October 29th, 2020


Craig Robinson to host, Paula Abdul, Ashley Tisadale & BAG join as panelists on "The Masked Dancer"

FOX announced that that Craig Robinson will host The Masked Singer spinoff, "The Masked Dancer". The Masked Dancer started as a spoof segment of The Masked Singer on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, but instead of being insulted, FOX liked the idea, and made it an actual show.

In addition, world-famous choreographer and singer Paula Abdul, actor and the former “Giraffe” Mask on The Masked Singer Brian Austin Green and actress and singer Ashley Tisdale were also announced as panelists. They will join Ken Jeong, who is also a panelist on TMS.

The Masked Dancer will feature celebrity contestants shaking their tail feathers, while covered from head-to-toe in elaborate costumes and face masks, leaving audiences to guess their identities. Costumed celebrities will be joined on stage by masked partners and back-up dancers, as they perform a series of dances together; spanning from hip-hop to salsa, jazz to tap dancing and more. When it comes to dance styles, the sky is the limit. Each week, a series of clues will be sprinkled throughout packages, costumes and routines, leading the panelists one step closer to figuring out which famous faces are freestyling behind the masks.

Between all of the celebrity competitors on the show, they've amassed more than 38 million albums sold worldwide, 20 Emmy® Award wins, 20 Grammy® Award nominations, 10 World Dancing titles, five New York Times Best-Selling Author titles, four Olympic gold medals and three Broadway show appearances.

The Masked Dancer will premiere this December.

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Jennifer Lopez and Armie Hammer to star in Lionsgate’s action-comedy ‘Shotgun Wedding’

Jennifer Lopez and Armie Hammer are set to star in Lionsgate’s action-comedy Shotgun Wedding. Pitch Perfect‘s Jason Moore will direct from a screenplay by Mark Hammer and Liz Meriwether. Lopez will also produce through her company Nuyorican Productions. Ryan Reynolds is also executive producing.

The film follows Darcy (Lopez) and Tom (Hammer), who gather their lovable but very opinionated families for the ultimate destination wedding just as the couple begin to get cold feet. And if that wasn’t enough of a threat to the celebration, suddenly everyone’s lives are in danger when the entire party is taken hostage.

Production is set to start early next year.


Lark Voorhies is set to appear on Saved By The Bell!

While it's unknown how many episodes Lark is in or when she'll appear, Lisa will be back and has a successful career in fashion.

Tim & Saoirse

Indie Film Release Guide: October 30th [An ONTD Original]

ONTD Indie Release Guide Graphic.png

This year has that rare Halloween that falls on a Saturday, absolutely perfect for a big Halloween party… and here we are, smack in the middle of a global pandemic. Thankfully, there is more than one way to celebrate the season, and one of the easiest alternatives is watching some scary movies. This week’s indie roundup has several horror & thriller films, some of which are in theaters and some of which are streaming.

The films listed are from studios other than the “Big Six” - Paramount, Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox, Universal, Columbia/Sony and Disney. All films listed will be available at their respective sources on Friday unless otherwise noted. Check out the posts from the past few weeks for more movies that may have already come to VOD: October 23rd, October 16th, and October 9th.

The Craft: Legacy

Stars: Cailee Spaeny, Gideon Adlon, Lovie Simone, Zoey Luna
Writer: Zoe Lister-Jones, Peter Filardi
Director: Zoe Lister-Jones
Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Horror
Plot: An eclectic foursome of aspiring teenage witches get more than they bargained for as they lean into their newfound powers.
What you should know: A sequel to the original 1996 film starring Fairuza Balk, Robin Tunney, Rachel True, and Neve Campbell.
Where to stream: Available now via VOD

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Happy (almost) Halloween! What have you been watching lately, ONTD? Seeing anything this weekend?

Queen Whitney Houston Makes History With 3rd Diamond-Certified Album


What have u done with ur life, ONTD? Not much, apparently, since Whitney Houston is still making history even though she is deceased.

The queen of pop now has three diamond-certified albums and has the most diamond-certified albums of any black artist. An album is diamond-certified when it has sold 10 million albums or more.

The albums include:
  • Whitney Houston
  • Whitney
  • The Bodyguard soundtrack

Fun facts: Garth Brooks has the most diamond albums, with nine. Along with him, The Beatles, The Eagles, Shania Twain, and Led Zeppelin are the only other artists with at least three diamond-certified albums.

post a song that describes your day or that you are listening to today, ONTD.

  • numara

jade thirlwall on her ideal man: "a straight man who’s willing to dress in drag & loves being queer"

little mix singer jade thirlwall recently opened up about her new boyfriend, rizzle kicks member jordan stephens. while offering nothing meaningful in the way in which he is hopefully a good or supportive bf, rest assured, ontd -- he fulfils her fetish. and isn't that what really matters?

  • “It’s really important for that whoever I find relationship-wise loves drag culture."
  • "When I first started talking to my boyfriend, I discovered he did a movie where he played a drag queen and I was like, right, that’s it. He’s perfect. Sign me up! A straight man who’s willing to dress in drag and loves being queer and feminine.”


    are u straight and queer, ontd?
  • LauraruaL

    Eva Mendes Guesses Aussie Slang; Talks Ryan Gosling and Family

    Eva is forced to take a buzzfeed quiz to promote her role as Australia's 2020 McHappy Day Ambassador of Ronald McDonald House Charities. She handles it with grace and good humor.

    • In an interview with Studio 10, Eva gets emotional talking about her brother's final days battling throat cancer.

    • In an interview with 9Honey, Eva discussed a variety of things including:

    • Ryan Gosling is an amazing chef and baker, using the quarantine to strengthen that skill set.

    • She says their family is very fortunate that they haven't been directly impacted by the pandemic, but it's been crazy with the kids and a new puppy. The fam is obsessed with Aussie cartoon Bluey.

    • She and Ryan have been friends since the early 2000s and she would like to work with him again eventually.

    Behind the cut, various Aussie media interview clips:

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    TAEMIN's 'Never Gonna Dance Again : Act 2' out November 9

    Two months after saving K-Pop with "Criminal," TAEMIN is set to do it again when Never Gonna Dance Again : Act 2 arrives on November 9.

    Led by the title song "이데아 (IDEA)," Act 2 (like Act 1) will feature nine tracks, including the long-anticipated "Heaven" and "Be Your Enemy," a duet with labelmate Red Velvet's WENDY. It will also serve as a full circle moment for TAEMIN, who has described the Never Gonna Dance Again suite as a career and image reset.

    Speaking to Forbes earlier this month, TAEMIN explained, "For '2 KIDS' it's about pain, the pain that comes with love and a broken heart. That's why in the music video I have scars on my face. That's kind of the basis of that. The storyline kind of builds with that pain, then moves onto 'Criminal' with a dark, internal feeling. Act 2 will show myself rising up from the ashes."

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    Patrick Wilson to Direct ‘Insidious 5’

    Today in "There are 5 of these? What?", Patrick Wilson and his forehead ("Aquaman"), will direct Insidious 5.

    The story picks up a decade after the events of 2018’s “Insidious: The Last Key” and sees the Lamberts’ son Dalton (Ty Simpkins) heading to college.

    No date has been set. "“One of the primary reasons the interest and appetite from fans has lasted for ‘Insidious’ is because the people involved in the first film have stayed involved and kept it vital, interesting and good,”Blum said [citation needed, I have not seen any of these].


    no shade, I respect Patrick Wilson.

    Naomie Harris covers "Tatler "

    "Respect" delayed until August by MGM


    -"Respect" starring Jennifer Hudson as Aretha Franklin was suppose to come out January 15, but MGM has delayed the release to August 11,2021 so it could premiere wide in theaters.

    -Hudson just appeared on "Entertainment Weekly",the Oscar race begins cover October 15. In the interview Hudson spoke of how Franklin was adamant that her story be on the big screen only.

    -Tomb Raider 2" was also removed from it's March release date.

    The Voice Super Bowl Reactions GIF by NBC - Find & Share on GIPHY
    jelous or crazy

    HHS Sought to Use Celebrity Spokespeople to "Rebrand" the Coronavirus

    - HHS pitched a campaign called "Helping the President will Help the Country"
    - They vetted over 274 celebs for their political views before "allowing them to participate"
    - They assessed celebs demographics, political histories, political endorsements, and even criminal histories leading to some ??? like "Nicki Minaj: Does not want focus on politics when rapping", "Gina Rodriguez: Faced a couple of racial scandals and faced criticism by stating Anti- Black in 2018 and 2019", and "Millie Bobbie Brown: Millie is only 16, cannot vote until 2024"
    - The (bonkers) full list includes celebs like Cardi B, Lil Uzi Vert, Dakota Fanning, Billie Eillish,
    Meryl Streep, Jon Bon Jovi, Alec Baldwin, presumably all drawn out of a hat

    Source: https://twitter.com/politico/status/1321830013562478592
    horny christmas

    Too Much Slizzurp: Weezy F. Baby endorses 45/ Offset Riden' With Biden

    a milli, a milli, tunechi is pictured with 45.

    The Biden Campaign was in Hotlanta, where the playa's play. Offset, performed at the event citing his past incarcerations as a reason why he couldn't vote in the past, this year is his first time voting!

    source= https://twitter.com/LilTunechi/status/1321941986174226432

    kim k reminds y'all to vote!

    Netflix Is Raising Its Prices Once Again

    Welp. Here comes another price hike for Netflix customers in the US. The company is raising the price of its Standard two-stream HD plan from $12.99 per month to $13.99 (a $1 increase). As for it’s premium tier (with four streams, including 4K Ultra HD content), it will increase by $2, from $15.99 to $17.99 per month.

    The price of the company’s Basic plan (with one single non-HD stream) will remain at $8.99 monthly.

    New subscribers who sign up for Netflix’s Standard or Premium plans as of today will pay the higher rates immediately.

    Current subscribers will see the new pricing over the next few months, according to a Netflix representative. Members will be notified through email and will also receive a notification within the Netflix app 30 days ahead of their price increase.

    “We understand people have more entertainment choices than ever and we’re committed to delivering an even better experience for our members,” the Netflix spokeswoman said in a statement. “We’re updating our prices so that we can continue to offer more variety of TV shows and films — in addition to our great fall lineup. As always we offer a range of plans so that people can pick a price that works best for their budget.”

    They somehow gotta pay for all those new shows they’ll cancel after 1-2 seasons, you know.

    david pink
    • arellaj

    Andrew Lloyd Webber makes a reference to MCR

    -Andrew Lloyd Webber posted a video replying to a random (3 year old) tweet that while musical fans may know some iconic chords from his musicals, it's an entirely different thing to make just one note iconic and memorable, as My Chemical Romance has with the G note.
    -Fans speculate there may be a musical about MCR's album "The Black Parade" in the works based on the tweet he replied to complaining on how there was no musical yet.


    When will your faves/Mr. Sheffield????????
    Body language

    Sandra Oh, Awkwafina Team For Netflix Sister Comedy Movie

    Awkwafina and Sandra Oh are playing sisters in a new comedy for Netflix.

    “The film centers on a lonely recluse whose life is upended when her train wreck of a sister vows to mend their relationship by helping her fulfill her lifelong dream: to be a contestant on her favorite game show.”

    cat with hat
    • prebble

    Uzo Aduba to Star in ‘In Treatment’ Reboot.

    HBO has greenlit a fourth season of the drama series “In Treatment” with Uzo Aduba set to star, Variety has learned.
    The reimagined series will focus on a diverse trio of patients in session with the observant, empathetic Dr. Brooke Lawrence (Aduba) while she wrestles with her own issues. Production is set to begin soon under COVID-19 guidelines, with the show slated to debut in 2021.

    The original “In Treatment” starred Gabriel Byrne and Dianne Wiest. It was based on the Israeli series “BeTipul.” “In Treatment” originally ran for three seasons and over 100 episodes on HBO from 2008-2010. It received seven Emmy nominations during its run.


    david pink
    • arellaj

    Paul Rudd gave out cookies to people in line to vote in the rain

    Genuine Good Guy™ Paul Rudd wanted to give his thanks to those who stood in line to vote while it was raining today in Brooklyn so he handed out cookies.

    • ohmylol

    ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ Creator Rachel Bloom to Write *NSYNC Superfan Movie For Sony

    The co-creator of “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” has signed on to write the script for a movie about two *NSYNC superfans at Sony Pictures label TriStar.

    Based on an idea by band member and producer Lance Bass, Bloom is tackling the project about real life best friends Meredith Sandberg and Winter Byington, who spent a summer following *NSYNC on their last world tour.

    Bass is producing through his eponymous production label with Cindy Cowan for Cindy Cowan Entertainment. Shary Shirazi, VP of Production, and Nicole Brown, President of TriStar Pictures, are overseeing the project for the studio

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    Kai bw
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    Ray Fisher Accuses Warner Bros. Execs of "Racist Conversations" During 'Justice League' Edit

    In an interview with Forbes, Ray Fisher went into deeper details about the alleged mistreatment.

    “What set my soul on fire and forced me to speak out about Joss Whedon this summer was my becoming informed that Joss had ordered that the complexion of an actor of color be changed in post-production because he didn’t like the color of their skin tone,”

    Fisher went on to accuse Warner Bros. executives of participating in “racist conversations” surrounding the production.

    “Prior to Justice League’s reshoot process, blatantly racist conversations were had and entertained—on multiple occasions—by former and current top level executives at Warner Bros. Pictures,” Fisher told Forbes. “Decision-makers that participated in those racist conversations were Geoff Johns, Jon Berg, and current Warner Bros. Pictures Group chairman Toby Emmerich.”

    Fisher also said that Whedon had the roles of multiple actors of color minimized or cut altogether, including the parts played by Ryan Choi, Joe Morton, Karen Bryson and Kiersey Clemons.

    “I always suspected that race was a determining factor for the way that things went down, but it wasn’t until this past summer that I was able to prove it,”

    Fisher also addressed those who may doubt his claims.

    “You really have to ask yourself, what’s more plausible—that I would purposely torpedo my career by making statements about powerful figures in Hollywood, that, if untrue, could be easily refuted. OR a handful people in positions of power said and did terrible things in order to maintain that power during a massive corporate merger,"

    Read more at the source 1 2

    Ariana Grande's "positions" expected to debut at #1 on Billboard Hot 100

    ONTD's favourite White Woman of Colour is expected to debut at #1 with her latest single "positions" next week. This will make it the Italian-American singer's fifth #1 hit on the Billboard Hot 100

    It will also make her the first artist to have their first five #1 singles debut atop the chart, which is difficult to get because not many people have that to their credit

    sources: 12


    Liam Payne Receives Backlash For Collaborating With TikTok “Star” Dixie D’Amelio on A Christmas Song

    Limestone is receiving some backlash on social media for choosing to collaborate with TikToker Dixie D’Amelio on a new Christmas single literally nobody asked for.

    “That’s so embarrassing for him,” one TikTok user said about the collaboration. “Liam is a full-on celebrity who was in one of the biggest boybands EVER. He could get literally anyone to work with him and he chooses a 19-year-old TikToker who has had no vocal coaching and has no music career experience besides one song that she didn’t even write, she just sang.”

    “It’s making him seem less credible of an artist, and I think people already take him the least seriously out of the 1D boys,” she continued. “Someone get this man a new manager because who thought this was a good idea.”

    “This angers me,” someone else wrote on Twitter. “She does absolutely nothing and gets everything handed to her. Like this is THE king Liam Payne. Just no.”

    Others compared Limestone to Jason Derulo, the 31-year-old pop singer who has leveraged TikTok and its many influencers to make himself relevant with the youths of today (Gen Z). Desperate or just smart marketing?

    As some may remember, JLo and Maluma recently featured Charli D’Amelio (Dixie’s younger sister) in their music video for “Pa Ti.” Jamie Lynn Spears also featured TikTok stars in the Zoey 101 reboot music video for “Follow Me (2020).” Yes. It’s as cringeworthy as it sounds.

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    ONTD, did you purchase tickets to Lime’s LP Show Act III: Halloween virtual concert this Saturday?
    Sponsored by Veeps.

    Sources: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9

    Joe Jonas & Sophie Turner hired a black nanny to walk their baby in a stroller for a weird pap walk

    Why hire a full time nanny during a pandemic when neither you or your partner are working, This is really insane though. They can’t even push their own baby for a quick walk? Are they so weak they can't push a tiny stroller? If they were tired they should’ve stayed they asses at home.
    Sophie gave birth to a baby girl, who they named Willa,

    source, source


    Halloween Kills - Teaser

    During today's virtual BlumFest, David Gordon Green (writer/director), Jamie Lee Curtis, and producers Malek Akkad, Bill Block, and Jason Blum appeared for a few minutes to introduce a new teaser for Halloween Kills!

    Halloween Kills will hit theatres October 15, 2021.

    The cast includes Jamie Lee Curtis, Judy Greer, Andi Matichak and Robert Longstreet, with original Halloween (1978) actor Charles Cyphers returning as Sheriff Leigh Brackett.
    Anthony Michael Hall also stars in the new film as Tommy Doyle, with the returning Kyle Richards as Lindsey Wallace and Nancy Stephens as Nurse Marion Chambers.

    ONTD, what are you looking forward to the most from this? Did y'all enjoy the 0.3 seconds of Kyle Richards' return?!

    • just444

    Songbird | Official Trailer


    Four years into quarantine the virus has changed and so have we...

    In the terrifying thriller SONGBIRD, the COVID-23 virus has mutated and the world is
    in its fourth year of lockdown. Infected Americans are ripped from their homes and
    forced into quarantine camps known as Q-Zones, from which there is no escape, as
    a few brave souls fight back against the forces of oppression. Amid this dystopian
    landscape, a fearless courier, Nico (KJ Apa), who’s immune to the deadly pathogen,
    finds hope and love with Sara (Sofia Carson), though her lockdown prohibits them
    from physical contact. When Sara is believed to have become infected, Nico races
    desperately across the barren streets of Los Angeles in search of the only thing that
    can save her from imprisonment ... or worse.

    Cast: KJ Apa, Sofia Carson, Craig Robinson, Bradley Whitford, Peter Stormare, Alexandra Daddario, with Paul Walter Hauser and Demi Moore

    Who won Big Brother All Stars??

    "Is this show still on?" Yes, and it'll be back next season with Julie Chen-Moonves hosting.

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    Source + my TV watching skills

    ONTD, did your fave win? Are you sick of this show? Who do you wish was actually cast this season?

    The Crown Season 4 | Official Trailer | Netflix

    Bend. Or Break.

    As the 1970s are drawing to a close, Queen Elizabeth (Olivia Colman) and her family find themselves preoccupied with safeguarding the line of succession by securing an appropriate bride for Prince Charles (Josh O’Connor), who is still unmarried at 30. As the nation begins to feel the impact of divisive policies introduced by Britain's first female Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher (Gillian Anderson), tensions arise between her and the Queen which only grow worse as Thatcher leads the country into the Falklands War, generating conflict within the Commonwealth. While Charles’ romance with a young Lady Diana Spencer (Emma Corrin) provides a much-needed fairytale to unite the British people, behind closed doors, the Royal family is becoming increasingly divided.

    Season Four of The Crown. November 15.


    What year is it? Our Lady Peace to release a sequel to their album 'Spiritual Machines'

    90s CanRock stans, assemble!!

    George Strombolopolous (Canadian music expert and former Much Music VJ) asked which album deserves a sequel, and Raine Maida, the lead singer of Our Lady Peace, spilled that their 2000 album Spiritual Machines will be getting a sequel.

    No release date has been given, but in Googling to investigate, this OP found that it will be called Spiritual Machines II.

    For good measure, please enjoy this live performance of In Repair, a song off Spiritual Machines:

    Source / Source 2

    IMPORTANT: What Was Bret Michaels Like Behind the Scenes of "Rock of Love???"

    where r they now.jpg

    In this time of great uncertainty, everyone in the world has one question on their mind:

    What... what was Bret Michaels like behind the scenes of "Rock of Love?"

    According to a producer: [BEWARE: SPOILER]“He was an amazing, genuine guy... So caring, blessed with great manners."

    Apparently, when Bret was hungover, he [SPOILER]"always had a smile on his face, even when he was hungover.”

    BUT there was apparently a secret that no one could have predicted until now:

    [SHOCKING]“[Bret] did not stay in the house with the girls. He would go back to his crib, and production would call him to come back for challenges or if drama was going on.”

    what are u like behind the scenes?


    what are ur fav celebs supposedly like behind the scenes?


    Zac Farro posts letter of support to LGBTQ+ fans

    Follow up to this post.

    Zac posted a letter of support to LGBTQ+ fans on Twitter, making it clear that he does not share his brother's homophobic views.

    He exclaims that whilst his name was included in Josh's letter when they left, he was never briefed on what it contained.


    Sarah Michelle Gellar and Shannen Doherty Talk Cancer, Quarantine and Friendship

    -Shannen Doherty and Sarah Michelle Gellar sit down for an intimate interview exclusively on ET. The two reunited at Doherty's Malibu home for an emotional conversation about Doherty’s stage 4 cancer battle, 'BH90210,' friendship and quarantine.

    Some fun quotes:
    DOHERTY: Did your kids like Buffy or 90210 better?

    GELLAR: My kids are too young for 90210, although Charlotte has, like, been begging for 90210.

    DOHERTY: What about Charmed?

    GELLAR: So, they're just finishing Buffy, and they're getting ready to start the first three years of Charmed.

    DOHERTY: And only the first three years. Then we're just going to turn it off.

    GELLAR: There's more than three years? I don't think so. Well, there's three years and a reboot.

    Overall its a really great interview and so much better than the quote I selected. Also nhf them photoshopping the pre-play image

    Jessica Chastain and Anne Hathaway are going to star in the psychological thriller Mothers’ Instinct

    Anne Hathaway and Jessica Chastain starring in a thriller Mothers' Instincts. They'll play suburban housewives entangled in a murder plot.

    There is a lot to hate in 2020 but top of the list for me might be Jessica Chastain’s Instagram. She's ridiculous.


    source, source

    Tamron Hall interviews Tamar Braxton,


    -Tamar Braxton spoke to Tamron Hall about what led to her hospitalization in July.

    -Braxton denies the claim by her former boyfriend that she hit him and says that he had a camera in his car as proof.Her former boyfriend filed a restraining order against Braxton in September.

    -Braxton says that "Braxton Family Values" is no longer the show she founded and is just profiting off of pain. She says she doesn't want to play the victim since she knows that reality t.v can be making a deal with the devil.Braxton says she is in therapy for depression and anxiety


    Trigger warning ,sex abuse,suicide

    [Spoiler (click to open)]

    -Tamar accuses Iyanla vanzant of telling the world she was molested between 6 and 16 without her permission and that a family member told Vansant without her knowledge.

    -Tamar says she wrote a letter about not wanting to live if she had to work in a toxic work environment. She says the network told her she was being dramatic.

    Blue Ivy Carter Promotes the New Collection of IVY PARK (featuring Beyoncé)

    - sans Jay-Z, what a start!
    - Beyoncé posted a promo of the adidas x IVYPARK collection, featuring lots of orange, mint green, just in time for spring
    - this collection is an athleisure line, I mean it's not meant to work out in right?
    - the promo features some odd NYU Tisch direction with Blue Ivy's mother, parodying 80s workout videos, in the tub with sneakers on, and odd shots wannabe high art shots
    - Blue Ivy shows off her splits
    - Beyoncé may or may not wash her legs
    - and SOPHIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    - OP already thinking about the people who buy all that shit just to upsell on eBay.
    - there was a presale that of course sold out but should be available to the general public at many retailers October 30 (ooooh OP sounds like business here)


    If you made a post about this, yell at me to delete. Thank you!
    • t_snake

    ONTD Original: The Best Show You Aren't Watching - US Presidential Edition

    DarlingssSs, in honour of the week before election day i'm resurrecting the tv show suggestions posts by me, yay!

    Today, to start w a bang (and also because i'm the hbic of the basics) the rec is: THE WEST WING

    What is it?
    Just one of the best shows about US politics!

    All of it, tbh. Just watch it. Trust your favourite Snakey and her lazy posts where they just tell you to watch stuff

    Where can i watch it?
    -RTE Online (s1-3)
    -HBOmax (?)
    -Your usual sources

    Source: https://mobile.twitter.com/rte/status/1321815370060222464

    ONTD, did you also wish Ru would have asked to lipsync for your life to the jakal like CJ? What is your favourite episode?