as the series is gearing up to return to production in January in London on its second season.

Sources note that the comedy featuring Sudeikis reprising his 2013 role as the beleaguered American soccer coach from a series of NBC Sports promotional videos has continued to grow since its Aug. 14 debut. The show has broken audience records for Apple and has drawn 25 percent new viewers to the platform. The series has grown more than 600 percent and set new records for competition and engagement worldwide.

Further helping its case, Ted Lasso has ranks as Apple's top comedy in 50 countries, including the U.S., U.K., Germany, France, Canada, Russia and Japan. The well-reviewed show — it has an impressive 98 percent among critics and 86 percent among viewers on RottenTomatos.com — is a co-production between Warner Bros. TV

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Sophie Turner to Voice Princess Charlotte in The Prince

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For some reason HBO has given Gary Janetti a whole show based on his gross Instagram account where he impersonates Prince George

more voices: Janetti as Prince George, Orlando Bloom as Prince Harry, Alan Cumming as George’s butler Owen, Frances De La Tour as Queen Elizabeth, Lucy Punch as Kate Middleton, Condola Rashad as Meghan Markle and Iwan Rheon as Prince William.

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Who was unmasked on week 5 on The Masked Singer?

This week marked the debut of Group C with it's contestants Mushroom, Broccoli, Squiggly Monster, Lips and Jellyfish. [Spoiler (click to open)]Lips was eliminated and unmasked as Wendy Williams! See her performance, unmasking, post unmasking interview, and her talking about her experience on her talk show below.

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Deutschland 89’: Spy Trilogy Wraps by Asking If It’s Worth Trying to Save a Crumbling World

The best series you're not watching, Deutschland 83/86 ends this year with its "89" instalment, the beginning of which starts just 36 hours before the fall of the Berlin Wall.

The 3rd season of the German spy thriller was released on Amazon Prime already but will now air Thursdays at 11 p.m. on Sundance TV for Americans. It revisit the characters of Martin, his aunt Lenora, his son Max et al as they struggle to acclimatise to a new Germany and the end of the Cold War.


OP: As someone who has already watched it, I can't recommend it enough! A gut punch of an ending that speaks directly to the times that we are living in.

Also, Sylvester Groth/Walter Schweppenstette needs his own spin-off.

trek spacegoddess

Star Trek: Discovery 3x04 "Forget Me Not" Promo, BTS on 3x03 & Meet Trek's First Non-Binary Actor!

Sources: Promo, BTS, ST Twitter

Do YOU fire first or do you live and breathe diplomacy, ONTD Discoteers?🖖

Seo Kang-joon
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Megan Thee Stallion is apparently ready to party in Atlanta for Halloween

On 26th October Megan Thee Stallion posted the above tweet, which fans pointed out meant a party was likely to happen. Sure enough, @AllureAtlanta on Instagram, a strip club, posted the below flyer/poster for what appears to be a party hosted by Megan happening on Halloween.

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Celebrity family Halloween 2020