October 26th, 2020

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Margaret Qualley & Shia LaBeouf Star In Music Video “Love Me Like You Hate Me” For Rainsford


Margaret Qualley & Shia LaBeouf did a music video/short film for Rainsford, who is Margaret's sister Rainey Qualley

they are nude in it, so watch it at the source if you want

There is no director listed anywhere, even tho Olivia Wilde did direct it

(deuxmoi got a few anons about Shia and Olivia clashing on this set bc he was awful and that this is also why he got replaced by Harry Styles for her next movie. allegedly.)

Full musical performances from the I Will vote Virtual Fundraiser

Ciara "Level Up"



-The "I will vote" Democratic fundraiser presented many artist including Cher, Ciara, Dave Matthews , Macy Gray, Sara Bareilles,ASAP Ferg,Andra Day and many more.

Foo Fighters "Times Like These"



More Performances and full show under the cut

[Spoiler (click to open)]

Dave Matthews"Mercy"



Darren Chriss "Here comes the sun"



Ben Platt""Grow as we go"



Pink "What about us"


Cher "Happiness is a thing called Joe"



Cher "Walking in Memphis " 20:20 mark


Sara bareilles "More Love", 26:02 mark,

Macy Gray "I Try" 31:00,

John Legend"We will overcome" 38:35,

Andra Day"Make your troubles go away" 55:30,

Asap ferg "Work" 1:21:10,

Billy Porter "A change is gonna come "1:12:40,

Jon bon Jovi "1:32:00,

Neyo,jermaine dupree"Change" 1:46:05.

horny christmas

Kim Kardashian Kelebrates 40!

Kim had planned a luxurious birthday celebration, speculated to be in the Caribbean. An atendee kris shared this tid bit, “All the guests know is when to be ready to be picked up for the flight, which will leave the Los Angeles area early next week. The destination is being kept strictly under wraps for privacy reasons, but that isn’t stopping everyone [from] speculating”.

source= https://twitter.com/KimKardashian/status/1320737244517257218

Dua Lipa and Bernie Sanders talk about why this election matters

- Bernie says if you're a first time voter and you feel a little intimidated then "get over it" because this election is important

- Dua Lipa says as a British person who grew up with the NHS, she doesn't understand why more Americans don't protest for universal healthcare

- She thinks it's unfathomable that along with their jobs, Americans are also losing their healthcare during a worldwide pandemic

- They briefly discuss immigration as well

horny christmas

Off Set gets arrested on IG Live & Cardi B furiously screams at the police

Off set got arrested on instagram live. There are conflicting reports of the incident. Idk why or how but there have been numerous gatherings here in los angeles supporting president 45don't get me started on latino's for 45 but they've been in the Beverly hills area. allegedly, offset got caught up in the 45 parade and a 45 supportor smashed his window, the cops came and the 45 supporter said off set was waving his gun at him. there was a police report stating that someone in the vehicle had possession of a gun.

cardi caught a whiff of what was going on and turned 100 on lapd, when she had seen off set getting arrested.

source= https://twitter.com/Phil_Lewis_/status/1320157333259956225 &
grrm sux

Lily James: 'I got sucked into the vortex. I didn't know which way to turn'

So, The Guardian recently did a profile piece on young, up-and-coming ingenue Miss Lily James, which was published this weekend. Note: This interview was carried out before the infamous Lily Goes West saga. When the Guardian reached out for comment after the photos were released, the actress apparently declined.

  • On art and life: "it’s never black and white, is it? Everything happens in the grey area, and in the colour. I think conversations about things that are difficult can become very much one side versus the other. We’re in a time where I feel things become very moralistic, and then it’s very difficult to explore around the edges.” This followed a discussion about Rebecca, and her character's transformation from a 'shy girl' to a 'bold woman', and the story's complexities blurring together romance, love and abuse.

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Well. You can read the whole interview at the Source.

ONTD Roundup

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Harry Styles releases Golden single artwork + video teaser


Harry Styles is still going strong with his Fine Line album campaign, readying the release of his 5th single, Golden by releasing the single artwork as well as a teaser for the upcoming music video.

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Source 1: https://www.instagram.com/p/CGsapn2HC_o/
Source 2: https://www.instagram.com/p/CGxceJrnIRx/
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James Wan to Produce Adaptation of Horror Podcast, Archive 81, for Netflix

James Wan is set to produce a loose 8-episode adaptation of season 1 of the Archive 81 podcast (which currently has three seasons). Rebecca Sonnenshine (The Boys, Vampire Diaries) will be the showrunner/EP, and the show will star Mamoudou Athie and Dina Shihabi. The original creators of the podcast will also serve as co-producers.

The show will follow archivist Dan Turner (Athie), who takes a job restoring a collection of damaged videotapes from 1994. Reconstructing the work of documentary filmmaker Melody Pendras (Shihabi) and her investigation into a dangerous cult, he becomes convinced he can save her from the terrifying end she met 25 years ago.

“With ‘Archive 81,’ we’re hoping to give the supernatural horror genre a new twist – while keeping a dark, deeply emotional romance as its core. Alongside the talented Mamoudou Athie and Dina Shihabi, and visionary partners Atomic Monster and Rebecca Thomas, I’m excited to take Netflix viewers on a terrifying and visually thrilling adventure," said Sonnenshine in a statement.

Excited to see #1 pet Ratty in live action
What podcasts do you think would make good shows?

[flashing image]
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TOMORROW X TOGETHER release "Minisode1: BLUE HOUR" EP + official MV premiere

TXT (Soobin, Yeonjun, Beomgyu, Taehyun and Huening Kai) are back with some "Disney on acid" visuals for their new music video BLUE HOUR. The new single whips together a trendy disco sound with a country western, 2-step flair. Pink mullet anyone? Check below for a preview of their new EP, and stream "Minisode1: BLUE HOUR" everywhere now!

Who is your bias, ONTD? And why is it Huening Kai?

Sources: 1 | 2
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New outtakes from Britney's iconic Blackout album photoshoot surface


13 years after its original release, Britney Spears' Blackout continues to be the pop gift that keeps on giving.

New pictures from the album's photoshoot have surfaced recently, some coming directly from the photographer (the legendary Ellen Von Unwerth) and others from leaks.

To this day it remains one of the few official photoshoots of Britney with dark hair.

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Source 1: https://www.instagram.com/p/CGzZvy1j4rE/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
Source 2: https://www.instagram.com/p/CGx4k5slT33/
Source 3: https://www.instagram.com/p/CFyShXulhwi/

BREAKING: Keanu Reeves Cuts Hair!

According to Page Six, Keanu was spotted sporting a buzz cut on Sunday in Berlin. He has been filming “The Matrix 4” there since August. Keanu and his new hair kissed girlfriend Alexandra Grant goodbye before walking to the set.

For those missing the greasy hair, a new John Wick will surely be filming soon. More pics at the P6 source.

Source, two

Oprah Winfrey Reveals 7 Books That Helped Her Survive Hard Times


Oprah is famous for her book club, but she has released a list of the seven books that helped her through rough patches in life. The titles (or, you know, five of them) are:

  • "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle
  • "The Soul of America" by Jon Meacham
  • "Between the World and Me" by Ta-Nehisi Coates
  • "The Fire Next Time" by James Baldwin
  • "Song of Solomon" by Toni Morrison

Her list has lots of female authors and and authors of color.

have you been reading a lot in quarantine?

no, my brain is just trying to survive this shit, please don't judge me
does reading ONTD count?

What is your reading list of books that got you through hard times?

See all the titles and watch her talk about the books at the source
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Phil Collins Demands Trump Stop Playing His Music; Ex-Wife End Alleged Armed Occupation of Home

Singer Phil Collins, father of the other Lily, has been having quite the month. His team has been sending C&D letters to the Trump campaign as they keep playing his song, "In the Air Tonight" at rallies.

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ALSO, his ex-wife since 2006, Orianne Cevey (though they apparently got back together in 2016), has allegedly taken up armed occupation in their Miami home where he wants to spend Christmas with his teen sons. He has filed a lawsuit against her and according to it, he gave her a move-out deadline of October 12 after she married another man in August. He claims that she has “taken possession of the Property by a show of force,” allegedly hiring “armed guards to patrol the Property with openly displayed firearms.”

Her attorney responded: “Orianne’s only motive is to remain in her home until a fair settlement is resolved. She has never interfered in Mr. Collins’ ability to see or interact with his children and encourages their relationship. Instead of his Trumpian disinformation campaign, his hidden cameras and private investigators, perhaps Mr. Collins should clean up his own act, literally and figuratively, and honor the commitments he made to Orianne when they moved in together.”


Celebrity Urban Legends that many people still believe

Tommy Hilfiger gets kicked off the Oprah show for saying he didn't want black people wearing his brand



-A rumor started in the middle 90's that had designer Tommy Hilfiger going on the Oprah Winfrey show and stating in part"If I had known African -Americans's would buy my cloths, I wouldn't have made them so nice".

-Many people said they would never buy Hilfiger's cloths after the statments.

-The statements were false , and Oprah herself stated this herself on her show in 1999. Hilfiger's never was on Oprah's show until 2007, where they discussed the long standing rumor.

Mama's and Papa's singer Cass Elliott died from chocking on a ham sandwich


-Cass Elliot, died at 32 in 1974. The rumor of how she died has been a long one, with people assuming that due to her size, that she must have died eating. Elliot died of heart failure. Elliot was also Jewish, so it was especially egregious that a ham sandwich was apart of the rumor.



more under the cut

[Spoiler (click to open)]

Mariah Carey says she wants to be skinny like starving children, but without the flies


-Mariah Carey told a British magazine quote "When I watch t.v. and I see those poor starving kids all over the world, I can't help but cry.I mean, I would love to be skinny like that,but not with all the flies and death and stuff."The quote was made up from a fake interview. Carey had to to appear at a press conference in London over the false quote from the made up interview, but the rumor still pops up from time to time and it's origins seem to have been reworked and reclaimed by her fans who call her a skinny legend.

Jay-Z cheated on Beyonce with Rihanna


-Rhianna'a ex publicist ,jonathan hay admitted in 2015 that he started the rumor to boost sales of'Pon De Reply" Hay"The PR stunt that I did was out of desperation to help break "Pon De Replay"It was reckless and I didn't thank it was going to work. I was just throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what would stick."

Jennifer Lopez insured her butt for $27 million


-Lopez said on carpool Karaoke" that the insurance story was a rumor Lopez"No, there's no such thing as that! Lopez wasn't sure what the point would be Lopez"Is it in case something happens to it?It disapears? somebody tried to steal it?"
jennie: facecam

BLACKPINK Becomes First Korean Girl Group to Sell One Million Albums

BLACKPINK's first full-length album "The Album" has now sold a combined total of 1,209,543 copies, making them the first-ever Korean girl group to achieve the title of "million seller." Since its release on October 2nd, the album has sold approximately 800k+ albums domestically and 319k+ in the US and Europe. Edited to add: As commenters have pointed out, SNSD's 2011 Japanese album "Girls' Generation" also sold a million copies - I am unsure why Soompi isn't counting them, perhaps because the album isn't in Korean or because it reached a million sales through a repackage? But regardless, credit where credit is due, #SNSDPavedTheWay, etc.

They also become the first Korean girl group to spend three weeks in the top 10 of the US Billboard 200, sitting this week at #10 with 29.5k units sold (Korean boy group NCT's "Resonance Pt. 1" is also in the Billboard 200 top 10 this week, debuting at #6 with 43k units sold).

1 | 2 | 3
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ONTD Original: Favorite tv scenes

It all started because this tweet, where people were quoting about their favorite tv scenes so i started to remember my favorite ones and decided to make this post. There will be spoilers of several tv shows so be careful, i warned you:

1. The Americans - Philip and Elizabeth fight - 4x08 The Magic of David Copperfield V: The Statue of Liberty Disappears

This scene lives in my mind rent free, it's one of my favorite scenes from the whole show and especially when Elizabeth says "I'm stuck with you because i took you back, after you slept with the woman who had your son and you lied to my face about it" ICONIC, Legendary, out if this world, give Keri Russell the emmys, the Golden Globes, the SAGs, the Oscars, the Tonys, The Grammys, she deserves it all.

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Source 1 2 3 4 5 6 7


Tell us about your favorite tv scenes, ONTD

Celebs tweet after Amy Coney Barrett confirmation hearing

ICYMI the Senate voted to confirm Trump's pick Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court today.

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Source: 1 2 3 4 5 6
ppg- bubbles and octi

ONTD original - Weirdest Pop Culture-Inspired Nail Polish Collections

Nail polish companies such as OPI and Essie typically come out with new nail polish "collections" 5-6 times a year. Each "collection" typically contains between 4-12 nail polishes with a particular theme. Many times, the collection is themed around the current season - for example it's common for a collection of neon polishes to be released in the summer, while it's common for pastel collections to release in the spring. However, sometimes nail polish companies partner with movies, TV shows, or celebrities to release pop culture-inspired nail polish collections. In this post I'm going to be looking at (some of) the absolute strangest pop culture-themed nail polish collections ever to be released, as well as a few non-pop culture ones just for fun!

Kardashian Kolors

The Theme: The Kardashians. That's it.
The Brand: Nicole by OPI
Date Released: 2012
Strangest Color Names: Khloe Had A Little Lam-Lam, Kourt Is Red-i for a Pedi, Kendall On The Katwalk, Kim-pletely In Love, Listen To Your Momager!
Still Available?: Not in stores, since the Nicole by OPI line has been discontinued, but you can get some of them on eBay.

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Source: My nail polish obsession
Images are old publicity images from the brands when the collections were released - mostly found on cached sites so I'm linking the brand websites instead - OPI China Glaze Sally Hansen

Nail polish post, ONTD! What are your favorite brands and colors?

Taylor Swift's Folklore Becomes First Album to Sell 1 Million Copies in 2020

Taylor Swift’s ‘Folklore’ is Back at No. 1 on Billboard 200 Chart for Eighth nonconsecutive Week

It also becomes the first album to sell a million copies in the U.S. in 2020. (1.038 million)

It jumps from No. 10 with 77,000 equivalent album units ( 57,000 copies sold) earned in the U.S. in the week ending Oct. 22


Liam Payne’s LP1 Isn’t Such A Flop After All? Sold 3 Million Copies Worldwide, Allegedly

This morning PROUD OF LIAM started trending after it was announced that Liam Payne was presented with a plaque for selling 3 million copies of his debut album worldwide. As some may remember, the “Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah” singer debuted at no. 111 on the Billboard 200 Charts in the US with 9.5k sold in the first week. But it seems worldwide he didn’t do so bad.



ONTD Original: Top 5 of My Favorite Subgenre: Crazy White Ladies


Disclaimer: It's completely reductive and harmful to have a woman lose her mind over a man or to have a woman go crazy to move the plot forward. These are tropes we really ought to be avoiding in the year of your lord 2020. Anyway, this is mostly to celebrate amazing performances, incredibly witty lines and my childhood.

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The View: Kamala Harris, Leslie Jones, Hot Topics

Panel both days is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, Sara, Ana.

Friday and Monday combined


More behind the cut

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FFA Politics if you need to commiserate the Handmaid SCOTUS vote tonight

Ontd 8 more days LET’S FINISH HIM!

Source links are below each video or section

Good MornTing! OutKast Has Released a Remix of "B.O.B" featuring Zack de la Rocha for 2020

- aaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!
- Don't you love it when musical legends be out here musical legending?
- the 20th anniversary of the seminal OutKast album Stankonia is to be released October 30th
- the updated release will some remixes and rarities. This collab isn't new but has finally been officially released, de la Rocha's remix did garner some airplay on rock and alternative radio stations back in the day
- Beholder of the Most Beautifullest Beauty Mark André 3000 is a big fan of Rage Against the Machine


Giving y'all something to do besides constantly refreshing Lily James google alerts.

ONTD Original: The Scariest Children's Animated Movies


BOO! Did you get scared? If not, why not rewatch some of the terrifying children's movies that we were shown as kids?

Some of these films were meant to be scary, while others were just unintentionally disturbing. Either way, they caused some serious nightmares and trauma.

Watership Down

A cartoon about cute bunnies. What could go wrong? Everything. Everything could go wrong, that's what. FYI, it's available for free on YouTube, if you feel like being re-traumatized.

The Brave Little Toaster

A cute little toaster goes on an adventure with his friends. Harmless right? WRONG. *Stefon voice:* This movie has everything-- a scary clown, near-drowning, disfigurement, lightning, and torture! (This is also on YouTube.)

Collapse )

Which movies terrified you as a kid?

source, source, source, source, source, source, source

Selena: The Series | Official Trailer | Netflix

Before she became the Queen of Tejano Music, Selena Quintanilla was a young girl from Texas with big dreams and an even bigger voice. Selena: The Series explores her journey from singing small gigs to becoming the most successful female Latin artist of all time — and the years of hard work and sacrifice the Quintanilla family navigated together.

Starring Christian Serratos, Gabriel Chavarria, Ricardo Chavira, Noemí Gonzalez, and Seidy López. Part one of the two-part series premieres on Netflix on December 4, 2020.


Emily Ratajkowski is pregnant.


Emily covers Vogue digital. She reveals that she's pregnant.

She says She Doesn’t Want to Reveal the Gender of Her Baby:

"WHEN MY HUSBAND AND I tell friends that I’m pregnant, their first question after “Congratulations” is almost always “Do you know what you want?” We like to respond that we won’t know the gender until our child is 18"


Titans reveals first look at "Red Hood" for season 3

It was revealed during DC Fandome that Jason Todd will take the identity of Red Hood during the third season 3.

Today, the first look as well as concept art for the character has been revealed.


Is Mariah hinting at a Ari collab?

Eagle-eye fans also spotted that Mimi liked Ari's announcement for 'Positions'

Source 1 2

Who do you think is in the collab ONTD? Who is JH?

Oscar Isaac to star in Marvel's "Moon Knight"

Deadline is reporting that Oscar Isaac is in talks to star as Moon Knight for the upcoming Disney+ MCU series.

Moon Knight aka Marc Spector, is a mercenary who has numerous alter egos — cabbie Jake Lockley and millionaire playboy Steven Grant — in order to better fight the criminal underworld. But later he was established as being a conduit for the Egyptian moon god Khonshu. Most recently, the character was a consultant who dresses in all-white and goes by the name Mr. Knight.


Junji Ito presents Venus in the blind spot

Horror manga artist, Junji Ito, presents in a new web series, his latest collection of tales called Venus in the Blind Spot. A mix of tales, some written by him, others adapted from short stories from famous writers. All drawn in his trademark style.

Some stories are Venus in the Blind Spot, a science fiction style story about a girl that suddenly can’t be seen by her crazed admirers. Master Umezz and Me, a lighthearted autobiographical tale about meeting his idol, the horror manga icon, Kazue Umezz. And the third is previously published The Enigma of Amigara Fault, the tale of people gripped by a feverish desire to enter holes carved in a mountainside that are the exact shape of their bodies.

The book includes adaptations of short stories from famous writers. The Human Chair is adapted from writer Edogawa Ranpo about a woman who has the bizarre notion that someone is actually inside of her chair. Unearthly Love is the tale of man who’s obsessed with a forbidden love.

Source 1
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17 Fictional Couples To Stan Who Aren't Actually Terrible

5 out of 17:

- Bob and Linda from Bob's Burgers
- Jake and Amy from Brooklyn Nine-Nine
- Dwayne Wayne and Whitley from A Different World
- Patrick and David from Schitt's Creek
- Shrek and Fiona from Shrek


fave couple from tv/film??